Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan asking Thapki to say yes or no. She tells Bau ji that she will do oil massage later and goes out. Bihaan goes after her and asks her to just say it, if she loves him, then yes, else no. She says I don’t understand, what shall I tell you. He says this is first sign of love, this happened with me too, I did not know what happened to me, then seeing you, dhol nagada played, now see your heartbeat will run fast and you will also hear music, then understand you are in love. She goes. He says now nagada will play for sure.

Vasundara saks Thapki where were you. Thapki says I was massaging oil to Bau ji’s hands. Vasundara says he will get fine by your efforts, come have breakfast. Suman says litti chokha was great yesterday. Preeti says Bihaan’s song was awesome

too. Bihaan says I will see how Thapki does not hear nagada. He signs her and smiles. Thapki recalls his words. She checks her ears and does not hear anyone talking there, while family is busy in talks. She checks her heartbeat. She looks at Bihaan. Bihaan smiles and walks downstairs, while looking in her eyes.

Everyone see Bihaan showing style to Thapki. Thapki looks at him. Dadi asks for pickle and Thapki is lost. Vasundara too shouts Thapki… Bihaan and Thapki have an eyelock. They sit while looking in each other’s eyes. Dadi pats on Thapki’s hand and asks where are you lost. Suman and Preeti laugh and tease her. Dadi asks Thapki is she unwell and checks her pulse. She says your pulse is slow, is your BP low, come, I will give you sweets. Thapki says no, I m fine. Vasundara and everyone smile.

Bihaan says leave nagada, you are not able to hear anything. Vasundara asks them what are they murmuring, have breakfast. Dadi asks Bihaan why did he walk like that, is his pant torn. Everyone laugh. Bihaan says no Dadimaa, this is fashion. Thapki laughs. Bihaan tells Thapki to laugh as much as she wants, but she will definitely hear the Nagada. Shraddha thinks their eyelocks started again, I have to do something. Thapki and Bihaan look at each other. He smiles.

Later, Shraddha goes to Thapki and says I m glad seeing everything fine at home, and between you and Bihaan, but I know you can forgive him, but you can’t forget how he cheated you, its bitter but true, my Papa says the one who gives you chance first, don’t cheat that person, and the one who cheats you, don’t give that person a second chance, anyways you can understand, take care. She goes.

Suman hears this and tells Thapki not to feel bad of Shraddha’s words, if you see Bihaan’s goodness, his bad things will end, look at Bihaan by your eyes, not by other eyes, my Bau ji says when a fly irritates you, you should slap it, understood. Thapki goes. Suman says Shraddha will create hurdle in Thapki and Bihaan’s union, I have to do something. She goes to Preeti. Preeti asks what will we do, Shraddha is pregnant. Suman says Shraddha will be trapped, just see.

Dadi reads Ramcharitmanas. Suman and Preeti tell Shraddha to read Ramcharitmanas for Bau ji. Shraddha says I did not read before. Dadi says baby will get god values if you read Dharmic Paath, right Ballu? Bau ji winks. Suman takes Dadi and asks Shraddha to read it. Shraddha reads few lines and says I will go now. Preeti stops her and asks her to read this daily. Shraddha cups her face.

Bihaan gets some people and asks them to play dhol nagada. Thapki comes and looks at him. He smiles and signs her. She does not get to hear anything. Everyone hear the dhol. Shraddha says I will just come. Preeti asks her where is she going, if Dadi comes then, come on read the Paath.

Dadi, Suman and Vasundara see the dhol. Vasundara asks whats this, and sees Thapki and Bihaan’s eyelock. Vasundara asks the people to stop this, what is all this. Bihaan says Bau ji is getting fine, so I got dhol nagada. Dadi says he needs some peace, not this noise. Vasundara says when Bau ji gets fine, call them again, now send them. Bihaan pays them money. Thapki is still lost…..

Vasundara smiles and goes with Dadi. Bihaan asks Thapki did she hear dhol nagada, he did this only for her. She says I did not hear any dhol, when I saw you, I stopped hearing anything. He says Ghazab, entire family came here by hearing dhol and you did not hear, you can say no, why are you lying. She says I mean what happened with you is not happening with me, its all happening opposite, my heartbeat is stopping, what shall I tell you. Vasundara and Dadi hear them. He asks her to say him I love him, its easy, I told you too. Thapki says I will think and understand. He says fine, understand and tell after 50-100 years. He goes.

Dadi and Vasundara talk that Bihaan loves Thapki, and even Thapki loves him, we should make Thapki realize. Everyone come to support Dadi and Vasundara. They all join hands.

Trishakti Promo : Family will try to make Bihaan and Thapki together.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Taara

    What a lovely episode.Family trying to get bihaan and thapki together.Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.but the criminal who tried to kill bauji said that story didn’t end and he will cone again.hoping that nothing happens to any one in the family.

  2. Tintu mon

    Haha ha Amena its not “Suhani si ek ladki” its “Thapki pyar ki”…
    *’U wrote Suhani loves him’
    superb episode!!???

  3. goya

    Very stupid and regressive. A supposedly educated, somewhat physically challenged girl gets cheated and forced into a marriage. She is made fun of. Cheaters do not get punished. This
    girl has to go through all the trials and tribulations and make cheaters happy.
    What is message of this serial? Is it that it is ok to cheat a girl and force her in marriage? is it that a cheated girl should try to please and finally accept her tormentors? or is it that it is OK to make fun of a stammering girl, insult her, and still expect to be respected and loved?


    • I totally agree with you Goya.. this serial lost its charm when bihan married thapki..
      No hard feelings guys.. coz many ppl are likin this pair now.. but i personally feel this stupid twist was not needed at all.. thapki’s sis and bihaan.. would have made a gud pair .. and they would have left our poor dhruv and thapki togather.

  4. anu

    what a epi
    how thapki is behaving
    Mad girl in love
    totally lost

    No voice nothing only bihaan eyes

    loved it
    Opposite thing happening

    family members join hand now best thing will happen
    thapki realisation
    bt cant bear TRISHAKTI

    • Aashi

      Agree…trishakti episode spoils d whole fun of sch a beautiful episode ..uff?
      But thahaan is like…???


  5. First of all,I would like to convey my wishes for TPK team for their 1YEAR SUCCESS and SPECIALLY for’s episode is amazing…Bihaan you just rock it.waiting for Thapkis confession.super thrilled.Anu,Mineey,True love and all my friends are happy for this current track….

  6. santhosh

    GAZABBBBBBBBBBBBBB ka episode. …..
    humare hero ka naam change karna padega. …bihaan pandy nahi BUDDHU PANDY …..
    thapki ko thoda time dhona yaarrr. … pyar tho baazar mai karid ne wala cheesz nahi…!!!!! thum bi kya karsakthi ho tera dimaak tho aisa hai….!!!!

    aaj muje ek scene achcha nahi laga thapki tho kuddh samajdaar hai fir bi wo shraddha ki baath lekhar itni parishan kyon huva ….
    ek baath achcha laga suman bhabi aakar thapki ko samjaya verna a chuk chuk gaadi kya karthi tho patha nahi……!!!!!
    And Good one peacock feather try to unite THAHAAN. ……………
    waiting for tomorrow episode…..

    • vinlora

      Hmm santhosh among all these good things even I like the same thing…the peacock feather Vasu mayya helping to unite thahaan and showing lot of PYAAR on Bihaan ….kuch azam nahi ho raha hai …still loved it…

    • ruby

      u have lattest update of tpk of 26 may I m waiting for it it very awesome track yar pls tell na new updates of this lovely serial

  7. Loveleen

    Such a lovely episode ? Annoyed tomorrow is trisakti but looking forward to reading it! Loved today’s episode especially Bihaan is so funny.

  8. Ally

    Bihaan is naughty today…. ??
    Poor Thapki she is not hearing anything….
    Both are unaware that She is in love with him that’s why she is lost somewhere … Bihaan began to hear nagada first time he is attracted towards her.
    So funny episode today.. ??
    Chudail Shraddha started to make nuisance again… she is so jealous..&.Stupid
    Otherwise she will not interfere with Thahaan life. Infact any problems in
    Thahaan life affect her first….Because Druv never moved on… And in a state of confusion about his relationship with Shraddha. she has to be careful……

  9. santhosh

    Where are you dostho. ……ROSHNI ..SAG..THAPKI….
    Kya thahaan love track dekh kar sabb bevosh hogaye kya………..!!!!???????
    1 week se sabb ka comment poori thara kumm huva hai…..
    Expecially sag ka kohi comment hi nahi…..!!!!!!????
    Shaadi abi tak chall raha hai kya…..!!????

    Come back quickly waiting for u r cmt……

  10. Zilla

    superb episode… those eyelocks so cute…. thapki say yes sooner….can’t wait to c u 2gthr and shradha burning in jealousy 😀 😀

  11. Shobi

    Pitty shraddha trying to separate thapki & bihaan.I think dadima has the best humour sense and congratscongrats thapki pyar ki team for completing one year.luv U Thahaan. I wish Bihaan & Thapki to bebe united soon.I request please don’t give any twist anymore.My heart doesn’t has the guts to face that.

  12. abi

    Outstanding episode.. Once again nice episode…awesome by manish..
    Always bihaan rockx…. Wat a char yaar..thapki fall or not…but I fall u man…

  13. abinaya

    Outstanding episode.. Once again nice episode…awesome by manish..
    Always bihaan rockx…. Wat a char yaar..thapki fall or not…but I fall u man…

  14. aru araa

    I really like today’s epi….
    After a long time TAHAAN is on the track…. I just love it…
    Yeh chudail shradha ko na….
    Trishakti epi is all boring. But waiting for THAHAAN…..

  15. JAYA.V

    awesome today. tapki looks very nice. I like bihan ‘s way of acting . Waiting for tomorrows episode.


  16. JAYA.V

    Chuk chuk gadi is looking awesome today.. I like bihan ‘s way of acting . Waiting for tomorrows episode.

  17. Vinni

    good one…. bt I hv a confusion….how vasu’s behaviour changed towards bihaan??is it only bcoz of bauji’s incident!!

  18. truelove

    oooo god………the breakfast scene was soooooo good…… i watch it more than 20 times. every time i laugh a lot. we want more thahaan episodes like this. sooooo good. love you thahaan. love you manyasa.

  19. Ishita

    Guys pls increase the trp becuz at one interview they said that if the trp level falls then the show will have to end. Pls see thapki pyaar ki at 7. Es
    Especially thahaan lovers

  20. Bea

    That has got to be one of the funniest episodes ever. Bihaan’s ki style is totally out of this world. I loved this episode probably even more than that of Bihaan’s Dream Romance.

  21. Nimisha

    Cute episode.

    Bihans walk was sooo funny.

    The pandeys are lovely apart when they’re not lying to or plotting against each other. Dadi is sweet. Poor Bauji he seems stuck in that place between awake and asleep. Want him to be back to his old self again,
    Love Suman. Love how she always support our nice but dim Thapki,


      • Nimisha

        Hey Bea. Not sure why I wasn’t commenting, I think a few posts went pfft! Can’t remember now.

        How are you? Hope all’s well with you,

        Good to have a fun episode. Poor Thapki is confused and Bihan is very sweet helping her figure it out.

        Dadi’s comment to Bihan, arevyounwalkingblike that because you ripped your trousers, had me bursting out laughing, hilarious!

      • Bea

        God I laughed so hard. Everything was so funny. From Bihaan’s please love me puppy dog looks to his check me out peacock strut. Even Shradda and Bhabhis made their contribution. Guess this is the eye/calm of a hurricane. The storm , the eye then the storm again.

      • Bea

        Not me, Bihaan. I was just saying , you know how a peacock opens its tail feathers or whatever they are called to attract a member of the opposite s*x. I call that the check me out peacock strut. Bihaan was doing exactly that to Thapki. Going “kikiri kikiri, look at me” or whatever sounds a peacock makes.

  22. Tintu mon

    N yesterday’s epide. Suman bhabi had said a right thin that If a fly come 2 irritate us we must slap it
    Tmrw. A fly will come along with the trishakti express. That will irritate not only tapki but also all the TPK viewers…
    It will B gud if tapki do as suman said…???

  23. Today episode is very funny thapki cant hear anyone voice ..tommorow episode is also funny at night bihaan at dream bihaan call katrina katrina nd thapki hears this nd become angry by hearing katrina katrina …..

    • Tintu mon

      There was an episode while they were staying in the cow shed Bihaan was in adrunken state & was mururing bauji bauji.. And Thapki whoherd his sat beside himnd unknowingly slept with him .do u all remember?? Next day when he got up he was saying that “did i said anything about Katrina!!?”(in mind


  24. Kana

    Bihaan nowadays u became verryy naughty yaar 🙂
    Funny walking 🙂 day by day your cuteness overloading 🙂
    Thapki totally lost herself in ur eyes bihaan that’s why couldn’t speak any word,she couldn’t hear anything she forgot everything ,but she is fully confused
    whether her feeling for u is love or not??

    Areh chuk chuk gaadi y u r waiting?just pinch ur motti budhi husband’s cheek and say i love u too ♡

    athunga rendume thangalukulla pesikidale ethavathu oru nalla mudivuku vanthirunga,intha pandey parivaar poora onna sernthu ennamo athungaluku nallathu panna poromnu vera sabatham eduthirunga,ther ah iluthu theruvila vidurathengapa ungaluku puniyama pokum 🙂
    Aandava!! Intha writer ah vera nampa mudiyathu twist kwistnu solli thahaan love track ku shangu oothirama pathugapa☆

    • Kana

      Nasreen,ash,nages,sivagami daily naan vanthu vethala paakku vaichu koopida than varuvengala????

      • Srimanages

        U r too funny dear….I like ur comments….njoying everydays….what is ur full name….what r u doing?…Studying or working?

      • ash

        Mmm, naanum ungaloda comment padichuttu badhil podama odi poyiralamnu ninaipen. Aana, vethala, paaku matum illa poo,pazham , thenga vachu koopidarapo varama irukkamudiyala. Neengalum ovoruthara sangathula sekkareenga. Aana oru payuluva kooda nerendharama thangamatenungarango, ennayum serthuthan. Naalukkunaal indha bhihaan tholla thanga mudiyala. Thapki mattumilla namalayum serthu kolran. Nimadhiya thoonga vidamatengaran. Kadavule….

      • Kana

        Hey hey sangamna apidi than irukum,nerantharamana sangam enga iruku!!!sangathila ithelam sagajamapa 🙂
        Adi kalli,sollave illa bihaan mela avlo love ahhh!!
        Nee solrathum vasthavam than thapkiya thavira maththa ella ponnungalukum avan dream boy aayitan

      • ash

        Jiggu, sangathula serndhachu illa. Naalailerndhu summa epadi mariyadhai kodukkaromnu parunga. Kana ketta madhiri di or da. Naan eee paa, chi naan di pa.

      • Kana

        Oh nengalum tamilaa? Appa vanga vanthu enga jothila ikkiyamakikunga 🙂
        Already nanga 5 per irukom ungalayum enga sangathuku varavetkirom 🙂
        Nengalum namma paasailaye pesikalam 🙂

      • Kana

        Ada ithu pothume!!! Solliyachuilla
        Ini eppidelam mariyathai kudupomnkiratha madum poruthirunthu paarudi ya?paaruda va?
        Name little confusion ah iruku

    • ash

      Thapkiyoda porama theeya erikaporangalam, adhanala oru ponna irakumadhi pandrangalam. Bhihaanoda chinna vayasu friendam. love varalainna enna, kudumbam nadathina thana andha karumam ellam varapogudhu. Edhukku poi akkapora? Namma pulla thapki 4 episoda ippo azhuvame irukku. Adhu andha writerukku porukkala. Kadavule, edho paaka nalla irundha sari.

      • Kana

        Ipp innaa problemna ash
        Bihaan-varayoo varayoo kadhal kolla appidinkiran
        Thapki-kadhal vanthathum kanniyin ullam kadhalai yarukum solvathillai apidinkuthu
        So ithungaluku naduvila sinna veeda varaduma periya veeda varadumanu oru character entry aana thane saddu puddunu oru mudivuku varuvainga athanala than intha etrumathi irakumathi ellam,nee onnum feel panatha ellam nalla than nadakum 🙂

      • Kana

        Juggu engala rompa pugalathinga 🙂
        Nangalum ponnunga thane engalukum acham,madam,naanam,payirpu ellam irukumla 🙂

      • ash

        Romba naal aachu illa ipadi pesi. Super inaikkachum bhihaan thoonga viduvaana!!!
        ok naalaiku paakalam.

  25. mishti mineey

    Wow!!! What a lovely episode.
    bihaan thapki i luv u kahe ya na kahe
    mai keh dekhti hu “i love you too”.
    what an actor u are manish!! I am totally in love with ur acting. Hope to see u on big screen.
    and thapki looking sooo cute in baby pink.
    enjoying the track. Waiting for thapki’s confession. Love tpk.
    love thahaan.

  26. santhosh

    Latest news. …new female entry in tpk

    Either she has got selected today or may be she has started shooting for TPK today…let’s see if her character is permanent or just a cameo…or is she going to replace someone. You know Sabina aka Kiran has quit TPK so may be Sharan is our new Kiran. Even Alisha aka Aditi is busy with Jamai Raja so may be Sharan is replacing Alisha.
    Or as the family wants Thapki to realize her feelings so they will bring this girl to PN to make Thapki jealous.

  27. bihaan ki deewani

    omg i wish bihaan winked at me anyway i love u thapki n bihaan awosome scenes n chocolaty cute couple lol

  28. Debashis

    awesome episode… Thapki’s dialogue was very good… “Ooltah maine jaise hi tumhe dekha, Jo bhi sunai de raha tha, wo bhi sunai dena bandh ho gaya..” ??????

    Preeti & Suman done awesome wala job by keeping Shraddha busy in reading dharmik book.. accha sabak sikhaya

  29. Syed Hussain

    Let’s raise a toast and say cheers to team Thapki Pyar Ki(SOL & Shoonya Square).
    Yes, the popular drama has completed a year with yesterday’s (25 May) episode.
    Overjoyed with the success of Thapki, actor Jaya Bhattacharya aka Vasu shares, “We are too tied up with shoot hence, we cut a cake last night. But, I am sure celebration will happen in due course of time.”
    Now, coming to the track, dear readers, we have already informed you about the much awaited love track between Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Bihaan (Manish Goplani) kick starting in Colors’ daily Thapki Pyar Ki (SOL & Shoonya Square).
    Now, we hear that the makers are keen to spice up the drama in Thapki.
    Trying to guess how that will happen? We have been informed that the makers are going to churn out a love triangle plot in coming days.
    Yes, newbie Sharan Kaur will enter the show as Bihaan’s girlfriend.
    Shocked to hear this? Wait and read the entire piece.
    Our source informs, “In coming days, in order to make Thapki jealous and confess her feelings for Bihaan, Bihaan’s family member will arrange for a fake girlfriend, Sheena (Sharan), for Bihaan. Sheena will pretend to be madly in love with Bihaan.”
    When we buzzed Sharan, she confirmed the development.

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