Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara finding everyone upset. Bihaan thinks to talk to Vasundara before going, and sees everyone. He thinks to message Vasundara. He types that just Maa and I know the truth, I have lied to her many times till now, I think I should tell Thapki the truth of marriage and stop her. Dadi says we should stop Thapki. Vasudnara says no, let her go, she has right to live, we can’t cage her for our selfishness. Bihaan thinks Maa will not support me, whats the need to send this message to Maa. The message gets saved as draft.

Thapki and Bihaan lie down on the ground on either sides of the bed. They both do not sleep. Its morning, both of them are still awake. They get up and see each other. He asks how did you wake up so early. She makes excuse and asks him why did he

wake up so early. He says even I did not get sleep. She asks him to get ready, they have to leave for court, they should not get late.

He gives her a book on tongue twisters, ad says if you practice reading the phrases, your stammering will get less. You are leaving and I wanted to give some farewell gift. She thanks him. She asks his phone. He asks why, will you break it, I did not give this book to make fun of you, but you make you rid of your weakness, I m saying truth. She says I know, I can see truth in your eyes. She says I will download English dictionary app, you can find words from it, I m not joking, I m saying truth. He says I know, even your truth is seen in your eyes, I will go for a bath and come.

Thapki and Bihaan reach the court. Mangalam…….plays………………. Bihaan runs and gets in her way. He stops her and says if you want, scold me, beat me, take my life, but not divorce, I can’t do this, I know I did not do right with you, my heart is saying this is also not right, our relation started with lie, but I want to turn this into true one, I want to make this cheat into trust, I want to change everything with a true heart, give me one chance, please… he cries and says so that I can give you all happiness, which I snatched from you, you can punish me daily for my mistake, I won’t say anything, don’t leave me and my family. Thapki cries seeing him requesting her, going on his knees and folding hands. The lawyer asks them to come inside…. She answers.

Bihaan says I understood, your eyes can’t cheat, maybe this is my fate. They go inside the family court and meet the judge. Thapki finds Bihaan very sad. Bihaan gives the papers…. The judge says you both are taking divorce by mutual consent, so there will be no problem, just signing on this legal papers will mean you both got divorced, just court stamp will be required. He asks them to sign. Ranjha mera ranjha…………….plays……………

Bihaan cries and signs on the papers….. without looking at those papers….. He leaves. She cries recalling her marriage with Bihaan and their moments.

Everyone wait for Bihaan at home. Bau ji says Bihaan did not call till now. Suman says we should have gone with them. Preeti says they stopped us. Shraddha thinks my holi is today, see how I enjoy in this house. Bihaan comes home sad. Bau ji asks did you come alone Bihaan. Thapki calls out that Bihaan did not come along Bau ji….. Bihaan turns and gets shocked seeing her. The family looks on. Bau ji and Dadi smile. Thapki comes inside house and says I did not sign on divorce papers Bihaan. Vasundara and Shraddha get shocked. They all get glad.

Thapki says I m not giving divorce to you Bihaan, the way you apologized and want to give this relation a chance, I decided I will also give a chance to our relation. She tears the papers. Vasundara and Shraddha look on angrily. Bihaan and rest of the family smile happily. Bihaan says you mean you have forgiven me. He tells Bau ji, Dadi and Maa that Thapki has forgiven him. he promises he won’t let Thapki get any problem, he has given her pain of her life, now he will give her happiness of the entire world, this is his promise. They all smile.

Thapki is in room and tells Lord that she has lied to everyone, now I m staying here just to know that secret, I will find out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very emotional epi
    but good
    thapki haven’t divorce bihaan
    may she saw bihaan’s msg
    and will try to know reason of the marriage truth
    love the epi

  2. thapki and bihaan marriage truth was revealed on shradda’s marriage ,when vasu shouted on thapki and tell her how much she hate her..
    so how come the truth will revealed again about their marriage..
    someone Please clarify..

    1. Their marriage truth is actually that vasu told bihaan to marry thapki by blackmailing him. He did not do it willingly. Thapki does not know that vasu told bihaan to do all this. She thinks bihaan did this to prevent dhruv from marrying her.So that truth is still not known to her.

      1. So true

      2. thankew so much

    2. no , on that day , thapki find that vasu hates her….not that she wants to break her marriage with dhruv…she also doesnt know that bihaan was blackmailed

      1. thankew ?

  3. loved it.

  4. i read thahaan will have a hug on sunday in india forums.excited.

    1. In which part u saw that payal ji

      1. i don’t remember but i don’t think it will be true.

    2. Is it really gonna hpn payal??..thku 4 da news..

  5. Episode was too good.Bt precap made me sad. bt I wish Thapki ALL THE BEST. Just expose that evil vasu and shradha…..

  6. come on thapki change into a negitive character and beat that vaso and shradha out of the house

  7. Ok did thapki lie about..signing divorce papers or lie about stay with bhiaan. .oh goodness don’t have her hurt Bhiaan

    Please have fall in love with him..didn’t see the episode. But if this recap is accurate..I will cry all over again seeing bhiaan on his knees. .

  8. There are still 3 days for vasu’s truth to come out..hope to get more thahaan scenes till then.??So much of crying and sadness makes the serial dull and boring..! Hope to get happy and positive scenes soon!?

    1. Why 3 days only?

      1. There is a new promo airing on colors for 29th March’s Trishakti which vasu’s truth will be known by thapki..that is why 3 days according to the promo.! ?

  9. SUPERB……..TPK going on a interesting track,Thapki GOOD LUCK for your new mission,one request for you dont make him alone………i believe coming episodes willbe stunning.MANISHHHHHHHHHHH……..YOU ARE GAJAB.

  10. Oh god
    How can thapki lied to bihaan … Even she should respect bihaan feeling…. Plzz don’t hurt bihaan.

  11. Thapki playing the game…..?
    Precap too confusing. …!
    I hope everything good. …….

  12. Bihans love for thapki is exciting & admirable. Sweet of u bihan. U r rocking.

  13. coool down frnds… thapki will find out the truth .
    And thapki will realize bihaan love . i also read thahaan story , interesting.. we will wait.

  14. Precap spoiled my mood..!!!

  15. love u bihaan & thapki. nice episode ….
    thahaan rockz…….

  16. Its a Sbs segment on india tv
    Thahaan at PN..thapki tears papers nd smiles..both thahaan happy wid each other…in room
    Bihaan: thapki ne humein maaf kar diya.(thapki has forgiven me).
    Jigyasa iv : iske peeche koi aur raaz hai??
    Mg iv..thapki ne bihan ko ek aur chance diya hai..iss rishte ko sudharne ka..
    (Thapki has forgiven bihann ,and gives him chance to made their marriage work)
    Next in room..bihaan taking care of thapki..
    Again iv..bihaan don’t want to loose thapki at any cost so he is taking care of her..stay tune guys…its going to be thahaans always

  17. wait a minute ….what!!!!…. i thought thapki never lies….okhay now she is really going to hurt bihaan…i hope she fall in love with him in these coming days or may be after finding the truth

  18. nyz episode…

  19. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I have started watching today epi after reading spoiler I am happy becoz after this much epi writers have brought vasundra truth infront of thapki Na I am happy

  20. Wow I’m so happy that thaapki didn’t give bihaan divorce yet. Now she will find out the marriage truth and I really hope that she finds out that vasu was behind it and expose that evil vasu to the whole family I just hope she does.

  21. Emotional episode. Waiting for that Trishakti episode when Thapki will know the marriage truth then Thahaan will realize their love for each other.I’m sooo excited?

  22. thapki nw u become a detective….bt dont forget to punish dat culprit vasu…

  23. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    I didn’t know there was another trishaw to episode?…

    Anyway, loved today’s.

    Good on Thapki finally doing something t help herself but feel bad that she is lying yo Bihaan. He means he wants to give their marriage a go. He was very lovely today.

    I’m guessing that when thapki finds out the truth she will also give their marriage a chance as she will realise thT she and Bihaan are very very similar and both would o anything for their family.

    Lovely episode and a good pace! Thank you to the creators! And of course to Amena for the written update.

  24. Emotional episode. .manish u r the best as always…happyyyyyyy that thapki didn’t give divorce to bihaan. .. writer ji thahaan ko dhoor math hone dena. ..interesting track…loved it. .?

  25. Very happy with today’s episode

  26. Bihaan always brought a gift intentionally but thapki makes jugaad at the very last moment …pehle gulal aur ab free ki cheez

    1. u forgot about the paper gun.

  27. This episode is super.after this thapki should realize that she love bihaan

  28. Now that thapki is lying to bihaan after she.finds out truth she will leave him
    That’s so mean

    1. Oh, nooooo…

  29. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    When is the next trishakti episode on please? Also is the truth about why he married her revealed on that for definite?

    I don’t think Thapki will accept how she feels for Bihaan until she knows the real reason behind why he married her.

  30. Manish rocks…..reveal the truth of vasu n shraddha pls

  31. Bihaan unleashed, trying to give Thapki all the happiness in the world. Resist that if you can Thapki!!!

  32. I love bihaan.. aka manish..♥♥:D

  33. Wow what an episode

  34. Spoiler alert too interesting. …..ofter vasu truth comes out
    Thahaan once agin marriage……and thapki mind other plan come back pandy nivas ……!What’s the plan thapki. …?
    I think Shrddha real face exposed. …

    1. Wow santhosh thank you for giving us a good news.

  35. Hopefully…… Thapki doesn’t go al gud n agn hide vasu n shrada truth frm al……

    Let’s hope tht she reveals ths news to al n show thm rite path…… ;-p….. I knw its too much to except ths soon….. 😀

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