Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan refusing to gift the nightie to Thapki. He calls the shopkeeper and the man says Bihaan has ordered the nightie, there is no mistake from their side. Vasundara, Bau ji, Thapki and everyone get disappointed. They leave. Dhruv asks Bihaan how can be careless and disappoint Thapki. Bihaan asks Dhruv to trust him. Dhruv recalls how he called the shopkeeper by Bihaan’s name, and cancelled high heels sandals, he ordered the red nightie. Dhruv smiles.

Bihaan goes to Thapki and asks do you think I can do this. She recalls Bihaan covering her and asking her to wear the clothes she wants. Dhruv looks on. Thapki says no, I know you can’t do this. Dhruv gets shocked. She says maybe its some mistake. Bihaan says I know I did mistake, I should have checked it once, don’t

be annoyed, smile please. She smiles a bit. He asks her to give a big smile, else I will get your smile, I will make food for you, your fav dish. She says its not needed. He says its needed, as I want to see your smile. He holds her hands. Dhruv gets angry seeing this. Bihaan and Thapki have an eyelock. Dhruv acts to fall down the stairs. They rush to Dhruv, and worry for him. Dhruv says I m okay, thanks. They leave. Dhruv thinks Thapki is mine, I won’t let her get close to you, Thapki will not eat the food made by you.

Preeti wears a black nightie and dances on Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya. She tries to woo Ashwin. He stops music and asks whats this. She says romance. He says I m tired and want to sleep. He goes to sleep. Suman asks Sanjay to call that shopkeeper and order nightie for me. Sanjay says you were scolding Bihaan and now…. She says I had to do that infront of everyone, call that shopkeeper. Sanjay calls and places a black nightie order. He sees Suman and asks for large size. Suman gets angry and asks do you think I m black fat buffalo, I don’t want your love and nightie. He says fine, leave it. She asks him to sleep on ground and not come close to her.

Its morning, Dhruv makes a cake for Thapki. He sends the cake by staff man and says make sure Thapki feels this cake is from all the staff, not me. He writes D on the cake and smiles.

Bihaan cuts vegs and kneads flour. Vasundara and Dadi say you did big mistake yesterday, we came to help, as you are repenting. Thapki comes and asks what happened. She sees much water in flour. Dadi says Bihaan is cooking today, and worries for food. Bihaan says don’t worry, I kept two assistants, I mean Dadi and Maa. Dhruv comes and acts to be on a call. He asks how can that man disappear, there is telecast today. Vasundara and Thapki ask Dhruv about the problem. Dhruv says lead script writer is missing, its my show telecast today, I think I should cancel it.

Thapki says no, I can help in writing this story. Dhruv says no, there are arrangements of marriage going on. Bihaan asks whom will I feed this roti and veg dish. Thapki says Dhruv’s show did not stop ever, it should not stop. Dadi asks her to go, Bihaan won’t make food before two hours. Vasundara asks Thapki to have breakfast. Thapki says I will just eat the food made by Bihaan. Bihaan says I won’t eat till Thapki eats food. Dadi says this is called love fast. Dhruv thinks Thapki will break this fast by eating chocolate cake by my hands.

Thapki comes to office. She sees the cake and decorations, and asks about it. The staff says Dhruv told us that you are coming, so we did this arrangements. Thapki thanks them and cuts the cake. She takes cake piece to feed Dhruv. Dhruv takes the cake to feed her. She recalls her words and says thanks for this, but Bihaan will make me have food first, sorry. Dhruv thinks I will make Thapki eat the cake.

Bihaan waits for Thapki and calls her. Dhruv sees her phone ringing and says I will give her. He stops seeing Bihaan’s call. Bihaan messages Thapki that he is coming office, be ready to have food. Dhruv reads the message. He throws the phone in bin and says its good I read the message. Thapki is working at her desk. Vasundara asks Bihaan why is he packing tiffin. Bihaan says I m thinking to take food to Dhruv’s office, we will have food together there. Vasundara says great, take this pickle along. Dhruv tells watchman that your salary can get double, no one will get entry without ID card, whether its any minister, police or any relative.

Thapki asks Dhruv shall I leave if there is nothing. He says yes. He stops her by work excuse again and is adamant to feed her the cake first.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sriranjani

    |Registered Member

    How rude are you my charm prince Dhruv Y r u Hurting thapki for her pure love………………..Hate You and Cast f TPK

  2. pooja prabha

    Shame on you Dhruv really shame on you.I never expect such a cheap tricks from you.but,you remember one thing one day Thapki will realize your real can’t break their relationship.I am 100%sure Bihaan will give food to his ladylove.she is always known as under the care ,protection,love,concern of Bihaan that is she is known as Mrs.ThapkiBihaan Pandey.Hey,Dhruv you go to hell man.

  3. Manyasa29

    Hey guys…..any one from mumbai here ??? Did anyone read today’s bombay times?? I opened the newspaper and started laughing like crazy…..The headline read ..” INDIAN TELEVISION CAN’T GET MORE BIZARRE THAN THIS “…and guess what…. besides was a pic of gorilla holding thapki???….other serials were too there… makkhi in sasural simar ka……but the main one was tpk !!!!The subtitle read..”A gorilla wooed thapki in tpk..”?????

    • Loveleen

      Are you serious?! That’s hilarious! ? Not from Mumbai but when I do tell my workmates n friends about the Indian serial storylines they are in shock! ?

      • Loveleen

        I reckon it was a spur of a moment decision…it seemed like they had to create it for somesort of promotion…zoo promo or something like that? It’s just too weird and out of place for sure. Hmmmm ?

  4. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Oruthan nightie ah kuduthathuku avana thittitu kadasila kudumbame nightie vangudhu vara vara tpk changes the subject of revenge to comedy show……hahahahahah…enala mudila …..and somebody told that thapki think of bihaan covering her while wearing the short dress who is tat girl I think she is d original writer catch her guys……

    @kana enna kola panirviya nee chi peh vara vara unaku comedy sense adhigama pochu …..aprm Hindi tholai katchi varalatril mudhal muraiyaga bihaan at top guys just c the vote diff….wow

    @ash oru pulla kobdruve olunga ennoda ff ah padinu Donna kandukama comment panra new oru unna pathukre ……neengale enna support panna matreenga na tpk updateuh vitu poren…….(dhoda summa bittah poten mariyadhaiya cmnt panniru….solliputen)

    @nasreen akka kashtapatu oru pulla kadan vangila photo anupuna konja kooda porupilama neenga veredho oru picture ah vachurkeenga……very bad…..

    Aprm yarupa hi kums,gone,shobi and reji . ….rejikuty thanks fr commenting yaar kana ,ash,nasreen akka,shobi kooda seradha…….

    • ash..2

      Sorry da chellam, title sollu kandipa padichitu solren. Advance.ave solren kandipa nalla irukum. Padichitum solren varuthapadae. I think 10 part irukkuma. Appa en kannu sariyillai. Now I am ok.

    • Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

      @JUGGU -Illa ma juggu.. nee send panarathukulla andha photo upload ayiduchu..
      Na enna pannuven… sollu.. idhuku en tension agura… ne snd pana potova na safe ah vachirken… apparma kandippa upload panren ok va.APpram juggu.. un new os padichen.. super anga comment pannirken poi paaru..

      @Reji– Na nalla iruken ma… ennakennamo konja nala nama ellarum onna pesikavey illanu nenakiren…

      @Sangam girls… Namma sangathula ellarum epdi sanda podringa..jolly enjoy pannunga.. but dont be serious.. ok…

      Serial la story ya contine panradhukaga avanga ipdi panranganu solitan… sari appo neenga solunga story ipdi epdi irundha nalla irukum..solunga pa…

      IM WAITING…♥♥♥《¿》

      • reji

        Nasreen akka unga ramazhan nombellam epdi poguthu? Actually na Muslim tamil ponnunga gang ellarkum theriyumnu nenaken !!! En full name rejiya najlaa.

      • Shobi

        @reji-adhu onnum illa reji indha Juggy ipdidhan appa appa loosu maadhiri sollum new adhella kandukaadha sariya…

      • Nasreen-Thalaivi

        |Registered Member

        @Reji ma, unpera pathaley theriyudhu nee kandipa muslimnu.nice name kutty,ennaku puducha peru najlaa. appram nalla pogudhu ramalan, but ennala ippa konja nala nombu vaika mudiyala.. bcse tholugai illa.. adhan.

        @Kumutha– hai dear , im also happy to see ur comment…

        yaar sonnadhu reji ma unna enkuda sera venamnu ? yarunu sollu avangala namma sangam ponnungakita. discuss panni enna thandana kudukalamnu mudivu panlam

  5. Trisha

    I am totally irrited with these druv he has wife why he is interfier in others hansband nd wife life he is doing totally wrong …. with bihaan nd thapki … these time druv becom villan in these everyone get chance to become villan nd interfer with thapki life first diwakar ,shakshi,preeti suman,bihaan,vasu,sharadha,now druv

  6. drizzle

    The Episode was average???.Bihaan’s cooking sequence was great.???.
    Well,the comment page of this show is filled with south Indians.
    I think this show is very popular in South India.Just because of your votes thahaan is giving a tough competition to swasan,awesome .# thahaan rocks.

  7. Maham

    O.m.g i cant believe this……….. Actually the system of my t.v. Has been broken to ab mujhe written episodes parh kar yaqeen nhi araha k dhruv become so rude

  8. shaani

    Dhruv…..enough is enough.stop this nonsense.but really happy for thapki’s reactions towards you thahaan?

  9. Manyasa29

    Awww….bihaan’s caring nature. !!!! ???He is too good for thapki…thapki is so lucky to get bihaan…Well the episode was better ……happy to see dhruv’s irked face when thapki refused to eat the cake…….badki -chutki scenes were too funny??…i hope thapki doesn’t eat the cake……but don’t know why….i am getting a gut feeling that she will eat the cake……and bihaan will see his……misunderstandings will increase…….i hope i am wrong…but at the end…..everything will be fine….for sure….and then our thahaan wedding !!!??

    @mridula…i m not on insta dear…it may be someone else.

  10. reji

    ASH last day comment inaku than tamil sangam ponnungala santheha padela antha ponnu mahima va than kettan.namma ellarum thahaan ku kovil katra fans nu enaku theryum ASH

    • ash..2

      Thahaanuku naama kovil katinal dhuruv idichiduvaan polirukke. Onnu dhuruv asylathukku pogattum, illa nallavana maarattum piragu kovil kattalam.

  11. Adithi

    Nonsense.. Dhruv is totally irritating.. Only 4 days for marriage but I don’t know how many months may needed to pass these 4 days…

  12. Ally

    Hate Druv…. but love Ankit’s acting.
    He is better as villain.
    Love Thapki….. actually their love test is going on. she believed Bihaan didn’t gift that nighty. But I didn’t like her attitude. Poor Bihaan hardworking in kitchen and she gone after Druv for preparing story. ….like no able persons I mean journalists are in his channel.
    And Druv is taking advantage of everyone and every situation. He doesn’t spare new security who came his channel.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      She did believe in bihaan. But as usual… she said it in a private conversation. I thnk itz high tym tht thapki speak up for bihaan in public. Even with tht english incident she jus defended him b4 shradda…not infront of the guests.

  13. sumera

    happy birthday thapki…..cake khaake hi jaana….vrna dhruv naaraaz hojaye just kddng…bihaan ne thapki k liye itne pyaar se khaana banaya hai thapki g khaana bihaan k haath ka hi khaana…nd hi frndzz..

    • Maham

      I am very sad mera t.v. Ka system break ho gaya ab ma koi bhi seriel nhi dekh sakti;-(;-(;-( :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(;-(:-/

  14. reji

    Juggu sathyama unnoda fan fictions nalla iruku nee innum neraya ff different concepts la exhutha vazhthukal

  15. reji

    NASREEN AKKA na nalla iruken neenga , kana kumutha goms ash juggu n other tamil ponnunga ellarum epdi irukinga?

  16. Goms

    |Registered Member

    OMG..Dhruv love yu man..yur acting was superb..both as innocent men before..and now as villain.. awesome…

    I love people who is soo possessive about their loved ones..

    And Dhruv now thapki is not yur lover she is yur bothers wife..don’t try to separate them man..

    Bihaan and thapki at least be aware of what’s happening around yu..

    Anyway now am eager to watch tpk what’s going to happen in the upcoming epi’s..

    @Tamil ponnunga wer r yu al..start yur comments sweetiess..

    • ash..2

      Naama ellarum ottu mothama pogaporomnu sonnadhaan, track konjamaavadhu change aagum. Public demand is very powerful. naama illai. Insta,india forms maadhiri. I think till thursday , track never change. That day is trp day. Later they decide, how to move this story. No way, till that we will wait.

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Enaku dhruv seiradhula paths aluga alugaiya varudhu pavam pa avan adhu seri avunga kalyanam mudinju nejamave one year ayirchu ivlo naala engapa pona IPA vandhu revenge edukra…..analu indha CVS irukaingale ennoda fav tharuv tone ah revenge tone akitainga

      • ash..2

        Sari madam unnaku ean tharuv.I pidichirukku. Enakku modhala tharuv track.o thahaan track.o, periya ishtamellam kidayadhu. Thahaan marriage. Ku piragumthaan urupadiya paarka aarambichen. Interest.e appuram thaan vandhadhu. Nejamaave unakku tharuv pidikuma, illa engalai ellam kalaikiraya.

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      @ash enaku manishku munnadiye ankita theriyum na seriel pakka aramichadhe ankit kaga dha apala jigyasava kooda theriyadhu….manish vandhadhu tharuv doesnt existnu thahaanuku thaviten bt i love dhruv vry much tharuv scenes n mere bina bgm was my faaaaaaaaaavvvvv…….
      Ye ringtone kooda adha….

  17. Mandal

    Dhruv saying “Gajaab” was the most awesome part in today’s episode.
    What a style sir? You just nailed it.

      • Mandal

        @Soni: Dhruv said gajaab in a flashback in today’s episode.
        The flashback was like Dhruv calliing the dealer and cancelling the high heels that Bihaan has ordered for Thapki and instead ordered the red nighty using Bihaan’s name and phone and then at the end saying gajaab.
        Dhruv just gave the “gajaab” word or dialogue a new height and feel today.
        Ankit sir is just stealing the show now with his awesome acting and looks.

    • Ally

      Bihaan’s ‘Gajab ‘ is awesome…… it seems as normal way of expression by a person. But Druv ‘s Gajab is artificial infact he wants to assure shop man Bihaaan himself ordering nighty so he said Gajab ‘

      • Mandal

        @Ally: yes dear Dhruv wants to assure that its Bihaan who called him, thats why he said gajaab. There’s no other reason as to why he said gajaab. Bihaan way of saying gajaab s very loud and he says it in a funny mood.
        But i am saying the way that Dhruv said was in a very cunning tone.
        It was very soothing to the ears. It had a very crafty and wily taste and gesture.
        He just made it feel very different and interesting.
        It was just awesome.

    • Loveleen

      Haha it was sooo funny! ? When I heard him say it it seems like his about to laugh himself.

  18. ajwa ajwanoor

    i like this track its amazing but plzzz writers dont seprate thahaan plzzzzz its a request

  19. Sujoy

    i really like how Dhruv is taking advantage of the situations.
    After all till now everyone has only taken advantage of him and made his life a living hell. So now its his turn to return the favour. Almost everyone someway or the other has only cheated him( his mother, brother, wife, girlfriend). So now its his duty to do the same to them.
    After all he has learnt whatever his mother, brother and wife has taught him that is to snatch away his happiness and cheat on him. So he is now doing the same thing to them.

    • Mandal

      @sumera: yes Dhruv sir aka DS said “gajaab”.
      watch the flashback scene where he called the dealer and ordered the red nighty.
      At the end of the call just before disconnecting it he said gajaab.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      It was a mellow gajab.?barely noticeable. I noticd it only aftr seein the comments here coz i was wonderin sinz wen did drub bcom bihaan fan and start adoptin his language

      • Mandal

        @Lightsabre: yes dear it was a soft gajaab coz the situation needed it to be soft. Now at that moment its obvious that Dhruv cannot shout Gajaab, right?
        Thats why i said it was very different and pleasing to the ears unlike Bihaan’s which is very loud.
        The situation needed it to be told in a very deceptive and sly way and thats what made the difference. It was pitch perfect.
        Ankit Bathla sir just nailed it.

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        @mandal… i reckon ur a druv fan ryt?! I personally prefer bihaans bindas way of utterin gajab. Bt thts okay…. evrybdy has different tastes and thats respectfully appreciable. I saw ths interview of ankit…. a visit to his appartment…. he seems like a gr8 guy .Good to meet u. Hv a nice sunday.

  20. Maham

    Bhei meri baat ka to koi jawab hi nhi derha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”!!!!!!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”!!!!!!!!!!

    • Manyasa29

      Hey maham…..sad ….it tumhara tv system break ho gaya….but hey….tum yeh episodes pe dekh sakti ho…ab tak upload ho gaya hoga…u can check it….and sry even i dont know the process of registration…otherwise i would have told u…

      • Maham

        Thanks manyasa ……….well can you tell me what is difference between thahaan and manyasa hmmm:-):-/

      • Manyasa29

        Well…..thahaan is just a tv couple (thapki+ bihaan -thahaan)… and….manyasa is ( manish goplani aka bihaan + jigyasa singh aka thapki)..their real life names!!! And although manyasa is not a real couple….they are besties…..their friendship is so cute and amazing!!! Their offscreen moments are superb..(u can watch offscreen videos on youtube )…….n yes they know each other from past 4 years….have done 2-3 shows together before……..i hope u got the answer !!

    • reji

      @VARUN -Cool varun .it’s just nothing druv wants thapki now .so he ks trying to separate thapki and bihaan. He also wants to show thapki that bihaan is no match for her but he is the one who suits for her .that’s all

  21. Varun

    Hey guys pray for me my interview is held on tuesday ……….well in t.p.k can anyone tell me what is the upcoming twist huh?

  22. reji

    @nasreen -sariya sonninga nama koncha nale sariyave pesikala.ini na daily comment panren neengalum reply pannunga sariya pochu!!!enaku skool undu akka mon -sat aprom study pannanumla eppapathalum Iithuka front la iruka mudiyathu athan en comments ipo korava iruku.irumthalum try panren k va dear…

  23. Varun

    Maham are you mad what do you mean tum se koi bat nhi karrha ………. I just hate girls like you

  24. drizzle

    @ maham,felt very bad 4 u.Dear if you have a smartphone then u can download voot app it’s awesome .U can watch every episode of thapki on next morning..???.By the way ,(may b u know) voot is Viacom 18’s official app so u can’t watch serial of other TV channels.

  25. Varun

    Abey yar choro na aisee faltu larkion ko koi kaam to hota nhi hai 😐 i think ki is me self respect nhi ha

  26. Sam

    Honestly bolo ek baat. Ab mujay tpk daiknay mein bilkul maza nahin ahraha. Woo baat hee katam hogayee. Her roz bihaan ka dil toothay daikoo. Zehar wahlee druve ke smile daikoo. Thapki ko druve ke kidmaat kartay daikoo. Thahaanian ke feeling ka mazaq bantay daiko. Creaters ke jahiloo wahlee twist daikoo. Agar thahaan ko alag hee karna tha to milwaya kiyu phir. Mein ek hee show daiktee khushi say abb to wo be nahin rahee. Remarriage track ke jitnee khushi tee abb sub khatam hogayee. KARIZMA he katam hogaya. Message to writers, directors, creaters, bohaat bohaat shukriya thahaanian ke feelings ka mazak banay kaylia. Soon and later ye apna show phir khud ye daikay. Messge to manish. App ye jaan tay, jaan hoo, aur jaan rahoogay tpk. Lots of love from your sad fan. All i just can say best of luck.

  27. sumera

    roshini sryy tumhe leave nhi mil skt…u shld cm right now..nhi to attendance kat dungi..fine bharna padega.nd hwever hi santhosh.., fatarajo..,thapki g..nd all others tamil frndzz..see i doesnt know tamil evn a u guys know hindi..??

  28. Zohreh

    Shrub has a living he’ll because of his family(mother,brother,wife,even his love).how can see a man that his brother be fortune with his love?
    ,thanks is a good girl and. ,Bihar is a nice boy too but both of them have forgotten
    thapki is first ,dhruv’slove and their

    married had destroyed and now she is
    blind.she has never seen his suffer in his eyes.

  29. drizzle

    @thapki,actually I’m new here .I start commenting few days back.So I don’t know much about here.

    • Varun

      Drizzle pehle maham ne comment kiA bhi mujhse to koi baat hi nhi karha or ab tum agai are you mad tum thapki janu se fight q karrahi ho or sorry mat bolna balke sorry k badle apni ek pic send karo;->:-*

  30. Tara

    Dhruv is really turning out to be a villian ……but Bihaan looks soooo cute while cooking for Thapki ……they really make a perfect pair…..definitely wait tp see them married and have a baby…..can’t wait

  31. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Hey all, first of all happy birthday Jigyasa didi I m big fan of u and secondly, about the episodes I would say yaar this Bihaan is such a good husband n Thapki Is such an understanding wife and Dhruv koh toh man kar Raha hain kichke ek thapad doom 😛 I m sure it will be Bihaan only who will break Thapki’s fast no one else. But current track is good at least better than that useless gorilla track -_- but I just hope that at the end of the day Dhruv fails to seperate thahaan I have a gut feeling Shraddha will turn positive due to dhruv’s fake care towards her and only she will help thahaan out once she gets to know everything, what say guys?

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      I used to thnk druv was too gud for shradda… i mean the dude was so righteous and prudent. But now tht al tht virtues hav gone to hell.. i dont mind a track wr druv realises shradda has changed and she luvs him and not thapki. Though ppl wil murderous thinkin seldom change… i mean she really requires a pysch visit… but stil… i like monica and i thnk thahaan dosnt hav as much brains as she dos…no offense… but if shradda helps thahaan then this cunnin master mind can do anythin! And bihaan and shradda hav a gud friendship-chemistry… just sayin so from some of their fights ( the tym he teasd her wen she fell into garbage… and tht shiftin bed into the middl of the lake scenes?). I knw druv fans r happy abt him takin revenge… but he was such a gud guy though he didnt get the lead or thapki… he was a gud character in terms of his manners and virtues .

    • ash..2

      You know jo, gorilla track gave .2 trb. And, shradha….ds fake care… help…..thahaan. OMG you told all words in 2 lines beautifully. But this cvs ?

  32. Maham

    Wow thapki or bihaan reality ma besties hain……..well maine f.b per manyasa ki pics dekhi thi that was awesome jigyasa without makeup looks so cute:-P:-*:-*:-*:-*

  33. ash..2

    Today bhihaanukku ds office.kulla no entry . Thapki.ku pasiyaale hiccup vandhu ava mattum ds kodukura cake.I saaptaanu vai, avlothaan en vaazhkaiyile inime cake.e sapidamaate no thodavemaaten. Idhu namma tamil sangam mel sathiyam.
    S.bhihaan eppapaaru thapki kitte thaninje poriye, konjamaachum eagirina thaane thapkiyum thaninji varuva. Apdi romance Perisa edhuvum edhir paarka mudiyadhu. Kaiya pudichu kanna paakuradhuthaan. Vera enna panredhu. Naama koduthu vachchadhu avlothaan.
    Matha serial.a ellam mazhai peiyudhu romance nadakudhu. Aana, inga ennadanna namma madhiriye varandu kidaku.

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      Nee ye wry pannikra kandipa thapki bihaan samachadha dha first sapduva epidiyooooo….vidu suppose apidi nadandhuchuna nee enga ellaruku black forest cake vangi tharanum…….k va…

    • kana

      Ada pooma ash unaku sariya sathyam kooda panna therila,tamil sangam illama tamil ponnunga sangam,ponnungala vidudiyema!!!
      Intha loosu thapkiya kaddi kidu enga eagirrathu kidda ponale athu hide and seek veladuthu 🙂
      Apurom inga juggunu oruthi irupale avale worry.panra mathiri oru vishayam naan oru vedio la pathan,jig b’day la intha pakkam “m” antha pakkam “a”,jig cake ah cut panni muthalla “m” ku than oodi viduchu 🙂

      • ash..2

        Black forest enna white forest, red forest, green ella forest.iyum vaangi tharen.
        Apuram kana, naan nama (tamil) ponnunga vazhkayoda vilayada thayara illa. Thapki oru loosu. Eppa enna seiyumne theriyadhu. Maatharaani naduvula poondhu kaapathinadhan undu. ‘Mangalam baghavan vishu…’ indha paata kettu romba naal aachu. Paakalaam.

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Hey kana ankyasaku break up ayirchunu nenaikre so manishku chance kedachurchu venumne rommba close ah irundhu avana verupethuthunga…….

        In mela oru kannu na that oh Mora ponnunu….jigyasa manish pakkam thaviruchu…

      • kana

        Ash pathiya avale othukidda 🙂
        And one more thing miss juggu nalla vishayangal athigama iruntha maari thane aakanum 🙂 🙂
        A nejamave konjam flirt type aana M steady type
        Ethu epdiyo en kanavu nejamana ash mangalam bahavanum vishnu realahve kekum 🙂

      • Nasreen-Thalaivi

        |Registered Member

        @Ash kutty– yen indha kolaveri, yen indha mudivu… namma sangthuku ipdi oru nelama thevaiya … matha serial director ellam avnga TRP rate increase panna evlo paisa selavu panni oru oru scene yum edukranga, inga namma tpk serial director and writer kanja pisnaringa adhey vilaka vachey evlo scene edupanga. pesama namma sangam ponnungalam sendhu tpk serial edytha than nalla poghum pola iruku.. enna na solradhu?

        @Juggu chellam— ne sonniye bihaan samachi than thapki saapduvanu .. ennamenno avab samaipan iva adha sapduvanu ennaku doubt than iurku.. epdi yo samacha sari…. Dei bihaan pls… samaichirda … appa than engaluku black forest cake kedaikum.,…epdi….?

        @Kana —- correct ah sonna..tamil ponnunga illama namma sangam ma? No chance. Indha thapkiku vara vara mandaila mola illa… irundhirdha anga poirkuma?
        Apparam indha thapki ponna nambavey kudathu, silent ah irukudhey nenacha,,indha ponnu sathampoda ankit kitemdhu jump panni manish kita poirchu,marupadiyum ankit kita jump agumo ila angaiye settled ayidumo yaar kanda…

  34. Maham

    I wish that shraddha know dhruv drama and then wo thahaan ka saath de plzzzzz this is my request writer plz koi achaa twist laye ga;:-(

    • ash..2

      Sorry dear, we use many colloquial words ( chennai slang ). It is very very difficult to write in english. 10 line tamil slang = 2 to 3 lines proper english. And, english ati hai madam. We write, one and only for 100% fun.

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Ash ye ivaluku reply pannra romba asingasingama pesura na ivala andha gangla iruka ponnunu thapa nenachute…..

      • ash..2

        Juggu enna solra. Enakku onnum puriyalai. Endha gang, namba tamil ponungalai thappa ninaikaporaangalenu thaan reply pannen. Avanga yaarunnu enakku edhuvum thaeriyadhu. Enime edhuvum sollalai.

  35. phinx

    there’s a news somewhere saying that dhruv will marry thapki!!! what’s this yaar!!!!! what are the writers upto???
    …what is this stupid cycle….?? firstly, bihaan married thapki by cheating… and now when thapli realised her love for bihaan and is ready to marry bihaan..stupid dhruv is going to marry thapki by cheating… yaar….writers r crazy…koi thapki se pucho….she has just become ‘katputli’ ….doesn’t she have any rights to choose herself???…… and dhruv is a dumb, psycho….he is married!!!! still he is after thapki
    ….i…the dialogue of twinkle works…”ishq aur junoon ki jung me jeet humesha ishq ki hoti hai” …otherwise tpk gth!!!!

  36. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Hi Tamil ponnungala a game fr u……thahaan after marriage favourite scene sollunga only three no cheating kana…..dongiri…


      |Registered Member

      enaku pudicha scene….i love all scene nok jhok n specially
      1)hospital scene- thapki slap bihaan..
      2)diwali scene-dewakar insult pannapothu thapki bihaanku support pandrathu..
      3)PN LEAVE SCENE- He says Thapki,you won’t go alone, I will come with you…Bihaan says I have proof, these eyes….woww fav scene….

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      The episode where thahaan got drunk like their chaat got exchanged and they challenge they who can drink more they accidentally drink wine ,and then their funny tactics on the road where Bihaan could see 4 Thapkis 😛 and then like they engaged as they are drunk then next day when they gain sense they realized what that did. From that epi I became crazy thahaan fan if not b4 the dandiya epsiode I was tharuv fan 😛

    • ash..2

      Ondra, iranda solla, its…enniko
      1. First entry to bhihaan s room.
      2. Got drunk in restaurant, and their argument…exchanged rings.
      3. Before…thapki star…after

  37. Lightsabre

    |Registered Member

    I see that the icon for thapki’s comments are a different color and pattern. Hmmm… i wonder if its the old thapki we chatted to. Else may need to report this

    • sumera

      yaarr rosjini ur it smone talking in place of replacing thapki.???cant believe tht is thapki..i mn javeria..

  38. Roshni☆

    Usually this the tpk page has been rather decent and arguments have been based on logic and facts . Today i see something different . I know misunderstandings and disagreements often happen on a public forum sinz no 2 ppl share the same opinion. BUT LETS AGREE TO DISAGREE PEACEFULLY PLEASE. one harsh word will lead to another. If someone is harsh or indecent .. report it.thats all.or IGNORE. i also see that someone has used thapkis name and send some obscene msgs.. probably todefame her. The icon color…pattern and language is different readers r not stupid. Kindly stop al this immature fights! Peace pls. This is just a forum on a serial… not a war zone! I dont knw how many of u wil read this today . But its important tht we take a stand against bullying n swearing.

    • Roshni☆

      I hadnt loggd in while msgin tht. But remmbr my icon n id frens. I dont wana b a victim of this spiteful soap war!?

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Yes maham. And btw… there is a nice thapki here whos been around for a long tym. So u… drizzle n al dont mistak her for the 2 weird thapkis .

    • Vinlora

      |Registered Member

      Totally agree with u.?till now there were difference of opinion were there in this forum. ..small small fights and all? but today some people are using vulgar language and all…it’s highly intolerable ?we are coming in this forum only for refreshing our mind by healthy teasing, fun enjoyment… And not for spoiling our mood ? we watch tpk and make healthy discussion over that….plz don’t bash each other..

  39. Thapki j

    Hey guys there some one else also comenting with” thapki”…..plz tell me how to register
    Its me thapki j
    I have commented just once

  40. Shivani Bongale

    Wowwww Dhruv-Thapki againn yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…Bihaan go to hell u don’t deserve intelligent girls like Thapki…Dhruv is perfect for Thapki

  41. Ally

    Poor Bihaan…… everyone taunting him and he is insecured about his status and Relationship with Thapki now because of Druv.
    Shraddha is really a stupid previously she doubted Druv’s relationship with Thapki when he is not focus on it.. but now when he is keen to get Thapki back She is not suspecting Druv for spiking Bihaans drink and nighty replacement. ??

    Druv is so cheap…. he is making situations to get intimate with Thapki. ???
    I hope he won’t take Advantage of Thapki’s unconsciousness.

  42. AR

    God, please bring Tharuv back. There are many thahan fans but there are tharuv fans who hate watching this show because of what they have done to Druv, the show started from him and should have progressed wit him.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..