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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking them to call Thapki, when Kiran has said the same. Preeti says even they said the same, that Thapki is coming. Vasundara reads message and says we have to do roka ritual. Krishnakant thanks Dadi for choosing Thapki. Dadi says Vasundara has chosen her, she did not ask me. Dadi tells Vasundara that she will not let this roka and marriage happen if she does not like the marriage. Thapki says so Bihaan is that guy. Aditi says both the brothers are so different. Aditi asks Thapki to go. Shubh takes her.

Everyone smile seeing Thapki. She greets everyone, and Kiran introduces herself as Dhruv’s younger sister. Kiran likes Thapki and takes a selfie. Preeti says Vasundara chose her. Vasundara says she is Dhruv’s Dadi, come Thapki, meet her. Kiran says she

is the most cutest member, and I think Thapki is more cute. Dadi blesses Thapki. Dhruv gets thinking. Shubh breaks Dadi’s support rod, and Dadi scolds him. She argues with Krishnakant.

She says she will do what she wants to do. Thapki says forgive her. Bihaan asks Dadi not to get angry, and asks her to chill, he will get a better one next time. Vasundara asks Dadi to sit, else her BP will increase, and then what will happen. Dadi says fine and sits. Kiran says shall we start roka. Vasundara gets Preeti’s message and says yes. She shows Thapki the ancestral necklace and says the rituals. Thapki thanks her and says she will keep all their traditions. Dadi gets shocked and tells Bihaan about her stammering. Bihaan says even I was shocked. Kiran says if mum knows it, and then chose her, maybe she has something special. Thapki goes to wear it.

Thapki goes to change. Aditi brings pakodas for everyone. Aditi thinks she has added red chilli powder in the pakodas for Bihaan. Krishnakant asks for Dhruv’s dad. Vasundara says he was busy and could not come. Bihaan says its too spicy. Kiran and Dhruv say its normal spice, eat it. Aditi laughs. He looks at her. She makes him have more.

Bihaan runs and Thapki gets shocked seeing him. The pearl necklace breaks. He asks Thapki to say where is bathroom. She stammers and he leaves saying one pearl is there. The tea falls on Dadi’s saree and Dadi creates a scene again. Poonam gives tea to everyone. Kiran asks Aditi to relax and talks to her. Thapki is tensed and Dhruv misses her. He messages Thapki. Kiran teases him. He goes to make a call. Vasundara says Dhruv is so happy. Poonam says even Thapki is very happy, and thanks her. Vasundara can’t hear her and Preeti messages.

Aditi reads Dhruv’s message and tells Thapki. Dhruv asks Thapki to come and meet before the Roka. Thapki says how can I go, everyone is there. Aditi asks her to go, maybe its something imp. Diwakar talks to a man and is angry that the man called him short. Nimmi’s daughter talks to him. He says he has scolded Thapki and her boss, he will never come infront of me. He gets shocked seeing Dhruv and recalls the slap. He hides and says what is he hiding here. Thapki comes to Dhruv, and asks is there any imp work. Dhruv says our roka is there in some time, before that I want to know your feelings. He says he wants to make this moment a memorable one, so I got a gift for you, close your eyes. He hands over a taj mahal miniature to her. Diwakar looks on. Thapki sees taj mahal and smiles.

Vasundara and Dadi argue. Thapki cries and says she won’t marry if Dadi does not like her. Dhruv is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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