Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki thinking to call Bihaan and thinks if Sankara or Shraddha pick my call. She thinks she has to find the truth anyway. Bihaan is nearby when Thapki calls at landline number. Bihaan keeps the glass and picks the call. Thapki hears his voice as he says hello……Thapki hears him and says Bihaan. Bihaan says we were talking about you. Thapki says heart’s voice reach other’s heart. She asks how are you? Bihaan says I am fine. Thapki asks him not to hide about him and says you know how much I am worried about you. Bihaan says I am your daughter’s friend papa then why you are worrying about me, asks do you know me…..Thapki is shocked…and thinks why he is talking as if he don’t know me. Bihaan asks her to say anything. Thapki says just because you are Bani’s

papa and you are my husband Bihaan. Bihaan couldn’t hear her as the phone is disconnected by Sankara. She plugs the wire thinking he left spiked bhaang and talking to someone else. Bihaan looks on.

Thapki says hello and realizes that the phone is disconnected. She says hello Bihaan. She thinks why did he cut the call. Sankara asks Bihaan why you haven’t drink the thandai. Bihaan is about to tell her about Thapki’s call. Sankara asks him not to waste time and drink the thandai fast. He drinks the spike drink. Thapki thinks to call Bihaan again and tell him about their relation, but the phone is off.

Sankara gets ready to trap Bihaan. Shraddha does her aarti and tilak, as she had also done the same thing with Dhruv. Sankara touches her feet and says you are my Guru maa and asks her to bless her for victory. Shraddha says you are such a nautanki and asks her to go and get Bihaan and live her life. Sankara goes. Shraddha smiles.

Sankara comes to room calling Bihaan and sees the light off. She thinks he slept so soon because of Bhaang and thinks to show her jalwa/cheapness instead. She starts dancing on the song Dhak Dhak Dil Dhadak Raha Hai……..without seeing if he is really sleeping on bed. She pulls the blanket and sees toy instead and shouts. She sits down and thandai from glass falls on her head. Veer, Anu, Tina and Bihaan laugh seeing her. Sankara is angry.

Bihaan asks Sankara what she is doing here? Veer says we had kept this doll to scare Anu, but you got scared. They laugh. Shraddha comes and laughs on Sankara. Sankara asks why she is laughing being her Guru maa. Shraddha says I had mixed that tablet and wonders why there is no effect of medicine on him. Shraddha says she will make Bihaan’s smile gone. Tina recalls changing the glass hearing Shraddha and Sankara’s plan.

Outside the house, Shraddha tells Sankara that Bihaan will come running here. Bihaan comes and asks Shraddha if they saw his taj mahal. Sankara thinks Thapki is gone, but he don’t leave her memory. They tease Bihaan and throw tajmahal showpiece towards each other. Bihaan tries to take it. Sankara and Shraddha trouble him much. Tina sees them troubling Bihaan and cries. She runs to inhouse temple and asks God to send Parvati Maa to save her papa. She says Please God. Sankara and Shraddha make fun of him and don’t give him tajmahal showpiece while Bihaan request them to give. Shraddha says okay, I will give and throw it backwards.

Thapki comes and catches it in her hand. Sankara is shocked to see Thapki and Bani there. Shraddha also turns to see them and is shocked. Bihaan smiles seeing them. Tina is crying and praying still. Bihaan says you came here…..and says this is my favorite, whenever it is with me, I feel like someone close to me is with me. Thapki recalls the memory attached with it. Bihaan asks her to give it. Thapki returns it and says nobody will take it from you. Sankara asks Bihaan why you are tensed, and says we were just joking. Thapki says playing with someone’s emotions is not joke, but hurt. Shraddha asks how dare you to come here. Tina and others come out. Bani and Tina hug each other. Tina says I was missing you and prayed that he shall send you here. Bani says ghajab, even I prayed to God. She says we are same to same. They shake hands. Everyone is happy. Thapki looks at Bihaan.

Thapki touches Balwinder’s feet. Balwinder says he is happy and will inform Vasu. Suman says we will make arrangements for grah lakshmi’s grah pravesh. Preeti says awesome thapki will have awesome grah pravesh. Thapki looks at Sankara and Shraddha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. She kept Bani away from Bihaan for 7 years and didn’t want Bihaan to get hurt by Sankara, yet now she quickly tells the truth. Its like why the hell did she even do all this drama in the 1st place when she already blabbing the truth.

    The woman talks about relatons’ honesty and not hurting peoples emotions yet thats what she does to Bihaan everytime she lies to “protect” him which never works.

    Stupid female character.

    1. Shahid u always talk logic. Awesome hai aap

  2. Good for thapki and Bina arrived pandey house thapki realised Sanker and shraddara hurt Bihaan for 7 years . I am happy that Tina and Bina are together safe . Oh no problem with dhruv which don’t want see thapki because of aditi’s death. He should blamed shraddara and Sanker did hit them on bike as big crime.

  3. Quite liked the angry Thapki and the looks she gave to the evil 2

  4. Gaja………ab
    Goooood morninggg!!!!

    h…..e guys get up!!!
    humare fav thahaan set p bhi pehuch ga..e or tum log abhi tak….
    chalo oto..
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    dewi,pooja di, heera, afshan, arbaz, vino di, navmi, vinni, rinku d,suhana, sakshi, leena, sulbi,sadia,mala,nandy,naitan,reshal,
    santhosh bhaiya oto..
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  5. Reshal
    oot gya mera shona babu…
    dek tune thanx kehne ko mna kia tha…
    sukria nahi..
    to sukria 4 every thing..

    ha mera fast tha friday ko shivratri wale din..
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    y vert nahi rekti…
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    lakin muje dusro ki sadi bhut psand h kyoki sadi ka acha acha khana…

    vese pure 365 din m sirf ek yhi din h jisme m fast rekti hu..
    esk do karen h
    1. M y vret jab bhut choti [5th stnd] thi teb s rek rhi hu..
    2. Sirf yhi ek fast h jisme saam hote hote 7-7:30pm k bech pet pooja ker lete h..

    vo kya h na
    muj s bhook berdast nahi ho pati…

    acha TPK ki koe nae khebr aa..e to btana
    kel to shanker ka scene such m bhut funny tha
    kese aa…e thi na
    olje olje kes ko sajna svar do..

    yaar m to khti koe eske gylass m chuhe ki dwa..e dal k
    es ko maar do..

    1. Manish ki deewani

      han g temater mai utt ghai hoo tm toh muj se b pehlay uth ghai toh sunday ki happy wali morning yaar
      thank u ko sukria danevaad b kehtay hai toh thanks na toh urdu or na he hindi mai qubool ho gha acha
      oye meri typo mistake b ho jati hai na kabhi kabhi
      waisay muj se b bhoook bardast nahi hot mei toh i badhi mushkil se fast rakhti hoo
      oh kl gobri ko bacha party ne acha sabak sikya .ao chalay sankri ko marnay

  6. Absolutely a healing episode…WELCOME BACK Thapki with the company of our chotti.T for Tina T for Thankyou for saving our Bihaan from the hands of the vampire.overall i really enjoyed this episode somuch of funny sequences.Thapki…..this is your last chance to avenge the devils,so be careful.if you feel any trouble in your mission pls take the help of the childrens because they were more intelligent than you. I wish this time Thapki wont make any mistakes she will completely clearout them…lets wait and watch PLS WATCH TPK ON [email protected].
    MANISH…….your innocent smile is the most attractive part of this episode.your smiling face whas to lead the whole episode GAJAB……keep smiling.
    hi to my reshu,garima,anu,rinka,vino,sandy,santhosh bhai,navami,kudrat,sruti……and all thahaanians have a sweet sunday to you guyssssss.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello poo .yeah poo i love Mani dimple wali smile .

  7. I’m so glad Tina saved Bihan from duo evils plan.. Tina is Bihan’s guardian angel.. just like Thapki.. ?
    but feel sorry when Bihan hasn’t heard yet what Thapki said on phone… ? ?

    so funny seeing Shankar being fooled.. ????…

    I hope Shrada n Shankar will get lessons very soon..
    waiting for Druv n Vasundra’ reaction to
    Thapki n Bani..

  8. Vajra-SG29

    hiiii Reshal..?…..
    chalo tumhari kall ke cmt ko main ek exam ki tarah letha hoo…???????..
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    ➡ooooo nooooo main umrakaid ke liye abi tayyar nahi hoooo……????(lekin, next year maine ghar walo ki shaadi ki baat nahi maana toh zarur mujhe paasi hojayega???)

    ?chalay kr li toh apney behna ko toh bata datay❓

    ➡haaa zarur ??jab pasand hoga phir shaadi hoga tab… ???

    ?shadi mai invite kr lena bhai or phir ap ki shadi k baad hm tpk set pr ja kr gobri ko mar dai ghay teek hai na .❓

    ➡hmmmm,good idea. but, hum CVS ki torture se pagal nahi hua toh…???

    ?hahaha just kidding ❓

    ➡hmmmmmm, samajliya na “JK” kya hai…!!!?????

    ?bhai jokes side mei ab meri help karay k register kaisay karoo q k wo mera naam accept nahi kr rahay or i am not robot wali game kilwa rahay hai mei ne kl b try kia mgr kuch b nahi hua .ap he help kr do.❓

    ➡kall ke cmt page dekho…?

    ?waisay register kr k karna kya hai .❓

    ➡tumhari account ko paise aayega TU ki taraf se…(JK)…??? first register karo phir dekho…. ??……

    1. Manish ki deewani

      bhai app pass ho ghay .mubarak ho .hahaha
      bhai mei ne kl ka comment padha ap b nichay wala comment padh lai
      bhai kya paisay miltay wow na phir toh register karna bnta hai .
      bhai apney ghar walo ki baat mann lai warna ap ko pansi ho jaey ghi hahaha
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      bhai mei ne phone or laptop dono se koshish ki magr abhi tk kuch b na hua .chalay wo 6 wala robot k baadh wala point kya tha
      jk ka pata chal he gaya

  9. Vajra-SG29

    Thapki ki grahpravesh…?????
    i not sure..
    this is 4th time….!!??

    2 baar Bihaan ke saath ,1baar kabir ke saat, 1 baar akeli, aur phir aaj BANI ke saath…

    1. Manish ki deewani

      bhai yeh thapki maha rani ghar mei tikti nahi hai is liay yeh 4th nahi 5 th baadhi hai us grahpravesh .waisay 1st walay mai bihu k sath sapola b tha na .chalay agay God knows or kitnay grahpravesh bakhi hai

  10. Good morning!!!!!
    santhosh bhaiya
    y kon si morning h aap ki..
    morg khtem hone m sirf 2ghente baki h…
    bhela 10bje tek bhi koe sota h…
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    chalo choro..
    kal apne muj s mera real name pucha tha..
    muje koe prblm nahi h, lakin soch rhi hu itni aacani s kese bta doon
    to chalo ek game kelte h
    ager aap tyaar ho to soroo kre…

    wese bhaiya apne bare m bhi kuch btaoo..
    jese aap kya krt ho, subah 10bje otne k elawa…

    1. Manish ki deewani

      oye temater bhai aj 10 bajay se pehly uth ghay bohat bohat mubarak ho .

  11. Now idiot druv will shower all his anger on thapki. Where is vasu maa? Thapki is all alone. Atleast if vasu is there , thapki gets a support otherwise druv is even on shraddha witch’s side 🙁
    I hope ghajab choti bihaan (bani) and tina help their mother. But they can only help her if she tells them d truth…. Aahh eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes. 🙂 vasu maa please come back soon.

  12. Manish ki deewani

    yesterday tina save his father .sankri lol ur dance ican’t control my laugh .bacha party zindabaad .shasha irritate bihaan i hate them to the core .
    thapki sadqay jaoo mai ap k .after seven years u realize to tell the truth to bihaan wah g wah .
    i like tina bani bonding .so today is thapki graprevesh .
    i hope bacha party punish shasha
    hello friends happy wala sunday guys

  13. Manish ki deewani

    santhosh bhai meray naam k badh likh dehay hai invalid charcter mai kya karoo
    6 wala point kya tha samaj nahi aya
    mei kabhi apnay phone sai or kabhi laptop se comment krti hoo
    complain kaisay krni hai
    bhai mera phone kis soap se do dallo hehehe ap he naya le dena ok

  14. hello good morning all thahaanians… happy sunday

    1. Manish ki deewani

      good wali morning g .ab mai ne ap ko didi nahi kehna anu ne mujhay Mani k9 behna bana dia .ap anu ko samjaye .mei ap ko kya buloo ab .usay batay Mani ki ek he behna hai .wo ap mai nahi

  15. Bhaiya muje bhi ek smart phone bijya do or ha!!!
    muje bhi sadi m bulana…
    verna m jaan l lungi…

  16. Nice episode now i think everything will be surely fine but i agree to Shahid even whatever he said

  17. finally thapki is back?. sankar dance it make me laugh,??? and Tina well done overall TPK is going superb I hope the writer of TPK continue this

  18. Nice episode tha. Thapki back to pandey nivas .

  19. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    miss thapki back at PN….miss vasu ma….miss pandey family in happy….

  20. Yaar reshal ek help chahi a thi…
    dek ager tum muje reply kerti ho to mere cmt k niche show kerta h vo kese muje bhi sika do please…

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