Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan getting shocked seeing teddy socks Thapki is wearing. He says I will leave. He goes thinking and says Thapki is wearing teddy socks, it means that was Thapki, but why will she do this by hiding from me, she will have some reason, I will know this truth anyhow.

Shraddha gets liquor chocolates and says I will get Dhruv eat this, I won’t let his mind be in senses and forget Thapki, he will be in liquor effect and then he will become mine, Thapki can’t stop Dhruv from becoming mine. Bihaan leaves on his bike. Thapki gets up and thinks where is Bihaan going. She looks outside and says its good, Bihaan will not see me now as teddy, I forgot to remove socks, did Bihaan see this, maybe not, else he would have asked me. She keeps sack in her place and messages

Bihaan that she is going to sleep, good night.

Shraddha talks sweet to Dhruv and says I hope my feelings reached you, this is my best valentines, no need to say anything, I got you and one day we will celebrate this valentines day together, have these chocolates. He says I don’t like it much. Kids come running and makes the chocolates fall. They take all chocolates fall. Shraddha worries. Dhruv says its okay, they are kids, don’t take chocolate back, I will have this one. She worries thinking that red chocolate has liquor, I will make you eat that and come close to me. She looks for the kids. The kid runs and chocolate falls. Thapki gets it and sends it for Bau ji. Shraddha stops waiter and does not see the red chocolate. Waiter gives chocolate to Bau ji.

Bihaan thanks the man for opening shop for him at night and gets that teddy dress. He reads Thapki’s message. He says you sleep Thapki, but I will find teddy bear’s truth. Bau ji goes to Vasundara and gives her a flower. He makes her eat that chocolate. Shraddha sees the chocolate wrapper and says it means someone has eaten that chocolate. Vasundara gets affected by liquor and loses balance. She says its earthquake. Thapki holds Vasundara. Vasundara says you saved me again, why, you are very nice. Thapki says I think you are not fine, come. Vasundara says I will tell you something. Shraddha thinks did this oldie eaten that liquor chocolate, is she telling our plans. She stops Vasundara and asks her to take rest. Thapki says what was Maa trying to tell me. Shraddha says this oldie almost ruined my plans. Vasundara asks oldie? Me? Thapki is very nice, I m bad. Shraddha says yes, Thapki is Devi. She asks Vasudnara not to get up and goes. Vasundara falls asleep.

Diwakar and his men stop the lovers. Aditi gives lecture to them about love, don’t separate lovers, remove your bad thinking. She asks Diwakar to see the lovers once. The men understand that they have to change their thinking, they are doing right. Diwakar says she is misguiding us. The men don’t agree with Diwkaar and asks Diwakar to learn something from Aditi. They leave. Diwakar argues with Aditi. She says I m just supporting truth, you also leave this madness. He says I will leave this, those are fools to run, but I m not like this, I will see those lovers alone.

Thapki entertains the kids. Suman asks Thapki to leave all this, change clothes and come. Thapki says no, I told Maa that I will do work given to me. Sanjay asks Suman to come and meet his friends. Dhruv asks Dadi for Vasundara. Dadi says I did not see her. Dhruv says I will check her in her room. Shraddha stops Dhruv and says I was with Vasundara, she is tired, I advised her to rest, you come with me. He says let me see Maa. She takes him downstairs. The light goes. Bihaan comes there wearing the blue teddy clothes. Shraddha thinks how did this teddy come.

Bihaan teases Thapki and holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. She removes the teddy head and he too shows his face. She gets shocked seeing Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • sreyan

      Arre yaar fatarajo she was under the influence of liquor. Thats why she could see d goodness of thapki. one q are u girl or boy

  1. Ally

    Nice episode…
    Vasu chudail is funny after eating chocolate….. &.in intoxicated mood she is telling she knows Thapki is good and she is bad…
    Good to know
    Waiting for Tomorrow’s episode.

  2. Thahaan romance is coming upp…gr8…new buiseness of stitching clothes n bihaan n thapki feeding themselves with their hands to eachother…wow..waiting to c d epi….

  3. gina_baron

    Omg? How did bihaan carry the teddy head in the small bag??? Honestly Vasu was so gooood as drunk and Dhruv can’t bear to look at Shraddha.

  4. Dee

    Hi, I love this series but since Rishtey Europe has been taken off Freeview, I can’t watch with English subtitles. Could anyone tell me if they know how I could watch with subtitles please? At the moment I read the written episode details and then watch but feel I’m missing a lot of detail. Hoping to learn Hindi at some point just because I love the programmes – I’d rather watch this than British soaps!

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