Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu calling Thapki to inform about the letter and thinks where are you, pick my call….Thapki is following Kabir’s footsteps. Kabir comes to the house and goes inside it. Thapki sees the color. Sankara comes to Vasu’s room to get the letter. Vasu turns and asks why did you come here. Sankara is speechless. Vasu says that day you was burning newspaper, to burn the letter which you had written to provoke Bihaan. Sankara tells her that she came there to get the nail cutter to cut her nails. Vasu turns to get nail cutter, Sankara tries to get the letter kept on the bed. Vasu gives her nail cutter, and says if I come to know that you are ruining happiness of the house like Kosi, then I will kick you out. Sankara turns and looks at the letter. Vasu takes the letter in

her hand. Sankara thinks if she comes to know that I had separated Bihaan and Thapki 2 years back and also tried to kill Thapki, then she will make me leave from here, I can’t let this happen and thinks to kill Vasu. Vasu calls Thapki again.

Kabir meets Neha and says it is medicine time. Neha refuses to have medicine. Kabir offers to give her chocolate. Neha gets happy. He makes her eat medicine, and gives chocolate. Neha eats chocolate. Bihaan sees Thapki somewhere in the jungle and gets doubtful. He thinks to follow her. Kabir tells Neha that Bihaan is dying day and day and he is feeling peace. He says you will be fine soon like before. Kabir comes out from that house. Sankara brings soapy water bucket and splashes in the room. She then puts the open wire in the water and connects other to the circuit box. Electricity sparks. Sankara feels pity on Vasu and says she will show letter to Thapki if she is alive. She says I am the first bahu who will kill her saas.

Thapki reaches there and sees the house. She thinks this means Kabir came to this old house and what could be inside the house. She sees the door locked. Kabir is going still. Thapki tries to open the lock with her hair pin. Kabir stumbles because of the stone and sees yellow color on his shoes. He says Thapki…and returns back to the house. He tries to open the back door and gets inside. Thapki manages to open the door with her hair pen and comes inside. She sees chocolate wrapper, plate, medicine syrup, iron chain etc. Just then she hears someone coming there and thinks who had eaten this. Bihaan also comes there.

Vasu keeps her phone on the table. Suman tells Vasu that she couldn’t make baatis. Vasu sits near the temple to make baati. Suman asks her about the letter in her hand. Vasu asks her to learn how to make baati. Sankara thinks why she is making baatis when she couldn’t do aarti of God, as she will die soon. She takes Vasu’s phone and keeps in the room where she kept the death trap for her. Bihaan asks Thapki what she is doing here. Before Thapki could speak, Kabir comes and says I called her here. Bihaan turns and looks at him. Kabir with roses in her hand and tells that they are newly marriec couple and thought to spend some time. He sees metal chain and says oh…you wants to romance with me after tying me with it, your way of romance is very bold. Bihaan is shattered. Thapki is shocked.

Bihaan tells Kabir that he couldn’t identify the girl standing infront of him is Thapki or someone else. Thapki feels bad. Sankara comes to store room and throws Vasu’s phone on the chair. She says come here, old woman…I will see how you will be saved from water current. She says you can’t show the letter to Thapki now. She says once you die, I will become this house owner and Bihaan’s owner too. Kabir tells Thapki that she made a good plan, but it is impossible to trap him. He goes. Thapki thinks he must have tied someone here, and thinks where did he hide that person and why? She hears Vasu’s 10th miscalls and thinks why did she call me. She calls her to ask what is the matter. Vasu hears her phone ringing from the store room and thinks it might be Thapki’s call. She thinks to inform her about the letter and gets inside. Sankara smirks and awaits for Vasu to die.

No Precap

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Suhanya

    *Happy Christmas.!*
    oh..! today also Thapki didn’t find Neha. Vasu… you won’t die. Please reunite THAHAAN..!!!!

  2. drishti

    thanks for the wu, merry xmas everyone
    CVs more tHABIR scenes pls, I want to see a scene where Thapki helps Kabir out on a shirt bcos of injury from the bullet wound…pls show thapki developing feelings for kabir….thabir rock

  3. Shwetha

    Don’t make any bad things happen to Vasu..Reveal the truth to Thapki ..clear the misunderstanding with Bihaan..



    |Registered Member

    I don’t want thahaan because thapki doesn’t deserve bihaan….Bihaan.deserves someone better… he is a person with a golden heart and the “life” of the show…. bihaangiri ki jai ho

    • Anjali

      You’re right, Thapki doesnt deserve someone who doesnt trust her, manhandles her, physically assaults her, takes her for granted, throws her out of her own house just because he doesnt have the ‘evidence’ or the back bone to support her. Its best if this golden hearted person keeps his bihaangiri and golden heart to himself and moves on with someone else.

      • RINKA_RITZ


        |Registered Member

        Then what is kabir doing? isn’t he man handling her? isn’t he always blackmailing her not to speak up and doing things against her wish? he is deliberately hurting thapki.. what is the use of repenting then? and bihaan and thapki both are two different people.. if you want to hurt bihaan, hurt him directly.. one day if it happens so that kabir strsngulates thapki’s neck and will say sorry that was just to hurt bihaan, is it acceptable? you are craving for something which is impossible.. bihaan didn’t have evidence but does your kabir have that he is out to kill bihaan and take revenge? bihaan also saw bomb bursting in his mother’s room similarly kabir saw his house burning… what is the big difference here? he also saw near to death experience for his mother though later he knew kosi did drama that’s where is Kabir’s morals too? both thapki and bihaan bleed differently and if you want to hurt bihaan, hurt him on the face and not backstab like a coward.. or is he afraid of bihaan to face him!! each and every person may be different.. bihaan has grown up like an angry man, he was an orphan whose mother had abandoned an 8 year old child on the streets, vasu never loved him, he did work with Balwinder his thug business and left studies too for helping the parents who gave him house and name, married a stammering girl for saving the mother’s life..if not angry, then how could he be..but he loves his full family dearly though he is not blood related to them.. he got to know his mother killed his father and he got the proofs too kosi herself accepted but he didn’t go to take revenge.. a thug has morals.. what you say Kabir risked his life for thapki, I can give you hundreds of evidence when bihaan too saved thapki…when bihaan used to hate thapki even before the dhoka marriage, he saved her….he physically assaulted her, do you know what big charge you are putting against him? he slapped her because she tried to kill kosi as he thought of, he wanted to show her the mistake she was doing but he repented for it later even he knew he did wrong,, did he held her by neck or twisted her hands or pull her hair or what and kabir aimed gun at him and doing things with Thapki against her wish.. kabir also lacks evidence and he too repenting by doing mistakes and the situation is similar.. thabir is never ever possible, third person do come and go…..thahaan forever…

      • Avanti

        Anjali- at the end of the day us and Thahaan fans won’t agree which is fair enough, you don’t like Bihan, they don’t like Kabir. What’s the point in arguing every day on the same thing over and over again? Lets all sit back and enjoy the show while they still haven’t butchered Kabir’s character, who knows if the demand is high enough then ThaBir will happen, arguing over here won’t have an affect on that.

        Happy Boxing Day, hope you enjoy the sales! 🙂

      • Anjali

        Actually no he hasn’t blackmailed Thapki at any point. He’s just taken advantage of her silence Thapki has been quiet all on her own, she’s had plenty of opportunities to speak up, defend herself in front of the family and she hasn’t done so a single time. So are you trying to tell me that there’s no use of repenting or feeling remorse once you’ve made a mistake? Wow! What’s the use of Bihan repenting then? He slapped Thapki and threw her out fully aware of the consequences. How does that make Bihan any better? Are you trying to justify Bihan’s physical abuse just because He was angry? What concrete proof did Bihan have? Who was he to kick his wife out of THEIR house, who was he to pass that judgement? Even the law can’t punish anyone without proof so who is Bihan to decide any of that? And why should Thapki go back to him? Again because Bihan decided so? What is he? The grand ruler of this planet? He couldn’t even trust his own wife. He didn’t know the truth but it’s justified because he was angry? Well we can say the same here, Kabir doesn’t know the truth for sure but it’s justified because he’s angry. And his anger is actually justified, his sister has lost anything and she is no longer sane.

        And I’ve said this countless times, how is anyone supposed to destroy Bihan? By destroying his non existent career? How do you destroy someone who doesn’t do anything? My stooping to the same level as Bihan? Becoming a gunda? Getting into a fist fight? Or destroying him financially? When he doesn’t even hold the financial reigns to the family, it’s Thapki who owns the property and the other assets. Either way which won’t really have an impact on his as such more so the Pandey family. You strike when and where it hurts and there’s always some collateral damage when you’re getting justice for someone. By your logic anyone seeking justice for their family is bad because criminals have a family as well and they’re hurt I the process.

        You are craving for a wife to go back to an abusive husband, who doesn’t trust her and didn’t have the backbone to stand up for her and that’s somehow justified? Just because you have favourites doesn’t make them any better than anyone else’s favourites.

        How is being an orphan justifies anger issues? So it’s ok to shout at his wife and push her around, be physically abusive just because he was abandoned as a child? I know so many people who didn’t have parents, went into foster care and they don’t try to justify there behaviour, hell they work on improving themselves and getting over their issues which Bihan has never been seen to do. And fair enough he left his education as a child, he could’ve gone back now, didn’t Thapki try to teach him? The fact is Bihar doesn’t want to do any hardwork, he’s one of those people who want to get easy money and get away in life with minimal work.
        And let’s be honest, did Pandey family really need his money? Money of an 8 year old? NOO. Vasu may not have loved him but he was given the same opportunities as Dhruv, he CHOSE to not make te most of them. He has no one to blame but himself for the failure he is.

        You say stammering as it’s a bad thing and Bihan did her favour and sacrificed so much by marrying her! A person like Bihan would’ve never been able to get someone like Thapki. No educated girl in her right mind would’ve married Bihan, Sankara is the best he could’ve done and somewhere at the back of his mind even he knew that which is partly why he agreed to marry Thapki. Also everyone has faults and just because Thapki has a speech impediment doesn’t make her any less than anyone. I find it highly offensive for you to say it in such a manner.

        And what could have Bihan done differently? Had Bihan had an ounce of brain, instead of ‘saving his mothers life’. Just because you’re trying to ‘save your mothers life’ doesn’t mean you can marry someone without their consent and betray his family. Unlike Kabir, Bihan actually knew the whole truth, he should’ve gone to Thapki and told her the truth. Told her that certain members of the family don’t like you and theyll never accept you. This is causing friction between Dhruv and the rest of the family and there will always be friction between you and them. I’m being pressured into replacing Dhruv at the mandap and I don’t want to do that either one of you. I really hope you will reconsider this marriage. Thats all he had to do.

        You CANNOT justify physical abuse carried out by Bihan against Thapki. As I’ve said above, he was no one to pass that judgement. This is the difference between a literate person with a brain. He could’ve sat down, told Thapki to go to her room and tried to logically think it out, he could’ve asked Thapki for her side of the story, rather than acting like a goon and stooping to the level he did. Instead as usual the threw a tantrum. I see no justification for him assaulting his wife and I get you don’t like Kabir in fact you won’t like anyone who will come between Thapki and Bihan but really stop trivialising Neha’s family’s death and Bihan’s shortcomings and other people’s pain just to make your favourite sound like a saint.

      • Shivani

        Also, to add to your point Anjali. Bihan is a selfish character, he didnt feel any remorse until he realised, him kicking out Thapki eventually had an affect on him. He realised that his actions caused Thapki to go away from him. And the only reason he apologised because he missed her. Ultimately and wasn’t sorry because he felt remorse or because he thought his actions were wrong, rather he was sorry because he wanted Thapki back in his life and he wanted her to return to him. Whereas Kabir, he doesnt expect Thapki to be a part of his life, he knows Thapki will hate him for what he’s doing an does genuinely sorry for his actions at every step.

      • Lucy

        Anjali the saying is true you do something for someone a hundred times but the one time you don’t is what will be remembered. Bihaan has helped and saved Thapki countless times he has stood with her when everyone went against her even Dhruv. Now the one time he didn’t stand by her he was in an impossible place Dadi and bauji spoke out against her, she was keeping thinks to herself and made herself look crazy and paranoid. What about when she has slapped Bihaan isn’t that abuse??? I am sick of seeing double standards. I am a woman and I am tired of women wanting equal rights but then make justifications when the women do the slapping, they don’t class that as abuse what Shraddha did to Dhruv was abuse and I don’t care what others call it I call it rape. As humans we should hold all people who do wrong accountable not change the criteria according to gender

    • Manish ki deewani

      Ritz di I red your comment where u justify Bihaan’s character well done .or ya Bihaan is the soul of tpk .

  5. Kajal

    I wish the CV’s would show Kabir falling in love further with Thapki and Thapki developing feelings for him as well. LOL Kabir’s mischievous expression at the whole will you tie me up in chains? Pleaseeeeeeeeee unite Thapki and Kabir CV’s

  6. Shahid

    Merry Xmas everyone.

    Im glad Kabir didn’t lose it with Thapki for tryna ruin his plans he kept his cool he is definetly the polar opposite of BIhaan, because if it was BIhaan he would have probably shouted at her and left her there. They make Kabir look so stupid I mean does he walk with his head held up high or am I the only person who walks who sometimes looks behind me or at the floor in front of me?

    And Vasu must be daft she knew where she left her phone and a few mins later it vanished hmm who could it be? Maybe the woman who was following to your room for a nail cutter who you blamed for tryna burn the letter. Plus is Vasu the only woman in the house who owns a nail cutter? Does Thapki, Preeti and Suman all go to Vasu and use hers??

    • Avanti

      Thats the key difference between Kabir and Bihan. Had it been Bihan, he would’ve thrown a tantrum, thrown things around, shouted at Thapki and manhandled her around. Kabir remained cool, calm and calculated. He still said things to Thapki but said it in a cool and calm voice which had more of an impact.

      Same, I thought it Kabir would figure it much quicker, surely whilst walking back he mustve seen his own foot prints? Then again, the fact that he have a relatively logical character like Kabir is more than I expected from the CV’s.

      Haha again, its futile to expect more than a certain amount of logic from the CV’s. It wont be an indian soap if it starts making sense, now would it?

      Im happy with how they have shown Kabir so far, hopefully they wont butcher him and most importantly i hope they’ll make Thapki see his redeeming qualities too.

      • Shahid

        Its only a matter of time before they butcher Kabirs character he is definetly going to go full psychopath, Its obvious Thapki knows there is a reason why Kabir is doing this and she doesn’t fully hate him so maybe she forgive him at the end.

  7. Lucy

    Honestly are the writers really dumb, if she was following the footsteps then surely Kabir and Thapkis path would have crossed once he left and Bihaan was in a bike following Thapki so how did she not hear the bike and how quick did Kabir get Bach surely it would have taken more time to hide neha

  8. sadia

    very bad at all….it should be banned …..agaist the ethics and moral values….and i want to said that thapki still lives bihan and thn how can some people demands for a moralless pair…

  9. sadia

    very bad at all….it should be banned …..agaist the ethics and moral values….and i want to said that thapki still loves bihan and thn how can some people demands for a moralless pair…

  10. Sade

    Allways drama! Ooooh İ miss happyness in the serie, where is people who make party, jokes and laugh! We lost a Good serie who make us pleasure. İ mean There is no love, sentiment, .. Every body is Sad ! So İ dont watch it, only Read on tellyupdates and İ want ti Thanks peole whi write episod resumary. İ hope to Reach soon pleasant events. Thapki please speack with Bihaan, if you Really love him, you have to make situation clear. Kabir Wants to hurt Bihaan, but why he hurts Thapki in the Same time, its not équitable. May be he has Really feelings for thapki, so if he fall in love with her, he has to be Honest with her. İ dont understand writers purpose. İ am evet disappointed. Vasi should not die !! Sankar is diabolic ! Beurk İ hate her!

  11. Julie

    Sankara: Why is she still in Pandey house? Where are her parents and family that they have their unmarried daughter living with strangers.

    Shradha: Why after divorce Pandey family had her living with them? If even after everyone knew of her attempt to kill Aditi by putting her in the freezer, they choose to keep her in their home instead of a mental asylum then they deserve everything she is doing to them now.

    Thapki: What exactly does she want in life? The most irritating and confusing character. Sometimes its hard to believe she is the main lead. When she wanted revenge she had so much bravery to shout at Bihaan and now she cant even stand up for herself with Kabir. Why is she stammering or even dumb now? If she is really disgusted by Kabir’s antics then speak up. Instead of behaving like a dumb rag doll with no voice. Is it so difficult to tell someone of the fake marriage etc?

    Kabir: He may not behave in a thuggery way but he is just as evil. If he really had a conscious or he really felt guilty for what he is putting Thapki and her family through then he would not continue to do it. He would have the law punish Bihaan for what he assumes he did to his sister and her family. What he is doing to Bihaan’s family is just the same as what he assumes Bihaan did to his sister’s family. So Kabir is no better than Bihaan.
    As far as a relationship between Kabir and Thapki, I would say no. Not because I want Bihaan and Thapki together. But rather because Kabir is just shallow. He only noticed Thapki when he saw her beauty as Thapki. Had he any genuine feelings for her he would have had feelings for her as Vani with the big teeth and glasses. So no as a woman I would not want a shallow partner like Kabir who only noticed the outside beauty.

    • Manish ki deewani

      Julie I also don’t understand what’s the real motive of thapki .she didn’t utter a single word .writers always made thapki dumb .and I agree with u

    • Shahid

      Bihaan and Kabir the same hell no!!!

      Kabir is already remorseful unlike Bihaan who shows remorse after he has done the act, plus Kabir only wants revenge for his sister whereas Bihaan has done plenty of bad like marrying Thapki without her consent when she was meant to marry Dhruv. Also treating her like crap, putting her down and giving her abuse when they were 1st married,

      And the law punish Bihaan?? We have seen what indian police officers and laws are like just chuck money and you can get anyone arrested, its corrupt maybe he wants to make sure BIhaan pays and doesn’t get away with it.

  12. Salma

    I feel happy that Kabir is taking revenge for his sister, she is in such sad state. I really hope the CV’s dont butcher his character.

  13. Ish

    Doesn’t everyone need an initial attraction to someone to develop feelings for them? I don’t actually believe that one glance at Thapki’s real face was all it took for Kabir to start liking her. I think that his feelings just became obvious when he saw her real face. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Thank you CV’s for today’s scenes between Neha and Kabir. It was heartbreaking to see Kabir’s loss and how much he cared. I love the new track, I hope you continue to keep the characterisation consistent.

    • Lucy

      Well if he cared so much for his sister, she should be in a secure place getting treatment esp as he is supposed to be rich not locked up like an animal. Treatment first then revenge!!!

  14. Prachi

    THABIR story is great….why can’t Thapki see Kabirs goodness????? Thapki Forget Bihar and luv Kabir…..he is pure hearted nd luvs his family very much

  15. shabu

    Thabir is awsm pair…pls unit them…thahan is not worth for anything…and one very hpy that bihan is knowingthe pain of druv

    Thabir rock

    I want thabir




  16. fira

    The cvs always shows us that bad always win…shankara can do anything she want,always,no one know is time to stop read and watch it.good bye and thanks for make a rubbish story…dont think to much it is just a worst story i ever see

  17. lee_na

    I agree that Kabir’s personality is better than Bihaan’s. But i’m still not agreeing his revenge and the way he’s taking revenge.
    About who’s suit for thapki? No one . They both have hurt her and disrespect her. But again i believe that love sometimes out of logic, even in real life i thought my brother in law doesn’t suit my sister, but he’s the only one who could make my sister fell in love with. And she’s happy with him no matter what.
    So i’ll leave it to thapki (the writer) to decide who suit her. So far i think the choice still go to bihaan.

  18. pooja prabha

    Bihaan…S for short S for superb dialogue yaar.its a good move,you should ignore her then it will be a chance to her for realizing the value of true love.I am sure she will never deserve your love…

    • Manish ki deewani

      Ya pooja when Bihaan ignore her ,she realize what she lose .becoz we do not value things until we lose it.

  19. Manish ki deewani

    This sankara is idiot .just to get Bihaan she wants to kill his mother .shame on u .writers plz don’t kill vasu character becz after this again bihaan hurt so much and loss mother’s love.after two days Bihaan spoke. Thapki why u always stand like a statue ?why ?pooja they always give audience a false hope like this letter drama .I wish now the writers sent sankra to jail.

  20. Heera

    Hey! Kabir is evil one !! Why do he start nasty do thapki ? I don’t like Kabir tell thakpi what do to . Horrible Kabir told her relax and shut her mouth. Bihaan is one best husband for thapki. I hope Bihaan and thakpi are back together. I hate Kabir way. Kabir is animal to locked her sister with chain. He is rich should take sister good hospital mental. Kabir and thapki had no common each other.

  21. dewi

    I think if Vasundra really get hurt because of Shankara’s plan., than Thapki will be accused for the accident.. By receiving Thapki’s call, Vasundra get into the trap.. poor Thapki.. 😕 😣
    Bihan still has no faith on Thapki., even he knows Thapki well.., so disappointing.. 😧

  22. Cyrilraj

    Hello what rubbish things are you talking? Can any one of you change your husband and wife? You people are speaking against marriage bond if you are fan of kabir or bihaan or druv you must see the moral of the story not unite a married woman to another man I hate your comments it is ridiculous and not good. You can tell it is story but where is the moral?

    • Priya

      Where is the moral in a husband slapping his wife? Kicking his wife out of their house? Not having the guts to support her? A mother getting her adopted son to marry his other real sons bride just because she doesn’t like her? A woman drugging a married man and raping him? A mother in law putting her daughter in law down constantly and humiliating her in public? An 8 year old giving up his education just because te can’t be bothered to work hard to become a goon?

      None of the show has any morals or values. Stop being selective and t

  23. Ria

    I want to know what THABIR’s sleeping situation is like, come in CV’s give us more THABIR. They are much better than Thaana

  24. Olga kumar

    Thanks for wu, THABIR are the only ones worth watching this misogynist and s*xist show for. Pls CV’s I hope to see more of Thapki-Kabir. Their chemistry is Sizzling, I love how calm Kabir’s character is, a complete opposite to Dhruv and Bihar. Hope you can show Thapki developing feelings for Kabir and vice versa

  25. Riska

    Marriage is a relation by God’s hand. Thapki and Bihaan is still husband and wife. Their divorce letter actually is come from Khabir, not from their will. I hope Thapki and Bihaan make a time to communicate, to share, just like husband and wife do in real world to solve the problem. And yes, both Thapki and Bihaan have to learn from the past about love, commitment, trust, comunication, faith, forgiveness. Merry Christmas…

  26. Anshi

    Kabir is clever…..he reached in time and managed to make it seem like it was Thapki who wanted them there with the chains, lolz. More thabir cv’s

  27. Priya

    Kabir and Thapki are now husband and wife. I hope they give their relationship a chance, sit down, communicate, actually sort their issues out and give their marriage a chance. Kabir’s character is the saving grace of this show. I hope he’s made to be one of the leads. I’d rather see more of Thapki-Kabir.

  28. Lavanya

    Thabir is the only reason this show is till getting trps………..pls cvs unite them……Kabir is honestgood soul, only following his duty as a brother…..pls unite Kabir and thapki

  29. Chetna

    Thapki and Kabir are the only reason i started to watch this show. I love how Kabir’s character has been shaped so far. Kudos writers for giving a character that is whole, grey with reasons, methodical and logical. Please continue with Kabir’s story and don’t ruin his character. I like him with Thapki and I want Thapki to start developing the feels for him. Sehbaan rocks! Hats off Sehbaan for portraying such a character with ease!

  30. Shwetha

    Thapki will realize Bihaan’s love only if Bihaan neglects her and goes in his own way..

    Once Thapki comes to know about the letter, she needs to repend for her evil things against Bihaan..and definitely she will start realize Bihaan’s true love..and will save Bihaan from Kabir’s plans..

    Anyhow Thahaan always rocks..

  31. Spruce

    Thahaan is the best… If no thahaan, the show will loose all it’s charm…. I think CVs dont know exactly what to do with their chemistry that they dont utilize it fully… This problem generally occurs in serial.. If the leads have got superb chemistry then it is a problem because the Cvs then need a beutifully built strong story to cope with their chemistry… otherwise these kind of stories happen dissappointing the fans… 😀

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