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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thaoki and Bihaan seeing the insects and wound on ox’s feet. Shraddha smiles. Bihaan asks the man to get first aid box. Shraddha thinks I will win for sure. Dadi asks Bau ji what are Thapki and Bihaan doing. Kiran says I think the ox got hurt. Vasundara smiles and thinks now my Shraddha will win. Dadi asks what will happen now. The vet comes and sees the ox. Bihaan asks him to check the wound and bleeding. The vet says I gave injection, the wound is deep, but ox can compete in race. Thapki and Bihaan ask is there any other oxen. The man says no.

Thapki goes and Bihaan calls her out. He goes after her. She says that oxen are hurt, they are animals and can’t talk, it does not mean we use them in this wounded state. Bihaan asks her to say what to do, they can’t

move back now, what is the last option now, tell me, shall we let Shraddha win, we need oxen to ride plough, will we take it on our head. He goes. She recalls his words.

The lady asks everyone to come to their position and tells the rules. They wait for Thapki and Bihaan. Shraddha tells Dhruv that they look best couple and they will win this race. Dhruv thinks he is competing just to show Thapki, she will see I have forgotten her and moved on. Suman and Preeti argues. Diwakar tells Aditi that he will win. Aditi says this is last time. The lady asks for Bihaan and Thapki to come on position on time. Bihaan sits away and is angry. Bau ji says don’t know where they went. The lady says maybe they both will not compete as the oxen are hurt, we will start this race without them. Thapki joins the race. She says I will surely take part in the contest. She asks the man to take oxen, she will take plough on her. He asks what? She says yes and is confident.

The man takes the oxen and Thapki takes plough on her shoulders. Everyone get shocked. Bau ji says its very heavy, why did she lift it. Vasundara says she has fat brains, she did not need oxen, now Shraddha will win. The lady says whoever wins in the race, but Thapki went ahead in humanity race, see how she took plough on her to save oxen. Bihaan hears this and sees her. He runs to her. Shraddha thinks Thapki is mental, good for me, I will win. Everyone clap for Thapki’s courage.

The race begins. Thapki pulls the plough by difficulty. Everyone make the oxen walk ahead. Thapki’s parents, Bau ji and Dadi worry for Thapki. Bihaan runs towards Thapki. Thapki slips and plough was falling. Bihaan comes to her and holds the plough. Everyone clap. Bihaan takes plough on his shoulder too. They both take plough ahead. Dhruv and Shraddha are leading. She says I think pot is there. She gets confused seeing so many cross marks there, as her plan flopped.

Bihaan tells Thapki that no one would have done this. She says stop it, walk ahead. He says we are together in this race, see your bleeding feet, leave this. She says Bau ji trusts us, we have to find pot too, come. He says Ghazab…. The plough gets stuck by something. She says is this the pot, lets see. He digs and gets the pot.

Dhruv and Shraddha, Thapki and Bihaan compete. Bihaan lifts Thapki on her back and runs to finish line. Vasundara shouts Dhruv and Shradha to hurry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So guys did u enjoyed it….i enjoyed it a lot as i said dat bihhan our hero will make a hero entry n he did….bihaan concern for thapki’s bleeding feet n saying dat leave d competition was so sweet as always…jist like a caring n loving husband…..tomorrow will be more interesting episode…dnt worry our thahaan will win……n hiw can i forget thapki swiping sweat from bihaan’s face from her dupatta…hated druv shraddha n vasu more….n now everyone shud say as vasu only shouted dhruv n shraddha’s name coz she wanted them to win desperately n does’nt like bihaan n thapki dats why she did not cheer for them…how disgusting….i m waiting eagerly…..i know all thahaan fans r too…..n MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THAHAAN LOVERS….once again.:-):-) 🙂 🙂

    1. Yaar yaaa really enjoyed !!! The best epi ever of tpk…. I was shouting “come on bihaan come on come soon yaa”…….

  2. Superb precape. Oh bihan lifts thapki so nice husband. Day by day bihan proving nice hearted person even nice husband.

  3. unite thapki and dhruv ..otherwise serial will be too boring

  4. Nice episode… Shraddha knows she can’t win… So doing all type of tricks to cheat and another side Druv’s action is immature. He himself said yes to his marriage and now wants show Thapki he has moved on…..Even though the truth is opposite to it.
    I don’t know how he manages a news channel.
    And Thapki is behaving like a stupid. She thinks she is the only one in the world made by The God for the purpose suffering.
    Anyway present track is dragging. I wish Thahaan win the competition.

  5. superb ?……

  6. Bekar faltu track.. only dragging and dragging. .

  7. Bihaan u killed the show yaar…..really ghazab….. Shraddha now u dance ha ha haa…….oh!!!! I have to wait till tomorrow also , what is this…..?????? Churail shraddha and devil vasu….see ur son’s and husband’s defeat……..u saw shraddha ….ur pot is there at long distance…but see thapki got her pot on short distance itself….as god keeps watching everything and knows what to give , where to give,when to give and how to give,and to giveto whom…….
    Thahaan keep rocking………
    I really loved the entry of bihaan Into the ground……..I couldn’t control my shout…..and excitement…

  8. Lol funny writter :p

  9. Ya mee too n tomorrow will be more interesting to c thahaan win n thapki bihaan ka pasina pochegi with her dupatta…..

  10. Gajab……….Bihaan you are really outstanding man.Iam sooooooo excited for watching stunning scenes of THAHAAN.The crack shradha ……you can’t never cheat them,because….god is great ,he will always help them……..MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR MY DEAREST MANISH&ALL MY TPK FRIENDS….

  11. I think its over acting.

  12. He guys did you watch any similar episode in any serial? I watched in IPKKND ek bhar phir shlok saved astha in a horse rice. It’s similer like that …….

  13. Awesome entry Bihaan I could not help saying yay so loudly.Thahaan were awesome very superb.I’m 100% sure that they will win the competition.Then Shraddha will have nosecut in front of Vasu.Thank God that Preeti heard the plan .MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THAHAAN AND TPK FANS .

    1. Thank you wish you the same @aloke

  14. superb epsde… thahaan luv yew and even thapki and dhruv i luv …btw as evil shraddha s der i want thahaan 2 win .and dey vl win…bihaan z proving as a gud hus …luv u thahann especially bihaan ‘thapki’dhruv ***;)

  15. The jumbing scene was superb!!!Bihaan is a nice guy.
    The story is too much dragging I am waiting eagerly what would happen after the truth will come out or the dragging drama will continue?Writerji are u test our patience??????the story is flope since thahaans marriage &day by day viewers curse abt the track.Its better to read writt updates than watch the worst serial atleast we can save 30minutes.
    During its starting i am eagerly waiting to see tpk apart from studies&another works.If I got a chance to see repeat I also see that even I am already watch the fresh.But now it only watch for time pass.Tooooooooooooo boooooring yaar…..?????????

  16. Even Thahaan win the game the current track is not good. it’s not a big matter to won a game they add additional masalas to keep viewers watch this show.A trick to raise the trp.Feeling bad even Thapki in the zenith of victory?

    1. Ya i also agree to you!!!! WELL SAID

  17. I agree ally well said….thahaan scenes has all flavors of acting like fun fight anger cute and romantic….and so many members don’t like their eyelock scenes bcz its only repeated many times.I think initially thahaan dont want to see eachother so that eyelock scene is often tharuv only romantic scenes.I want thahaan I just enjoyed d thahaan scenes….. Superb hero entry bihaan…u r a loving and caring husband and eagerly waiting for tomorrow…

  18. I had no regrets of missing a few episodes of TPK due to this dragging track, but today I m regretting to miss this episode, thahaan scenes were awesome, full marks for that OMG missed them so badly, love Thahaan’s compatibility, nice episode on Christmas Day 🙂 am I the only one here who thinks that this competition round thingy is quite similar to Dum Laga Ke Haissa whatever it is it was great as it brought Thahaan closer 🙂

    1. Hai ya , it is the same film from which the scene is taken…even thapki had said this in the interview……. But anyhow thahaan is coming closer

  19. I have not seen this serial for weeks. I love the way bhihaan supporting tapki it’s so sweet, I think this is the only drama I have seen a husband supporting wife in proper way rather than doubting, it’s so sweet. I think bhihaan has fallen for tapki but has not realised yet.

  20. DRAGGING…!!! There was No need of such track..

    1. Yeah Brity #desifriend I so agree wid u , but I loved today’s episode

  21. Excited for tmrw

  22. Wait for the thahaan unity really
    awesome episode tmtrw cnt missed

  23. Right brity it is dragging n unnecessary how can shraddha get insects with her n leave on ox surprising no body watching anyway insects were looking photoshopped n cropped n artificial funny part doctor comes gives injection n doesn’t remove insects

  24. Superb loved it

  25. So much of dragging……………………………… And @SWATHI i also agree with you!

  26. i love ths epi nd enjoyed

  27. I have stopped watching this show after thapki Bihaan wedding.and Bihaan wrongly married to thapki.i can’t digest I have left.i just read written updates sometimes.dhruv was better than Bihaan.but they changed the lead actor.

  28. Bihaan is best ever

  29. what an episode yaar can’t forget now i became thahaan fan i love them n i hate shraddruvasu

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