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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara crying and saying we already lost Dhruv, we don’t want to lose Bihaan. Kosi asks her to think how they stayed without Bihaan all these years. She says let him come, we will leave from here. Bihaan comes home. Thapki asks where did he go. Kosi asks how did you get so late, come and have food. Bihaan goes with her. Kosi says you look a hero, sit here, say something. She asks him to come with them. She goes. Thapki comes and talks to Bihaan.

She tells him that they faced many problems together, and will win over this phase too, don’t feel guilty, if this truth came out, it does not mean all old relations changed, Maa and Bau ji love you a lot, you heard Kosi, she wants to take you. She asks him to say, he won’t leave any of them. She goes to talk to Kosi

and asks her not to take Bihaan, he is life of this house.

Kosi asks since when, I know everything, you also used to hate him. Thapki says no, that was different time, not things changed and we are happy together, don’t take Bihaan along. Kosi asks really, fine I will not take Bihaan. Thapki says I will do what you say. Kosi asks her to say what she wants without stammering. Thapki cries and stammers. Kosi asks her to say well. Thapki says I will try again and stammers again. Kosi says I don’t have much time to listen to you, Bihaan will go with me today, no one can stop me from taking Bihaan. Kosi argues and asks her to leave.

Thapki cries and goes. Naman comes and asks did Thapki come to stop Bihaan. Kosi says she can’t even talk well. He says she is mad, she does not know why we want Bihaan, we have work with Buhaan so we are taking him. Kosi says are you mad, even walls have ears, you don’t say whats our real motive to come here.

Sankara sees Bihaan upset. She goes to him and gives him watch his dad got for him. She asks him to wear it and watch will start working. She makes him wear watch and says see its working now. She says your dad told me that he made this house for you, he has buried the first brick with your name in lawn outside, will you not say anything, fine I will go. She says your dad said time is mighty, everything gets fine with time. She goes.

Everyone is upset as Bihaan would be leaving. Sankara asks them to bid them bye. No one responds. Sankara says I will take farewell from Lord. She prays. Kosi asks Sankara to come fast and do puja at home. She calls out Bihaan. They all hear sound of digging. Bihaan digs the soil. Everyone come there and ask Bihaan what is he doing, why is he digging. He gets a brick and cries seeing his name Bihaan written on it.

Bihaan says my dad made this house, he has named the first brick to me. Bau ji says we really love you. Bihaan says you changed my life’s truth to lie.

Bihaan says you fed me with these hands, I did not know your hands are stained with my dad’s blood, this life became curse for me, you changed my identity, you proved all relations wrong, it would be good if you left me on road. Vasundara says we are there with you. Bihaan says no, I m not Bihaan Pandey, I m not related to you both and anyone here, this is my family now. He stands with Kosi, Naman and Sankara. He touches Kosi’s feet. Kosi says own blood is also own, you have stayed as stepson for long, come home with us and then you will know happiness to stay with real family, we will go home, come. Naman says yes, we got everything by getting you, come.

Bihaan says I won’t go anywhere, this house is mine, my dad made this, we will not go, these people will go from here. He looks at Bau ji. Thapki cries.

Thapki says we won’t go anywhere, this is our house too. Bihaan says fine, we will also stay, roof will be one but not relations.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I know bihaan is acting ??.

    1. Bihaan is acting means he knew kosi planning against him and his pandey family. And what about Sankar’s ? And why he’s digging the ground he believed shankara and kosi .

    2. Absolutely…:-P

    3. i doubt it. bihaan used to be soooo smart before dhruv track but then he’s so easily fooled after.

  2. Really a sadful episode…

    1. hi pooja, do you think the story is getting better or worse?

  3. I think bihaan is acting.because he loves his family,specially I think some plan is cooking in his mind.

    Hope it will be just a drama to expose kosi and Naman.

  4. sad episode ..
    Jaiswal’s mission is something else rather than Bihaaan.
    I think Jaiswals kept that brick there.

  5. Full on bakwaas

  6. I too think bihaan is acting. Sankara will probably reveal the truth if she’s tricked.

  7. muhammad Abdul basit

    plz don’t separate thahaan

  8. Bihan’s father gave watch to sankara. She was also old enough to remember when house was built and where brick was buried. Bihan was too young to remember anything about his father. In scenario, sankara has to be several year older to Bihan. Is not it strange?

  9. Hope Bihaan is acking and this is not true.

  10. Dezine

    tpk trp came down to 1.3 bcoz of this bakwaas

  11. Pls….just wanna know ending of this story…:( Will thapki and bihaan happy together

  12. Pls….just wanna know ending of this story 🙁 will thapki and bihaan happy together?

  13. kosi is lying

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