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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan telling Vasundara not to worry, he did arrangements to stop the marriage. Poonam tells Thapki about the rituals. Kiran stops Dhruv and says the ritual of Varun lifting Dhruv. Krishnakant says I will help Varun. Dhruv says no uncle, and asks Bihaan to come. Bau ji says yes, I have put marriage responsibility on Bihaan. Bihaan and Varun lift Dhruv and take him inside. Dhruv gets down and his sehra falls. Bihaan holds it. Kiran says bride is coming, what a timing. Aditi comes infront of Thapki and teases Dhruv.

Dadi asks Dhruv to see his bride after marriage. Aditi moves and shows Thapki. Dhruv smiles seeing Thapki. Poonam is about to do tilak to Dhruv. A lady comes and says stop. They all turn and see her. The lady says this marriage can’t happen. Bihaan signs

Vasundara. The lady comes to them. Bau ji asks who is she, and why can’t this marriage happen. The lady says Dhruv is my husband, we are married. Dhruv gets super shocked and nods no to Thapki.

Bau ji asks what nonsense. The lady says I m saying truth, and cries. She says he is my husband, why is he cheating me and marrying someone else. Suman and Preeti believe this lie. Dhruv asks who is she, and from where did she come. Vasundara scolds the lady. The lady shows the marriage certificates and Paan thinks he has forged Dhruv’s sign. The lady says Dhruv can’t marry anyone. The lady gets confused seeing Sehra in Bihaan’s hand, and says Dhruv you can’t marry anyone else. Bihaan says leave my hand. She says she won’t leave his hand. They all get shocked.

Bau ji says this is not Dhruv, he is Bihaan, this is Dhruv, tell me why did you do this, you are a liar, who asked you to lie. Paan says such girls come to take money. Bau ji asks them to give her to police. Paan says I will take her, and takes her out. Dhruv smiles seeing Thapki. Thapki blinks. Dadi says don’t spoil mood, think bad sight got off, be happy now. She asks Poonam to do tilak. Poonam does tilak to Dhruv. Thapki does the ritual of throwing rice on Dhruv.

The lady tells Paan that she got mistaken seeing sehra with Bihaan. She asks for money. Paan asks her to leave. Thapki sees tulsi plant and recalling Poonam’s words. She thinks to keep it on terrace. Kiran and Aditi go to take Thapki. Bihaan scolds Paan and says all their plans flopped, its your mistake, why did you not explain who is Dhruv, I gave you the pic, how will I stop Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage so soon. He turns and sees Thapki there. He gets shocked seeing her.

She keeps the tulsi plant. Aditi and Kiran does not get Thapki and call her. Thapki tells Bihaan that her doubt was right yesterday, he has threatened her dad, he has sent the goons and now got that girl to break this marriage, why does he not want her to marry Dhruv, why is he doing this. Aditi tells Poonam that Thapki is not in her room. Kiran says she is not receiving call. Poonam says where will she go. Kiran tells Dhruv that Thapki is not at home. He says what. Bihaan recalls Vasundara’s words. Thapki asks him to say why is he doing this. He says because you stammer. Dhruv, Vasundara, Bau ji and Thapki’s family hears this. Bihaan says stammering girl can’t get married to Dhruv. They all get shocked. Bihaan says there is no match between you two, so I don’t want you to marry Dhruv. They all look on stunned. Bihaan and Thapki do not see anyone. Thapki cries.

Bau ji slaps Bihaan and asks Bihaan to be away from Dhruv and Thapki till marriage happens. Dhruv propmises to be with Thapki and holds her hand. Bau ji asks dhol men to play. Vasundara gets angry seeing Jai Mala happening and ignites matchstick to light up fire in the mandap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anyone have any idea what will happen next? Will dhruv and thapki marry? Or again marriege delayed? Poor thapki

  2. Stupid Bihaan,why didn’t you told Vasu’s name?
    Bau ji,you are misunderstanding Bihaan.It’s your wife who did so.
    Dhruv you was amazing,don’t let Thapki’s hand go from you.
    Thapki you werelooking so sweet.
    Good Precap…

  3. Oh I don’t know what to comment about today’s episode. Very funny. Poor Bhiaan bhat karnae ke phehlae soch karki bhat karnahae Bhiaan. Anyway vasundara going to stop druvki marriage. Precap is not good.

  4. Is this marriage ever going to be done? Thanks for the written update. Cannot watch all this dragging.

  5. almost 1 month and still marriage is dragging…getting bored yaar

  6. waw. ..good episode hsi b ayi or mja b aya….bihan ko nikal to diya bt wo chup chup k fir se ayega ghr m ….kuch b ho…ye shyadi nhi hogi friends….thpki nd dhurv both were matching all functions bt ye khani adhuri hi rh jayegi abhi to ….vshu to puri pagl ho gyi …..why she not be done this marriage….ab to mja tb aye jb ye shyadi ho jaue or vshu k muh pe ek tmacha lge jor ka….o god plz plz thpki or dhurv ko hi cople bnana

  7. So wats Next
    Will they Marry?
    Pls dont separate them
    But i pity u Bihaan u shudve taken vasus name..
    This vasu becme mad…

  8. good episod ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  9. so what NEXT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?aage bahut maza aayga

  10. What’s next is vasu will switch grooms and bihaan will marry thapki

  11. vasu mad bihaan maha mad thapki bechari n dhruv maha bechara….end of story….

  12. Dear Writer sir we want thaki and dhruv marriage. Please do sir thapki and dhruv marriage. Other wise we will stop to see the serial. This is all viewers request to do thapki and dhruv sir marriage. Not change dhruv place in bihaan. We want only thapki and dhruv sir marriage. Suach a real love each other. Please do the marriage Sir. Ithis is our humble request

  13. we want dhruv & thapki marraige…otherwise stop this serial

  14. hahahaha… jo log ye kh rhe h ki wo serial dekhna bnd kr denge ….kya wo sch kh rhe h ..yesa h to fir un logo ki cmnts b nhi hogi yha ane wane dino m… m I right…

  15. oh my god so funny scene when that lady holds bihaan’s hands calling dhruv… haha 😛 …

    by the way nice going …

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