Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha smiling seeing Dhruv. She coughs to get Dhruv’s attention. Dhruv cares for her. Vasundara smiles. Shraddha thinks I like this attention in fake pregnancy. Thapki comes there and asks Shraddha not to eat this salad and light food in pregnancy, you should eat healthy food. Shraddha asks so much? I mean I will gain weight. Preeti says yes, 10-15kgs, I know you want to maintain your figure, you have to sacrifice figure to become mom. Thapki says yes, you have to eat this for your baby. Suman makes Shraddha eat Ajwain laddoo and halwa.

Bihaan comes there and sees Thapki. He sits far from here. Dadi notices their annoyance. Thapki serves food to Bihaan and he stops her. He takes food himself. Thapki gets teary eyed. Shraddha works out and says they want me to

get fat and become buffalo, I will not let my figure spoiled. Thapki says if Shraddha is not pregnant, she will do something to control her weight. Dadi asks Thapki whats happening between her and Bihaan, you should fill the crack in relations, see his goodness and understand. Thapki gets thinking.

Vasundara goes to Dhruv and says you are working, I will come later. He says no, you are most imp to me, tell me what work you have. She says I had trust that you will not let injustice happen with anyone, I m talking about Shraddha, the way you accepted Shraddha and your to be born baby, I m happy. He says I did what is right, I did not move on, I was living with my past, but this baby news made me feel that just I was stopped, time did not stop, my past can’t become my present, my present is just Shraddha and this child, I will live my life with this present.

He holds her hand and says fate has played a game with me, I can’t punish Shraddha and this baby for it. He goes. Vasundara cries and says I have played this game with you, you are at this point because of you, if you know truth, you can’t forgive me ever.

Thapki tries apologizing to Bihaan by drawings. He tears the drawings and sees many more. He throws the board and sees Thapki. She writes sorry many times in the book and shows him. She says I know I lied to you, hurt your heart, but once forgive me for the last time, you can give my any punishment, but don’t do this. He looks at her. Darmiyaan…..plays…………. They have an eyelock. Bihaan throws a vase and asks her to join it. He says you broke my heart, I have seen regarding you friend and trusting you, I have fought with my family for you, I have seen dream that you will become mine, you did not think how much I will be hurt, when I know you fooled me.

She cries and says I did that for…. You punish me. He says I will never call you Chuk Chuk Gaadi, I m nor your friend now, you don’t deserve my hatred, I was troubled by your stammering before, now I m troubled by your presence here. He leaves thinking about her. She thinks about Bihaan. He thinks you gave me this big punishment, I love you and have to hate you now. Thapki sees the room and recalls Bihaan. Bihaan goes out and thinks about her. Hamari Adhuri kahani……………plays……………

Bihaan and Thapki dance infront of everyone on song kuch kam……. Bihaan pulls her roughly.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. vani

    This bihaan is over angry now, I mean what big crime did thapki do to him that he us soooo angry at her? Did he not betray her by marrying her? Tht act of his was justified and forgivable, but thpki jst stayed back 2 know d truth by lying to him, he is this much angry? His anger is not d least justified. … its all bcoz of tht witch shraddha…. khud toh druv k sath khush ni rahti thi, dhruv k sath aage nahi badh rahi thi, aur hamare thahaan jo thoda aage badhne bhi lage toh unke beech daraar paida kar di…. evil shraddha… ???

    • .vinlor

      Yes…thapki ki galthi sirf yahi ki usne bihaan se jhoot bola…bihaan ne jo kiya tha uske aage hai kuch bhi nahi….itni si baath ke liye wo bihaan itna over react kyun kar raha hai muje samaj mein nahi aa raha hai. ..aur ek baath divorce thapki ne kudh apni ichcha se nahi mangata. ..vasu ne deal ki thi. ..khoon ke badle divorce. ..thapki tho bihaan ki jaan bachane ke liye maan gayi thi. …shayad CV’S ye bhool gaye honge. …jaldi se bihaan ko ye sach pata Chalne do…..

  2. Fatarajo

    I don’t know why but I enjoyed today’s episode only because of thahaan scenes one thing is confirmed today Bihaan still loves Thapki which he said in the end but yet to confes, and also Thapki is desperate to ask for forgiveness for him in that pretext she will also fall for him and while fighting seriously love confession wowz
    Cute episode precap is intense 😛

  3. Roshni

    Bihaan shouldnt be so rough on thapki fr breaking his heart coz wat he did to thapki was far worse or atleast similar. He broke her heart too by breakin her marriage with her first love druv. He betrayed her into marryin himslf, whom she disliked at tht tym. She had to bear insult frm her neighbrs. He even prevntd her frm knowin the truth behind marriage n let vasu continue playin with her ( thapki thot vasu loved her). So bihaan shud forgv thapki easily. He himslf didnt knw he loved her….. hw was she to knw :-p

  4. Roshni

    Thapki is stayin bak at bihaans house even aftr truth is out.shudnt bihaan realis shes givin the marriage a chanz

  5. Sriranjani

    Ohh GOD too Much Dramassssssssssssss…………
    Plz end this Thahaan Pair game and Tharuv Pair Game……….
    Plz give a new Hero to Thapki who understands her so called feelings and she too understand his feelings and unite the new Tha————— ….
    Guys I’m not hatred for Thahaan n Tharuv but seeing this show almost I hate d directors who made this show crap…………….Go to the hell n not heaven………

  6. Okay this is the first time commenting on here… Honestly this is pissing me off like I get thapki did hurt Bihaan a bit but… But way his treating her like fam???
    She made such nice drawings for you and also
    This shraddha is pissing me too and her melodrama… I just hope thahaan becomes one and I’m glad that I write ff that is nothing to do with this track.. I just hope they end this track soon

  7. sag


    Today’s episode just Awesome…
    I’ll never miss any repeat telecast of that episode, going to be watch 4 time more….

    Finally story coming to the point where everyone is interested.
    Now Cvs are on the right track.
    Please don’t drag this track….

    I hope shraddha’s pregnancy truth not exposed until thapki get realize her feeling, Otherwise dhruv May become hurdle 4 thahaan…

    Bihaan bas ab kya bol to rahi hai sorry M 4 marzi se or M 4 man se. Kam se kam Mahan atma se maaf karna to sikh lete. Now first time u r mistaken.

    Oooooo dadi ek G 4 gyaan or G 4 good wala anti-anger dos bihaan ko bhi dedo aapki baat jarur manega….

    Thahaan rocs :);)

    • Yes ….
      mai daily episode record karke thahaan scene ko minimum 2 times dekh tha hoo….
      But some news…
      again tharuv track. …..!!!!
      Sakshi reentey ……..!!!!

      • sag

        yes I m 99% sure ki thruv ka track to aayega hi…..
        or ye sakshi ka to kya pata but thahaan reunite is ULTIMATE….

  8. ruhi

    nice episode
    finally bihaan said his heart out
    he said “he had dreamed that thapki will be his” that was awesome
    but I hope he will forgive thapki soon
    n precape was awesome

    • .vinlor

      Hmm yes…jab bihaan ne kaha “he had dream that thapki will be his” tab thapki ka reaction dekha? ?? She was surprised…lagta hai use pata chala hai ki bihaan usse pyaar karta hai. ..

  9. Anisha

    Felt very sad for thapki. She does not deserve so much pain as she never knew he was in love with her. Bihaan understand.

  10. neha

    I’m very disappointed with bihaan’s behaviour towards thapki….why he’s soooooooo angry on thapki….what’s the problem…you moti Buddhi wale bihaan why you’re believing on shraddha…and whatever thapki did was not a crime, infact you cheated him by marrying her without every family members concern,… she just want to know the truth which is related to her marriage….thapki asked bihaan but he’s bound with vasu swear,then thapki try to ask bihaan’s friend paan, he didn’t tell anything…. How much thapki try to find out the truth of her marriage but she fails and this was the only option to find the real person and reason behind this marriage….what’s wrong on that?????
    This was unbelievable that bihaan treated thapki soooo rude….he should think on thapki’s perspective also…plz writers let bihaan should understand thapki and start their love track as soon as possible coz current track was quite boring…. I hate shraddha, let her fake pregnancy drama truth came out in front of bihaan or at least

  11. Once again coming to the episode. …today all are acting very well. …

    Shraddha’s funny ……
    Dhruv and vasu future and past talks…
    Thahaan heart touched moments…
    Dadi maa guide to thapki . …

    I am very happy not diwakar scene in last 2 days. ……

    But bihaan still anger …I hope very good news in week end ……

  12. I want to background song when thapki recalls flash back moments with bihaan. ……..HASI BANGAYE NAMI BANGAYE. ….female song( HAMAARI ADHURI KAHHANI)

  13. Maryam {marry}

    when thapki realizes her love for bihaan ……surely bihaan gonna forget everything……precape seems intersting……..

  14. Syed Hussain

    todays episode was rocking, thahaan forever. one of the best love story I saw on small screen. todays episode was full of bihaan & thapki. dont miss it. you will fall in love with their chemistry. again precap is awesome. really very much exciting. good comeback from director & writer.

  15. Nimisha ?

    Enjoyed today’s epi.

    Loved how the three Bahu’s hot the better of shraddha.

    Dhruv’s chat with Vasu was also good.

    Best bit was Manish’s expression as the hurt Bihan. I actually felt sorry for him. Also felt sorry for Thapki. He told her she broke his heart so she knows that he loved her which is why she had the flashbacks of all the times he stood by her.

    A much better epi than recent ones, lots of layers which made it interesting.

    • Lucy

      Tell me about it, every time he looks at her, it’s like he’s going to ravish her. The passion is so strong

    • .vinlora

      Hey jade …..hum chahte tho wahi lekin humare pyaare CV’S bhi na jo hum chahte hai na wo kabhi hone nahi denge. …

  16. Show ka naam Thapki Pyaar ki nahi Pyaar ya nafrat hona chaye here whenever one is in love other doesn’t cares and now when other in love that one doesn’t cares first Bihaan in love but thapki doesn’t cares she is angry and now Thapki is in love Bihaan doesn’t cares

  17. This show reminds me of Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hain of star plus at times everytime I on the channel either Akshara is angry on natik or vice versa which used to annoy me a lot can’t they ever be satisfied with each other but this Thapki n Bihaan is worse one is always angry with other , good pair but too much ego and arrogance , and also YRKKH doesn’t add much negative track but add boring track TPK also doing the same but I watch it for the cute nok Jhok like the aeroplane scene in last episode YRKKH too much plain and typical
    Diff TPK is new generation wala love YRRKH is old generation wala love

  18. Anger of tharuv fans are justified. Many tharuv fans didn’t comment for day nowadays they r doing so because they r not wrong diff was Bihaan understood Thapki unlike Dhruv but now even he is doing the same then what is the diff between thahaan and tharuv. Honestly speaking I m thahaan fan becaus I love their nok Jhok and cute chemistry

  19. .vinlor

    Upcoming spoiler shraddha plan fake miscarriage drama and blame on thapki . . . .it’s good twist. .. I think as always this time also bihaan saves thapki. ..after all he is her saviour. .. shraddha blames thapki and PN family annoyed with thapki maybe that time bihaan will make a entry with the doctor and with all proofs against shraddha and shraddha ka fardafash. …then pakka thahaan love story shuru aur thahaan unite ……lekin lekin….
    Thahaan unite hone mein kam se kam 5-6 mahine tho lage ge hi…..kyunki shraddha ka fardafash hone ke baad vasu ko apni galthi ka prayashith karna hai…taruv ko ek karna hai..tho phir se bechaare bihaan par emotional atyaachar shuru. …thahaan ka divorce …thahaan ka ro ro ke bura haal hona hai ..iske beech thode thahaan eyelocks. …phir tharuv shaadi ki tayariya. ..Finally shaadi ka din…..Dhruv vasu kush ….bihaan heart broken ..thapki sad and waiting for bihaan to stop the marriage. …lekin wo tho Bhagavan ko dukhi dekh nahi sakta. ..isliye chup…..Finally shaadi ke mantap pe thapki take a stand and declare that she can’t marry Dhruv bcoz she loves bihaan and bihaan only….Finally thahaan unite. ..lekin ye sab hone mein 6 mahine lag sakthe hai…patha nahi ek saal bhi????

      • Fake yaarrr. ……
        aisa ho tho India forums mai jarorr news miltha………..
        Google mai bi news nahi mila ……..
        Abibi 3 months hai dekh the hai kabb kya hoga……!!!!!

    • sag

      totally agreed .vinlora

      ab shraddha k fake pregnancy ka solution to fake miscarriage hi honaa tha or uska blame to hamari Mahan aatma par hi aana tha kyoki ab shraddha ko ek arrow or two sparrow chalhiye……

      Bhihan to apni chuk chuk gaadi ko bachayega hi pyaar jo karta hai…..

      Ab shraddha expose hogi to dhruv bhi free from every unwanted relation to aapna pyar pana chahega….

      Vasu to dhruv k sath hi hogi or ho bhi kyo na uske ek lote bete ki khusi k aage sahi galat k koi mayne nahi or waise bhi yahi to hai apne cvs ka master T 4 triangle wala T 4 tweets.

      Lekin jo bakwas hogi wo sab dekhenge hum sirf thahaan k liye…..

  20. Kana

    Kadavule!!! Intha bihaan nallavana keddavananu therilaye,oru pompala pillaiya ippidiya kaiya pudichu ilukirathu 🙁

      • Kana

        Athunga rendum enna purushan ponchadhi mathiriya nadanthukuthunga tom and jerry kooda thothu poirum,kaiyila aalukkoru kaththiya kuduthu parunga 5eh nimishathila 2 kolai vilum 🙁

  21. Sreenath

    Bihaan so stupid and mental hope Shraddha’s fake pregnancy is revealed and thrown out to make dhruv and thapki unite

  22. nasreen

    hello guys… how are you all… sorrg for the belated conments… wow…lots of comments for this episodes…

    im gonna ask few question for you guys…
    How many of you like or unlike the episode?
    And tell me . Is bihaan did this right or wrong?
    And guess what happend next?
    Answer me guys.. iam waiting… ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♡

  23. Syed Hussain

    why some people are commenting about uniting thapki & dhuru. the serial trp again raising because of thahaan track. mainly people are watching this serial for thahaan love story not anything else. many people say that bihaan should no be angry on thapki, they are right to certain extent. but I feel that thapki should realise that bihaan loves her & she should propose him instead of saying sorry. than see how bihaan will react.

  24. I think when shraddha will expose then will then she will tell truth about vasu then all familly member hate vasu asept thapki she will support vasu

  25. .vinlora

    Sometimes I feel nowdays CV’S are showing angry bihaan only bcoz to make thapki to realise her feelings towards bihaan …agar bihaan pehle jaisa sweet or friendly hota thapki kabhi bhi apni zindagi mein bihaan ki ahemiyath nahi samaz pati……

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