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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha confronting Kosi and Naman about the poison. She asks are you playing mind games for Thapki to prove her mad, very bad, I feel Thapki was saying true, you both would have given poison to Bihaan. Kosi says shut up, else I will pull your tongue. Shraddha scolds her and says you would scold Thapki, not me, the mind games which I play, I talk with logic and proof, I can tell the family in 2mins, then you know what will happen. Naman asks what do you want. Shraddha says good, I want something, I heard there is much gold jewelry in village, if you give this to me, I will shut my mouth. Naman gets angry. Kosi says she has our weak nerve in her hand, do what she is saying. Kosi asks Shraddha to wait and gets cash and jewelry.

Shraddha makes Kosi give her earrings,

bangles and necklace. She takes Naman’s gold accessories too. She says Thapki is fool to fight with you, you guys are so good to do as I said, do this in future also, this will be for your good, you keep this lep. She leaves.

Naman asks Kosi why did you stop me. Kosi says our motive to come here is different, Thapki is losing, we have to do such thing that Thapki gets shocked. Naman says Shraddha has looted everything. She says we will get all that back, she is nothing, she should not open her mouth.

Shraddha calls Vasundara and asks where are you, leave temple, come home, I have to tell you big secret about Kosi. She turns and sees Kosi and Naman. She says you both here and gets tensed. Kosi says we came on right time. Naman says I told you this greedy fox is very clever. Shraddha says what did I do. Naman takes the cash and jewelry from her cupboard. Kosi says now we will do for what we came here, we will kill her. Shraddha gets shocked and says believe me, I did not say anything to Vasundara, I m saying truth. Kosi slaps her. Shraddha falls down.

Shraddha takes the knife and says I will not be scared of you. Kosi holds the knife and turns it to Shraddha. She stabs Shraddha. Shraddha falls down. Kosi says she has interfered in our work. Shraddha holds Naman’s hand. He screams. She drops her head. Naman checks her and says she is dead. Kosi asks him to hide Shraddha’s dead body. He asks her to keep money and jewelry safe. He covers the body in blanket. They both lift the body and take outside. Thapki comes that way. They hide the body under the side table and act that John is not answering our calls. They appear sad. Thapki asks them is everything fine. Kosi says it will be fine when John comes back.

Thapki sees blood on their hands and says you got hurt, its blood. Naman says its color, not blood, leave us now. She recalls Bihaan’s words and calms down. She stops. Kosi asks her to leave and do her work. Kosi and Naman take Shraddha’s body and bury her in the house lawn. Thapki sees them. Kosi and Naman leave. Thapki goes and digs the soil. She gets Shraddha out. Shraddha coughs. Thapki asks are you fine. Shraddha says I m alive, why did you did so late to get me out. Thapki says they did late in going, thanks for helping me, you had to do so much to help me. She recalls how she told her plan to Shraddha.

She says everything is upto you, do you want to save Bihaan and everyone. Shraddha says fine, make such plan that I don’t have to see their face again. FB ends. Shraddha tells Thapki that I helped you as I hate them, I can’t waste my life with them, did they get doubt that I m alive. Thapki says no, you did as we decided. FB shows Shraddha seeing the fake knife and keeping color packet in her clothes. She says now Kosi will forget to pay any game. FB ends. Thapki says now we have to complete our work. Shraddha says now we will teach a lesson to Kosi, get me out.

Bihaan and everyone dine. He asks Kosi and Naman from where are they coming at this time, come. Kosi says no, we will come later. Bihaan and Suman ask what happened to their clothes. Kosi lies that they were planting. Bihaan asks her to come and have food. Kosi and Naman sit. Thapki comes there and serves them food. She apologizes to Kosi and Naman. Bihaan smiles.

Thapki says all my misunderstandings got cleared, this won’t happen again. She calls Kosi as Maa. Everyone get shocked. Bihaan gets glad. Kosi and Naman later discuss why did Thapki say sorry and call Kosi as Maa. Kosi says I think there is something. Naman says she has accepted defeat, you celebrate, two thorns of our way got away, Shraddha died and Lord should give peace to her soul. Kosi says I m getting sleep and goes. He gets shocked seeing Shraddha in white saree and roaming with a candle in hand. He gets shocked and says spirit. Kosi says you need rest, go there and sleep, I m also going.

Thapki cleans the room, while standing on the table. She slips and screams. Bihaan holds her in arms and they have an eyelock. Ranjhana………plays………… She thanks him. He thanks her for calling Kosi as Maa, I m very happy, I did not think you will accept Kosi so soon, you are very good, we faced many problems and have become each other’s courage, you made me a good man, you always be the same, I m nothing without you. She says even I m nothing without you, you completed all my weaknesses, I can do anything for you. They hug. Ranjhana……….plays………

He says now Maa is with us, she won’t let anything happen to you and me, I m not afraid of anything now. He goes. She says I m afraid that you will be hurt knowing Kosi’s truth, your trust and you will break. Sankara washes clothes and cries thinking of Bihaan and Thapki.

She says I served Kosi all my life for Bihaan’s sake, I told Thapki that we will stay together, she is getting angry on me, no one understands me, when no one cares for me, I also don’t care for anyone, I can go against Kosi to get Bihaan, I will see who stops me.

Kosi rests to sleep and turns. She gets shocked seeing Shraddha’s head moving on the table. She screams and runs out. Shraddha comes out and says Thapki is making me do this, but I m enjoying seeing Kosi afraid, I will change all this before anyone comes. She changes the things on the table and leaves. Kosi goes out and collides with Naman. Naman asks why are you shouting. She says Shraddha’s cut head was moving round, come I will show you. He says there is nothing here. She says check there well. He says its not there, you saw her head and I saw her soul, did she come back in this house as ghost. She gets shocked.

Kosi and Naman sleep in their rooms. They hear some ghungroo sound and wake up. They go out to see. They get scared and tell each other that they heard ghungroo sound. She says we will see, don’t be scared, I m there, I m bigger Chudail, come. He says leave it. They go to storeroom and ask who is there. Shraddha appears in all mirrors. She laughs and says you will see me everywhere, I m spirit, and I will not leave you, you both killed me, you both will die soon. Naman and Kosi get shocked seeing Shraddha flying. Shraddha goes. Kosi and Naman run away. Kosi asks Naman to check the body.

Thapki and Shraddha look on. Shraddha says they both are checking where they have buried me. Thapki says if they don’t see you there, our plan will flop. Shraddha asks her to do something. Naman digs the soil and is about to lift blanket. Thapki calls Naman and Kosi. Kosi says how did she come here, come fast. They go to Thapki. Thapki says I warmed milk for you, I did not see you in room. Kosi says I don’t drink milk. Thapki says Bihaan told me. Naman says it will be for me. Kosi says yes, keep it in room, we will come. Naman says we will go for walk and come. Thapki says walk is not right at this time. Kosi asks why, are we small kids, you go. Shraddha signs Thapki and lies down in the soil. Thapki says fine, do what you want. Naman and Kosi find Shraddha inside the pit. Kosi pats on her cheeks and checks is she really dead. She says she has really died, we have really seen her spirit, cover the soil fast.

Kosi comes to her room and reads Hanuman Chalisa. Shraddha tells Thapki that Kosi slapped me, I will not leave her, if I did not die, I would have slapped her. Thapki says relax, now we have to do as we decided, we have to make them so scared that they run away. Shraddha says they will run away. Thapki switches off the power. Kosi worries. Shraddha sings Gumnaam hai koi…..

Naman and Kosi come out of room, and get shocked seeing Shraddha. Thapki smiles. Naman shouts ghost. Kosi says don’t shout, else everyone will know this at home. Thapki goes to room and calls out Bihaan. He asks did you come, powers went and I m not getting candle. She says I will give it. He holds her hand and stops her. He holds her closer to kiss. Sankara sees them and leaves. Naman and Kosi come there and say they are scared, can they stay in his room. Bihaan says fine. Naman says I m much scared of darkness and asks Bihaan to sleep with him in his room. Bihaan goes with him. Thapki asks Kosi to sit, I will light candle. Kosi gets shocked seeing Shraddha at the door.

She hides behind Thapki. Thapki asks what happened. Kosi says see there. Thapki asks who is there. Shraddha shows the big knife and says I will not leave you alive, you stabbed me, now its your turn to die, you are gone today. Kosi gets shocked. Thapki acts like she can’t see Shraddha and smiles.

Kosi runs. Shraddha says I won’t leave you and runs after Kosi. Shraddha says I will kill you. Kosi hides under the bed and thinks to do something. Thapki and Shraddha smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aami123

    2days epi made me lauf lmao

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey aami happy to see u back i was wondering where u disappeared ?

      1. Aami123

        I miss u 2 I’m back now I’ve been really busy

  2. Very hilarious… nowadays I am loving tpk so much… And shrapki jodi I am liking… and today even thahaan scenes were also cute:-)

  3. Renuverma

    Hi freinds.
    Surprising no comments on such a funny episode

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha hi renu dii how r u
      I agree ?

  4. Renuverma

    Thanks ameena api for lovely update.?

  5. Thapki…

  6. This was by far one of the best episodes i have seen. Full of fun and romance. I love when Shraddha and Thapki join forces together. I hope we can see more like this as this plotline was getting boring and repetitive. Well done. Shraddha rules and i hope she will end up with John

  7. What a funny episode…shraddha bhabhiji you just rock it.Thahaan scenes are really nice to see.I wish coming episodes will give us plenty of Thahaan scenes…Anu,I strongly believed its a FAKE news because,without Thapki the telly drama going tobe a tragic I wish everything willbe happen in a happy way…ThahaaN you guys are fabulous……


      thapki hi nahi tho serial mai khoun sa interesting rahega dekhne ke liye…
      aisa hua tho title change karna padega.”SANKAR SANKAT KI”…..??

      THAHAAN ki jaan hain THAPKI
      THAPKI ki jaan JIGYASA
      if no Jigyasa no thahaan…
      no thahaan no thapki pyaar ki serial….???

      agar aisa hua serial ki trp 0.0 0.1 pe ayega aur 1 month hi end hojayega…???

      1. SANTHOSH

        ***0.1 or 0.0

      2. Dear Shantosh, please write in english so I can understand what you re saying thanka ?

      3. RANdomfANCreationz

        It won’t even be 0.001 it will be 0 frankly speaking thahaan is only reason why i m watching Tpk i Wong spare makers if they really kill thapki pyaar ki and then another SSK
        oh god
        Not sasural Simar ka as u said sankara sankat ki SSK initial itself is a headache can’t imagine Tpk as SSK ???


    now these days TPK is very interesting to watch…..??

    tragedy ke beech mai ek comedy episode…. ???

  9. Garima

    I miss today episode oh but to read it on telly update I feel that it is funny and hello pooja Anu and fatarajo.

  10. Garima

    And pooja i think you also register and make a ff I think you make a fabulous ff .

  11. Way a funny episode just couldn’t stop my laughter after seeing naman and kosi being scared terribly by shraddha.

  12. Good episode.without thapki there will no interesting in tpk

  13. Garima my dear friend…I would like to take your comment as a compliment for me.Actually I had a plan for making an ff then I will drop it because for my studies…but i feel super happy for reading my friends comment…
    Anyway…a very special hi for you and a awesome day for all my do you feel in this current track…its really funny and Thahaan scenes are GajaB…..
    Iam waiting for your ff…

  14. Omg I loved sharradda acting today it was awesome loved every single min of it that I was laughing so much. It’s one of the best and funniest scenes I’ve seen in tapki pyar ki. Sharadda you rocked today! Most of all its so good to see thahaan’s romance but I have funny feeling it wil b cut off by Shankar as she slready seen their romance. I hope behaan changed to like before his personality wise and get to see more thahaan romance.

  15. The writer is so smart and genius?
    Love this story.. thanks..

  16. They all dont go to work. How they earn money. ?

    1. Hahahaha???
      Relax and don’t be so serious ?
      This’ intertainment ?

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh aaj mein Bohot sad Hoon
    First Ek Duje Ke Vaaste ending ka news
    Aur second thapki ka death news
    But i haven’t read that thapki ka death news anywhere so I m not sure
    I hope it’s fake news


      ya JO…
      i am also same situation KD also ending

      TPK news ka kahi kuch patha nahi…
      jab tak TC article , SOL,TB news nahi ayega tab tak a thapki ki death news ka barosa nahi….

      Kya EDKV sach mai end horaha hai kya ……❗❓
      iss serial ka tho bahuth saare fans followers hain aur currently this is no 2 position in IF forum….
      kya TRP problem hain…❗❓
      kya tum ko patha hain TRP kithna hai EDKV ka…❗❓

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Areh yaar pucho mat EDKV ka Toh Futi kismat hain trp problem nahi actually what happen is that EDKV ka leads both r sick and hospitalised now they r fine and the lead actress was hospitalised for 10 days and the lead actor recently got sick that’s why show ka shooting continue karne me problems Thi now the lead actress Nikita is back to shoot but namik is still recovering i think
        Aur Sony ka sab shows ka trp Low hain compare to that EDKV did decently well and is immensely popular online i m a big fan of EDKV mera fav show hain
        Agar Tpk bhi EDKV Jaisa hota Toh Tpk mera aur ek dream show hota like i love that show so much
        Till date i loved both show and pair only three of them Beintehaa, Manmarziyan and Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
        And for Tpk storyline uff i hate it also show but thahaan i love thahaaan so much ??
        Currently mera fav pair shraman aur thahaan hain isme se choose karna dharam sankat

      2. RANdomfANCreationz

        And Krishnadasi ka news bhi mein suna mera Friend ka fav show Krishnadasi followed by kasam and then thapki hain that’s why i know about Krishnadasi . That was also a good show though i watch it very less much better than that SSK at least


      chalo tumhare liye KD off air good news hai na???, kyoun ki BB shuru horaha hai na???..

      i am alo watching BB but my mother tongue KANNADA show season3 ???

      kannada BB season 3 bhi next month shru hone jaraha hai achchi news hai ki 9pm se hi start hotha hai…???

      1. SANTHOSH

        ****season 4 coming in next month


      SONY trp ki baath kare tho wo channel south india mai teek se telecast nahi hothe aur mera tho SUN DIRECT dish uss mai sony channel free package mai nahi miltha
      wahi COLOURS par telecast hothe tho EDKV trp hamesha 4 se ooper hi rehatha tha

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Oh no wonder that’s why because Sony have amazing shows even kuch rang Pyaar Ke is a good show actually besides ek rishta something and hanuman i watch all Sony shows even cid but only when i free ?
        Last time every time used to watch Colors rarely changed channel that’s why i watched Tpk Varna i Won’t have know about it because i didn’t like Tpk first promo much as i didn’t understand and tharuv was like ordinary to me, until one day while seeing bigg boss i saw tpk (Mom was watching) and i saw thahaan and was like ??? woh aag wala dandiya episode
        And now i don’t change channel besides Sony like only to watch Tpk or some shows i change ?

      2. Vinlora

        So Santhoshhhhhhhh ur watching Bigboss kannada. ..hmm ..even I’m watching bcoz I’m a big fan of SUDEEP ??

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    Last 4 episodes of TPK are bang on and rocking.
    Love u thahaan ???
    And funny haha kosi’s face ??
    Wow shraddha and thapki rocks
    I knew they won’t kill shraddha’s character easily
    Now definitely trp will increase this week
    If not I will find Colors wala and kill them ???

  19. Garima

    Ok pooja first of all you complete your studies aur uske baad ff likh dena and best wishes for your studies.

  20. Anubhuti

    I m not lying guys..
    The camera man mallich jahid on insta replied me that upcoming is sankara bihaan marriage..

    bt marriage is true news…

    And if i get confirmation from any one else i will send u.. Ok

    Yesterday epi ??????????????
    Love bhabhi g and thahaan


      sab katham hogaya ANU ,i am feel very bad about this true news….

      MANYASA alag hua tho samjo ki forum se alag hua…

    2. Vinlora

      Don’t worry guyz …Thahaan kabhi nahi alag honge. ..Thahaan forever ?
      The cameraman said that upcoming track is Bihaan Sankara marriage track. .but it doesn’t mean that this track will end up in bihaan Sankara marriage. …? Bihaan Sankara ka marriage matter ek na ek din bahar aana hi tha….shayad Sankara thode penthre aazmaayegi bihaan ko paane ke liye lekin end mein Thahaan yi Thahaan ???
      Itne bade Sapola ki shaadi thapki ke saath 6 th pehre mein rukh sakthi hai tho iss Sankara se bihaan ki shaadi rukh nahi sakthi hai kya????

  21. Oh…god,Thapki Shankar marriage…I couldnot imagine that…writerji this is not at all fair…all Thahasn fans are losing their happiness when they get this sadful news…Shankar go to hell…

  22. I think cameraman ne Marriage track bola hoga..marriage hogi k nhi vo thodi bola dont worry becz i thing shankar ka plan hoga kuch but shaadi wale din thapki aa jayegi mandap me same like bihaan aaya tha n as shankar become pshyco vo bihaan k gale par chaku rakh kar usko kidnap karnge…hahaha gud imgaination n pls dont on any rumours or spoilers till offical confirmation and i tpk ki jaan thahaan hi hai to vo log sirf dekha sakte some problm btw thahaan bt alag nhi hone denge kuch nhi hoga to thahaan keep smiling as current track is funny …?

  23. Today epi ws very funny n love thahaan a lot. I jst hp the sankarn bihaan marriage news ws fake cz nly reason to watch tpk is thahaan. If n is missing no point f watching it . Definitely these epi ws n f enjoyable epi evn i hp it will hv higher trp in this week.

  24. Love thapki bihaan scene.

  25. Bihaan love…Iam support your comment…If Bihaan and Sankara get marry,I am sure Thapki will reach and spoiled it because Without Bihaan Thapki will be incomplete…anyway…when I read your comment I just feel relax.

  26. Alister La Frenais

    Best episode of the series. It had everything, drama, romance and comedy very enjoyable. There is only one minor downside, the subtitles were not switched on and since I do not speak Hindi or understand the language, hence I watched this episode without enjoying the dialogue which was a pity.

  27. Plissss….more…and more romantic thapki bihan…


    1. Really???

    2. I hope it real,thx GOD,i hate sankar,kosi,kick out sankar kosi from this track,just thahaan forever it always and be!!!!

  29. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh spoiler boy Santosh quickly post the spoilers. Well my Friend send me the spoilers but it’s difficult to post it.
    And is it true that thapki gets pregnant but she fails to tell Bihaan and shraddha puts the blame on thapki about the kosi Devi thingy and all that? If it’s true than clear that separation before leap . I think Areh Kya ghatiya twist hain

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Poor thahaan they can’t even stay happily for a while uff

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