Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan is talking to Thapki’s pic and says I thought you will come back surely, but now I believe you have gone. He says he is feeling strange inside, and feeling like he is alone. He asks how can I be alive? I am nothing without you. He asks why did you leave me and leave this house. He cries and says I can’t stay without you. Come back for me. I can’t live without you. He cries. Thapki hears him and cries. Bihaan shows something and says I always keep it with me, so that I will make you eat it first when you returns. He asks her to eat it and cries badly. He then eats it. Thapki also cries, and comes near him. Bihaan drinks wine and says you said that you are not thapki, you said right as woman like you can’t be my Thapki. He says my Thapki was beautiful from

outside and inside, and your face and heart are both ugly. He says my Thapki used to stammer, but she used to talk for people’s betterment. He calls her selfish woman and says you are selfish. He says my Thapki gave happiness to all, and you can only give pain.

Bihaan says I did a mistake and thought you are my Thapki. He asks her to leave from his house, and says he won’t repeat the mistake. He says I will kick you out from here, and holds her hand. Shraddha comes to Kosi and asks her to sign on the papers. Kosi says she will read the papers first. Shraddha thinks if she wants to pass BA today. Kosi starts reading the papers. Just then she gets a phone call, and asks Shraddha to go. Shraddha asks her to sign while talking on phone. She takes signatures of Kosi on the papers, just then she hears Thapki asking Bihaan to leave her hand. Kosi cuts the call and rushes out. Shraddha thinks one paper is left which needs to be signed. Kosi asks Bihaan to stop it, and reminds him about the deal. Bihaan says deal is cancelled and tells that only his Thapki can stay in the house. Balwinder, Vasu, Dhruv and others come there. Dhruv asks him to leave her hand. Bihaan says I won’t. Dhruv makes him leave her hand. Thapki looks on.

Kosi asks Sankara to take Bihaan to room and says he is heavily drunk. She apologizes to Thapki and asks Shraddha to throw his bottles from his room. Sankara takes Bihaan to his room. Dhruv and Thapki looks at each other. Thapki feels his pain and cries. Shraddha thinks one paper is need to signed. Kosi asks Shraddha not to throw costly wine and keep it in the cellar. Shraddha asks her to sign on the papers. Kosi signs it in a hurry. Shraddha is happy and says thank god.

Sankara asks Bihaan to leave him, and asks who are you? Sankara says I am your to be wife. Bihaan says no, only Thapki is my wife. He asks for wine. Sankara brings it and eyes Bihaan with evil motive. Bihaan drinks it and asks for more wine. Sankara gives him more wine. Bihaan falls down on the bed unconscious. Sankara smiles and kisses on his cheek. She asks him to be in drunkard state always. She says Thapki and Vani are both out. She kisses on his cheeks again and rests on chest, saying he will become her husband now. Thapki recalls Bihaan crying and saying he has become alone. She cries and thinks Bihaan is making him weak. Dhruv comes and asks what you are doing? Thapki says Bihaan couldn’t bear that I am not his Thapki. Dhruv asks her not to fall weak and take advantage of the situation. She shows the papers and says Shraddha got Kosi’s signatures on the papers, and tells that every one should be teary eyes. Thapki says yes, you are saying right. I will take revenge for my child’s death, and especially with that Bihaan Pandey.

Thapki calls Bihaan asking him to come. Bihaan comes and asks what is this? Thapki says this is the answer to your yesterday’s doing, and says now you will leave from here with your family. Bihaan is shocked. Thapki asks him to leave. Bihaan says only guest leave from the house. Thapki says she is the new owner of the house. Kosi, Bihaan and others are shocked. Thapki smiles.

Inspector tells that hotel is sealed and that he came to arrest the owner of the hotel. He arrests Vasu. Thapki looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dhruv is using Thapki against his own family and Stupid Thapki alias vani obroi obeys Dhruv just like a dog to his master….
    amazing….. ?
    Now I’m damn sure that Dhruv is the one who is trying to make misunderstandings between Thapki – Bihaan like before ,his
    And sankara stoop so low to get Bihaan.
    Thapki never revealed that she is pregnant with Bihaan’s child directly..
    Then also she is blaming Bihaan for everything.. he didn’t know.
    Dhruv is playing same mind game with everyone…Even with Aditi.

  2. Sapola… make my thapki heart bad. Dhruve did not positive characters. Dhruv is goone at tpk shows…throw out dhruve, shankar, and koshi. They irritating my bihan and thapki. I think this is dhruv revenge not thapki revenge…thapki just puppet dancing n dhruv hand…cvs had no idea I thin now…previous tpk is better than now scenes. Previous tpk funny, romantic and enjoying to watch tpk show. Now, heavily shows, boring, and bad…

  3. Die for manyasa

    Hey guys kaise ho me shruti and a big hi to my friend pooja and manish ki diwani thanks for your reply pooja you are also a closest friend of mine btw todays ep was packed with emotional atyachar feeling sad for bihaan pooja i am also a biggest fan of manish goplani i love his acting and his looks crazy about him and this blo*dy sankara how dare she to kiss and sleep with bihaan disgusting sankara ab wo bhi shradha ki tarah pregnant hone ka natak karegi jisse thapki bihaan ek na ho paye but thahaan make for each other thahaan will always rocks

  4. Die for manyasa

    Guys plz comment for thahaan and plz give me spoilers and trp of tpk

  5. So tired to see this tpk. Always waiting for happiness between thahaan…..but when???

    1. same here.. tired for waiting … I start to stop watching tpk already now. just read the written episode only.

  6. Sankara really ur irritating fellow. pls writers end this Sankara character.I think she was planning something to marry bihaan.that’s y she was doing like this.but bihaan really hate Sankara.


    1. Hhhhhh.. Is it possible?? I am not sure 😀

      1. i hope not.. I dont likes when it happen :/

  8. Tpk now feel so bored different from before..

  9. Bihaan…I have no words to convey my sadness to you.but at the same time I feel happy for seeing outstanding acting of are really fabulous.Shankar…how dare you,extremely your a disgusting character…do your dirty tricks but remember onething You can never get Bihaan.Go to hell.
    Sruti…hi dear.somewhere I read that after this property issue,pandey family has to face lot of problems .In that crucial point Thapki will demanded for marry Bihaan…letsee.where are you guys…Garima,reshal,Jo,vino,santhosh Bhai…

  10. 24days in this tpk and there are only bored and emotionaly can they make this tpk worse.the last tpk is better…when thapki get a lot of problem there are happiness behind but in this scene always sadness.

  11. Funny, he ask why she leaves this house? This family? Is bihan got amnesia now??

    1. I know really did forget he kicked her out slap her????.. he that stupid ????

  12. Every actor or actress has shown their best role during the play. The more interesting their role, the more attractive they will grab the viewers’ attention. That makes the movie more challenging and colorful. That what we should think, right?
    Happy beautiful monday for you, guys! 🙂

  13. today amazing episode, I wanna see how this complicate problem will be ended? Who wanna be a ploblem solver in this problem?what kind of the positive message will tell to TPK viewers?

    I’m really curiously to see how the next episode?

  14. friends pls stop to blame dhruv character. may be he was also thinking like thapki.I mean thapki is thinking bihaan knows pregnancy truth but intentially he was doing like this.I thing dhruv also thinking then same.that’s y he was supporting for revenge plan.if he know about bihaan.surely he will tell everything to thapki.he was not that much cheap character. she got married and then became pregnant. then how he will get tpk whatever happened even good or bad all r spoiling him.

  15. oh no, what happened.. sankara make bihan unconscious, good for revenge thapki but i think bihan a looot of love for her..

  16. if Bihaan really love thopki, he would do something. A real love make you to move and do something. But he didnot do anything he is still waiting for Thopki to get back to him. He even don’t try to find her and show her his sorrow. He is selfish enough that he doesnot want to show his love to Thopki, but he force her to admit that she is his thopki, such a selfish person. I am not interested in Bihaan’s character.

  17. No improvement…. the serial is getting boring and boring… kosi, shradda, dhruv, sankara, what’s next?

  18. Alister La Frenais

    A lively episode with good performances from the players. I hope that the show’s producers develop the role of Vaani and kill off Thapki as a main character. I just cannot stand weepy women, they make my blood boil, hence I would like to see Vaani become a cold hearted individual with no compassion or love for any member of the Pandey family or Kosi and her family. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.

  19. Manish ki deewani

    I’m also feel sad 4 bihaan . I can’t see him in pain. And this sankar hw dare u . I want to slap u but can’t do this .
    Hi pooja garima and sruti i knw u all r sad after watched yesterday’s episode

  20. Well it looks like Shankar is turning to be desparate person who wud do anything to get bhihaan and it looks like she wil tKe advantage of bhihaan and she might say she is pregnant like on all Serial. They take advantage wen drunk and becomes pregnant. I don’t know why but I really don’t like thAt Shankar.

  21. What happened to dhruv he didnt got any change

  22. Manish you are fabulous and ho pooja how are you and hello Manish ki divani and die for manayasa I am agree with you hello my friends.

  23. Bring back Tapki….dont like Vani character…it is destroying the essesce of Tapki and the main story line…it is getting out of hand..if Bihan and Tapki dont get together..then no point going on with the show…the characters of Kosi and Shankar is really unnessary…please take those characters was a good serial with Tapki and Bihan’s hate, respect and love progressive relatipnship…maturing…if it is going to be like other soap point watching..people want to feel good watching a nice serial for a change…

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