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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki saying she has got to know complete truth. Vasundara asks what is she saying. Thapki says I have proof for this, I have the pic, which I gave for enlarging. She says you got me in this house, I trust you the most, I will tell you first, just one day, when this truth comes out infront of everyone. She says we will know who has supported in Bihaan’s wrong work. Bihaan looks on. The photo studio man makes the pic enlarged, where Vasundara is with Bihaan, and Dhruv is lying on the ground unconscious.

Krishnakant and Diwakar show Aditi the girl whom Raghav has teased. Aditi asks the girl about anyone teasing her. The girl says Raghav, but he was just joking, he is like my brother. Aditi asks Krishnakant to see Raghav’s truth. They leave. Diwakar tells the girl

that he has made her say this. He asks her to leave and not come here again. He calls Raghav and says he managed the matter. Vasundara says thank Lord, Thapki did not know the truth. He says Bihaan, listen to me. Thapki should not get it.

He says I feel bad for Thapki, she trusts you a lot and told you, I have cheated her again, will we break her trust again? She acts like realizing her mistake, she can’t be selfish, she will not force him, she will tell Thapki the truth, maybe Bau ji will not see my face and I will be insulted. Maybe I will have to leave this house, its fine. Bihaan stops her and hugs her. He says I will manage this, I won’t let you bear any punishment, I will not let Thapki get that pic. She holds his hand and cries. He leaves.

Krishnakant and Poonam ask Aditi to meet the guy, and praises the guy. Aditi says she will marry by her choice, someone like Raghav. Varun asks what nonsense. Aditi says she can decide for her life and argues. Krishnakant asks Aditi to meet the guy and his family, he will not stop them from coming. She goes. Varun says Aditi can do anything infront of them, ask Dhruv and Thapki to explain her. Krishnakant says no, Thapki will be worried knowing this.

Thapki gets the call from studio and asks did you send pic, I m at home, thanks. Vasundara and Bihaan hear her. Thapki says pic got enlarged, the delivery boy is coming to give it, truth can’t hide now. Vasundara looks at Bihaan. Bihaan argues with Thapki and asks for her watch. He makes her busy in work and does not let her go. She says she did not touch the cupboard. He asks for his watch. Bihaan gets the watch and hides it. She switches off the lights to find the watch. She sees the radium light and gets the watch. She gives him the watch and says she knows his watch has radium, and asks him to keep this things safe. She slips and he holds her. Music plays…………….She hears the door bell and asks Bihaan to clean the room. She goes out and he gets tensed.

Thapki receives the photo and Vasundara gets tensed seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am from Tamil .i am bihaan fan , I am watching a show only for bihaan .bihaan no I am stop the show………….

    1. Me too
      I am tamilian but from Jamshedpur
      Love bihaan and thapki together….

    2. Me too tamil.before bihan s entry the show is very boring. After bhihan s entry the show got fire. But little dragging. In all languages, no dragging no serial .

      1. main to bangladeshi hu. Maine sirf bihanke liye show dekhna suru kiya and i really love thahaan

  2. Plz bihaan and thapki only

  3. Music to change .no pair writer sir ….

  4. Bihaan so innocent guy . Superb bihaan….

  5. Bihaan and thapki pair is amazing……….

  6. Thahaan <3 Never liked this show before bihaan and thapki's marriage and now watching is regularly.

  7. Plz dnt draaaagggg so much..reveal d truth of vasu soon…n if not than ok will wait so in between show us thahaan romance which is exciting coz we want them together…bring them close in this process of revealing vasu’s truth…than it will be more fun…..thahaan rocks…..luv u.

  8. Sarada Beerling-Frampton

    Story is getting silly and sillier. Thapki suppose to be brighter even though she stammers but she is not. To find out the truth you would keep quiet,not mention to

  9. plzz reunite tharuz
    bcz thapki’s frst love is dhruv
    plzz cm bck dharuv

  10. I think thahaan is best cute chemistry btwn them is awesome.
    druvs romance was boring
    eagerly wtng todays episode

  11. I think truth never reveal today
    I saw some on location videos on youtube little romantic scenes btwn thapki and bihaan.

  12. I also start to watch this serial after thapki and bihaan’s marriage and if they will seprate i will never watch this serial!

  13. Thapki and dhruv must unite. They r superb not boring at all. And I must say after staying with bihaan thapki has bcm really dumb. She used to be so smart when she used to go office.. we didn’t have enough of dhruv thapki romance. Their dance in office party was awesome. I miss dhruvki badly..

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