Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone complimenting Shraddha. Kiran says Vasundara’s choice of lahenga is really great. Thapki takes drink for Shraddha. Shraddha greets Thapki and asks did she recall her engagement. She says your engagement would have been grand too, and Thapki gets sad. Thapki makes excuse and keeps the drinks glasses. She changes the glass. Shraddha stops her. Bihaan, Dhruv and everyone looks on. Shraddha says I think you took my glass being mistaken. Kiran says its fine, its cold drink. Shradha says she can’t drink anyone’s leftover, as she has to do puja. Dadi asks them to change glasses. Shraddha asks for her glass. Thapki gets restless.

Bihaan says Shraddha’s glass is fine, he has seen it. He tries to confuse her. Thapki nods. Dadi says you made it more complex

Bihaan. He says no, I will explain later. Kiran says we all understood, inshort you said they both took their own glasses. Dadi asks them to have juice. Bihaan gives the drink to Shraddha. He asks her to drink, its same. She is about to drink. Kiran says you are confused right, I will get new drink. She asks Shraddha to come for her and Dhruv’s performance. Bihaan and Thapki worry.

Aditi sees Diwakar doing puja. He greets everyone and says I m not that impure. He asks Aditi to do puja along him. He thinks he knows Aditi is acting to accept their marriage, but she can’t act infront of Lord, her lie will come out. Aditi agrees to do puja with him, and calls him Pati Parmeshwar. She does puja with him. Aditi thinks Lord knows everything and apologizes for this act. Diwakar thinks he will find out whether she is acting, final exam is there.

Kiran asks Dhruv and Shraddha to give a dance performance and share their happiness. Everyone clap. Bihaan says Kiran spoiled the game. Dhruv says he won’t dance. Kiran says I have announced. Shraddha says sorry Kiran, but we won’t dance alone, Bihaan and Thapki will dance along us, they are newly weds. She thinks Bihaan and Thapki will dance badly, and will look jokers, everyone will laugh on them and clap for us. Everyone ask Bihaan and Thapki to come.

Vasundara asks them to dance, else Shraddha will know their relation is not right, I don’t want any scene. Bihaan says fine, if you say, we will dance. Vasundara takes that drink. Bihaan and Thapki dance, along Dhruv and Shraddha on the dance Nazdeekiyaan………….. Everyone smile. Dhruv is upset and looks at Thapki. Preeti is glad to get wine drink and thanks her husband for arranging it for her. She says I love you so much.

Shraddha acts closer to Dhruv in the dance, and he gets comfortable. Shraddha’s ring falls. She steps on it and slips. Dhruv holds her. Vasundara thinks Shraddha would have fell down, its good Dhruv held her, its all because of Thapki, she shows she is perfect, I will not bear her anymore once Dhruv’s marriage happens. Bihaan gets drink for Shraddha and asks Thapki to make Shraddha drink it, he is going as Bau ji called him for work. Thapki says she will make Shraddha have this drink.

Thapki tells Vasundara that Shraddha is not right for Dhruv. Vasundara scolds her and asks her to see her status, you stammer and you are saying Shraddha is bad. She shouts on Thapki and says I hate you. Thapki cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Deepu

    Awesome episode highlight is thahaans romantic dance luv u thahaan.
    but sadly too short dance sequence want more romance btwn thahaan.
    if any chance thahaan unite?
    plz expose Vasu and shraddha very soon

  2. Roji

    Its irritating to see thapki and bihan dance with eyelock. Dhruv was looking at thapki in the whole dance sequence. But that thapki.. she has no feelings left for dhruv. If she has started developing feelings for bihan then why r they hesitating to dance,? Its ridiculous. . And poor dhruv still thinks that thapki loves her..

  3. Rs

    Again same precap,we r watching this serial only for thahaan,reveale vasu’s truth soon,let druv n shradha marry .thahaan is the best.

    • Ahana

      pls expose vasu infront of dhruv
      Want to see how he reacts when he come to know his own mother spoiled his

  4. riya

    Can anyone tell me who is Kiran????……
    Though I don’t know ? her I can tell dat she is a stupid idiotic buffalo…..

  5. Ahana

    pls expose vasu infront of dhruv
    Want to see how he reacts when he come to know his own mother spoiled his marriage

  6. riya

    Loved thahaan scenes…….. I think Vasundhara will drink wine and will speak out d truth of hating thapki……
    Though thahaan is d best feeling sad ? for Dhruv……

  7. Ally

    Thahaan jodi is really amazing… Vasundara hates Thapki this much watching this I think Druv and Shraddha marriage should happen then only vasundara will know Thapki ‘s value.

  8. Sh

    What a bullshit. How the track is taken? How people r telling thapki and Bihaan r good pair….but dhruv loves thapki and it is true love….unite thapki and dhruv

  9. Roji

    Ya I want only thapki and dhruv. Bihaan is the one who came between tharuv. And now writers are trying to make bihan thapki pair.. its just unfair.. dhruv should get his true love. Plz thapki…. understand dhruv.. he really loves you more than anyone. . UNITE THARUV…….

  10. meha

    i don’t know why you people want dhruv and thapki is a pair. dhruv is a past of thapki like diwakar. because she was ready to marry diwakar for their parents and she said yes to dhruv for the same reason. if she can forget diwakr means she definately forget dhruv also. both the male are spoil her trust.

  11. Same precap irritating me.thahaan romantic dance is superb.I felt very sad for dhruv he still loves thapki.pls dhruv go ahead.dhruv and thapki loved together truely but selfish vasu spoiled dhruv life using bihaan affection on her.fact is vasu never think bihaans goodness.also she doesn’t care abt thapki.she did these are all for dhruv goodness but it spoil dhruv happyness.thahaan together thinks to save dhruv life its nice.

  12. lifNa

    wOoooww wat a loVelly dance thaHaaAan…. :-* bihaaaan ur sOo sweet …. tHaHAaan Rockzzzzzz bt same precap…. Hiii deepu ….hwuu 🙂

  13. moni

    Hate same precap…but love thahaan n their first romantic dance…ohhhh….so romantic it was with their eyelock…hope we will see more thahaan dance in coming episodes….tpk rockssss….love u manyasa.

  14. Malu

    Entire dance sequence druv constantly looking thapki but thapki never looking druv..
    is she forgot druv?
    she fall in bihaan..
    awesome episode
    luv u thahaan..

  15. happy

    Druv believes Thapki will stop the marriage bcos she loves him. But Thapki wants to stop the marriage not for her love but the bride is not good. She already told Bihaan she won’t be shuffled between brothers.

  16. happy

    Even though Druv is good, he has to bear the consequence of his parents deed. His mother’s intention of getting the best for her only son, she misguided Bihaan about Druv’s love for Thapki as pity and used his love for her selfish reason and allowed him to take the blame. And deceived Thapki and didn’t think even once about spoiling her life. When she spoiled others life for her son’s betterment, how god will allow betterment only gives worst. Then only she will learn.

  17. happy

    I don’t want vasu’s truth to come out. She should shed well of tears for her son’s worst life and she alone must know she is the reason for his misery or better Shraddha should create a rift between mother and son and she should compare her to Thapki’s goodness and should see Bihaan and Thapki lives as a perfect couple.

  18. lulu

    Ya u r correct I think thapki did not fall 4 bihan she is innocent & cute , and care every body hope bihan fall 4her , to her innocence & cute love . Thapki &bihan made 4 each other by God . But sad of our druv.

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