Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar’s mother stops him, he wasn’t ready to accept the marriage. Panday ji comes out and says the four of them have been betrayed, but they can’t change what has already happened. Samar says he thought it was Tina, not Bani. Panday ji says one of Samar’s decision would ruin their whole family; he offers anything to Samar but give him life of Bani. He forwards his turban to Samar. Samar holds his hands at once.
Aryan tells Thapki this is a mother who took her blame over her, he says he knows already it was Bani in the video. She disrespected her mother in front of everyone but she stayed silent only for her sake. He asks Bani to accept the truth, everything can be settled this way. Kosi comes to Aryan and asks if he has told any truths, she tells Bani not to forget how Thapki pushed

her father into the cliff. Aryan tells Bani she must also not forget how much can Kosi fall for her selfishness. Bani asks how much can he fall, Mr. Aryan Khanna. Bani says she knows about his truth and has come to live on her father’s place only for his own intentions. She then played this small game, she agrees to Kosi. No matter Thapki tells everyone the truth but no one would trust her at all. Munna questions Bani if she played with her own sister, he says he was her childhood friend. Bani tells Munna he has betrayed her in the name of friendship, she trusted him after Kosi; but she was never aware he is Manav Khanna and came here with a fake identity. She asks Munna why he didn’t tell her about the deal between her mother and Aryan. Thapki comes to Bani and tries to make her realize Kosi is their enemy. Bani calls Thapki as the betrayer.
Aryan tells Bani Thapki has done everything for Bani, to make her life happy. Bani says Aryan isn’t her father to come between them. Aryan says thanks God he isn’t her father, if he was Bihaan Panday and Bani would have spoken to her mother this way; either he would have killed Bani or herself. Even Bihaan was alive today, he must have done what he is doing right now.
Kosi takes Bani away saying they are all like mosquitoes or flies, that won’t affect her.
Thapki cries and tells Aryan she has lost in hands of Kosi Devi. She used her daughters and finished everything. Aryan tells her to take courage, Thapki says may be it’s her fate to lose her owns. She thanks Aryan for all his help. Aryan says he came here on Thapki’s call but would only leave with his wish, he would stay in this family and make everything right. He has agreed to her till date, but now she will abide by him. He promises to change her fate if she considers sadness as her fate.
Vasundra and Suman stop Tina from packing her bag. Vasundra cries and asks her not to punish herself. Tina says it would be a punishment for her if she stays with Thapki in the same house. Vasundra cries and pleads Tina not to go away from her. Tina says she doesn’t know how she would live without everything, but she would be able to live here. She swears her of her love and requests her to let her go.
In the room, Aryan asks Munna what would happen if he leaves. He hands him the keys of his banglow and tells him to go there with Tina. Munna takes the keys and asks if its bribe or cost of snatching her of his love. Would it bring Bani back? He curses himself for trusting Aryan. Aryan tries to explain but Munna says he can never forgive him. Munna leaves. Aryan was determined to make everything right. Aryan watches his shadow and asks why he wants to stay here. Aryan replies it’s for Munna and Thapki and all the wrong that happened to them. He insists he is also responsible for all this, he would not leave them all.
Bani was knocking knife over the desk around her fingers, thinking about all the developments. Kosi asks if she wants to kill herself. Bani questions Kosi why she has done this all. Kosi says it’s for their revenge. She tells Bani they wanted Thapki to cry, just like she did. She says Bani didn’t marry Munna and Tina didn’t marry the one she wanted to. Kosi poses to weep, and attempts to cut her wrist if Bani also considers her as wrong. Bani throws the knife away and hugs Kosi. Kosi tells Bani she has a solution to this all.
Downstairs, Tina tells Samar she always wanted to live with him throughout her life. Their journey ended before it could begin, but love would always persist. She tells Munna to go from here, she will stay with him now. At least, she won’t have to look at Thapki’s face there.

PRECAP: Aryan tells Bani he doesn’t want a girl like her to stay alive and points a gun at her forehead. Thapki watches this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Once again Aryans way of expression shows that he is none other than our Bihaan and the image indicates our judgement is correct…
    Hello his welcome to our gajjab family…hi…reshu,garima,anu,sandy
    Santhosh Bhai…

    1. hello poo hw r u buddy .really yar me too felt like this .he is bihaan only .and mani again nailed it hats off to him .that aggresive look expresion dialogues delivery uffff no words for him.really feel bad for thapki but aryan is with her .precap again manyasa rock yar .tc

  2. Apeksha

    Hiii friends. After so long we got an episode worth watching in tpk. Thayan conversation tina vasu conv was nice but I think munna needs to work on his speech and now I think cvs have something big in their mind. Remember when kabir challenged bihaan to earn 5 crores in 1 month no one expected that after the game show sankar’s revelation and kabir’s exit will be there so now I think that its time to be patient and give show some time to the show. According to spoilers which I read on insta, bani and aryan are planning something (I don’t know what) and bani will become thapki once again and both of them will go to kosi plus thapki’s birthday celebration will be seen.

  3. boring epi….if aryan is bihu thn whts now i dnt like oldy thahaan…i want my young thahaan and their luv….this story is abt thahaan bt they spiol it by adding more nonsense jodies which i hate them now wht they shw now only our thahaan wiil give blessing to their daughters and their husbands only….and most irritating is bamar jodi which is realy a bemar (sick or ill) jodi hate this…

  4. if they shw the arni jodi thn it will b betr thn this nonsense atlest we will see mnyasa togethr.

  5. when thapki will solve all problems and unite with Aryan aka bihaan and pls change the timing of TPK

  6. No offence people, but what is done is done, manish is now Aryaan whether people like it or not, I personally like Aryaan. I still don’t know why people keep saying hes Bihaan when It’s obvious he’s not. Need to let it go, either accept Manish as Aryaan, accept that there never ever can be a young Thahaan ever again cos of the leaps or maybe just stop watching as that is the only choices available. Having said all that these writers bring back people from the dead no matter how far fetched so never say never. If Bihaan was there he would be ashamed of Bani, he gave his life for Thapki so it should be obvious to Bani that Bihaan wouldn’t approve of her

  7. Fan of thapki are crazy , every time the show news going off air they cry and start saying no thapki show is the only show i watch and bla ..bla …, your craziest bring you this kind of track it is better if thapki go off air in past time when thapki and bihaan got married but no you start asking to keep the show now see do you like see these kind of track swam marrige ,kidnap, rap, child marrige.., the cvs is not the mistake in my opinion the show was going off air but fans keep crying until it continues in vaani track i hope you are happy watch this track , poor cvs he himself wishs the show go off air before he get this tracks in mind , and manish why you come back the show will not got trp even if you back . PLEASE END THIS CRAP ASAP .

    1. Fans love manyasa and want a decent storyline that is what the writers are paid for, if they can’t do the job they should be fired or they should quit. So ultimately it is the writers fault because they make the crappy storylines and any of their superiors who approve the storyline

  8. Hi friends…still believes aryan is bihaan only…i dont care about bani-samar,munna-tina…only want thahaan..plz focus on them.

  9. Today the most special day of TPK…
    The 2nd year celebration:)
    My heartfelt wishes to the entire crew of TPK…happy to being a part of your journey….

  10. Stranger!! Csv forgot somethings. Tina never call Aryan “papa” now at wedding. If Tina was upset/sad . When Tina is 7 years old she always called papa. Bihaan and little Tina are very good bond cute.
    I liked Aryan support thapki and he is cross with bani. Oh no Vaus is angry with thapki by ?kosi and bani ?spoiled thapki.
    I agreed with Lucy’s comments.??

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