Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji shouting Thapki. Bihaan rushes seeing the fire and saves Thapki. He blows off the fire. Everyone get shocked. Thapki gets tensed. Bihaan covers up Thapki and asks how did this happen, if Bau ji did not say, then…. He realizes Bau ji has called out Thapki. Everyone look at Bau ji. Thapki cries and says Bau ji, you just said my name. Bau ji calls Bihaan. Everyone smile. Bihaan hugs Bau ji and says you got fine. Doctor says Thapki made Bau ji fine, this was not a fire incident, Thapki did this purposely. Vasundara says Thapki….

Thapki says yes, I spoke to doctor. FB shows Thapki asking doctor is there any other way to make Bau ji fine soon. Doctor says he should start talking, then he will get better soon. FB ends. Thapki says I thought Bau ji can’t see me

getting hurt, see how he called my name and saved me. Dadi says you have saved our family many times. Vasundara cries and holds Thapki’s hands. She says you have such courage, what else will you do for us. Thapki says there is nothing more imp than me than making Bau ji fine. Bau ji calls Thapki. Thapki asks him to say. Bau ji blesses her. Bihaan helps Bau ji keeping hand on Thapki’s head. They all happily cry.

Later at night, Bihaan recalls telling Bau ji about his feelings for Thapki. He looks at Thapki. She too can’t stop herself from seeing him. They collide. Music plays….. she drinks water and goes to sleep. Bihaan looks at her. He goes to sleep on the couch. After some time, Thapki wakes up and gets shocked seeing Bihaan sitting on the bed. She asks why are you sitting here like this, you scared me. He says I won’t get sleep till I speak my heart out, so I will say it and sleep. She asks him to say. He says same thing I told in song. She asks what. He says the song I sung was a song, but the lyrics were really from my heart, I closed my eyes and saw you, I always see you. She looks at him. He says I will always like you just see you, because…. She asks because? He says because…….. He gets tensed and says it fast. He says I really started loving you, I love you Thapki…. She gets shocked. Ranjhana…..plays…………

He looks at her and asks her to say it too. She asks what….. He says the thing which you have in your heart for me, when you think about me, say it. He goes close. She gets away and gets nervous. He says have come courage, you can also say it like I said. She stammers and asks how can I… He says I m foolish, like I took time to say, you will also need time, fine take your time, think well and say, but definitely say it, then you will feel your heart light, I will get good sleep now, you also sleep. He goes to sleep. She looks at him and gets nervous. She recalls their moments…… music plays………. Bihaan sleeps smiling. She recalls his love confession.

Its morning, Thapki wakes up. She sees Bihaan sleeping and recalls his words. She goes to him and covers him well with the blanket. She leaves from the room.

She goes to kitchen. She recalls Bihaan’s love confession again. She takes the wrong edible oil instead mustard oil for Bau ji. Suman asks her what happened to her today. Bihaan comes and asks the same. He sends Suman saying Sanjay is calling you. He stops Thapki and asks her to say whether she loves him or not. Music plays….. she says not so soon. He says its morning, tell me now. She goes to Bau ji. He follows her. She massages Bau ji’s hands with the mustard oil. She says doctor said this massage is necessary for your recovery. Bihaan says more 10mins passed, you would have thought of it now. She asks him to have some shame, how can he talk infront of Bau ji. He says there is nothing hidden from Bau ji, he explained me that I m in love with you. He tells Bau ji that he confessed love to Thapki with courage, and she is not able to say. Bau ji smiles. Bihaan asks her did she think well by now, yes or no. She is speechless.

Thapki asks Bihaan why are you not answering me. He asks why, are you answering me, I will talk to you when you answer me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg
    Whilr watching first scene i was not able 2 control my laughter..
    Thapki wearing a duppatta which is as loooong …. As a saree .
    After her duppatta caught fire Bihaan was doing disco dance on top of that.
    After all these Y was he searching 4 another shawl to make thapki waer ??!
    That act seems 2 B thapki ‘s complete salwar got fire not only duppatta. And her dress has been torn .
    Thapki was acting as her top part of her body is naked

  2. Swechchha Sarojkar

    Finally it’s Happened.. Happy Very Much Happy for #THAHAAN..

  3. pooja pradhan

    so excited to see more romantic scenes of Thahaan

  4. Awesome episode.. At last the best episode s now…but want the most best episode thapki should say yes…brilliant n new way of proposal…no body in any serial like bihaan proposal….diff char diff attitude..
    Bihaan rockzzzzzzzzzz

    1. yes, i agreed. awesome episode

  5. Today WU……
    To gain Thapki’s attention, Bihaan walks towards the dining table in a weird way (worst walk of MG’s life ). Dadi says “Aise kyun chal raha hai…pant phat gaye hai kya” (This bit is not included in the olv, MG mentioned it in his iv). After hearing Dadi’s comment Thapki laughs. Bihaan tells her “Jitna hasna hai has lo..kyunke nagaade to tumhain zaroor sunai den ge”. Then after finishing his breakfast or lunch, Bihaan goes out and brings two dhol walas with him. They start playing the dhol, all the family members come to the hall one by one. Family members ask Bihaan why he brought dhol walas. He lies that he brought them as Bauji’s condition has improved. Then Bihaan finds Thapki (lost in thoughts again) and asks her “Kaisi lagi awaaz nagaade ki…ye sab hum ne tumhare liye hi to kiya tha?’ Thapki rubs her ear and wonders why she didn’t hear that. Bihaan says “Gajjab…pura parivar nagaade ki awaaz sun ke bahar aa gaya aur tumhain awaaz hi nahin sunai di. Bihaan says “Yar agar mana hi karna hai to waise hi kar do jhoot kyun bol rahi ho. Thapki says “Mere saath bilkul ulta ho raha hai, heart beat slow ho gaye hai aur kuch sunai nahin de raha” Bihaan says “Bol do na humse pyaar karti ho, itni si to baat hai Hum ne bhi to keh diya hai, tum pata nahin kyun itna time le rahi ho. Thapki tries to defend herself but Bihaan gets pissed off and says “Theek hai phir sochti raho beth ke, jab samajh aa jaye to humain bata dena…1 saal baad, 4 saal baad ya 50 saal baad, jab samajh aaye to bata dena. And he goes from there.
    MG’s iv:
    He explains the scene. My dhina dhin ta moments helped me in realizing my love for her that’s why i have created the same environment for her. But as you know Thaapki and Bihaan are two opposite poles…her falling-in-love symptoms are opposite to mine. My heart beat increased and i heard nagadaas. Her heart beat has slowed down and her blood pressure is low (in reel and real life ). And she is unable to hear anything.

    1. One thing is true: Opposites attract 😛

    2. thanks for update santosh. can’t wait to see the worst walk of bihaan.

  6. Spoiler. …
    Episode – 33307:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 25 May
    More show timings
    Shraddha tries to show the negative traits of Bihaan’s personality to Thapki to make her feel bad while Suman talks about his positive side and the good person he is.
    Episode – 33407:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 26 May
    More show timings
    Most of family members learn about Bihaan’s feelings towards Thapki and seem happy. Meanwhle, Bihaan feels irritated as Thapki hasn’t said anything to him

  7. It’s to believe that Bohan said this. Episode was awesome

  8. The last few episodes have really been a treat to watch. Hope it continues, at least for a little bit longer.

  9. Awesome episode. Loved the thahaan scene. Wow both are so cute. It looks like both are really made for each other. Rab ne bana di jodi.

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