Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji shouting Thapki. Bihaan rushes seeing the fire and saves Thapki. He blows off the fire. Everyone get shocked. Thapki gets tensed. Bihaan covers up Thapki and asks how did this happen, if Bau ji did not say, then…. He realizes Bau ji has called out Thapki. Everyone look at Bau ji. Thapki cries and says Bau ji, you just said my name. Bau ji calls Bihaan. Everyone smile. Bihaan hugs Bau ji and says you got fine. Doctor says Thapki made Bau ji fine, this was not a fire incident, Thapki did this purposely. Vasundara says Thapki….

Thapki says yes, I spoke to doctor. FB shows Thapki asking doctor is there any other way to make Bau ji fine soon. Doctor says he should start talking, then he will get better soon. FB ends. Thapki says I thought Bau ji can’t see me

getting hurt, see how he called my name and saved me. Dadi says you have saved our family many times. Vasundara cries and holds Thapki’s hands. She says you have such courage, what else will you do for us. Thapki says there is nothing more imp than me than making Bau ji fine. Bau ji calls Thapki. Thapki asks him to say. Bau ji blesses her. Bihaan helps Bau ji keeping hand on Thapki’s head. They all happily cry.

Later at night, Bihaan recalls telling Bau ji about his feelings for Thapki. He looks at Thapki. She too can’t stop herself from seeing him. They collide. Music plays….. she drinks water and goes to sleep. Bihaan looks at her. He goes to sleep on the couch. After some time, Thapki wakes up and gets shocked seeing Bihaan sitting on the bed. She asks why are you sitting here like this, you scared me. He says I won’t get sleep till I speak my heart out, so I will say it and sleep. She asks him to say. He says same thing I told in song. She asks what. He says the song I sung was a song, but the lyrics were really from my heart, I closed my eyes and saw you, I always see you. She looks at him. He says I will always like you just see you, because…. She asks because? He says because…….. He gets tensed and says it fast. He says I really started loving you, I love you Thapki…. She gets shocked. Ranjhana…..plays…………

He looks at her and asks her to say it too. She asks what….. He says the thing which you have in your heart for me, when you think about me, say it. He goes close. She gets away and gets nervous. He says have come courage, you can also say it like I said. She stammers and asks how can I… He says I m foolish, like I took time to say, you will also need time, fine take your time, think well and say, but definitely say it, then you will feel your heart light, I will get good sleep now, you also sleep. He goes to sleep. She looks at him and gets nervous. She recalls their moments…… music plays………. Bihaan sleeps smiling. She recalls his love confession.

Its morning, Thapki wakes up. She sees Bihaan sleeping and recalls his words. She goes to him and covers him well with the blanket. She leaves from the room.

She goes to kitchen. She recalls Bihaan’s love confession again. She takes the wrong edible oil instead mustard oil for Bau ji. Suman asks her what happened to her today. Bihaan comes and asks the same. He sends Suman saying Sanjay is calling you. He stops Thapki and asks her to say whether she loves him or not. Music plays….. she says not so soon. He says its morning, tell me now. She goes to Bau ji. He follows her. She massages Bau ji’s hands with the mustard oil. She says doctor said this massage is necessary for your recovery. Bihaan says more 10mins passed, you would have thought of it now. She asks him to have some shame, how can he talk infront of Bau ji. He says there is nothing hidden from Bau ji, he explained me that I m in love with you. He tells Bau ji that he confessed love to Thapki with courage, and she is not able to say. Bau ji smiles. Bihaan asks her did she think well by now, yes or no. She is speechless.

Thapki asks Bihaan why are you not answering me. He asks why, are you answering me, I will talk to you when you answer me.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Trisha

    Finally bihaan confese his love ..i hope thapki also soon realise her feeling for bihaan nd say i love u too bihaan???lop u thaan??

  2. Thapki

    Ahhhh cutest way to propose ???
    Thapki shocked bihaan rocked.
    I hope thapki will se yes ..i dont want any other drama or twist plss cvs let thapki say yes..then show whatever twist u wana show pls?

    • Srimanages

      Me too hope no twist in their relations…plz confess tapki b4 anything happen…tired waiting 4 their confession….let thahaan unite first b4 any twist….

  3. Ally

    Bihaan rocked today…… ??
    And Thapki tell him you are already fell in love with him yaar…
    Why are you testing his tolerance… ??
    Bauji also back.. ??

    Guys again Trishakthi episode….


  4. Tintu mon

    4what thapki need answer
    Somebody plse answer

  5. santhosh

    wow ….wow. ….
    thapki ko aadi raat mai bihaan diya 440 volts jatka…..

    humne tho cvs se FAN maangatha wo tho humare sarr per AC hi lagvaya…..

    shayad duniya mai midnight ke time per apni love propose karne wala kohi pehala insaan hoga aur I love you bolneka tarika wo jaisa hai uske character waise hi boldiya. .. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    isi liye….. isi liye…. mai bihaan character ko bahooth…bahooth……pasand kartha hoo….

    I can’t control my self …. isi liye maine OLV dekh liya….
    bihaan ne thapki ke peeche pagal ho ki thara goomraha hai……
    IV mai manyasa ne bathaya ke ane wale episode mai bahooth saare cute scene aane wala hai aur jigyasa ne finally aye bi bathaya aye sabb TRP badane ke liye…. abb patha chala cvs ko Trp kaise increase kar na hai…..????

    aajnke liye itnahi aur maine yesterday episode ko 7 baar dekha tha… iss episode ko kum se kumm10 time dekh na hai….

    nooooooooo…..26th may again 3shakthi episode…

    Finally tpk rocks. ……..

    • vinlora

      Santhoshhhhh u r too good yaar…I enjoy ur sense of humor…..that’s y first I’m searching for ur comments here….kushiyagutte….

  6. Loveleen

    Argh three sakthi…pls don’t make me watch another minute of Simar the fly trying to get her family’s attention!!!! I just want to watch thaapki. Last week I couldn’t wait another hour to watch it cause it 11.30pm when it starts for me and I have to wake up early for work! ? But happy that I get to read the updates here! ???

    I feel Bihaan is being overly pushy isn’t he? He took soooooo long to get it out..but his being overly cute as well.

  7. What a tremendous episode..Thapki pls accept yaar,Bihaan is a gift for you given by god.Manish..your way of acting is absolutely superb.I should convey my advanced regards and prayers for TPK team and Thahaan,specially Manish .so much of expect ation and excitement to see for upcoming scenes of Thahaan.Let’s enjoy 1year success with lot of happiness.

  8. Princess

    OMG….what a brilliant episode……B for bihaan’s proposal for his C for chuk chuk gadi with B for bullet train’s speed….awesome.??….and then thapki’s reaction was mind blowing…..totally shocked and speechless….????

  9. anu

    again trishakti but love today epi
    he seems to cute & innocent today
    thapki fully shocked
    the way bauji smiles i loved it
    now its time for saying 1432 my dear thapki
    so just say it

    precap awesome
    now may by bihaan ignoring nature Thapki realise her love
    love thahaan
    tomorrow TPK ANNIVERSARY
    so thapki perfect day for realising

    love manyasa so cute they r

    like all thahaanian me too want that manyasa become real life couple
    bcoz they understand each other so much

    Cant sleep today

    • truelove

      true yaar. even i want manyasa in real. hey do u know what will come in trishakti???

  10. santhosh

    Request for thahaan fans ……
    We try to increase the TRP………. please watch the serial only 7 pm ….not retelecast r online

  11. Kana

    Bihaan!!! wat a “fatafat” proposal yaar ♡
    Manish you are damn cute and little bit of naughty 🙂
    Give her some time to confess her love,she never ever say no to you 🙂 she is always yours,she is your wife,your life,your love she can’t go anywhere without you 🙂
    She is very shanskaari ladki nah that’s why she couldn’t express her love suddenly
    Keep calm bihaan 🙂

  12. Johpoo

    Thapki pls say I love you too bihaan..hope tahaan become together….thapki un manasula bihaan irukkaan…late pannathey…

  13. true love

    I jumped with happiness today …. finally he confess his love….awww so cute….plz thapki reply him soon. And hey what about shradhaa’s misscarrige when it will happen?

  14. sonia

    Let this lovely episode has a gud ending by tapki expressing her love to bihan.plse don’t brng any villians in between.story going in a gud track

  15. Syed Hussain

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Bihaan will become restless as he has been looking for an opportunity to propose to Thapki. Bihaan will finally express his feelings to her, but Thapki seems confused and doesn’t reply to him.

    Shraddha will try to show the negative traits of Bihaan’s personality to Thapki to make her feel bad while Suman will talk about his positive side and the good person he is.

  16. Twinj n thahaan fan

    OMG what an episode too good best episode of TPK till now wow Bihaan u just nailed the episode today bro and Thapki yaar please answer ASAP and pleaseeee say yes , really thahaan too cute TPK rocks thahaan rocks

    • santhosh

      Hai fatarajo finaly episode ko dekh ne ka faisla kiya…… dekh na hai tho 7 pm dekho trp badega…….verna cvs tho pagal hai trp nahi bada na thahaan love track ko hi dragging karega…..

      • Fatarajo

        Areh meh toh last 2 episodes se phir se TPK dekhna start kiya Shukar hain ke this week TPK won’t be much affected as IPL matches r only at night n I think Sunday it maybe slightly affected due to finals as toss is at 7pm. But there is no use even if I watch TPK live because I m international viewer, u may not know but I m a fan from singapore who is a big fan of thahaan and Twinj from Tashan-e-Ishq in zee tv, I also like Other Jodis and am a fan of kuch rang Pyaar ka, ek duje ke vaaste both on sony, dehleez on star plus and Rajnikant on life ok. I don’t get to watch all but I watch tem once I m free

  17. Twinj n thahaan fan

    And so sad I have to wait for tomorrow and worse I have lesson till 6pm uff I wanna watch it right now tv mein dekhne mein alag Hi Maaza hain and not only TPK almost all the show I liked rocked

  18. sofia

    I have a BIG Doubt???
    To how many men Thapki says ‘I love you’ or ‘I have a feeling for you’ or ‘I too have a feeling as you have” etc.???
    First, she accepted the short man (her father arranged) and wanted to marry him. Then, when that man left….Dhruv came into her life. She accepted Dhruv’s love and wanted to marry him. She too expressed her feelings when Dhruv asked.
    Now, she started loving Bihaan it seems…. What is this? What a girl is she?….. If some bad thing happens to Bihaan and some other boy/man comes into her life and starts helping her or happens to marry her as Bihaan did…. does she change her love to him????
    What a shameful lady she is? ……

    • Areh c’mon yar this is a serial not real life and as for that diwakar n Dhruv Thapki had no other option as her marriage was fixed with them so she had to move on as she knows it’s not easy for one to accept her due to her stammering problem. And she saw Dhruv as an inspiration like she is a fan of Dhruv she loves him as a fan not that love which she actually have for bihaan

    • sam

      Dear Sofia,

      Its nothing against you.

      But, i think you weren’t watching this serial certainly.

      Thapki always belong to Bihaan. He is her true love. Since, he is the one who completed the Taj Mahal for her.

      On the other hand, dewakar she never loved him.
      Druve Sir- was only his inspiratoin. She never admit love for druve.

      From beginning to end she will belong to Bhaan. in short, THAHAAAN.
      forever and ever.

    • Kana

      Hi sofia 🙂 plz don’t take it serious yaar
      Just think in this world how many people marry their first love?? Even in real life also everybody might have atlest one love story before their marriage it might be school love,college love or crush etc,but nobody will not open out their love story,if all of them wanted to marry theit first love then most of them should be bramachari or if they feel there is no life after every love failure then no body will not alive in this world,due to dome crucial circumstances
      they might miss their first love,but every body should know that there is a beautifull life or beautifull love after every love failure.based on this assumption this world is still being successfull so plz yaar don’t criticize thapki’s character like this.
      And i don’t knw abt ur mother tongue,but if u wish plz watch a tamil flim “rajah rani” then u will accept thapki’s character

  19. vinlora

    Finally moti buddhi ne confess karliya. …uff…. ab thoda sabr bhi karo Bihaan pandey. ..wo tho chuk chuk gaadi hai na…thoda slow hai..
    Pyaar tho karthi hai tumse lekin samajne mein thoda atak gayi hai. ..koi baath nahi bihaan ab pandey family hai na …usko pyaar ki thapki denge tho wo realise bhi karegi aur confess bhi karegi. ..
    Aaj bihaan ka confession style tho bahuth achcha laga muje…uske taraha natural tha…manyasa forever. ..

    • santhosh

      Muje bi yahi laga really superb confession……ha pyar ki thapki ko abb garwale ne ek thapki dena padega. ……

      Muje aaj ek aur baath achcha laga bihaan sirf YES kehane ke liye force nahi kiya YES r NO ….

      Hello …Thapki madam itna jaldi ho sake utna jaldi bathado verna hai moti buddhi gusse mai kabb mood badal dega patha nahi………!!!!!!

  20. Syed Hussain

    Spoiler alert

    Bihaan becomes restless as he has been looking for an opportunity to propose to Thapki. When he finally expresses his feelings to her, she seems confused and doesn’t reply to him.

    Shraddha tries to show the negative traits of Bihaan’s personality to Thapki to make her feel bad while Suman talks about his positive side and the good person he is.

    Most of family members learn about Bihaan’s feelings towards Thapki and seem happy. Meanwhle, Bihaan feels irritated as Thapki hasn’t said anything to him.

    • sam

      Nooo way! We are Thahaan’s Fans Only. Bihaan has completed Tapki’s Taj Mahal with diyas.(candles). Thus, tapki belong to Bihaan

  21. santhosh

    Hare…. hare…. muje abi yaad aaya…..
    mai bhoolgayatha yesterday episode mai dikhagaya precap kaha gayab hogaye…….!!!!????
    kisi ko patha hain muje batha dijiye……

  22. Savi

    No idea why does thapki seem scared of Bihaan on to now? She has proven so many times his work of being a supportive husband n friend to her. Yet she doesn’t seem satisfied in this episode! I don’t think thapki is in love with Bihaan I think she just using him to stay in the house. She only knows how to think n cared for others and to serve her in laws don’t think she wants to be in loved with her husband or to moved forward who agrees? I think she will dissapoint him again

  23. MINHA

    Really iam disappointed…becoz she was changing her lover firstly she confess her love to druv and then she can Forget druv even they are in one home..but druv is a good one.he till loves her truly.he married shraddha with force.

  24. Tintu mon

    Whilr watching first scene i was not able 2 control my laughter..
    Thapki wearing a duppatta which is as loooong …. As a saree .
    After her duppatta caught fire Bihaan was doing disco dance on top of that.
    After all these Y was he searching 4 another shawl to make thapki waer ??!
    That act seems 2 B thapki ‘s complete salwar got fire not only duppatta. And her dress has been torn .
    Thapki was acting as her top part of her body is naked

  25. abi

    Awesome episode.. At last the best episode s now…but want the most best episode thapki should say yes…brilliant n new way of proposal…no body in any serial like bihaan proposal….diff char diff attitude..
    Bihaan rockzzzzzzzzzz

  26. santhosh

    Today WU……
    To gain Thapki’s attention, Bihaan walks towards the dining table in a weird way (worst walk of MG’s life ). Dadi says “Aise kyun chal raha hai…pant phat gaye hai kya” (This bit is not included in the olv, MG mentioned it in his iv). After hearing Dadi’s comment Thapki laughs. Bihaan tells her “Jitna hasna hai has lo..kyunke nagaade to tumhain zaroor sunai den ge”. Then after finishing his breakfast or lunch, Bihaan goes out and brings two dhol walas with him. They start playing the dhol, all the family members come to the hall one by one. Family members ask Bihaan why he brought dhol walas. He lies that he brought them as Bauji’s condition has improved. Then Bihaan finds Thapki (lost in thoughts again) and asks her “Kaisi lagi awaaz nagaade ki…ye sab hum ne tumhare liye hi to kiya tha?’ Thapki rubs her ear and wonders why she didn’t hear that. Bihaan says “Gajjab…pura parivar nagaade ki awaaz sun ke bahar aa gaya aur tumhain awaaz hi nahin sunai di. Bihaan says “Yar agar mana hi karna hai to waise hi kar do jhoot kyun bol rahi ho. Thapki says “Mere saath bilkul ulta ho raha hai, heart beat slow ho gaye hai aur kuch sunai nahin de raha” Bihaan says “Bol do na humse pyaar karti ho, itni si to baat hai Hum ne bhi to keh diya hai, tum pata nahin kyun itna time le rahi ho. Thapki tries to defend herself but Bihaan gets pissed off and says “Theek hai phir sochti raho beth ke, jab samajh aa jaye to humain bata dena…1 saal baad, 4 saal baad ya 50 saal baad, jab samajh aaye to bata dena. And he goes from there.
    MG’s iv:
    He explains the scene. My dhina dhin ta moments helped me in realizing my love for her that’s why i have created the same environment for her. But as you know Thaapki and Bihaan are two opposite poles…her falling-in-love symptoms are opposite to mine. My heart beat increased and i heard nagadaas. Her heart beat has slowed down and her blood pressure is low (in reel and real life ). And she is unable to hear anything.

  27. santhosh

    Spoiler. …
    Episode – 33307:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 25 May
    More show timings
    Shraddha tries to show the negative traits of Bihaan’s personality to Thapki to make her feel bad while Suman talks about his positive side and the good person he is.
    Episode – 33407:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 26 May
    More show timings
    Most of family members learn about Bihaan’s feelings towards Thapki and seem happy. Meanwhle, Bihaan feels irritated as Thapki hasn’t said anything to him

  28. Bea

    The last few episodes have really been a treat to watch. Hope it continues, at least for a little bit longer.

  29. Syed Hussain

    Awesome episode. Loved the thahaan scene. Wow both are so cute. It looks like both are really made for each other. Rab ne bana di jodi.

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