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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv burning Bihaan’s drawing, and saying Thapki I will make you realize that I deserve your love, I m suitable for you. Its morning, Bihaan wakes up and has a hangover. He recalls what happened and gets angry on Shraddha, as she gave him the drink. Shraddha says I did not mix anything in Bihaan’s drink, who spiked his drink.

Bihaan comes with a juice glass and says I will answer you. He adds wine and then poison. She gets shocked. He asks her to drink. She asks him is he mad, I did not add anything in your drink. He asks her not to make him much mad. She screams and asks him to leave her. Thapki comes and stops Bihaan. She asks how can you do this. Bihaan drinks that poison. They both get worried. Bihaan says its not poison. Shraddha says trust me, I did not

do anything. Dhruv comes and says Shraddha is saying truth, I was there when she took drinks. Shraddha says Dhruv is also saying this, will he lie. Thapki says no, Dhruv can’t lie. Bihaan asks then who did this. Dhruv asks him to forget everything.

Bihaan asks Thapki to listen to him, and apologizes. She says you should apologize to all family members. Vasundara says its enough that he realized his mistake and pulls his ear, asking him not to do this again. While everyone get seated to have breakfast, Dhruv comes. Bihaan says there is no chair, and was getting up. Dhruv says its fine, I will get chair, and gets seated beside Thapki. Dhruv coughs. Thapki gives him water. Dhruv thanks him.

Bihaan says there is no spice in food, how did you cough. Dhruv thinks Thapki gave water to me first. The family talks about their favorite Bihaan and Thapki. Suman says Bihaan and Thapki will gift each other and hide their gifts, we all will find their gift, whoever will find the gift will mean to love that person, and that will show who loves whom the most. Bihaan and Thapki get the gifts. He says I will win. Thapki says I will win as I love you more. He says Ghazab, tell me whats the gift. She asks him to say. He says it’s the thing which brings a smile on your face. She says this gift is special for you, the thing you need the most now. They say we will see. Dhruv says I will get Thapki’s gift, as I love you the most. Everyone find the gifts. Preeti gets a gift box and reads note that she is made a fool. Thapki thinks where to find the gift, I will lose this way, where will Bihaan hide it.

She recalls Bihaan messing room and finding his room. She makes him sit and looks for his phone. She finds his phone and gives him. He says Ghazab, you found it so soon, when I used to hide in game, I used to hide in such place that no one could find me. She asks where. He tells about Ram pyaari’s shade. She gets sad and cries, and says I used to hide in newspaper lot to hide my tears when everyone used to make joke on my stammering. Bihaan recalls this and says now I know where Thapki has hidden the gift. Dhruv is angry. Dadi asks what happened. Dhruv says I m angry, I m not getting Thapki’s gift, I mean I will first find Bihaan’s gift, I love him more. She asks him to find at their fav. Place. Dhruv says I know where Thapki will hide her gift.

Thapki checks for Bihaan’s gift in Rampyaari’s shade. She gets the gift in the dry glass and smiles. Bihaan looks for her gift in newspapers. Dhruv looks for the gift and checks Thapki’s bag, saying sorry, but I have to check your bag, I know this bag is very imp for you. Dhruv gets the gift and says I love you more than Bihaan, that’s why I got your gift. He hears Bihaan shouting he got the gift. He checks gift and reads he is fooled. He gets angry and thinks maybe Bihaan got the gift, but the game is still going on. Bihaan and Thapki find the gifts.

The family praises them for being best Jodi. Suman says we kept the empty box to fool, so that we can get atleast something. They laugh. Vasundara says now this shows they love each other. Suman says who guesses the gift right will show who loves whom the most. Dadi asks Bihaan to say what Thapki gifted him. He recalls her words and says its that I need the most right now. He says its watch, which broke yesterday in Roka. He shows the watch Thapki gifted. They all clap. Preeti asks Thapki to say what Bihaan gifted her. She recalls his words and says maybe high heels sandals. She checks the box and sees a nightie…… Everyone get shocked. Bihaan too gets shocked seeing it. Dhruv looks on.

Suman asks Bihaan to have some shame, how can he gift such private thing. Bihaan says I did not get this. Bau ji scolds Bihaan. Thapki goes. Dhruv thinks this will happen always now Bihaan, till Thapki comes to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hmm I’m really liking this evil Dhruv! I loved how he thought he knows thaapki best but he still didn’t accept it when he lost to Bihaan in finding the gift. Look in the end he either will be sent to an Asylum for shock therapy to come back to his senses ot it eventually dawns on him he isn’t the right person for thaapki.

  2. BAKRA BANAYA ????????? Today at the start of episode I was very upset seeing Dhruv and about to switch off tv …and then when I saw that BAKRA BANAYA tag na I started laughing like crazy ?????? my little angel is asking me wt happened mamma?? I don’t know why Dil ko bahuth sukoon mila DS ka murja huva face dekh ke????
    And today I’m upset with thapki. ..wt the hell she is doing…she trust Dhruv sir?????? Yak ..???I hate her for this..?hereafter if she doesn’t trust bihaan I’ll support Dhruv that plz Dhruv plz take thapki and go far away from Bihaan. ..bcoz if she dont trust bihaan then she dont deserve him? actually after confession this is the high time for testing their love understanding trust etc…they should be together now ☺

    1. Total agree with u

  3. It’s at least better than the saas bahu drama/track. As dhruv already told he is gonna do this for 15 days.. so I guess it will not be over before that. Thahaan scenes are the best..?? As long as their scenes are there..TPK is gonna get trp.??? hopefully they show trust between thahaan and their bond grows more stronger than before. ? Ab shraddha apne pati par nazar nahi rakh rahi..rakhti toh woh hi thodi help karti thahaan ki..?????

    1. Yup, totally agree with u

  4. Keep watching keep reading frndz. The only show without any dragging. Just awsm.

  5. really liking the storyline. Watching TPK after a long time.
    Yes Dhruv sir go for it. Its payback time now.
    You have been the victim of each and every evil plan till date in the show.
    Now it your turn to show everyone their place.
    Currently watching the show just for you Ankit sir.


      I agree with you… aleast its pay back tym for bihan and vasundhara… becoz dhurv and thapki lost each other due to them.. and i always liked dhurv and thapki not bihan thapki….

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Oh hi Shraddha nice to see u here, oh so u r a tharuv fan , well I m a thahaan fan and I do agree but what Dhruv is doing is not right either

      2. Very gud guys,super!!!! Keep supporting and keep encouraging your lovable dhruv sir like this and don’t give up,bcz your hero definetly will get super doopper results for his payaback 🙁
        Come on thahaan fans give a big
        round of applause for these guys 🙂 🙂


        Hi fatarajo…..
        I comment here vry less….
        I know the way dhurv is doing is not good but sometimes being tooo good destroy everything…..

      4. RANdomfANCreationz

        100% correct sometimes too good is also not good

  6. A very happy b’day jigyasa didi…have a gr8 day ahead ??

  7. I mean ? …..and not ? … mistake !!!

  8. Nice episode.

  9. Writers please it is my request don’t humiliate the best character of the show BIHAAN and stop this nonsense track make thapki trust and support bihaan and bring thahaan track soon

  10. Wow.. this new version of Dhruv is awesome.. I totally support him !! What say guys?

    1. I will not support him he is wrong this time

  11. i am going to write a ff but in the option what imean by captcha anybody can say plz………….

  12. shraddha super

  13. I thought stupid thapki should marry idiot dhruv…no body in ds serial deserve bihaan…especially stupid thapki….bihaan always support her in all situation n trust Her. .but not ds stupid…in the same situations happen ..bihaan support n protect from fmly even can’t doubt her…but its her turn..wait ….he behave once to cover her short dress in room ..then how he show to all…she does not have brain…pls deserving pair to bihaan..we want …can’t tolerate humiliation of bihaan…kill u writer ji

  14. Happy b’day jigyasa..????

  15. Well, it is really a disappointment that in this show they have made marriage a joke. It is really stupid how druve have a dirty feeling about his bhabhi. i mean chotay bhai ke wife. Whatever happen is happened. but now, since he knows that they both love each other. Common, he still want her. Love is about sacrificed not snaching. I am a big supporter of THAHAAN.


    if Writes makes tapki married to druve then its gonna be purely disgusting and yeakky.

    I love Manish aka bihaan.
    Tapki sirf bihaan ke hain.

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    I just don’t understand why are all tharuv and thahaan fans arguing. Take a chill pill guys it’s just a serial. And different people have different opinions we just can’t change it. But doesnt mean u all will fight over it.


      Rightly said….

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    Well from my point of view I do agree Bihaan and vasu did wrong , but what Dhruv is doing is not right either. But if I have to support Bihaan or Dhruv despite both are wrong it will be Bihaan because he is misguided and he is uneducated na he did all this to win his mom’s love and he is uneducated which is why he didn’t use his mind he didn’t know the result of it he was just misguided and once he realized his mistake don’t u all remember how he pretended to be dead so that Thapki n Dhruv be together? And as for Dhruv he is educated and if he want to teach vasu n Bihaan a lesson this is the wrong way. And i used to think Dhruv is a sensible guy but I was wrong, he Should know the situation first, if he really loved Thapki he knows that Thapki will be shattered if her marriage breaks with Bihaan then why is he doing like this? So that’s my opinion. And I must say the actors r doing a good job be it Ankit or Manish. And this is cvs fault mainly not Dhruv or Bihaan 😛 I just hope thahaan doesn’t gets seperated

    1. Well said joyee…i totally agree with u !!!

    2. Lightsabre

      Leme sum ths up with a famous quote :”Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”!

    3. Totally agree with u

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    Well I can see that TPK can be great topic for a debate competition tharuv or thahaan since the thahaan marriage track all are arguing over it 😛

    1. Good idea fatarajo I think there should be a big debate. Tharuv vs Thahaan

    2. Lightsabre

      I hv a feelin the writers r tryin to eliminate tharuv with this new devious druv. Personally…. i liked druv. He was a gud chap n deserves a gud i dnt like them spoilin his character

  19. anjana aloshious

    piranyhanal vaalthukal thapki

  20. Angel Charmie

    Bihaan u r the best. Its thapki’s biggest mistake to trust dhruv nd not u

  21. Nasreen-Thalaivi

    hai guys . how are you all?
    vera yaar perayavathi vidrunthana sethukonga … epdi irunkinga…ena panringa

    1. Juggu

      Daily whatappla pesa dhana seirom …..aprm enna nalam visarikureenga…..

      And all na pudhu os upload pannirke olunga mariyadhaiya cmnt panreenga ilana??….mind it…especially shobi,nasreen di,kana,ash……

      The unseen love…

      1. Pathiya nasreen evlo villathanam!!! Unnaye meraduralna pathukovan namma nelamaiya!!
        Juggu-ama athila enga ellarukum ethachum character kuduthirukiya???? Illana avlo than comment ellam panna mudiyathu poo 🙂 🙂

      2. Romba nallarku Juggy. Aama adhenna especially naa,Nasreen akka, kana,ash..iniku unaku vada sudradhuku yaaru kedaiklaya?

    2. Supera irukom thalaivi neenga epdi irukueenga?…

      1. Juggu

        Ash pathiya kandukave illa oru pulla unna inga miratitruku moonja paru……olunga support pannunga illa sangath. Vitu pove mate tholla kuduthute irupa.. ..

    3. Fine. Thalaivi.

    4. KUMUTHA

      fine thalaivi…

  22. i hate you dhruv… can you stoop so low to get thapki’s love…?? i hope that thapki will always love and support and trust bihaan…..she has to choose bihaan…..thahaan always rocks…..

  23. The episode was nice..and I think these all drama will end up showing the trust and love btw thahaan….and they are made for each other

  24. Dhuruv.ku ippavellam padu strong dialogues kodukuraanga. Indha vaati mattum pazhaipona trb mattum raise aachunna, avlothaan full ds.ku thaan. Thapki seiyara velai (cry?) naama seiya vendiyadhudhan. Gorilla episodukke .2 raise aachu. Ippa enna aagapogudho?

    1. Ama ivaru periya british ilavarasar charlesuuu,ivaru vantha trp increase aayiumooo!!! Enna than pakkam pakkama dialogue pesinalum oru pirayoyanamum illa thahaan romanace maddum varaddum appa paaru 🙂

      1. Arey kana, I told about trb aunties. They need or don t need, glycerin bottle adhigama irukanum. Heroine eppa paru kanula thanni vitukite irukanum. Apuram edhavadhu 1 villain, lead pair yarukkavadhu trouble koduthukite irukkanum. Infact all problems…one &only for heroine. Hero,kooda irupan. Kanula vara thaniya thodachi viduvan (lnga adhukku kooda vazhiyile).Hero.ku problem vandha adhayum heroine thaan solve pannanum. Ella neramum all in all azhagu irukanum. Mukiyamaana 1, neraiya per kitta eamaandhu poganum. Nalavaaaaaannu ninaichi perisa eamandhu adhigama glycerin waste pannanum. Mothathula, producer.oda 1 selavu glycerin bottle.a irukanum. Avanga sharpa 7pm utkarndhuduvaanga. Avanga thaan trp aunties. Idhellam pidikadha neeyo, naano illa. Puriyudha.

  25. dhruv rockss.. but why did he married shraddha if he loved thapki so much… gltii to ki usne.prrr koi bttt nhi.. der aaye durust aaye…. dhruv fight for ur love…(Y)

  26. i hate dhruv pandey… could he stoop so low to get the love of thapki…?? thapki should not accept dhruv’s selfish love and should always trust , support and love bihaan…..thahaan always rocks…..

  27. I hope Thaapki realises (due to her lawyer detective god given instincts skills) she will find out its Dhruv…and when the time comes to choose Bihaan or Dhruv she will still choose Bihaan (cause the show won’t be showning a traditional Indian wife like thaapki to have any sort of weakness ?)

  28. Tamil Ponnunga Saritha

    From today onwards i will stop watching tpk, i did not like the way dhruv is doing very much uncomfortable, tamil ponnunga team what’s happening will thahan seperated?? can’t see bihan so sad

    1. Juggu

      Separated ahhhh??? inno avala wait pannu

      1. Hi saritha,i think nenga intha forumku puthusunu nenaikiran,oru sinna request,thayavu seithu intha pillaiyoda serathenga 🙂
        Adiye nee irudiii tpk kola volutho illaiyo chennaila oru kola vilum 🙂

      2. Juggu

        Inna kola pannirviyaneee kola kola sangathula ellaru odivanga kana enna miratura policela complain pannunga attempt to murderla moonu varusham ulla thooki podunga comeon….comeon…..

  29. Today epis…ode was totally funny…????.Reallly enjoyed bakra banaya scene.but thapki should hv trust on bihaan .That is very disappionting that bihaan keeps on telling everyone but no one trust him.

  30. Yeah pihoo you are right!:-)

  31. If you dont mind :-(,,,,, plz tell me how to register

  32. Nivika

    last part was soo funny…

  33. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Enna ellarum semma kovathula irukinga pola dhruv mela… paavam avanum ennathan pannuvan… avanoda feeling ah evlo than control pannuvan paavam.. neenga edhukaga ellarum sanda potukringa…
    Hey kana… konjam adhiya iru…


    Nalla vela rendu nala na indha side ah varala… ilaina ungala madhiri nanum ipdi ayirupan.. ennaku appave theriyum… oru naal illa oru naal namala ipdi paithiyama akiruvanganu…

    Nalla irundha dhruv ah ipdi pathiyama akinadhu podhama paakra nammalaiyum pathiyama akitangaley indha cvs..

    Nalla irukra sangatha naasama akidathada… unna kenga kekiran…

    1. Nasreen athellam mudiyathu,sandainu vanthidda sattaiya kilikama vida maddan 🙂 🙂
      Avakida keddu sollu thahaan ah??? Tharuv ah???

      1. Juggu

        Thahaan and dhruv very…….pod….

  34. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    eva kita kekanum…

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