Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Rachna making a plan to hurt Thapki by keeping a nail on her chair. Thapki helps Dhruv and takes him to washroom. Suman and Rachna are finding a nail and say this big house is useless without a nail. She takes the nail by removing the photo frame from the wall. Bau ji comes and asks whats happening here. They get tensed and say they need that nail. He says what. Suman says the nail is bad, we will replace it. He says you both know Vasundara, and leaves. Suman says they are always come anywhere anytime.

They come to Thapki and send her out to check Rachna’s phone. Rachna takes her and Suman keeps the nail on the chair and fixes it by hammer so that Thapki gets hurt. Suman runs seeing Dhruv. Thapki comes back and makes Dhruv sit on his bed. She goes to her

chair and sits. Thapki’s dress gets torn by the nail and she covers it. Dhruv turns and she runs out of his room.

Suman and Rachna tell Vasundara that Thapki will run today, they did their work, Thapki will never come back now. Vasundara sees Thapki coming downstairs and leaving. She thinks Thapki lost in this test. They ask for their prize. Shubh sees Mishra and Diwakar and gets shocked. Shubh informs Krishnakant and Poonam. Nimmi calls Poonam asking her to meet the guy’s family. Poonam makes excuse and ends the call. Krishnakant says its good Thapki is not here.

Thapki comes out and cries. She says if she goes, what about Dhruv and work. She eats chewing gum and fixes that to her torn part of the dress. Vasundara asks Suman and Rachna to take necklaces. She gets sad. She gets stunned seeing Thapki coming back and smile. Suman and Rachna get shocked. Thapki goes back to Dhruv’s room. Vasundara thinks Thapki proved she can manage anything. She takes back the necklaces.

Thapki comes to Dhruv and resumes her work. He looks at her and sees her covering herself with the dupatta. He asks is she fine. She says yes. He asks her to take break. She says files are imp and have to take office. He says your dress. She says she has fixed it with chewing gum. He gets stunned and smiles. Nimmi comes to Poonam and says she has got someone to meet them. She asks her daughter and Diwakar to come. They get shocked seeing Diwakar and recall what happened at marriage time. Diwakar is shocked too. Nimmi says he is going to be her son in law. Diwakar greets them.

Nimmi says they are my neighbors but like family. Diwakar takes their blessings. Aditi gets angry. They leave. Krishnakant says they can’t tell Nimmi about Diwakar. Aditi asks them to tell it, else Nimmi will feel bad later. Krishnakant says yes, we should tell her whenever we get a chance. Thapki asks Dhruv did he check files. He nods. She says she will take it to office. He smiles and gives her the files. He stops her and asks her to fill color in the plaster. He asks her to make anything she likes. She gets glad and sits to fill colors with get well soon message in it. Thapki pyaar ki………..plays…………….. She says he looks good when he smiles. They smile. Vasundara looks on. Thapki asks her to keep smiling. Vasundara gets shocked seeing Thapki stammer.

Nimmi takes Thapki to meet Diwakar and Poonam sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First!!!

  2. Suman and rachna both are b*t*h

  3. Shocking p recap

  4. Super epd very intersting story.thapki you again prove that ache rock

  5. Are yaar ye precap kitna bura hai… 🙁 thapki ko bura lagega jab o diwakar ko dekhega… T_T aur vasu ko thapki ka stammering ka problm peta chal gaya.. aab kya hoga???

  6. Nice episode exciting

  7. nice moment of thapki with dhruv. Bt thapki will b in bad situation tomorrow.

  8. But vasundra came to know thapki stammering. Will she allow her now?

  9. I guess vasundara will not Know thapki’s stamerring still…

  10. Oh ! Wat will happen 2morrow ? Excited to watch ! 🙂

    1. Yup same here

  11. Vasundhara knows that but she want to test thapki

    1. No.. Vasundara doesn’t know thapki’s stammering problem yet.. Till now thapki haven’t stammered in front of vasundara..

  12. I think u r right

  13. Thapki and dhruv so cute

  14. Nice name Dhrub weds Thapki

  15. Thapki is so cute…
    Finally Vasundhara came to know about Thapki’s stammering… Waiting to see how she’s gonna react…
    I just hope this Diwakar issue doesn’t make Nimmi misunderstand Thapki’s family and becomes a troubling neighbour… She seems nice with Thapki’s family…

  16. Its depends upon the director

    1. Shut up and stop Commenting on people writing. R u a boy or girl?

  17. nyc episode

  18. i think shabbu is right

  19. Nice episode

    1. Hi cutey!! !

  20. Now, The Drama Begins……………………………….

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