Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that Shraddha and Sankara came here, and says this is wrong, I will inform Balwinder. Bihaan gets tensed. Next day, Balwinder, Shraddha and Sankara come to take Bihaan and Tina from there. Thapki closes the door. Bani tells Thapki that she is feeling like crying and feeling bad. She says Tina went….Thapki says and Bihaan also. Bani says Bihaan uncle was not your friend, so why you are feeling bad. Thapki looks on. Sankara scolds Bihaan for going to Thapki’s house. Balwinder says now he is taking him from here. Suman and Preeti tell that they will come later on. Shraddha says where you are going? Preeti says Bihaan spent a day at Thapki’s house and nothing happened to him, says may be he will get better if he is with her. Sankara reminds what

Doctor said. Balwinder says it was about 7 years matter old, and says I am thinking to show Bihaan to others, and says we did a mistake by listening to that doctor. He says we will talk to Thapki and goes towards her house. Sankara asks Shraddha to do something and says our life will be ruined.

Shraddha asks Bihaan to come out of car. Sankara asks Shraddha if she will send him to Thapki. Shraddha asks him to get down the car. Bihaan comes out of car. Shraddha says I want to tell you a story as this is the right time to tell you. Balwinder rings the door bell…Thapki goes to open the door. Shraddha tells about Thapki and Bihaan’s love story in a different way, and tells that Raja and Rani have an enemy. Sankara smiles. Shraddha says one day that stammering Rani have left that Raja, while he cried and pleaded with her. Shraddha troubles him with her story. Bihaan gets flashes of his past. Shraddha says Raja have gone mad and Rani didn’t listen to him and left. Bihaan gets an attack and falls down.

Shraddha smiles and asks what is happening to you. Tina shouts Papa…..Balwinder and others are still standing outside Thapki’s door. Strange Thapki haven’t open the door till now. Balwinder and others rush to Bihaan. Thapki opens the door and sees Sankara making Bihaan have the tablet. Tina asks what happened to you Papa…and cries. Suman says he was fine until some time back, then what happened suddenly. They make him sit in car. Thapki runs after car and asks Bihaan to stop. She thinks what happened to you Bihaan, why you are in this condition, I was away for your well being and thinks to find out what happened to him.

Thapki calls Principal and asks about Tina. Principal says Tina’s family came here and cancelled her admission. Thapki wonders why? And finds it strange.

Dhruv asks Shraddha what happened there, why did you bring Tina back. Shraddha tells him that Thapki was there who has ruined Bihaan and your life. Balwinder looks on. Dhruv falls in her words. Balwinder tells Dhruv that she was Thapki and says may be God thought to unite us. Shraddha says he is blinded by her, but not me, and that’s why I brought her back. Dhruv holds her hand and thanks her for keeping Thapki away from their house, and says she can’t return in this house and in our life. He says all her ways are closed in this house.

Balwinder says this is not right. Shraddha asks him to stop telling Dhruv what is right or not. She says Dhruv is the one who runs this house and says when he told that Thapki will not return, so she will not return and that is final. Sankara comes to Shraddha and says if Thapki returns then what will happen to me. Shraddha slaps on her face and asks why she is stammering. She says Bihaan is yours. Sankara says he has gone mad and not marrying me. Shraddha asks him to trap Bihaan without marriage. Sankara smiles. Tina tells Bihaan that she is not feeling good to return home from boarding school. Bihaan says even I am feeling bad. Tina says she is missing Bani. Bihaan sees basket ball kept there and reminisces Thapki. Tina says I am missing aunty also and says can she come here? Bihaan says she is very far. He asks her to go and get ready for Maha shivratri. Tina says I will pray to God to send them to us. Bihaan looks on.

Later during maha shivratri. Bihaan plays shank. Balwinder asks God to unite Bihaan and Thapki. Shraddha stands with Dhruv. Suman prays to God to return house happiness. Bihaan does aarti with kids. Thapki does puja at her house. Sankara goes from there to execute her plan. She bring thandai for everyone. Bihaan asks where is my Thandai. Sankara says I will bring and goes. She then puts thandai in the glass. Shraddha comes and smiles. She asks her to keep thandai on table. She says you will take this bhaang thandai for him and shows bhaang in a paper. She then puts bhaang in the thandai. She says he will not be in his senses after drinking this and then you can do anything with him. Sankara smiles. Shraddha says everything will happen as you think. Sankara smiles.

Shraddha and Sankara tease Bihaan and throws his tajmahal showpiece. Thapki comes and holds it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Emotional episode but good thapki will now do her work and thahhaan will bbe again united

  2. It so sad to watch this show…. everyone in the pandey house have turn to be FOOLS!!!! Including the father, everything shaddha say they will follow like IDIOTS…ever since shaddha entered this show she’s been doing Evil since the beginning even when Thapki was nice to her, but still they never manage to kick her out from the house???? How can good people who are always praying to God but the never get anything GOOD.. but then if it Evil they always successful n live longer?? Wow cv r just so funny??? if I was Thapki I wil be tired of playing this character.. plz y’all do something plz…

    1. You’re right..
      those matters because of pathetic cvs.. ? ?
      I hate what Shrada & Shankar plan on Bihan.. ? I hope it won’t work..

    2. Hi Natalia# I feel I know u since long time back# as u r d only one telling d truth d same as I am doing in kasam page# I am a very long term member of thapki#N# kasam page # when I started people like Roshni # who was very loved #N#respected where d every day’s writer in this page# I have stopped watching both kasam#N#thapki as they are pure torture 2 watch ~N# most NONSENSE# FAR FAR LES THAN CHILDISH# N# DISGUSTING JOKE# They started with a very emotional #N# beautiful story line# but due to d greed of cvs by dragging d shows when they had no more creative idea 2 carry on d story # SADLY D BEAUTY CHANGED 2 D BEAST # EVERYTHING IN BOTH SHOWS IS CONTRADICTIONS# N# UNREAL# I DON’T WATCH BUT I NEVER STOP 2 SAY D BITTER UGLY TRUTH OF THESE 2 INDIAN SHOWS # FOR COMPENSATION TO THAT PART OF MY LIFE #HAS BEEN WAST BY FOLLOWING THEM# UNTIL THEY STOP PROMOTING # CRUELNESS SLAVERY SMASH 2 MILLION PIECES PRIDE INTEGRITY N# PERSONALITY OF WOMEN PROTECTING CRIMINALS LETTING DARKNESS WINS OVER GOODNESS CONSTANTLY # EVEN ADULTERY # LIKE #

      1. @butterfly…. am so glad that me n u r on the same page on this Thapki issue, I just find it waste of time to watch it to be honest…How can Thapki who had a very good background became so useless n dumb!!! Every person who has entered this show have done Evil to Thapki even when she has not done anything to anyone.. instead of CV to be teaching the viewers good thing but instead they teaching us that Evil is good and u might end up living a good life… am just sick n tired of Thapki show, it so sad to watch and am sure that what goes on in India then people get abused by their own family, sorry to say but that what I see it.. happy weekend u too dear @butterfly???

  3. it’s strange Vasundra hand over the role of the house to Shrada.. even Balwinder has no power at all… ??
    really sad to see Bihan becomes coward infront of Shrada n Shankar.. ??

  4. Have a nice week-end to all of Thahaanian friends.. ? ?

  5. Hello THAHAANINES..
    dewi,heera,pooja prabha, santhosh bhaiya, anu, reshal, suhana,vinni,navmi,leena,afshan,vino,sandy,arbaz,juvi,NaiTan,nandy,rinku di nd all of u….
    how r u?
    to es weekend tak sab apne kaam[assigment, project] nipta lena… &
    plz guys

    Thapki Pyaar Ki{A Loving Pat} only on colors at 6:30pm


      hiiii KUDRAT….
      what a brain sir jiiiiiiiii… ???..maan na padega tumhari 6th sense ko…. ???hmmmmm….main kall SHIVJI ki mandhir gayatha…..woh bhi 100 km door bike pe main aur mera dhost……
      toh ab bathado asli naam kya hai …!!??(not force thumhaari marzi…??)

    2. Manish ki deewani

      hello meri temater .kesi ho yaar .u know na mei roz dekhti hoo tpk magr online .
      temater tm nai new wali video nahi dekhi toh koi baat nahi .tm ne poocha hai toh mai tumhey bata deti hoo yaar

      1. Manish ki deewani

        Manish ne apnay interview me kaha k leap k baad ye pehli pooja ho rahi hai .or phir unho ne bihaan ki look k baray mei bataya k pehlay bihaan rough and tough tha ab sidha sada wo sharuk wali look hai .or festivals me b aisay he sida sada sa hota hai .
        or phir kaha k sankhra ne thandai me baang mila di thi jananay k liay dektay rahay tpk at 6:30.or phir unho ne kaha k jb unho ne fans k sath live chat ki toh unhay bohat acha laga or ye b k fans unse kitna pyaar kartay hai [bohat he ziada kartay hai hana temater]
        temater ye kaha tha MANISH ne apney IV mei
        temater happy weekend .
        shivratri ki pooja kaisi rahi .tm ne fast rekha tha kya .or fast q raktay hai.charwachot ka pata hai is k baray me nahi pata .mujhay bata do

    3. Hi.., Kudrat.. ?


    CVS dikhadiya na apni bandar ki buddhi… ??? sochatha poori raat ko thathaan scene dekhne ko milega. lekin nahi hua poori raat 1 minute mein hi katham hogya… ???…doosri hi minute par dikhadiya PZM… ???

  7. Manish ki deewani

    yesterday tihaan scene was too good . bihaan and tina miss thapks and bani .these chudails shasha i hate them .shrdha day by day u become more and more worse .so finally thapks enter to PZ [sasural] after seven years .i wish now bani learn some lesson to shasha.
    hello Poo Ritz di [Mani ki behna] Kudrat Vino Santhosh bhai Anu Garima Lee-na Shruti .hw r u guys have a happy weekend
    Poo and bhai where r u .


    hiii Reshal.. ?
    JK means just kidding…???(yeh mera naya aavishkaar..???)
    problem kaha par hai teek se bathado…?….help karne ki koshish kartha hoo…
    tum yeh sab teek se kiya….!!?? ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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    6. CAPTCHA….( some time yeh captcha humko bahuth parishaan kartha hai. gussa math karo..???)…
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    zarur reply aayega…lekin, reply ka kohi barosa nahi.. ???…

    iske baadh bhi register nahi hua toh apni phone ko reset karo naya ID create karo aur phir try karo. iss baar 200% guarantee detha hoo zarur kaam hojayega…??? …..
    karo karo karo yeh sab jaldi karo… ????

    tab bhi nahi hua toh apni phone ko ek achche SOAP saath paani mein wash karke phir use karo?(JK) ???…….


      hare Reshal poochna hi bhool gaya tum PC use karthi ho ya SMART PHONE….!!!!???

  9. Thapki has become so brave during the last 7 years. Great 🙂 now she’ll fight for her love her bihaan… Please unite them as soon as possible… I’m dying to see my thahaan together.

    Witch shradha made bihaan sick again 🙁 when will vasundhara come back??? If she comes back then atleast she can help thapki to bring back bihaan in his normal condition ….

  10. Manish ki deewani

    Santhosh bhai ap kaha reh ghay hai .bhai kudrat keh rahi thi k apney hamary liay mandir me bhabhi pasand kr li .chalay kr li toh apney behna ko toh bata datay .shadi mai invite kr lena bhai or phir ap ki shadi k baad hm tpk set pr ja kr gobri ko mar dai ghay teek hai na .hahaha just kidding .
    bhai jokes side mei ab meri help karay k register kaisay karoo q k wo mera naam accept nahi kr rahay or i am not robot wali game kilwa rahay hai mei ne kl b try kia mgr kuch b nahi hua .ap he help kr do.waisay register kr k karna kya hai .

  11. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I just want to say: unite thahaan and their two daughters …. let a lot of problems, let thahaan finish together, not separate thahaan again …

  12. nice episode tha. thapki and bihaan ko unit kar do

  13. I Just like it this episode..precap is superb.hello,reshu,garima,anu,sandy,vino,kudrat,santhosh Bhai,sruti,navami…have a nice is your navarathri day friends…

  14. Where did Bihaans daughter come from ?
    Where is Kabir ?
    Thapki let them lock Bihaan up,You have not seen him for years ?
    Oh the Mother has gone away leaving Shad and Sank in charge ?
    How according to Dhruv last night
    did Thapki kill his wife ?
    The plot is ridiculous now.
    After everything Shraddrah has done I am sure even the viewers to this show would strangle her ? lol
    And I don’t understand how quickly Thapki can go from the most intelligent person on the planet to a moron ?

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