Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bihaan was watching Kabir putting turmeric over Thapki, while she disliked. Sankara asks Bihaan to do their ritual as Thapki and Kabir look nice together. Kabir thinks he is sorry for Thapki, but he can’t help it. Vasu watches them from upstairs.
Inside, Vasu brings Kabir inside the room, she hands him a pile of her jewellry and cash and tells him to take it, and leave this house. She pleads on him not to punish her children. Kabir reminds he married Thapki. Vasu calls it a betrayal. Kabir asks what he would do with these valuable, he has come to get rid of pain and it would only be reduced if his wife stays with him. Vasu cries in the room thinking she won’t let a third person live in the life of her daughter. Vasu was praying in her room when a letter fell off the cupboard because

of heavy wind. Vasu reads it thinking this is what Thapki had written to Bihaan, then wonders how this came here. She recalls Bihaan saying he torn that letter; then understands Bihaan must have read another letter.
In the garden, Thapki cleans herself crying that this has to be done only to get Bihaan jealous. She thinks about finding a way. She then looks towards turmeric, and was determined to get to Kabir through this turmeric. She brings to apply turmeric at the back of Kabir’s shoes. Kabir was coming downstairs, while Thapki prepares the shoes. Kabir thinks about leaving, as its time for Nina’s medicine. Thapki thinks now these turmeric marks would get her wherever he goes. She had just stood up when Kabir comes there. He takes the shoes from rack. He figures she had been spying, Thapki replies she won’t tell him for whatever she would be doing. Kabir wish her luck and leaves.
Vasu comes calling Thapki. Sankara comes and hits Vasu, the letter gets down the sofa. Vasu scolds Sankara, but she gets down to help Vasu and finds the letter before Vasu does. Vasu snatches it and leaves. Sankara wonders what was there in the paper, and heads to find about it.
The driver informs Vasu that he had seem Thapki going out. Vasu was restlessly waiting for Thapki, as she has to unite him and Thapki. Sankara was worried after over hearing this all, she thinks about taking a step right away.
In the kitchen, Dhruv prepares halwa for Aditi, hopeful that she forgives him. He watches Aditi passing by in an off mood, he comes to apologize her, and was determined to keep on trying and get her back one day. He requests her to come with him, as he has planned a surprise for her; it might bring a smile over her face. They come to the kitchen to find Shraddha eating the halwa. Shraddha says she love halwa, and cheerfully says he would be the best papa of the world. Aditi leaves the kitchen as Shraddha kiss his hand. Dhruv shouts, but Shraddha stubbornly compliments the halwa.
Vasu comes to the room, and placing the letter on bed makes a call to Thapki. Sankara comes from behind and was about to take the letter. Vasu turns around right then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Abhi ye letter or kitna aur kitne saal idhar udhar nachega…hahaha

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Jb tk hm burhay ho jaye ghay he he he

  2. Vasundara mma now you are doing nice but be careful with sankaara bihaan you once more proved that you are loving only tapki and not any other woman. Great bihaan

  3. Lol what? Making a Halwa for Aditi would make her forget her husband got someone else pregnant? Just wow Dhruv, here I thought he was amongst the semi-sensible lot. Vast acting on par as usual. Kabir-Thapki scenes were a drag. I love these two but come on CV’s move the story forward!

  4. I have to say that its just an OK episode…I don’t have more expectation about the letter matter.sankar shouldbe manipulates the matter in her own way.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Same to u pooja .

  5. Im losing hope for this serial… the letter and revenge had dragged on far too long .. the Biash Sankara has not been exposed…. after all she tried to kill Thapki -_-

  6. Even though Kabir knows Thapki is tryna stop him and find out what he is upto he doesn’t be horrible to Thapki, he still says GOOD LUCK, which im glad they haven’t made him as bad as they made Kosi or even Bihaan, he still has some decency in him, makes me like his character even more.

    Dhruv and Aditis storyline is stupid how did she randomly come back into the house after she was thrown out and she left with her dad??? I get she has Dhruvs kid but why let her live in their house? She can have the kid in her fathers house.

    Thapki worried about hurting Bihaan with the turmeric at the start when its ironic that she wanted to hurt him for the loss of their baby, yes Thapki had her reasons to hurt him so does Kabir. Thapki seems to forget about her revenge plan and how she wanted to destroy Bihaan.

  7. just like always.., the letter won’t reach to right person.. 🙁
    really hate SW and Shankara..
    next I think Shankara will harm Vasundra..

  8. Happy Xmas to all TPK friend’s. …..


    THERE ARE SERIALS FROM Pakistan, Turkey …….but there is just a little dragging for sake of drama,

    All of sudden thapki has lost her long tongue & can not shouting the truth about her marriage to Kabir? AND ANNOYINGLY MUST ASK KABIR THE CONDUCTOR OF DISASTER ? LOL



    1. Naughty pumpkin

      Right said bro
      They don’t give a complete end nd lesson in the story
      They keep on dragging
      Make us fool
      Nd in every epi evil is winning
      They keep on doing marriages
      Marriage is a pious relation .. They make fun of this …. Writers r big foooolllllllllllllll
      We keep on w8ing fr thr union ….
      These actors are incredible …
      But these pagal nd bewakooof directors nd producersss are garbagesssss

  10. Aami123

    Ty 4 wu

  11. Manish ki deewani

    Nothing special in roday-s episode .and idiot sankar every time she know everything .don’t what’s happened next and when Bihaan know about letter .they just play letter,letterand letter.hope soon he get to know about it .
    Wishing a Merry Christmas to all my friends and tpk happy after Christmas a new year is coming .

  12. Is it right that vasundra will die? Who kill her???maybe shankara.??totally nonsense,….in my word the story is “amburadul”.// from all,kumkum bhagya or the longer story just like anandhi,ganga,etc.they still in the rule that can make sense.but this story is far far far away from much problem make it so ridiculous,heavy,strange,…
    Happy new year to all if you,lets find another story that can make us happy to face the new year.dont waste your time to watch something that make u sad,dissaponted,and confuse…

    1. How did you get this news dea fira, if it is true, then that family seems worthless. Vassu had different roles , mostly positive ,and sometimes negative, BUT , even when we hated her at most , as result of being negative and nasty , ONE FACT IS UNDENIABLE , THAT FAMILY WITHOUT VASSU ARE INCOMPLETE AND SAD. I SINCERELY HOPE THE WRITER NEVER DO THIS MISTAKE,INSTEAD KILL THAT MOST ANNOYING, NASTY SHANKAR, SHE IS MORE DISGUSTING THAN SHADDAH.

      1. Manish ki deewani

        Oh mistake may God fulfil or all wishes and or life fill will all happiness

      2. Manish ki deewani

        This is 4 Manish

  13. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    i’m sorry…dont want to watch….

  14. Filler episode…I wanted to see more Thapki Kabir scenes…pls cvs unite them…kabir is helpless only doing wat he’s doing 4 his sister…dey look gud nd he’s gud for thapki… merry Chrismas evry1

  15. Repeat thabir scene…wen will CV’s show thabir romance?

  16. Athira

    guys,can anyone tell is shraddha is truely pregnant or just acting? and when will this drama ends and the old thapki will come?

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Athira shradha is pregnant.

  17. Too all those who say Kabir is horrible and he doesn’t have any morals or values can suck a lemon. Today he proved all of them wrong.

    That poignant moment between Kabir and Vasu today, you could really feel their helplessness. Kabir didn’t want to hurt her or Thapki, in fact anyone else other than who he thinks is responsible for his sister’s condition. He could see the effects his plans had on other people and he felt helpless that there wasn’t anything he could do to prevent the collateral damage. Today, you could see that Kabir was hurt about the fact that he was hurting a mother, a family and his tears and the apology were a testament to how sorry he was. He couldn’t meet Vasu’s eyes. He tried to but he was ashamed. This is evident of a man with morals and values. At one point he seemed so ashamed and sorry it seemed like he didn’t want to carry out this whole revenge but then he got himself together and said he wasn’t doing it for money but to lessen the pain he already feels, pain from losing his only family to insanity, pain from his sister’s loss which he thinks is because of Bihan. He’s only carrying out his duty towards his only family. Seeking justice for his sister. Though the apology probably didn’t mean anything to Vasu, it was an honest one. Absolutely brilliant acting by Sehban there!

    Jaya too was fabulous! You could feel a mothers helplessness in that one scene too. All Vasu wanted to do was protect her children and see them happy and there wasnt anything she could do to make the situation better. She was desperate and offered whatever she could and that was heartbreaking.

    Well done CV’s for such a heartbreaking scene. I don’t get how people don’t understand that Kabir is just following his duty as brother, just seeking justice for his family and at every step he’s shown to feel remorse and guilt. Te fight between his conscience and his sense of duty has been evident. You could feel a brothers anger and yet helplessness and hesitancy as a person who was reluctant to hurt innocent people. He knew and could understand it wasn’t right but he had to for his sister.

    Thank you CV’s for giving us such a relatable and a human character. Someone I can truly relate to in this show. Someone who’s human, makes mistakes, isn’t perfect, has the integrity and a conscience but the attitude to carry out difficult duties.

    Also to everyone who said locking Neha in a house isn’t good enough- and he needs to get her treated- you were all proven wrong. They showed that he actually does care about her, it’s not just about he revenge. He is making sure she’s under medication, he hasn’t just abandoned her.

    Thapki is by far the stupidest character I’ve come across in a very long while. All she does is cry and takes actions which barely make any sense and thus give minimal results and end up implicating her or getting her into trouble because they backfire. Putting Turmeric and Paint on Kabir’s shoes. That’s just a weird plan, what paint and haldi is she using? How does that work in real life? How will it even last all the way? If he goes on the road wouldnt the marks be wiped off. It’s not as if he would be the only one walking on the roads. Wouldn’t it have been easier to buy and keep one of camping sos gps tracker or a phone that sends location every 5 mins in his pocket or a jacket; surely considering it’s winter he would wear one.

    On one hand they give brilliant moments like the Vasu-Kabir on the other hand such stupidity.

    I want this track to lead somewhere, I want to see more of Thapki and Kabir rather than this drag fest. I want to know more about Kabir, his back story, about his family before they died, what he does for a living. Most importantly where is this plan leading? There’s only so much you can do to make someone jealous, until they’re no longer effected. And I want to see Thapki use her brain and not take half baked measures as she has been so far.

  18. Boring episode….pls cvs want 2 see more Kabir & thapki…pls unite dem…us thabir fans only watch the show 4 dem.Thapki should forget Bihan and move on wid Kabir, why can’t she see his gudness???

  19. Poor Kabir I feel sorry for him, the way he cried today.he has a big heart, he was feeling sorry for vasu and he was crying. Cvs make thapki see this and making her realise how gud he is…he is only doing revenge for sister who he loves very much…Bihan is vasooli bhai,gunda, destroyed many lives…he doesn’t deserve thapki. Thapki Kabir should unite and thapki shud luv him

  20. Kabir said main yahan dard Mita ne aaya hoon, mera maksad tabhi pura hoga jab Thapki, meri biwi mere saath rahe. And he said something along the lines of rather than letting Bihan die quickly Im going to make sure he suffers. Lekin kab tak bihan ko jealous feel karvaoge, eventually usko bhi dard hona kam ho jayega and he’ll move on. Whats Kabir’S plan i want to know. Pls cvs show thapki falling for Kabir

  21. I luv this track……thabir rock!!!!!

  22. Thapki-kabir nehi….it irrational.

  23. this serial geting borring by the day and day uff now i start hating indian serial so writer what u try to say now vasu gotta pepper and thapki left and sharkara will take the letter again or she will kill the vasu because of litte pepper you realy facking the whole story andaking ur serial flop plz being something positive stop all these negatives enough is enough don’t be like other useless indian writers u was better then this so beign something nice thanks

  24. Manish ki deewani

    Merry Christmas Manish and to all tpk team . Manish God bless u and fulfil ur life with all the happiness .

  25. Merry Christmas to all friends here.. 🙂

  26. Yess to kabir-thapki fans:…if a husband does a mistage or doing wrong thing,then just leave him and find another man????that you thing he is better than is accepted in every condition our partner,for his good or bad….if he/she is doing wrong way than you can try to tell it or pattiently help him/her find the right way…
    That was the use of marriage by God not by our need.
    No one perfect in this world.good woman or man just love in 1 person not change it according they need or they marriage problem..

    1. Thapki has not moved on, she is tricked into a fake marriage.. she only loves bihaan till now and the way thahaan was created hats off to cvs…Relatiniships and marriage are not to be played with, but the way they created misunderstandings wasn’t much reliable to such extent.. Kabir has only taken advantage of the bad phase of their relationship and nothing else.. if bihaan and thapki had been well off, kabir would have definitely killed bihaan.. he was also there to kill him but when he realised bihaan’s life is thapki, he decided this trick.. this bad phase of thahaan will end soon as we all know that there are only misunderstanding behind each and everything.. every relationship has so….but thahaan lacks communication which is the major reason for others to interfere between them and to separate them like kosi, sankar and kabir… ultimately it will be.thahaan…

      1. yess..! absolutely right., RINKA_RITZ 🙂

  27. Thabir fan here…more thabir pls……unite them……the show is inly gud bcos of them

  28. I hope everybody who’s watching this serial could get positive lessons, so we’re not just wasting time.
    One of the lessons is about revenge. Revenge won’t bring happiness. What does thapki get in taking revenge? Is she happy? No she is not. The more she hurt people that she love, the more hurt she get. Is Kabir happy? No he’s not. The more bihaan gets hurt, the more kabir feels guilty to thapki. And what’s the point in his revenge? Will that bring his sister family back? Or at least will she be happy? I don’t think so, she doesn’t even insane to realize what’s going on.
    In my religion, if someone do wrong with us, we are allowed to get justice by punishing the person equally with the crime, but it’s better to forgive.
    I’m a bit sad because it seems in this story they justified revenge. I prefer equal punishment than revenge. And punishment should meant to make people who did wrong realize their mistake and won’t do the same mistake in the future.
    I’m just trying to be positive in this serial which is full of negativeness. And i don’t think if people did wrong with us so it justified that we can do wrong with them. We are responsible for everything that we do because it’s our choice, not because what other people do.
    Keep positive guys

    1. nice comment.. 🙂

  29. I hope we could learn some positive lessons from the serial, so it won’t be just wasting our time.
    About revenge, i learn that it won’t bring happiness. Thapki isn’t happy because the more she hurt bihaan, the more she hurt herself. Kabir isn’t happy if thapki unhappy, because he realizes thapki’s innocent so she doesn’t deserve to be hurt. After all, what is the point of his revenge? Would that make bihaan realizes his mistake? Or bring his sister’s happiness? I don’t think so, because nobody tells bihaan what his mistake is, and kabir sister doesn’t even realize what’s going on because she’s insane.
    I prefer equal punishment than revenge. Punishment meant to make people who did wrong to realize their mistake and prevent them from doing the same mistake in the future. It also gives justice to the victim.
    And about being in wrong path, i don’t think if people do wrong with us so it justified us to do wrong with them. Because we are responsible for everything we do as it is our choice, not because of what other people do with us. We shoudn’t be a bad person just because other person is bad.
    I’m just trying to be positive after all the negativities in this serial.
    Nobody perfect, everyone makes mistake. You can love or hate thapki or kabir or bihaan or shraddha or anybody else in this serial. It’s your free choice. Just remember to keep respect each other choice and always be positive. Have a nice weekend

    1. I’m sorry for posting 2 comments. I thought the first one was failed.

    2. yes that is what even I want to say… it is mentioned in books of law too that every criminal has the right to know his own fault…but here both thapki and kabir are just silently taking revenge.. for what? he needs to be told about it, why is bihaan mentally tortured without being informed anything? that’s not justice to the victim.. bihaan will himself inflict wounds to himself when he knows the real reasons… people say he is a thug, uneducated but did anybody think what will happen to a 8 year old child who is left abandoned on the streets by his own mother and later arrives to kill him.. Is this justified? So he should have been out to take revenge on his mother for killing his father but he didn’t…he too loves his family..that little child was grown up by Balwinder and he made him look after his thug business, how would bihaan deny doing the wring things that bauji gave him to do, he always wanted to see his parents happy who gave him name, house and everything. vasu always sidelined him for dhruv, he craved for a mother, he left studies because he wanted to help bauji, he married thapki and destroyed his happiness just to save his mother’s life, she asked him to prove that he loves bauji and cannot let anything happen to their respect… yes he slapped thapki but that doesn’t prove he doesn’t love her and abused her physically…our parents do slap us or even ask her to leave the house when something goes wrong, but does they really mean it or are they physically abusing it or don’t love us..What is it? sometimes in some cases our parents don’t believe us and here dadi said thapki is lying.. sometimes when a man goes wrong too, women do slap them too..was it not thapki’s duty to speak out for her child or deny from leaving the house because the house is her right to live,.. do we leave house when our parents say in anger to leave? we don’t because we know their anger, you show anger on the person whom you love and revenge on the person whom you hate.. Kabir’s pains we all can understand, but we don’t see neha is getting back any happiness. in fact he should try to make her life move forward with someone new so that she may be able to cure completely…. Why we will sideline bihaan or thapki’s pain too. thapki is bring hurt by kabir but he is just repenting and then continuing his own tactics..then what is the use of such acts? if repenting is enough to pair him opposite thapki then we all saw bihaan has also repented for the two years he was away from thapki and now when he knows she is innocent, he has tried to kill himself too..then how come he is not worthy of thapki anymore? ultimate will be thahaan and only thahaan…

  30. Sorry I don’t like thapki pyar ki any more. I fed up with more hurt / kill family. Director is rubbish writing. I heard Vaus left to be dead. Annoyed!!!! How long thapki and Bihaan wait to be reunion? Kabir and Sanker still waiting for right time to kill. Is it true Sanker killed Vaus for letter? Enough fool me.

  31. It’s Christmas and I have a lot to do other than defending a soap character and my preferences, so maybe some other day. Glad I gave the episode a miss, though the scene between Kabir and Vasunsara seems to like it’s worth a watch.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

  32. Bihan is a useless character…..he is shown dumb who only cries and be gunda…..thapki is more dumb.Sheadha use her brain,evil but clever….aditi also cry all time!!!!!! Kabir is good taking care of sister…duty of brother…Vasu good so emotional in episode, I don’t like watching her cry. Thapki u are stupid wat will haldi do?????? Thapki u shud start loving Kabir get out of pandey home, life with Kabir…..Kabir is good

  33. I hope Vasu will clear misunderstandings..but Precap makes me scary.. Don’t make evil always win..just bring out the truth..

  34. Dear Author…why you write this story so terrible…have you ill mental or what…i was hope the story thapki make the audience smile like before…but now disappointing

  35. Happy Christmas writer pls show more Kabir thapki

  36. Cv’s more ThaBir please….I want to see a scene where Thapki helps Kabir put on his shirt bcos of his shoulder injury from the bullet….Thabir rock!!!!Thapki should forget bihan

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