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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi asking Bihaan to call her Maa once and hug her. Kosi tells him that she is Devki for him, she has given him birth, she is his real mother. Everyone get shocked. Bihaan asks how dare you call me son, even if this is a play, you can’t call me son, get out of here. Kosi asks Vasundara till when will you be quiet, say him truth. Bihaan says don’t dare to take my mum’s name, you don’t deserve to be called a mum, I did mistake to leave you, I will kick you out of here now. He drags Kosi. Vasundara stops Bihaan and says Kosi is saying right, she is your real mum, she has given you birth. Bihaan gets shocked and leaves Kosi’s hand. Family too looks on shocked.

Bihaan asks what are you saying. Vasundara says Kosi is your real mum. Bihaan asks Bau ji to say,

explain Maa, you are my Maa and Bau ji, is Maa taking my test, don’t do this, I will die. Vasundara cries. Thapki tells Bihaan that this is the truth and cries. She shows him locket with pics of child Bihaan and Kosi. Bihaan gets shocked.

He says this is a lie, this can’t happen, you are my Maa and Bau ji, make Kosi leave from here, I will make her leave. Kosi says these people will cheat you forever, they will always treat you as stepson, I did not come to snatch you, I just came to meet you, Vasundara played trick and made my son kick me out of here, then I decided I will tell truth to you, even if you come to me or not, you think Vasundara and Balwinder are like Lord, they are murderers of your real father. They all get shocked.

Kosi says Vasundara has killed my husband, Balwinder supported her, our family was a happy one, but they have ruined everything, ask them, if I m lying, I will leave from here. Naman says yes, we will not see this house again, ask them if we are saying wrong. Bihaan sees Vasundara tensed. He holds Vasundara and Bau ji’s hands and takes them to inhouse temple.

He says I know you both can’t do this, I will not come in your way, you can make Kosi leave, just swear on Kanha ji and say this women is saying wrong, just say once, then see how I kick these people out of this house. He keeps their hands on his head and asks them to swear. Vasundara cries.

Vasundara takes her hand away and says Kosi is saying truth, I did not kill your father intentionally, it was an incident. Bau ji says then we came far to this house, I got you, I did not know you are my best friend and business partner’s son. Vasundara says trust us, we tried to find your family to send you, but we could not find anything. Bau ji says then we accepted you, and we believed you are our son.

Kosi says you cheated him, why did you not say truth. Bau ji says he was a child, how would we give him sorrow. Naman asks why did you not say truth later, you knew Bihaan will not forgive you, does anyone forgive father’s murderer. Kosi says now you know the truth Bihaan. Bihaan cries and gets away. He leaves from there silently.

Bau ji, Vasundara and Thapki ask him to stop. Sankara looks on. Thapki hugs Vasundara. Bihaan walks on the road. He sees a boy with his parents, and recalls his childhood with Vasundara and Bau ji. Bau ji got Bihaan home and says she is your mum, won’t you hug her. Bihaan ran and hugged Vasundara. Vasundara says you are our other son from today, you have right on us as Dhruv has. He recalls how he came from school. Bau ji asks did anyone say anything. Bihaan says I won’t go school. Bau ji laughs and asks how will you study. Bihaan says I have family, what will I do by studies, I will just stay with you, I won’t go anywhere. He hugs Bau ji. He thinks of Kosi’s words.

Bihaan says I m not related to Maa and Bau ji, this is our house, we will not leave from here, Pandeys will leave. Thapki gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aami123

    Thx 4 wu

  2. A emotionally overwhelming episode.I think there is a mystery behind the death of Bihaans father..Anyway,precap is a shocking one Bihaan appearing in a burning anger…Guys…again there is a rift between Our Thahaans life.writerji…don’t tried to separate Thahaan.Manish…your a fabulous actor,because Manish has to given 100% justice towards the character Bihaan for the perfection…really impressing performance.My wishes all time with youuuu.

    1. Hi pooja, how are you friend? 🙂

      this episode takes an interesting turn, im guessing bihaan will follow blindly everything kosi told him to do including almost divorce thapki but didn’t get through with it in the end bcoz he loves her so much

      at least i’ll say this track is much better than the previous track, now i can see manish dominates the screentime again instead of becoming supporting character like in dhruv’s track. i wonder in which family bihaan will stay in the end

      1. ohh maybe the writer will repeat the pretend divorce story but now from bihaan side. i noticed the writer(s) love making parallel plot a lot between its bakwas conflict lol

    2. Yup i too agree vid ur cmmnts pooja

  3. I know that what happen like all serial bihaan acting to prove his family Inocence.

  4. Oh again drama…
    I think this??
    new story will lead Thahaan rift and Kosi devi may try to make Sankara -Bihaan together ….becoz she didn’t like Thapki….
    And DS may return to save his family from Jaisals

  5. British blogger

    Dhruv will return to save his family from them and truth of bihaans’s father will be exposed by thapk!

  6. ,yes drouv sr must return to save his family and help them.

  7. doubt DHruv will be back this soon, wasn’t it’s reported that ankit is taking a break from this show?

    1. Bihaan must be acting to be on kosis side and then will trick them and finally kick him out of house.

  8. I too think Bihaan is acting and I know Thapki will find out the truth. Maybe sankara will help her. Just hope the writers don’t drag this track too long.

  9. I think kosi killed her husband but vasu assume herself manslayer

  10. Hello everybody. . This track is leading us to what? Its Just a drag with no sense in the story.. as earlier it was shown that bauji brought bihaan when he was quite young n now he is sjown to be a grown boy.. children can’t forget a mother’s face after the age of 6.. bihaan has lost his childhood memory ???

    1. Alister La Frenais

      I totally agree with your comments, the storyline is confusing and has no logical path. In fact the character of Thapki is fast becoming boring, because it would seem that she can do everything from becoming a lawyer, to a saint, to a lobbyist for women’s rights. I personally think that the character of Thapki is becoming overbearing and stale. The script writers should put on their thinking caps and review the storyline and install a pattern believable of events.

  11. Hi…Jann,I am fine dear friend.I am really happy to read my friends comments.if you can pls comment properly…have a nice day for all TPK friends.

  12. I can’t tolerate all these yaar.. I am just hooked to the show only bcoz I love Thahaan but even after their marriage we didn’t get proper post marriage scenes but again separation… and what should we call our most loved character bihaan? bihaan pandey or bihaan jaiswal?? I can’t even imagine bihaan to have another name other than pandey… why are the cvs butchering the most lovable character who is the life of the show??????? 🙁

  13. ? CVs !!!! Our thahaan should not be separated…bihan will be called jaiswal or Pandey at the track end …confusing…..

  14. Good going

  15. Dezine

    tpk latest trp is 1.3 falling down again!!!

  16. Hy friends, even i feel theres a hidden truth abt bihaans fathers death which ws nt exposed properly.i feel thspki will exposed it. I hp theres no seperation in thahaans life…

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