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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki stammering and singing the aarti. Vasundara gets shocked. The ladies say Vasundara has lied to us. The lady says we will leave now. The other lady says don’t feel bad, stammering does not go ever. The ladies leave. Thapki apologizes to Vasundara. She says I could not pretend infront of them, how can I lie infront of Ganpati. Vasundara says I should have not asked you to do aarti. Vasundara scolds Suman and gets angry.

Bihaan argues for Thapki for making joke of Vasundara infront of everyone. Vasundara prays to Lord and asks for her way to bring Thapki and Bihaan closer. Dadi gets a call from Guru Maa and tells Bau ji. Vasundara hears this. Dadi talks to her and asks her to go to some other devotee’s house this time. Bau ji asks Dadi why did she not

call Guru Maa. Dadi says she will believe in Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage and we can’t tell her the truth, and can’t ask Thapki to stay with him. Vasundara thanks Lord for answering her.

Vasundara brings Guru Maa home. Dadi gets shocked seeing her. Guru Maa says its her right and duty to come here and blesses everyone. She scolds Preeti for taking blessings alone, and asks her to take blessings along her husband. She asks about Bihaan and his wife.

She looks at them coming downstairs. Thapki and Bihaan take blessings. Guru Maa asks her about her room different from Bihaan. Dadi lies and manages the situation. Dhruv comes and takes blessings. He leaves for office. Dadi falls and asks Bihaan and Thapki not to bring their marriage truth infront of Guru Maa, she should feel they are happily together. Thapki says but Dadi… Dadi asks her to agree for her sake.

Aditi thinks to show Diwakar’s recording to Nimmi. Her friend comes and she makes him hear Diwakar’s recording. He stops her and says you said Diwakar is clever, he will prove this recording wrong. She says right. He asks her to do this drama, then they will catch Diwakar red handed and expose him. Guru Maa asks Thapki to have food after Bihaan. She asks Thapki to serve food to Bihaan.

Thapki serves food to Bihaan. Guru Maa says you have stammering weakness, but its very small infront of your values. They all pray and start having food. Thapki sits behind Bihaan and Guru Maa stops her, asking her to eat in Bihaan’s plate so that love increases. Vasundara smiles. Thapki takes Bihaan’s plate.

Bihaan scolds Thapki and says he is staying with her because of Guru Maa.. He opens the door and sees Guru Maa hearing them. Guru Maa gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who is that Guru Maa now???

  2. wow even ganapatiji help them to stay together THATS A POSITIVE SIGH that BIPKI are made to be together love u BIPKI

  3. Love you thapki and bihaan…atleast guru maa should unite them !!! Waiting for next episode !!

  4. Can’t see dhruv lyk this

    1. Yes poor dhruv love u l love thapki and dhruv jodi

  5. Guru should unite bipki

  6. we want our tharuv back..I expect after three months they will be together..hate thahaan couple..

  7. hip hop tamilan

    eating in same plate what a dirty culture it is ? plzz reunite thapki and dhruv

  8. Omg! Can’t see Dhruv and Thapki apart. They are absolutely amazing jodi.
    Make Bihaan fall for Thapki but not Thapki for Bihaan.

  9. Dhuruv and thapkishould be brought together. In this 21 St century how can be made anyone s wife forcibly can’t understand script writers

  10. I like thapiki and bihaan jodi.

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