Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha opening chilli powder box and holds it against the fan. All the chilli powder falls in Preeti, Suman and Kosi’s eyes. Suman asks Preeti, how we will see moon now. Thapki sees Shraddha doing this conspiracy. Preeti, Suman and Kosi close their eyes with pain. Thapki takes the water pipe and asks who have put garbage on my car. They clean their eyes and thank Vani. Vani says I was cleaning the car and the pipe turned to you because of high pressure. Shraddha hides the box. Vasu and her husband come to do the puja and asks about the water there. All of them do the puja and break fast seeing their husband. Vasu asks Preeti and Suman, from where did Mirchi come from? Who wanted us not to complete our fast? She says I won’t forgive that person. She sees Shraddha and

goes towards her. She asks you?

Shraddha nods no. Thapki silently picks the chilli powder box and hides under her pallu. Vasu asks what is in your hand? Thapki shows her hand. Vasu says you have ……..she slaps her and says you have done this cheap trick. She says you said right that you can’t be our Thapki as she can’t do this cheap work. She says it is okay if you don’t believe on Karwachauth, but why did you play with our emotions. She says Thapki can’t insult suhagan’s fast, but you have insulted. She says you can’t be Thapki. Kosi asks Vasu to stop it and asks why you are taking out anger on my guest. She apologizes to her on everyone’s behalf and asks her not to cancel the deal. Thapki says deal is still on because of you, and says she has slapped me just because she is having pain in her heart. She says now everyone know that I am not Thapki, but Vani.

Bihaan comes there and looks at Thapki. He goes angrily. Kosi apologizes to Vani. Shraddha says I am extremely sorry Vani ji, you have suffered because of me. She asks why did you save me? Thapki says just because of Kosi ji and asks her not to repeat the mistake again. Thapki tells Dhruv that she has hurt everyone. Dhruv says only you could do this, even I had not this much strength. He shows her papers, and says Shraddha will take signatures of Kosi today. Shradhha is talking to her dad. Dhruv comes and gives her papers saying her name is written on it. He asks her to get Kosi’s sign on it. Shraddha hugs Dhruv happily. Dhruv looks on.

Shraddha comes out and collides with Aditi. The papers fall down from her hand. Aditi sees property papers and helps her pick it. Shraddha scolds her. Dhruv thinks he shall change the papers with the other papers on which Vani’s name is written. Dhruv comes to Shraddha and asks her to take signatures. Shraddha says once I take the sign then we both will rule together. Aditi hears them. Dhruv tells her that he is helping Shraddha. Aditi says atleast you both are trying to unite each other. Dhruv thinks why he is giving explanation to Aditi. Bihaan recalls all the happenings and shouts Thapki.

Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and asks her to leave. Kosi tries to stop her. Bihaan says only my Thapki can stay here and not Vani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. whats all this drama…
    so boring….
    Lost its content …..and track just like Tom and Jerry cartoon…:-):-)

  2. Its an OK episode…precap is emotionally tied one,because I saw some photos which clearly shows how much she hurt him…Bihaans heart is completely broken.He is crying in front of Thapkis pic.its really painful.

  3. I hurt looking my bihann

  4. Die for manyasa

    Hey thahaanians me shruti how are you all hey garima and pooja studies ki wajah se time nahi mil pata but i am happy bcz i stood 1st in all sections btw i think precap me jab bihaan thapki ko ghar se bahar nikalega to thapki apne nam par kiye property paper dikha degi or fir shraddha kosi naukar and thapki malkin agar aisa hua to mujhe to bohot maja ayega and the most irritating unbearable animal is this sankara the worst character.aap sab sankara ko like ya dislike kare its my request mujhe janna hai kitne thahaan fan is rid ki haddi sankara ko dislike ya like karte hai and my lovely friends pooja garima anu santhosh fatarajo manish ki diwani vino and all share your opinion and last me thahaan is the best and it will always rock

  5. Oh my god…only sad sad sad….in tpk.I hate this.pls give some happyness for them.and deewali has coming so pls.I am expecting so much in deewali episode in thapki pyar ki don’t give sad for them.

  6. So bored…
    The episode running so long…
    Thapki and bihaan why they arenot clear the mis understanding,and always beat each other…please the writer,last thapki’s story is better thn vany’s story…so bad

  7. Hi…dear friend sruti,happy for reading your comment.if you can pls comment properly and share your views with us.anyway,your one my close friend in this circle.Hi…Garima,reshal,anu,Jo,vino,santhosh Bhai.waiting for your comments.

  8. Please thapki-drunv married?.I don’t like drunv-aditi.I remember epidose that drunv tell thapki look hand (henne write in hand drunv) thapki embarrasing she tell how know?drunv anwer i am here in your hand forever smile

    1. Jenniferobunomu

      Me too, drunv and thapti. Please

      1. Here we go again 😀

  9. At first i thought the vaani oberoi episodes will be better than the kosi naman drama, but im wrong… its the same boring episodes again again…

  10. Ek Dum bhagwas .hate to watch tpk these days

  11. It is good episode bt waiting for tomorrow episode …bihaan heart broken infornt of thapki picture …omg i m sure episode dekh kar most of auidance gonna cry..becz this man always do tht by his superb acting..i jst love it..n i think soon track will take new turn as vaani will make property on her name let see as its sounds interesting nw to see thapki .

    1. Excited for today episode and thank for today episode CVS come to point now.. Waiting last step vaani take .I think she come now as thapki in front of all family members and say I have take mY revenge from all of you … Because of u l lost my child… And gave them their property paper to them and leave them . And then again emotional drama for week . apologize drama start .. So on…… But feeling bad for bihaan …

  12. Alister La Frenais

    What a fiasco tonight’s episode was. However, the only good performance given was by Dhruv. The actress playing Vaani/Thapki is not performing her part as a business woman or that of a woman seeking to avenge her unborn child. At every twist and turn she sheds tears and her body language displays her weakness. Very weak storylines and lack of action and imagine has turn this serial into a joke.

  13. Too much drama and make me boring

  14. Manish ki deewani

    Hi pooja garima and die for mamyasa I,m out of city so didn’t comment hw r u all
    And writers plz stop dragging
    Die 4 manyasa here all don’t like Sankara she is so annoying and irritating .wait 4 today’s episode what happened next plz writer stop dragging and clear their misunderstanding soon

  15. please tell to the writer,i hope thapki suddenly know that bihaan didn’t wrong,bcz used to kosi came to panday’s house wanted to kill bihaan,but why the stories change now?

  16. Hlo ……
    Acha epi tha par….. Dhruv tho Kamal karta hai ….love u Dhruv ??

  17. Tess

    Arey sumone first change thapki’s looks! Vo business women hai paagal nahi hoon.. Such a weird nerd look! Doesnt suit her.. Shes such a beautiful girl nd director has spoiled her look.. And especially that awkward teeth.. Aur bihaan as usual good..

  18. Thapki pyar ki is nothing but CRAP these days!! Thapki coming as some Vani Oberoi and getting into some stupid business partnership …… and then STAYING ON in the Pandey household????? Where is the need for her to stay there?? Such a ridiculous storyline….. taking the viewers to be fools to take any crap that they can cook up!!!! We are totally done with this atrocious serial!!!

  19. I don’t like Dhruv and Aditi make a couple.
    The serial now becomes too long with absurd circumstance

  20. Hello friends pooja how are you and hello how are you die for manayasa and hello Manish ki divani and Anu fatarajo were are you and bihaan love you are right i am also cry to watched it ?.

  21. How about trp tpk this week???

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