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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Preeti some some sarees. Thapki thinks how to see the pic. She hears Suman and Preeti talking, about getting pic enlarged in photo gallery. She gets this idea and rushes out. Vasundara gets the negatives of the wedding album pics, whose truth Thapki has. Dadi tells Kiran that truth can hide, but it comes out in any avatar. Vasundara looks for the page 27 pic, and says this can show that I was with Bihaan in the room, if Thapki gets this, she will know I made Bihaan marry her.

Dadi says good always wins over evil, the person who does wrong can’t be happy. Vasundara says Thapki should not know the truth. She goes and sees Thapki with the pic. She asks Thapki is she going anywhere. Thapki says yes, I have some imp work. She goes even when Vasundara tries

to stop her. Vasundara asks Bihaan about the album. He says I burnt the album. She says but I have seen her having the pic, she went out. He recalls Thapki’s words. She asks him to manage this problem. He asks her not to worry.

Poonam tells Krishnakant that she is worried. He says Thapki should not know this. She says we will not tell Thapki. They see Raghav teasing a girl and get shocked. Bihaan stops Thapki while she is in auto and argues with her. He says she should come with me for the family’s respect. She sits in the auto. He parks the bike and gives money to the driver. He asks him to go home, he will send the auto later. He drives the auto and says he will go with her. She gets shocked. He smiles and sees pic in her hand.

He says he will show her Noida. She says she has to go temple. He brings her to temple and asks her to come back fast. She prays and says till Bihaan is with me, I can’t go photo studio. She buys a red chunri and wears it. She starts praying aloud and tells about her mannat. He thinks she is foolish. All the girls buy similar red chunri hearing about mannat getting fulfilled by it. Bihaan looks on. Thapki makes rounds around the tree and leaves from there, confusing Bihaan. He says how to know who is Thapki among them. He sees its someone else and says sorry. He says where did Thapki disappear.

Thapki goes to photo studio and asks him to enlarge this pic. He says fine. She says now she will know who helped Bihaan in cheating her. Krishnakant tells Aditi that Raghav is not a good guy, will any good guy tease the girl. Poonam says he is pretending to be good. She asks Aditi not to meet Raghav. Aditi says no, you maybe mistaken. Poonam says we have seen him teasing girl. Aditi says we will know truth, Raghav is not Diwakar. Bihaan comes home and Vasundara asks about Thapki. He says no, she disappeared from temple. She says where can Thapki go, did she go to police? He says no, this won’t happen, else I will manage things, I won’t let anything happen to you. She sees Thapki. Thapki says she has to talk to Vasundara in private and sends Bihaan. He stands away and hides. Thapki says she has got to know complete truth. Bihaan and Vasundara get shocked.

Thapki says the night Bihaan married me, he was not alone with Dhruv, I have the proof, I got a photo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohhho… Now Bihaan became Auto Driver for Thapki….It’s Too much….

  2. pata nehi ab aur kiya hoga

  3. I am happy vasundra is caught

    1. I’m 100% sure that thapki has not learnt the truth this time. That’s how Indian Serials are. What she has learnt is that this is not all Bihaan’s fault. Someone made Bihaan to do it.

  4. omg….
    W8ng tmarw epi….
    Lve u bihaaaaaaan………

  5. 2day’s epi isnt good Too much dragging waiting 4 tmrw, will thapki know vasu’s truth? Watching 4 bihaan n thapki only… temple scene seemd nice thapki made bihaan fool & went 2 studio,

  6. Love u bihaan u even became auto driver for your wife how sweet

  7. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho
    Gungunane ki wajah tum ho
    TPK dekhna nd like krni ki wajah tum ho
    Written Update ki wait ki wajah tum ho
    Sunday ko TPK ki miss krni ki wajah tum ho
    Bus tum hi ho……. Bihaaaan :-*****

    Lub u B 4 Bihaan :-*

    1. Dude…. Looks like you made” Tum hi ho” and ”Muskurane” mixed … I think before Thapki you fell in love with Bihaan…. HAHAHA… DON’T MIND.. JUST JOKING…

  8. I like tapki aur druv plz milado un dhono ko

  9. everyone please keep watching thapki every monday to saturday 7pm. Iss hafte thapki 8 position se 10 pe a agaya hain. Trp 2.8 se 1.6 only ho gaya hai. Please kudh vi thapki dekhiye aur sabko boliye dekhne ke liye. trp badhana hai. Thahaan ko best position pe lena hai

    1. Its trp only for the rural areas .this week barc trp rating included rural and urban. The urban area trp is 2.3,1.6 its good because every soaps trp will diped due to urban rural area trp.even colors every two shows are above 2 trp otherwaya TPKs trp better

  10. Bihaan u r so sweet…who becomes a auto driver for his wife but u did…fab scene…love thahaan romantic scenes as always….only wating dat it does not dragggg so much n basu’s truth is revealed soon…thahaan n tpk u rock….

    1. Dude… He didn’t become driver because of Thapki… He did it to get the photo… In order to save Vasu….

  11. Wow wtng for tmrw

  12. yaaaa same here iam also agree wt devika

    plz milado dono ko……plzz

  13. Superb bihaan

  14. yaaaa same here iam also agree wt devika

    plz milado dono ko……plzz

    love u tharuv

  15. I hate bihaan idiot bihaan.

  16. Luv u Bihaan
    Waitin eagerly fr toms episode…
    Hope they wont drag 🙁

  17. I like u beehan. Thapki find the truth pls.

  18. Is funny how everyone is like Bihaan u are Sweat, u are this n that…did u ppl forgot what he did to get married, he cheated his brother knowingly, and cheated to thapki to marry her..what kind relationship are u guys talking. Thapki is also idiot, hw did she accept such marriage that was build with cheats and lie. The reason why directors make such shows is that they know some people will watch who only care about physical appearance.

    1. u r right..its also like now a days focus is on bihaan so people enjoying him earlier focus was on dhruv at tht time enjoying dhruv tooo..but bihaan thapki pair not acceptable

  19. Its just a serial…u dont have to go beyond..and its not necessary that u should learn sonething from the serial…its all entertainment…and each and wveryone have thr own opinion n likings …some ppl like Bihaan n some othr Dhruv…personal dsnt hv nything to do wth physicl apperancr …if u look so dhruv is mre handsome…its all bihaans acting n naugtines n many more attracting ppl…

  20. wow super episode

  21. I like bihaan .

  22. Thapki @bihaan

  23. Love u thahaan… Is there any malayalis here ….

  24. Although good epi…..but how much dragging this now………….. I am sure today they also drag it for next week suspense.

  25. soooooooo nice thapki you are great

  26. Anyone see the bihan entry in this show he tell that day he already made 99 marriage and his work is to unite real lovers. I think he reunite thapki and dhruv in lastly.

    1. Really hope so… it would be great to see thapki and dhruv back again

  27. wat stupid…n if d makers r planning to show bihaaan n thapkias pair and dhruv and aditi better close down d show before tht…. are thy clothes tht brothers and sisters keep on exchanging… if thy do it thy will pass a vry bad msg to public… n thapki n bihaan look good fightting not in couple type scenes…

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