Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha’s friend taking her inside the house. Bihaan and Thapki have an eyelock. Music plays…. Thapki says Shraddha is worse than I thought. Bihaan says we have to do something to bring her truth out before engagement. Vasundara is doing all arrangements. She asks servant Manohar to press Dhruv’s sherwani well. A man brings 400 sweets boxes. She says 1000 guests are coming, get more 600 boxes. She tells Dhruv that she is preparing for his engagement. Dhruv says you are still not totally fine, you promised you will not take burden of work. She says she was waiting for this day. Shraddha is best. Dhruv thinks his happiness is with Thapki, sorry, but Thapki will not let this engagement and marriage happen. She says past is gone, you have to move ahead. He says I want

to see if past will come back. He looks at Thapki. Vasundara says this time everything will be come, no hurdle will come, no one has problem with this relation, everyone is happy.

Dhruv says he will know who all are happy. Thapki asks Dhruv is he happy, did he think well to decide this. He says he hurried, as there was no other way, tell me if there is any other way, there is still time. She says you will get many ways, but work done in hurry is not right. He asks why, is Shraddha not good, why do you want me to not marry, do you have objection, please say. She says yes, Shraddha…. Bihaan comes there and stops Thapki from saying. He says Dhruv, Thapki has no objection, she is happy with your marriage, we have work. Dhruv cries. Bihaan takes Thapki and they leave.

Dhruv says I know Thapki, you won’t let my marriage happen with Shraddha, you still love me. Bihaan brings Thapki to room and asks what was she doing. She says she was telling Dhruv about Shraddha. He says you were doing mistake, we have to expose Shraddha, Dhruv has got honeymoon tickets, it means he is affected by Shraddha’s magic. She says Dhruv agreed to marry Shraddha for family, he does not know Shraddha’s truth. He says I worry more, I planned something. He shows wine, and says Shraddha will tell her truth after drinking wine, she will speak out everything. She says no, this is cheat. He says fine, let Shraddha marry Dhruv and ruin everything. She asks is there any other way. He says Shraddha drinks wine, its fine to do this.

Preeti is drunk and speaks her frustration out to her husband. He says you never had wine. She says its fashion these days. She asks him to get wine in party, else she will make him sleep on floor. Shraddha shows her gown to her dad and says she wants to wear gown in her engagement, Dhruv and I will look perfect celebrity couple. He says yes, made for each other. Vasundara comes there and gifts lahenga for engagement. Shraddha gets annoyed.

Vasundara says its tradition. Shraddha says she thought to wear this gown for her engagement. Vasundara asks her to wear lahenga and see, such heavy dress looks good, its shagun. Shraddha holds her anger and agrees. Vasundara says she has work and leaves. Shraddha says so I have to wear this now and fumes. Thapki gets Krishnakant’s call and talks to him. She asks is Diwakar troubling him. Krishnakant says we will manage, person’s nature can’t change, Balwinder invited us to come in Dhruv’s engagement, I told him we can’t come, Diwakar will create issue again, it won’t be good, this is our problem, we will deal. She asks him to take care.

Vasundara welcomes everyone in party. Shraddha and her dad look happy. Dhruv thinks Thapki will stop this engagement. Bihaan gives wine to Thapki and asks her not to make any mistake this time.

Thapki tells Vasundara that Shraddha is not right for Dhruv. Vasundara scolds her and asks her to see her status, you stammer and you are saying Shraddha is bad. She shouts on Thapki and says I hate you. Thapki cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now started dragging same precap for 3days

  2. same precap????????/

  3. Same precap….. BORED A LOT…

  4. B for Bihaan B for Bluedress makes you more handsome dear…,anyway good episode.oh!god wednesday episode………. vasundara’s evilness revealed infront of Thapki.Thahaan your the best for ever.

  5. Frustrated ? with d same precap……..
    Anyways……. Loved thahaan scenes……..?
    B 4 BIHAAN & B 4 BEST…..

  6. Ohooo deshyam varunu

  7. U idiot bihaan let thapki to say the truth to dhruv..thapki reads dhruv’s mind and finds out he agreed to marry shraththa onlybfor she knows that dhruv is still loving Mrs.thapki pandey what u r going to do .breaking the heart of a guy who loves u lyk anything or going to make ur lyf with a guy who cheated u for his selfishness of getting his mother’s love…or atleast get out from pandey nivas..most people are not thinking in this sense…

  8. I think it will take long time to reveal all truth about Bihaan Thapki marriage. Poor Druv he don’t know the real culprit is none other than his mother.

  9. good epi!!!!!! But same precap is boring…………… i think tomorrow they also show the same precap as truth comes out on wednesday,:

  10. u thahaan.

  11. Its ridiculas they have made love,a joke in the begining thapki is shown to have feeling for divakar then she fall for dhruv having unconditional and selfless love for him now without knowing dhruv innocence she start having an eyelock or sometime falling into bihaan’s arms….total bulshit atleast show some logic true love happens only once and only with one person …….. if thapki is to pair with bihaan then what was that between dhruv and thapki why they made us fool showing their cute and romentic moments….. Honestly speaking i hate this kind of love triangle

    1. yes exactly… if thapki ever loved dhruv truly, then she should find out the reasons why dhruv let her marriage happen with bihaan, she should never get trapped into bihaan’s love.

  12. Pllzz unite thapki and dhruv.. dhruv loves thapki a lot..

  13. rytt plzz unite dhruv nd thapki not bihaan nd thapki b’coz they lov each others

  14. Thank god at least now dere is a big chance for thapki to understand Bihaan


  16. miz d tody epi..nd miz Thahaan…romance… sme parcap!!
    I thnk tmarw sme paracp…:(

  17. Bihaan you rock the show, hope somehow you and tapki starting to have feeling each othr. And tat witch gets exposed wich is going to take bit longer .

  18. Thahaan rockzz as always l..n she is just protecting druv from dat evil shraddha dats it just gor humanity…she does’nt want druv back in her life as she said this earlier to druv…she is perfect with only or entertainer all rounder her b 4 bihaan….thahaan romance scene awsome….tpk rocks bcoz of manyasa…pair.

  19. For how long will they keep showin same precap :[email protected]

  20. Hi guys I am just a little confused. Why does aditi marry diwakar? I missed those episodes. Can someone please help me out?

    1. Aditi gone to meet Raghav in Hotel and she was waiting for raghav . He didn’t come. But Divakar came before that
      Divakar spiked Aditi ‘s juice with the help of room boy. And made her and his intimate photos. And put those picture in newspaper but it was blur. And again he black mailed her he will put original photos if she is Not ready to marry him.. so she married him
      Actually it’s logic is ridiculous…

  21. oh no!again same prrecap,why there is no progress in thahaans relation?only eyelocks,this is not fair, I want them to fall for each other,they r vry cute n adorable love u both.

  22. I think shradda is the correct bahu for vasundara.they both r of same type and once she comes her baby she will understand the value of thapki and reliase her mistakes

    1. but what about dhruv??? does shraddha deserve dhruv??? guys why are you not thinking about dhruv once… everyone is concerned for that bihaan only

  23. In this show all marriages happened by cheating .first thapki then adithi and now dhruv series . what kind of story is.this is really bad.

  24. Love is in the air thahaan intimate dance sequence in upcoming episode
    cnt wait..
    thahaan rockssss

  25. Wt is this same precap ..
    Oh god atleast bring vasu truth infromt tapki
    N i think all writers making lv as fun
    Bt not in this pls
    Tapki loved druv n on mariage day bihan took his plc n married her bcz of vasu .. I agree bihan is gud at heart bt anyways he cheated n marry tapki..

    I don’t want to hurt anyone bt truly telling for me tapki n druv is gud couple
    Dhruv still lvs tapki wt is his fault he is just victim…

    Pls unite tapki n dhruv

  26. N writer forgot the all scenes of dhruv tapki
    N want to make tapki fall for bihan ..
    Its ridiculous
    At the time of Bihan entry on the show they showed aditi n bihan … Then after that they spoiled whole serial

    Seriously think something new not same drama that first they lv sumone n then another guy by cheating marries her n fall in lv wt rubbish
    Pls think smthing new
    Don’t make things which force viewers for not believing lv

    1. U r absolutely right. If thapki ever loved dhruv, she should never fall in love with bihaan. Otherwise she will be the cheapest girl that she can love anyone she is engaged with. And if bihaan really wanted to unite dhruv thapki, why is he making eye contacts with thapki and developing feelings for thapki.. he always tries to be oversmart. Dhruv is the real victim over here. Thapki also seems to be happy.. plzz writers its my request, don’t spoil the serial and do something good for dhruv..

      1. Want to see old dhruv onceagain
        He became like devdas…

  27. Sry my intention is not to hrt anybody its only in my point of view as i want to see tharuv

    Pls unite tapki n dhruv…

  28. Hey ka wrote that their will be an intimate dance bw thapki &bihan is it true wow our thaans will rock but poor druv sad of him . Any one plse tell is it true.

  29. Bad episode .Want vasundhara evil face to be exposed.

  30. The star cast is very good . Their acting skill is also realistic. But certain effects must be given towards direction for a better result. Giving the same trailor for next episode for a week is quite irritating. It Shd nt be done.

    1. Same thing happens in swaragini.. they show same precap for weeks

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