Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aryan keenly hears the door while Thapki pushes it. He figures the voice is coming from behind the mirror and struggles with it.
Downstairs, the wedding rounds had completed.
Aryan was finally able to open the mirror hole and carries Thapki outside. She cries badly and hugs him.
The wedding rituals were completed.
Thapki thanks Aryan for saving her, she tells him Kosi shut her inside and that Kosi has switched the chunri of both brides. They head downstairs.
The wedding had completed. The couple stands to take blessings. Thapki calls from upstairs to stop this. Vasundra tells Thapki that the wedding has been done already. Both Thapki and Aryan were shocked. Vasundra goes to remove the veil off Tina’s face but it comes out to be Bani. Everyone was shocked. Suman removes

the veil off Tina’s face who had been married to Munna. Thapki cries silently. They girls stood semi-conscious. Tina finally fell on the floor. Vasundra calls for water. Kosi stops Thapki’s way preventing her to go any forward. They sprinkle water over Tina and Bani’s face, the girls realize whom they had been married to. Tina asks what happened with her, how she married Munna. She looks towards Bani who had been married to Samar. Tina cries in disbelief, she shouts who did this. Kosi accepts she did this.
Vasundra runs towards Kosi. Kosi cries that she had been asked to do this by Thapki. Thapki was shocked. Thapki calls Kosi as a liar. Kosi tells Thapki she has a recording and has a proof. She plays a video with Bani in Thapki’s attire. Bani had deterred her to do what she would say. Thapki stares towards Bani, Bani thinks this is her recording to make Thapki as false. She was in disbelief how Kosi used this falsely. Kosi tells Thapki to lie again she isn’t in the video, she winks towards Bani. Bani was upset what if Thapki says she is in the video. Thapki accepts this proof is right, she is in the video and she told her to do this all. Kosi fills her eyes fakely, she looks towards Bani and says she didn’t want to lose her as she is the last support of her old age. She goes to hug Bani and says she did this only for Bani, if she accepts this all silently her revenge from Thapki would be accomplished.
Kosi tells Thapki she had warned her that everything would get ruined otherwise. Thapki silently cried. Vasundra slaps Thapki and says she had never thought she would fall to such an extent that she would play with her daughter’s life. Aryan thinks he must save Thapki as she was locked upstairs. Thapki stops Aryan. Aryan thinks he knows Thapki is doing this to save Bani. Vasundra says Thapki, in her stubbornness ruined her daughter’s life. She would never forgive her. Tina also accuses Thapki saying she would also not forgive her ever. Bani recalls Bihaan’s death. She remembers how Bihaan fell off the cliff. Everyone accuse Thapki for snatching her daughter’s love. Bani cries thinking finally Thapki has got what she deserved. Aryan defends Thapki, he says he trusts his Thapki who cannot do this all. They must trust Thapki. Vasundra asks him to look at their daughter’s and how they have been betrayed. Suman says Thapki accepts this all by herself.
Thapki comes to Tina who jerks her hands away and forbids her to touch her. Tina forbids Thapki to call her as her child anymore. She goes and spill oil in fire and swears of the fire that she breaks every relation with Thapki today and boycotts her. Everyone leave. Kosi says her job has been done.

PRECAP: Aryan tells Thapki he would stay in this Panday family and promises he would change Thapki’s luck.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hi friends…please accept me as your friend
    About episode again sacrifice of thapki..why thapki???precap…i know our bihaan is trust his thapki always and will support her…bani samar..tina munna story is just waste of time…this is story of thapki..not bani’s.

    1. Already we accepted as our friend

      1. hello jis .hw r u here we all r thahaan family.we r friends dear .

    2. Apeksha

      Hii jis. I already accepted u as my frnd.

    3. Hi..tnkyou for your love..this was my wish that to befriend with tpk fans..and iam fine..

  2. a mothers job is not to simply protect her children from punishment. she should actually punish them for their wrong doings. if thapki had told everyone about bani beforehand this would not have happened. who does thapki think she is protecting? this thapki is taking only illogical decisions post leap. what was the point of bringing a stranger to their home and for how long could this drama have continued anyway. stupid storyline.

  3. Vinolin.d

    hai dear jis123. already we accepted you as our friend my dear. how are you? I hate this seems, shraddha and Sankara is better comparing to bani and kosi. I hate bani’s character.she is irritating fellow. then the CVS will never change. they must go to mental hospital. how many fake marriages. my god…idiotic story. why always all are blaming thapki? just show bihaan and thapki scene. or it’s better to end this show.

    hai dear pooja,garima,Anu,reshal,Jo,sruthi,kudrat,naira,Leena,simran,navami, rifa,sadia,sandy,juvi,Ritz and all my tpk friends…I am sorry if I left anyone name..

    1. hai how are you vinolin

    2. hello di .hw r u di.really agree with u today really felt bad for thapki . this bani hate her she also has no brain just like cvs .now bani is happy because everyone blaming thapki .her mother sacrifice herself but this girl didn’t realize her mistake hate her .
      poor soul thapki .i wish they show thayan scene more than timan or bimar .
      i can’t understand vasu character she is like girgit .tolerate this just because of MANI .hope tpk end soooooooooon .because we can’t digest this crap story

      1. Agree to u reshal dear?

    3. Thankyou vinolin..iam fine dear..and iam totally agree with you..they spoiled a beautiful story..i too think sradha was bettethan this bani..and yaa bear this nonsense only for thahaan..otherwise tpk became worst show..if they will dont focus on thahaan then definitely this will become waste..and fake marriage..really…many fake marriages..i loved the first fake one because that gave us our thahaan..but now this is completely waste..ok dear..gud nyt

  4. I really hate this thapki always sacreficing herself for others?

    1. Why this filthy show is still on? The writers are uneducated bastrd.

  5. Crap..crap…crap…END THIS CRAP ASAP.

    1. Ya this is just rotten.all the idiots who watch is also.

  6. So stupid after everything Vasundara doubts Thapki again and believes Kosi where is the logic in all of that.

    This show is beyond idiotic.

    And as a mum when you see your 2 daughters upset and distraught obviosuly you going to comfort them not wait just because Kosi stops you LOL

    So stupid.

  7. Apeksha

    Disgusting episode with disgusting characters. After thapki’s huge sacrifice, at least now bani should understand her mistake or forgive thapki.She wanted to take revenge from thapki but in this whole process she hurted tina, munna and broke vasundhra thapki’s bond and relation. At least now she should listen and follow her heart rather than following kosi like a nincompoop

  8. This cvs has really gone mad.!! ? ?
    Still continues with ilogical.& horrible idea…
    I truly sad seeing Thapki’s state…
    Bani has been blinded by Kosi devil.., how could she do such cruel thing to her mother..
    Nice precap..

  9. hello poo kudrat vino di anu sandy santhosh bhai garima ritz di shruti .hw r u guys .tc.
    poo thank u for welcoming me again u know i miss u so much .my exam went well and now i am free .yeah dearie only MANI is the reason to watch this crap serisal .

  10. I guess Thapki knows that it’s not truly banis fault, she has been poisoned against her most of her life and she was partly responsible as she bougt an imposter in, so now she’s just protecting bani and maybe bani would hopefully in the future realise she was always just a pawn and I’m glad Ayaan will stay to help Thapki and support her. I haven’t watched it yet but the written episode seems promising and I don’t hate it as some episodes I hate them just by reading about it

  11. Hope Aryaan confides in Munna and together they help Thapki and bring Kosi down once and for all. Funny how at the wedding no family members noticed that The brides father wasn’t there for the ceremony

    1. ? I liked your comment. Nobody noticed Aryan .

    2. You’re right..
      Pandey’s family didn’t even notice how is Thapki’s look.., so miserable…
      It’s just because of pathetic cvs..!

  12. Am sick and tired of this stupid show (Thapki) what the hell is this, this is so wrong in so many levels!!!?? when are people in Thapki show going to STOP making Thapki life miserable!!! Vasu how can she not trust Thapki upon everything Thapki as done for her and the family!!? And believe kosi when she truly know kosi true colors of the past!!!!!??? C’me on man this is wrong very wrong!!! It very sad to watch and very sad for the viewers to see this kind of a thing.. If I was Thapki I will never forgive Bani, Tina. And the family till the beg, beg, beg,beg and beg a till they also go through hell before the get Thapki forgiveness.. They should deal with Kosi and end her once and for all!!!!! I thought Bani was smart to behave like that??? Plz CV make Thapki to be smart to start speaking out for her self Plz, she the main character of the show n behaving so stupid!!! ?? all in the name of sacrifice!!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️ if anyone know the CV number or Email plz pass it on me so I can give them the piss of my mind..??? Fod God sake End the show plz..???

    1. I agree with your points but I don’t blame Tina, to save bani Thapki took the blame and Tina truly loves Samar so obviously she’ll be inconsolable. I felt her reaction was spot on and bani didn’t react at all which should lead people to question why she didn’t react, a big betrayal like that and no response is suspicious in itself

    2. This Cvs must be out of their mind.!
      Never use their thought properly..
      After so many bad things happened in the past., Vasundra still couldn’t believe in Thapki.., it doens’t make sense at all..

  13. I also thing bani deserves the boring Samar, he has no personality, I just find him so boring.
    After watching the episode I love the precap, I knew from reading it I’ll enjoy it but Manish took it to another level, he came across very strong and confident and gives you that promise of making things better, just hope the writers don’t screw it up

  14. Thanks for update., Sona.. ?
    You’re telling the story clearly..
    Have a nice day to all of you..

  15. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I am more and more curious … who is actually aryaan khanna…why he want to stay at pandey nivas?? i only want if cvs to think in normal brain…very very not funny to see jigyasa couple with 2 man…crazy story…

    1. Even thought its jigyssa playing both roles i find it quite easy to separate both characters so i can see their character rather then the actress, i find bani really irritating. Even though manish isn’t playing two characters at once now i only see him as Aryaan as his characters mannerisms and style are very different to bihaans.
      Aryaan Khaana is a businessman who originally came to PN to make amends with munna and wanted munna to marryy bani as munna loves bani but now wants to truly help Thapki

  16. makers had spoiled tpk ,only thahaan looks good not this Bani Samar just hate it.Miss u Thahaan

  17. Boring…

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