Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki seeing Bihaan. Suman comes and sees Thapki lost. She moves Thapki and asks do you have to get ready for party or stare at husband for some more time. Thapki says I will get ready and come. She leaves. Suman says Thapki run away to get saved from me, but how will she run away from herself. Shraddha gets ready and says they are getting ready to have Litti chokha outside house, anyways I have to get ready so that Dhruv’s eyes stays on me and he gets close to me. Dhruv comes. She compliments him and asks how am I looking. He talks to Vivek. She purposely falls. He holds her. She says I m sorry, I slipped. He asks her to take care of herself in this state, I told Suman to make extra ghee Litti for you, healthy food is good for baby. He asks her to come and goes. She says

this drama started again, it would be better if Bihaan’s case went for long. He calls her to come. She goes.

Bihaan brings Bau ji. Suman says now we will start party, but why this tv is placed here. Dadi says I got this tv. Preeti asks why. Dadi says we will play songs and enjoy, come everyone sit. Sanjay switches on the tv. Preeti says Karaoke… Suman asks whats this. Dadi says lyrics will come on tv and you have to sing seeing the lines. Preeti says awesome Dadi. Bihaan asks Bau ji to say who will sing first. Everyone get sad as Bau ji does not say anything.

Thapki says its Dadi’s idea, so we should start with her. Dadi says fine, I will sing. Sanjay asks which song to play for you. Dadi says number 55, you all have to say numbers and whatever song comes, you have to sing that. Suman says its good to play game and sing. Dadi sings Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai….. Thapki and Bihaan smile seeing each other.

They all ask Thapki to sing. Thapki asks how shall I sing. Vasundara says like you read Durga chalisa paath. Dadi asks Sanjay to switch off tv. She asks Thapki to sing any song she likes. Bihaan signs Thapki to sing. Thapki nods. Bihaan passes the mic to her. Thapki goes to sing. Bihaan smiles. Thapki closes eyes and sings Sunte hai jab pyaar ho to……. She looks at Bihaan… and sings. Bihaan smiles. She sings well and then stammers a bit….

Bihaan goes to Thapki and pats on her shoulder. She completes the line and looks at him. He smiles. She gets teary eyed. Everyone clap. Preeti praises Thapki’s singing. Suman says Bau ji would have said, great Thapki, you sung so well. Vasundara says now its your Bau ji’s fav son’s turn, Bihaan. Dadi asks Bihaan to say number. Bihaan says give any song, its all same for me. Thapki gives him mic and signs him. Dadi says I know his fav number, 36, as his senses and hearts have 36 scores, he does not do what he wants. Suman shows Preeti how Thapki is smiling seeing Bihaan and calls out Thapki.

Bihaan sees Thapki staring at him and smiles. Dadi and Vasundara smile. Suman calls out Thapki again and asks her to come and sit here, will she just stick to Bihaan there, he won’t be able to sing then. Thapki goes and sings. Sanjay plays song number 36. Bihaan sings so bad and everyone get pain in ears. Thapki smiles. Dadi asks why are you singing so bad, sing from heart. Bihaan says song is sung by throat, how shall I sing by heart. Vasundara laughs. Dadi says use your senses, close your eyes, and see and think about the one who like the most, then see you will have voice from your heart. Bihaan looks at Thapki and asks really, lets see. He smiles naughtily…..

Bihaan closes his eyes and sees Thapki. They hold hands and hug sitting between a heart made by rose petals and diyas. He sings Dehleez pe…. Na sikha maine….. Bihaan kisses her forehead and she runs being shy. They have a sweet moment. He gets close to her and hugs her. They have an eyelock. He smiles seeing her….. and that sequence ends. He opens his eyes and looks at Thapki.

Everyone stare at him. Bihaan looks at them….. Thapki and everyone clap for Bihaan for singing so well. Sanjay asks whom did you think and sing, tell us. Bihaan says I just closed eyes and….. Preeti says …..and saw Thapki…. Bihaan smiles.

Everyone dine outside the house. Vasundara likes the Litti and tells Bau ji that its made really good, just like he likes. She gets sad seeing him not respond. Everyone get sad. Thapki says I will get more Litti. She goes to get Litti, while her dupatta catches fire from the hot coal. Bau ji sees this and gets restless in shock. Bau ji sees the fire and his body starts responding. He moves his fingers and looks on.


Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and says I really love you a lot. Na na na na …..plays…………..She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    #thahaan scene gajabb and the way Bhabhi teases thapki & than bihaan i loved it

    bihaan dream sequence really gajabb:-)

    want to happen in real.also

    oh bauji will be fine
    its thahaan plan

    thapki now become doctor bauji will save thapki

  2. anu

    precap awesome
    plz thapki accept it
    may its not dream again

    love u thahaan
    dadi love u too
    only u understand we thahaanian

    love today epi

    love u thahaan

  3. Alisha

    Today’s episode was the best episode ever… Those consistent eye locks and that romantic dance, that was what we always wanted CVS to show. It’s like a dream come true. Thahaan scenes literally made by day. LOVE THEM! ??
    Nothing can be cuter than this. They always made us cry through their emotional scenes but this time I was smiling throughout the episode. My cheeks are literally paining right now. Thanks to Preeti and Suman for adding a little spice to Thahaan scenes by teasing them. I hope Bau ji or Bihaan save Thapki… and that Bau ji comes out of coma.
    Anyways, the promo, I was literally shouting, “REPLY HIM THAPKI!” I am desperately waiting for the next episode. Just can’t wait! ?❤️

  4. anu

    Yes, FINALLY!!! The time has arrived when our beloved Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) will fall in love with her husband, Bihaan (Manish Goplani) in Colors’ drama Thapki Pyar Ki (SOL & Shoonya Square).After proving Bihaan’s innocence in the court, things are going to change between the couple we hear.A source shares, “In coming days, Thapki will convince Vasundhara (Jaya Bhattacharya) that Bihaan is indeed good at heart and is a responsible son. Moreover, Thapki will realize that Bihaan has always supported her and has showered all his love and affection on Thapki. Finally, Thapki will also reciprocate Bihaan’s feelings and will decide to start afresh with their conjugal life.”Before concluding our source also adds that Shraddha (Monica Khanna) will get jealous upon witnessing Thapki and Bihaan’s intimacy and will again try to create some trouble for her sister-in-law

    now guys cheer up
    party time
    am i right thahaanian

    love thahaan

    & we all know shraddha never Succeed in Separating thahaan

    keep watching TPK


  5. Ally

    Excellent episode….
    OMG OMG …
    we wanted this day from a long time ….??
    Thank you CVs For creating such a fabulous episode…. ?

  6. Princess

    Gajjabbbb episode…..from the beginning till the end…..the way thahaan were looking at each other was mind blowing….thapki’s singing was really beautiful……and it was a perfect dream sequence and a treat for thahaan fans…..bihaan’s smile and thapki’s expressions were killing…..they both nailed it….even the family members were also enjoying the secret love of thahaan…..I hope that manyasa become a couple in real life too…….:-)

    • vinlora

      Hi princess your last sentence is my hearts voice too….I always wish to see manyasa as real couple…they compliment each other so well yaar….love manyasa. to see manyasa together forever. ..

      • Princess

        Totally agree with u vinlora….If it happens then they will be one of d best real life jodi of television….

  7. I am extremely happy which makes me confusion for what to say?today’s episode is like a visual treat for all Thahaan fans.Manish,you are really gajab…day by day you should prove that you are a perfect actor.keep going man…Another thing is exciting precap,I think its not a dream sequence at that time its reality…oh,I cant wait for tomorrow am super excited…I wish all Thahaan fans are happy for seeing today’s amazing episode.Thahaan is the best forever…

  8. Tiara tara

    Hi, wow. Such an amazing episode. I was smiling throughout the episode. Butterflies are flying over my head. I dont know why only bihaan seeing loving dreams. Thapki should make the dream come true and suprise bihaan. I loved thahaan track. Love u thahaan. Tmrws episode also lovely. I enjoyed it very much. Love u all. Thahaan rockz.

  9. omg!! today epi was fantastic… & thnx amena for the update… precap will be very interesting..pls thapki understand ur hubby feelings!!

  10. Rachana

    A fabulous episode☺☺☺thapki I love you???and thahaan dance was superb….???now bauji will shout thapkiiiii….!!!!!waiting for tomorrow’s episode….and writers please don’t start shraddhas drama again….

  11. neetu

    Oh my god finally….really a visual treat. ..thapki n bihaan scenes wre awesome. ..super se uper! Just loved it. ..expecting more thahaan scenes like this. …

  12. Loveleen

    OMG! ? It’s finally happening ppl! Thaapki n Bihaan finally!!! Pls Thaapki reply back “I love you too!!!” Don’t let poor Bihaan hanging! ?? Best episode eva! ?

  13. Thapki

    Best episode so far im just loving every moment between thapki and bihaan❤❤.The way they look at each other and talk through their eyes and bihaan was looking so cute like my fav cup cake.?
    First time i noticed that thapkis face showed some intense expression while looking at bihaan before this her face used to look so fake is she is faking her feelings but today i really enjoyed.
    Dream dance/song was also very beautiful but poorly edited it looked much better on olv,i also noticed that some scenes were not there which were present in olv.
    Writer ki trha editor bi bekar ha ??

    • Roshni

      ..finally a happy episode and its gr8 to see the happiness here inthe coment sectn too
      Sapna hi sahi.. kuch to accha dikhaya.☺

      Tym to change the title scene wr bihaan luks at thapki and she turns away. Equations hav changd…havnt they????.
      I wana see bauji lively again. As for the precap…

      Fingers crossed!!.too gud to b true???
      Btw…. jigs was lukin real pretty! Finally they realised even salwars can b pretty .And wat
      a voice!luvd her version of the song. Hmm they shud hav made manish sing too…. a lil autotunin if required????. I did think tht he ws gona sing ‘itni si baat hai’….. thot it myt b dadis trick to make him propose. Ah wel…many more opportunity awaits for B for bihaan pandey to Propose his B for biwi. akhir Patni hai…. kaha jayegi.?

      • Roshni

        Hmmmi hv a feelin tmrw pandey parivaar wil b more xcited abt baujis medical improvement… tht scene must b a dream.

      • Thapki

        Hey thats just a promo…but bihaan will actually propose thapki finally at midnight
        And they finally gave better dress yo thapki she was looking very pretty

  14. Trisha

    Today episode is awsome but i cant see the episode due to lodeshading… lop u thaaan???

  15. true love

    Gajab episode…… awww…. finally thapki fall in love. I don’t mind if they didn’t confess their love….but guys plz don’t fight again. Love you thahaan.

  16. Parvini

    Loved today’s update..finally our thapki and Bhiaan smiling and having loving moments between them…soooo adorable..manish looks so handsome when he is happy and jigyasa asingh well looking beautiful..

  17. Ishi

    Today’s episode was just awesome
    Loved thahaan scenes 🙂 <3
    I was smiling throughout the episode

  18. Shruti

    Gajaabb…dream sequence was awesome. .loved it…precap was also lovely…I hope thapki also confess her love.????

  19. Swechchha Sarojkar

    Yeah!!!!! After a Very Very Very Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Long tym, tHAHAAN sCENES ARE hERE. sO mUCH hAPPY AS A fAN OF THAHAAN. pRECAPE LOOKING INTERESTING,HOPE THIS NOT A DREAM. And Yes I m Waiting when the sharddha’s sceret come out. I think Writer & Director both forget abt Sharddha!!!

    • :>:O 🙂 🙂 wow they r making me restless I think its real bcoz only 2 more for anniversary of tpk so may be a treat 4 us wow then:O but can’t say some times it may be another bada jatka CVS na jisne chapel drama kiya

    • :>:O wow they r making me restless I think its real bcoz only 2 more for anniversary of tpk so may be a treat 4 us wow then:O but can’t say some times it may be another bada jatka CVS na jisne chapel drama kiya

  20. tanvi

    this is what I have been waiting for since thahaan both are amazing.please don’t change into emotional drama again.

  21. Shobi

    Wow it was really so nice. I loved the episode a lot. I just don’t know how to express my feelings. Naa lifelo idhe chaala munchi episode. Nisanga naaku chaalaa chaalaa chaalaa nachindhi. Chaalaa baagundi koda. I wish Bihaan’s dream to come true. Thahaan…luv U a lottt….forever

  22. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

    OMG what an episode just loved it precap is too good is this really TPK or is it a fan ficton? I can’t believe it hat-trick of good episodes by TPK makers good job luckily today no IPL match so hopefully TPK trp will increase this week n this episode made my day because i m a big fan of thahaan just love thahaan they r too good everything was so good about today’s episode and I would be on cloud 9 if tomorrow’s episode is for real not imagination

  23. Ishrakalove

    Yah??? finally thahaan scenes is like a dream come true seriously it made my day loved the entire episode thapki side looks and bihaan smile he is just soo cute?? and the romantic sequence was ??????????????????????? too much excitement to express just hope the writers do not shatter my dreams can’t wait for tommorow

  24. Hai I am a silent leader.BT I am a very big fan of tahaan.I had seen the spoiler that it will be bihaan dream.and bauji will be finefine.

  25. Ashu

    Hello every one i never comment but todays episode was awesome that i wanted to share happiness with u all guys as a fan of thahaan

  26. shraddha

    hey guys! just wanted to share something , u knw i was just watching “TUMHARI PAKHI” serial episode 1 and in that i found that ANKIT BHATLA played a character of journalist which is very small role.and i just found harshad arora too in the same episode but not sure about him.

  27. Lucy

    Thapki and Bihaan both smashed it today, I preferred Bihaan when he had the bigger hair but today he looked better than ever, at his very best with that glint in his eye. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  28. Nimisha

    Thank you for the update Amena!

    And lovely lovely episode. Loved the look of encouragement Bihan gave Thapki to sing the song and of course the Thapki Pyar ki, ???

    The dream sequence was lovely.

    Precap also lovely,

    The show makers are not very good with suspense. First of all Thapki,s dupatta catches fire, then that is frozen with Bauji desperately trying to wake from his coma, then the Precap gives away that Thapki is fine as she is shown in the dream sequence setting with Bihan declaring his love for her.

    But, awwwwww what a lovely episode. Good on Dadi for making the thahaan scenes happen!


  29. bihaan ki deewani

    yeeeppiiii m so so happy 2 c todays episode made my day love da romance between thahaan love u manish n jigyasa u rock together i wish u become real life couple soon u both look so cute n perfect 4 each other .whenever i c u two together it seems like god made u 2 for each other ,best wishes 2 u both manish n jigyasa

    • Kana

      Yah they are definetly made for each other,my wish also same they should become a real life couple 🙂 let’s wait and see ♡

      • vinlora

        Even my wish also same guyz…..manish and jigyasa look perfect each other…love manyasa a lot yaar. …

  30. Syed Hussain

    At 12am, ThaHaan are feeling awkward. Thapki climbs up on the bed and Bihaan takes his blanket and goes to sleep on his mini sofa. At 3am, Thapki is sleeping peacefully but our manju is restless and is unable to sleep so he goes and sits on the bed near Thapki and keeps on admiring his sleeping beauty but then Thapki wakes up. She’s startled to see him there and asks him why are you scaring me like this. Bihaan is unable to contain his feelings anymore and confesses his feelings to her (i couldn’t understand the dialogues) and he gives her 10-15 minutes to think and confess her feelings. Thapki gets jittery. Bihaan realizes his mistake and tells her to take her time, think about it and give him an answer in the morning. Aur phir Thapki ki neend ura ke khud maze se sofe pe so gaya LOL
    In the morning, Thapki (still tensed and confused) is about to go out of the room but she stops near his sofa, goes near him, picks up his blanket and covers him properly and then goes out of the room.

    Manish’s IV:
    He explains the scene. There are loads of cute ThaHaan scenes coming up. As per the demand of ThaHaan fans, the much-awaited ThaHaan love track has started. Bihaan wants a positive reply from Thapki but she’s a one man army…usne dunya bhar ki problems ka theka liya hua hai (like every daily soap FL LOL) kisi aur ki problem ka nuksaan mujhe na bhugatna pare.
    Don’t worry Bihaan babu…she has surely got feelings for you…confession bhi ho jaye ga thora sabar karo Wink

  31. abi

    gajab bihaan…awesome n fantablous episode…treat to watch bihaan…always in dream director pls make ds scenes are become true..Manish s super actor n talented too

  32. Santhosh

    aaj Yesterday episode ko main ne 6 time dekha….
    Thapki falling in love with her husband. ……
    Dream episode huva tho kya ….???Totally superb episode tha ….
    Again today dream confession. …… lekin dream kiska hai patha nahi…..!!!!!

  33. Kana

    OMG!!! I never seen a adorable couple like manyasa♡ they don’t want a language to express their feelings,their eyes are just enough for them to share their valuable feelings between them 🙂
    Most expected things by thahaanians in one episode!!!
    Manish wat a man u r!!!! King of expression 🙂 with your dimple smile u just kill us☆☆ Any girl will definetly fall in love with you bcz of ur romantic expression,i don’t knw how jigyasa manage?
    Thahaan love u sooo much 🙂

    • Srimanages

      I’m here…now only reading all ur comments….yesterday bz preparing my childrens for midterm examinations…so 2day late morning watch the serial….I like it yesterday’s episode…Very funny n I couldnt stop laughing at thahaan’s dream sequences….but gr8 expressions of Bihann during Preti taunts him about his ‘dil se’…

      • Srimanages

        I always watch this serial everyday at 11pm through online…sometimes vil drag till 12pm…morning quite bz vit my classes so cant able to watch…nite juz nice to watch without any disturbance bcoz my kids vil b sleeping including my hubby….bcoz exams they studied late nite…so need to sacrifice my fav moments vit TPK?

    • Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

      Hi dear.. im here…. wat a episode…
      MMMMM.. …..
      I was melt …. i. didnt see the episode.. but i saw the. thahaan making scenes yesterday… i was flat that time…. i cant stop laughing when that time bihaan singing badly…. Love u too bihaan….
      I tried to watch this episode by…
      But i cant… i tried a lot …. most of the time i failed…. Im sad… pls.. can anybody share the thahaan videos., if you have?

      Hey kana… raj tv paathiya…. inniki thapki dance scenes… apparm swragini serial varudhu … raj tv la… ” Ganga yamuna” adhan title… miss panadha. nee enga 2 nala kanom…. hey.. How can we make group?… im totally confused.. No whatsapp!!! No facebook!!!
      ( @ ! @ )

      • Kana

        Vaamma nareen unnaya than 2 naala kanala 🙁
        Ama nanum indira pathan ippo tharuv track poikidu irukkaaaa athanala naan viddu viddu than papen,swaragini ellam tpk alavuku illa poo,one and only tpk maddum than my fav ♡
        Apuram tpk upcoming episode la bihaan thapkida propose pannitu pathil keddu ava pinnadiye suthuvan paaru sema comedyya irukum,pondatti kidda love ah solitu pinnadiye thirira purushan ivan oruthana than irukum.
        Indiaa forumnu onnu iruku thane athila group form pannalam thane?

      • Srimanages

        I haf both FB n instagram…if u guys want to form group let me noe …will give my ID…

      • Kana

        Hey ash ithenna school ahhhh ullen ayya,antha mathiri irukku.
        Rendu pullainga usira kuduthu ennammaaa romance pannirunga atha pathi oru varthaaiyachum pugalnthu pesiniya nee??? Bad girl

    • Sivagami_

      Hahaha… Iruken pa… Enakku exam varuthu… Light-a mande pichikira maathiri irukku… Ana nethu thahaan scene paathu … Khushi-le stress relieve aayithen…. Oruvaliya oppari vaikirethe mudichitangge…?

      • Kana

        Very gud,gud girl thahaan scene ah pathituma ungalala padika mudiyuthu!!! Miracle than ponga ♢ennala thoonga kooda mudila

      • Sivagami_

        Hahaha…. Enna pandrathu…. Paka venanu nenaicha… Insta-le set alert , spoiler nu pottu2 nammele paka vaikirangge…. Pakkale na than padika mudiyathu neneikiren??

      • Kana

        Hey gals,poddudan poddudan trishakthi promo ah poddudan 26th,saavadika porainga,oru naal illa oru naal intha colors tv karana kolla poran paaru

  34. abi

    both r in love…so only ds episode sema…first time thapki was in love with expression…she having a respect on dhruv n love…she loves only bihaan..ds episode prove ds

  35. bihaan ki deewani

    hey gang once again manish has rocked da show but dont know wats wrong with this dhruv always makes faces like a horse n nose like pig lol hahaha

  36. Mini sofa nein thapki sleeping karti to adjust ho jati par bihan ko mini sofa denge to space kam ho ne liye mind to ur hi zayefa na

    • Tintu mon

      Athinu ney episode kando njan paranju thannathalle story ……aleeeeeenaaa….?re telicast 5:00 maranno.

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