Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki seeing the family playing holi. Bihaan sings Rang barse and dances with everyone. Shraddha sees Thapki and says you are avoiding colors, see how I make you colorless. She goes with the hair removal powder bottle and tries putting the powder in Thapki’s hair. Suman pulls Thapki and she goes. The powder falls on some man. Shraddha hides. The man’s hair come in his hand.

Suman and Preeti leave Thapki with Bihaan. Bihaan holds her hand and dances. Shraddha hides the bottle. Vasundara applies color to Shraddha and compliments her. She asks her to dance with Dhruv. Shraddha thinks how to trouble Thapki… she makes excuse and says I have leg sprain, I can’t dance. Vasundara insists and takes her. A white powder falls over Shraddha’s hair. She worries and

leaves. Bihaan dances with full spirit. Color falls on him. he turns and sees Thapki smiling. Bas tum tak…….plays…………

Thapki applies color to him and holds him. They have an eyelock and smile. Bihaan comes out of imagination when a man collides with him. Bihaan checks his cheeks and looks for Thapki. He thinks what happened to me, why was I thinking that with Thapki…. He goes and says where did Thapki go, why am I finding her, what happened to me, something is happening. Vasundara asks Thapki to tell Bihaan that she wants divorce, give papers to Bihaan… Thapki says papers are in room and goes to get.

Diwakar puts colors in cow dung and dirty mud, and says Aditi will be scared of holi always. He laughs. Aditi wishes happy holi to Poonam and hugs her. She applied her colors. They wonder where is Krishnakant. Diwakar comes and says even I have to wish holi. He greets Poonam and puts color near her feet. He says you are getting scared as if I m leaving snake, its holi, and we should forget the fights, we should celebrate it together with love. Aditi says this is your new acting, what are you trying to do. Diwakar asks her to not come out, he will celebrate with others. Aditi asks why should I spoil my holi because of you, I m going to celebrate holi with everyone. She goes. He says this is what I want, you go out and fall in cow dung. He laughs.

Thapki is sad and gets the envelop. Vasundara checks it and says give this to Bihaan, ruin his happiness and make your holi last one. Thapki is sad.

Mishra and his wife pack the things in one bag, and thinks to steal the costly things of Aditi’s things in another bag. Mishra says everyone will be playing holi and get busy, we will steal things and leave. They laugh. Diwakar thinks to do something to make Aditi’s happy holi. He throws colors on Aditi and apologizes. He says I will take you come, wash your eyes. A boy pushes Diwakar in the cow dung. Aditi laughs seeing Diwakar and says oh, so this was your plan, you wanted to make me fall in cow dung, sometimes one who digs pit for others, fall in it, happy holi.

Vasundara sends Thapki with the papers. Thapki looks at Bihaan and goes to him. Bihaan applies color to her face and smiles. He says my holi would have not been completed without playing holi with you Thapki, happy holi. Vasundara looks on. Thapki hands over the papers to him. he asks whats this, and checks. He gets shocked seeing divorce agreement.

Thapki tells Bihaan that she got this divorce papers. Everyone get shocked. Bihaan says I can’t believe you got this, someone else did this and you are saying your name, I will tear this. She says I want to get away from you, I want divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    This mahaan tingy must end.I likeThabih.I hate dat mom! Vasu not fit for to be mom…y writers going dat uglyway now?weonly soon star watching n der going tracjs like zee??? Hell man..good dat powder fell on Shardu lollllll.cumon guys so drpresssing n distugusting ting to sadden holi.witch mom!

  2. Hi, frnds. Happy holi to all thahaans fans and frnds. I like thahaan scene, but later known that was his imagination. Im feeling sad of thahaan. Im eagarly waiting for today episode.

  3. The scene with bhiaan imagination of thyapki. ..was beautiful. Manish is too adorable. Love him and jigyasa together, in the roles. Jigyasa looked so pretty in today in her.

    Vasu and Shradda. ..really mean witches..

    It would be so funny if Druv decides to divorce Sharradha now, since thapki is saying she doesn’t want to really be with Bhiaan. Cause the only reason he got married was because Thapki got brainwashed by Vasu to make him think she was going to work on her marriage with bhiaan.

    Lmao. .if the flips it on his mother and shradda and says now since thapki will be single..he wants to marry her..

    Not that I want to see bhiaan and thapki together. .I love them as a couple. .and they have a magnificent together

  4. Typo..not that I don’t want …I do want thapki and Bhiaan them..:)

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