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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv speaking on Bihaan’s behalf.He says Thapki is the most beautiful girl in the world, I want her as she is like a star in the sky, I love you…… Bihaan, Thapki and Shraddha get shocked. Dadi asks them to start Roka rituals. The rituals are done. Shraddha thinks to make Bihaan angry. She goes to him and translates English for him. She tells him that Dhruv said. Thapki comes and praises Shraddha in pure hindi. Shraddha asks what do you mean. Thapki asks did you not understand, Bihaan Shraddha explained you English, explain her hindi. Bihaan says Thapki wants to say your jewelry is complimenting your beauty. Thapki says its wrong to show down anyone based on language, if anyone does not English, maybe you don’t know hindi. Shraddha says ya, you are right, I was just

helping Bihaan, why will I become more bad now, if you think I have hurt your and Bihaan’s heart, I m sorry. She apologizes to Bihaan and goes. Thapki sees Bihaan worried. She says Bau ji tells us that we don’t need words to understand feelings, we need eyes, I can understand everything, I understood what you wanted to tell me. Suman takes Thapki. Bihaan smiles.

Bihaan’s friends ask him to have a drink, but you refused. Bihaan says Dhruv invited big people in my Roka, we should not spoil anything. Shraddha asks Bihaan to have juice, is he still annoyed, I m doing this to get your forgiveness. Suman asks why do you do mistake that you need to apologize. Bihaan and his friends take the juice. Shraddha thinks now they all will fall over their faces, firstly Bihaan will fall in everyone’s eyes. Bihaan drinks the juice.

Bihaan and Thapki dance and smile. All the couples dance. Bihaan and Thapki smile. Some men scold Bihaan’s friends for wearing western clothes and not knowing English dance. They taunt his friends that changing clothes do not change a man’s reality. Bihaan recalls how people laughed on him, and recalls their taunt. He reacts angrily and asks them to stop all this. Thapki and everyone get shocked. Bihaan says I m illiterate and I m fine with it, now my song will play. He asks the man to play hindi songs. He says no Thapki, I m not like this, this party, clothes, dance….. forgive me Dhruv, I can’t bear this now, I m not ashamed of being myself, what to do if I don’t know high class dance, shall I not dance, I know my type of dance, do you want to learn.

Thapki stops him. Bihaan asks everyone to look at him and learn. Dhruv asks Bihaan to stop it. Bihaan and his friends dance on hindi song. Bihaan does Naagin dance. Bihaan falls down and faints. Dhruv and Thapki worry for him. MLA asks Bau ji whats all this, Bihaan is lucky, else to get a girl like Thapki is tough for such guys. Thapki and everyone hear this. Thapki asks Bihaan what happened. Dhruv says he is drunk, he will be fine, don’t know why did he get drunk. He asks Sanjay and Ashwin to drop Bihaan’s friends home, they can’t even get up. Sanjay and Ashwin take Bihaan’s friends, while Thapki and Dhruv take Bihaan to his room.

Dhruv goes to Bau ji. Bau ji says don’t make me angry now, Bihaan did wrong today, if you have to say something, drink so that your heart talk comes out. Dhruv says Bihaan is fine. Bau ji says Bihaan will be fine, as Thapki is with him, when we all got embarrassed, Thapki was worried, as she regards him her own, Bihaan is hers and she will love him anyway. Dhruv says don’t know why, but I agree with you, cheers.

He sees Thapki’s pic and says my thing would always be mine, you should have been always mine Thapki. He makes a diya tajmahal and says I did not get you, I got cheated. He cries and says the three imp relations of my life, Maa, Bihaan and Shraddha cheated me, Maa and Bihaan broke my marriage, and Shraddha did fake drama of pregnancy, and then you have hidden Maa’s secret, you also cheated me, but now its enough, the thing which belongs to me, I should get it, because I m true, that’s why, whatever happened with Bihaan today was my plan. He smiles.

Dhruv says I told Preeti and Suman to make Bihaan express feeling in English, I have spiked Bihaan’s drink. He recalls how he made juice fall over Shraddha and sent her, then he added wine in the drinks. He says this is very strong wine, now see what Bihaan and his friends do. Thapki’s marriage is in 15 days, I will make you sure that just I m suitable for you, there is no match of you and Bihaan, we both suit each other, I will make you believe this, you will come back to me soon, Thapki’s name will just join with Dhruv, no one else. He looks at the diya.

Shraddha asks whats all this. Bihaan angrily adds poison in the drink and asks Shraddha to drink this, else tell the family that you did this. She says trust me. He asks her to drink poison. She screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What’s this i can’t believe that druv cn turn to negative

  2. Bhihaanukku 1st kalyaanamum sariyille. 2nd kalyanamum sariyille. Idhukku thaan andha writer ivalavu vegama odinana. Ennadadhu, vasu truth, shradha truth, ivvalavu vegama poranungalenu paarthen. Dhuruv.I negative.a kaatathaan polirukku. Dhuruv…writer…director, ivangalukule edho understanding odudhu. Adhanaala thaan serthuvachi dhuruv.ukku space odhukitanunga. Ungalla ? perukku dhurv.I paartha paavama irukku. Ippa illai. First ellam. Ennai poruthavarai character romba paavam. Aana DP.I paartha kovam, irritation thaan varudhu.

    1. Juggu

      Hey enna 1st mrgeuh??? 2nd mrgeuh????? Adhella oru mrgeuh iva matu purushana madhichu sindoorayu,mangal sutrvayu oluunga potrundhana indha mrgeke avasiyam illa….adha thirupiyu potu vidda tha indha mrgeeh…..dnt wry enna prob vandhalu mrge confirm.. .ana enaku onnu matu purila sharuv mrgela ovoru ritualayu thapki kashtapata ….ipa thahaan mrgela bihaan ah????? Namma thahaanuku yaaru mrgeku me othu vara matingudhu..gamnu poi indra paru thahaan nokjhoks start ava podhu…

      1. Ippathaan marupadium indira paarka arambichen. Naan indira pakuradhukku badhila, thapki paakasollu. Bhihanoda nalla gunam theringidum. Apuram thaliyum kazhatta venam,sindhoorayum azhika venam. Apadiye onnu sethuvachi inniyoda indiravaye mudichidalam. Epadi en idea.

      2. Amapa athunga paaduku love ah panni,romance ah start pannirukumnga intha bauji marupadiyum kalyanatha panni vaikka porenu kuddaiya kualpi vidudaru, ippa parunga konja nenjam iruntha romanceum pochu poo 🙁

      3. Kana, kettadhuleyum, nalatha parkanum. Nalla kuttaya kuzhappattum. Nee kavalapadadhy. Innum thapki maaranum. Netru…bhihaanai vida family pidikkum, indru bhihaan.m family.m onnu, naalai famili.I vida bhihaan.I pidikanum. Andha alavukku poganum, avanga intimacy. Actually thapki thaane sonna, bhihhan Avale kandupidichi kaapathi vachikattum. Enakkenamo china chinna ?romance irukkumnu, patchi soludhu. Indha vaati adhu ds munnadi nadandha super.a irrukkum??

  3. So Dhruv said today that Vasu, Shraddha and Thapki were the three most important person in his life. But suddently when he came to know that these three persons only cheated with him and broke his trust, then he could not take it anymore.
    Not only Dhrub, but nobody can take take it when the most important person of your life is the one who breaks your trust and gives you pain and agony.
    After everything(all the pain and misery) he went through, he still tried to move on, but suddenly Vasu’s and Shraddha’s truth(betrayal), just shattered him. There is nothing left for him. Becoming parents is the most beautiful thing in the world, but he was even cheated with that too.
    He just went crazy thinking what did he get being so good and humble afterall? He got nothing. Everything he loves and trusts are just a lie.
    People are just playing with his goodness, trust and life.
    People are getting things and happiness by cheating.
    So he decided that its time to fight back.
    Come’on Dhruv sir we are with you.
    At the end you may not get what you are fighting for, but after this nobody will ever dare to take you for granted.

    1. I have to say he acts much better as a villian than a hero for sure

  4. Spr ellarum page page a comment pannirukinga…ini oru masathaiku druva villana pottu otiruvanga.ithu pathu loose mathiri nama page page a comment pannuvom.summa sanga kootar epdi irukanganum vishesham ennelamnum kettu therinjittu summa irupom…epdiyum intha writers thahaan scenes thara porathilla.nethaku namma bihaan a thapki kaiya pudichu iluka vachu romba periya romance a nama writers kanichu thanthrukanga adutha thahaan scene adutha masam than frnds..
    Tamil ponnunga hw is ur day today?

    1. Juggu

      Hi reji nalla paru page pageah ennatha pesurikomnu ……..dhruv marubadiyum good ah marra varai namma condition bad tha…..seri ma na thoonga pore…..pehchan,sambhal,intzaar na enna sry yar hindi seriel pathave idha prob….??

  5. Ankit sir you are just awesome. what a performance in the last few episodes. the writers knew that they have to bring Ankit back in a bigger role in order to increase the TRP.

    1. As accepted it’s going.
      But truly I feel it’s not dhruv mistake because whom all he believed cheated him
      So they are the reason he has turned negative.

  6. My sympathies are with dhruv but bihaan, he is the most lovable and loving character of the serial. And he has to undergo humiliation just because of his love. But of course since he is the main lead he will get the girl in the end but will be nice if dhruv backs off like a gentleman and move on with shradha who is craving for his affection.

  7. apo sharatha???? OMG ena pa epadi poguthu stry, bihaan paavam pa

  8. Its nt a crime to love sum1 bt its very unfair to hurt sum1 who was manupulated..bihaan was a pawn n thapki too..vasu acceptd her mistake nd thapki movd on with bihaan..bihaan is innocent n simple n thats wat is lovable..yestrday wen dhruv was makng bihaan ready bihaan without any hesitatn said with innocence dat wat he did was bad n praisd dhruv….
    Dhruv pt of view seems to prove his love…he wana show dat wearing suits talkng in english r signs of his evaluatn of love nt love itself…bt bihaan he has this love only nothng else….

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Im new to this group. dont mistake me. I need to ask u some thing during dhruvs marriage dhruv was also very innocent and he loves thapki a lot. He belives bihaan a lot but he cheated him. Now the story is getting ulta i dont think bihaan is innocent he is the worst person i had ever seen in my life. Sorry i cant control my angry whenever i hear bihaan is innocent

  9. Nothing to comment

    1. Juggu

      Supr yaar…a cmnt telling nothing to cmnt???

      Neeyella nalla varuvaa……

  10. omg druv negativ roal…

  11. Omgggg !!! druv negativ rol!!!! druv this iz too much yaaarrr!!!
    iknw “” evrtng fair n lve nd war “”” but
    pooor bihaan ….so sad…
    nd Bihaans naagin dance sOoprb

    1. Lol yes how funny is that!! Loved how he used the tie (which reappeared cause I thought he took it off) part of his naagin dance. Hilarious ?

  12. Hi, I want to appreciate translator because of his attemping for translating in English despite of his problems , I am Iranian person but I like this Hindi serial and follow it.

  13. Bihaan is inoccent bcoz he never knows that druv lovs thapki he thinks that he just care for so he bcom ready for marriage ..if bihaan has know druv love thapki then he never try to marriage with thapki Now druv he knowns that thapki nd bihaan lop each other but he try make them seprate ….bihaan nd thapki are inoccent nd lovel charracter bcoz they never try cheated any one nd hurt anyone for there selfishness just like try to doing ….

  14. I just don’t get it
    Why being the villian now in this series?
    Are you becoming like Shaddraji? Where was your love n support when the entire family’s put out Thapki from Pandey house? Why you could fight back or even try to win your true love from day one when you knew groom was switch?
    I think it’s unfair now……

  15. Mr.Druv sir watever u want do it happily,it’s totally waste of time and waste of energy,no use 🙂 you had to implement all these criminal ideas before thahaan’s confession,now it won’t work 🙂 actually all your doings will help thahaan indirectly to build up their relationship more and more
    strong 🙂
    Bcz now nobody can break thahaan’s relationship and their bonding,even that god can’t break it 🙂 🙂
    So don’t worry thahaan fans keep watching and enjoy 🙂

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    areh mixed emotion wala episode not too good not too bad but bihaan naagin dance was too funny XD i enjoyed that a lot 😛 and dhruv negative? :O yeh hi baaki tha honestly speaking as a show i dont like tpk much i only like the lead pair and the actors cast, thahaan is my fav colors pair after zaya i was missing zaya so much big fan of them, love thahaan only watching tpk for thahaan. I read updates and if I see somthing good I watch it, and isnt this show suppose to be an inspirational show right, what kind of inspirational show making a joke out of marriage, like how can this happen for second time, and i m sure dhruv will fail in his plan and thahaan will get remarried

  17. Bihaan is awesome and blossom. ♡♥♡ ♥♡♥


    guys pls pls vote for our cutest bihaan babu as popular hero…hes awesome

  19. Druv is all doing time wasting thing.he should move on with shraddha.bihaan nagin dance?? was more entertaining then that couple boring cutely he used the tie.really supperb dance.

  20. I think the intention is to finally make Dhruv understand Bihan and Thapki’s love is true. Thapki’s love for Bihaan will not change inspite of any wrong actions by Bihaan. May be that is why they named the serial that way

  21. First of all, i did get disappointed because speaking english or acting like a person which you are not does not define you. Like everyone speaking english its really rubbish yaar. Its okay if you dont speak english. Bihaan each word was filled with purity, love, care, innocence, honesty. I was really pist off to see how druve reacted.. Offcourse its a drama but in reality i never never like people who create complex in relationship.
    Bihaan dance was superb.

    Manish you are awesome wonderful actor.

    Love you lots.

    THahaan rocks forever. Twinkle Twinklle Little Star, Manish and Thapki cutest star.

  22. Jerly

    Dhruv in negative role….OMG!!!! This is ridiculous……

  23. tamil girl-riya

    dhruv villian theme music is superbbbbbb!!!!!

  24. Iswarya_santhosh

    Dhruv deserves thapki

  25. Iswarya_santhosh

    Now a days i hate this story. See dhruv only truly loves thapki so he deserves her. But thapki u dont deserve dhruv
    First thapki loves dhruv then after her marriage she slowly loves bihaan. How dare she loves bihaan? dont she felt shame on her own? Bihaan stopped her wedding and marry her by doing fraud. I accept he was very supportive whenever she was in trouble! But the point Is if she married dhruv she wont get this much of trouble,, pain etc…. But now she loves bihaan and always in front of dhruv they are expresing their love and always hugging each other. By seeing this dhruv feels pain but they dont care about him. In front of her ex_ llover how can she behave like tis? I hate u thapki u dont deserve dhruv but u have to marry him only bcoz he loves u alot
    And this blo*dy vasundra! i seriously got a doubt is she a real mom of dhruv? She totally complicated dhruvs life and s thapki, Shraddha, bihaans life also. What did she got through stopping tharuvs marriage. Nothing else than getting that awesome shraddha in dhruvs life. Doing this much of bad thing now the directors are showing her as a matha for all the family members blo*dy shit. Now all the family members are saying dhruv must forgive vasu. For what purpose he must forgive her?, dhruv pls dont forgive her
    And this irritating bihaan how can he love his brotjers lover?

    1. ???
      Hey bhagvaan… for one hug they took too much time and they are hesitating to hug in their room also and ur telling they are always hugging infront of Dhruv and family ? kab ??kaha???
      Initial phase of their marriage when bihaan came to know that DS loves thapki he tried to unite them. .even he did his own death drama …but thapki denied to go with Dhruv. ..wt is bihaans fault in this? ???
      And one person should not need any permission dare or anything else to love
      someone. …bcoz love just happens ? it can’t be done by planning yaar. ..? sachcha Pyaar tho kisi planning se nahi hota hai …wo bas ho jata hai ??

      Thahaan are married. ..they came a long way together. ..and they fall for each other. ..what is the fault in that…it’s natural ?
      And I agree DS ko dhoka mila hai.
      doesn’t mean that whatever he is doing now… playing games and all it is right? it is WRONG…?
      We can’t justify Dhruv as innocent bcoz as much as thahaan vasu shraddha are cheater then DS also cheater ?bcoz if he truely loved thapki he would have been waited 3 months for thapkis divorce and try to get back her…but he didn’t wait…he married shraddha ?it was his decision to marry shraddha. ..
      Now after knowing that thapki moved on with bihaan and she is happy with him ..he wants back thapki ???Thapki nahi mili tho shraddha and shraddha nahi tho thapki ?? kya baath hai Dhruv sir…?
      And Thahaan are destined to be together. ..Made for each other. ..Thahaan forever ?

  26. Iswarya_santhosh

    And this bihaan how dare he fall in love with his brothers lover. Before he didnt know that dhruv loves thapki but once he cheated and got married to thapki na dhruv cries a lot and told him na that he loves thapki? After knowing also he fall in love with her and he is hugging her and trying to go near her! Omg i cant bear my anger on him if i saw him directly means il definetly give him a tight slap.
    Whenever i saw dhruv i feel very pity for him. even sometines i cried a lot for u Dhruv u go ahead. u deserve thapki. Marry her and lead a good life with her. U r the only person who perfectly suits her. If again bihaan marrys thapki means il definetly quit this show

    1. Iswarya_santhosh. if you dont like thapki and bihaan closeness so stop seeing tpk because. The main lead is thahaan and will be thahaan forever and no one can seperate them

      1. Don’t worry pihoo and vinlora 🙂
        No need any arguements,bcz we all know about our bihaan very well,he is the “GEM” of this show 🙂 🙂
        Now nobody can separate our thahaan even that “GOD” can’t break thier relationship 🙂 🙂
        Thahaan rockzzzz 🙂

  27. Druv is using cheap tricks.Bihaan went against family for thapki he deserv love of thapki,not Dhruv who ignored her when she told him not to marry Shradha

  28. Iswarya_santhosh

    Pihoo_ try to remember one thing. In the initial stage of tpk the main lead were tharuv not thahaan! After marriage they have an eyelock sequence frequently by seeing this dhruv got some anger on thahaan. And he hadaccepted to marry shraddha. I accept he did a mistake.
    On that stage any body will do like that only. Dhruv did a single mistake but bihaan and vasu did lots of mistakes but u people are supporting bihaan and wish thapki to marry bihaan? Do u think dhruv deserves this punishment bcoz of his one single mistake?

  29. I really enjoyed manish nagin dance.His acting is too good… : )

  30. Now it turns out I am going to cry alot seeing bihaan getting embarrassed in front of thapki. And is shraddha still evil or has she changed? I am confused.Please answer me.?????

  31. anjana aloshious

    bihaan is always innocent

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