Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Sakshi to send files by Thapki. Sakshi says she will bring the file. Vasundara asks her to send Thapki. Sakshi tells Thapki to take files and gets angry in her heart. Thapki brings the files and gives Dhruv. He says thanks, where is Sakshi. Vasundara says I told Sakshi to send her, and gifts a Lord’s silver idol to Thapki as her gift. Thapki says how can she take this. Vasundara says self esteem is good, but its her blessings. Dhruv says she has great devotion. Thapki thanks her and takes it. Suman and Rachna see this and think Vasundara did not give us any gift till date.

Dhruv asks Thapki to sit, till he reads the files. Vasundara asks her to sit, think its her home. She hears Cd stuck and playing. She gets angry and tells Sanjay that she hates

the things which stops and plays. She asks him to change the bhajan and it spoils her mood. Thapki sees Dhru getting up to take water. He gets hurt and she holds him to support. Dhruv thanks her for everything she did. She cries. He asks did I say anything wrong. She says she did wrong, she stammers and could not give him a call, so he met with an accident.

He says but you did not stop and saved my life, why is she blaming herself. She gets hiccups and he recalls her hiccups for hunger. He starts laughing. She says he looks very good when he laughs. She asks why does he laugh so less. He says you are hungry, have some food. She says she forgot to bring her tiffin from home. He says this is also home, I will get something. She says you work, I will go and take. He says tell anyone in kitchen. She leaves.

Suman and Rachna make the mango juice. Thapki comes and asks can she get anything to eat. They ask her to sit, they are making mango shake. Thapki says she will help. Suman says we can’t make guest work. Thapki asks her not to add sugar in it. Suman adds red chilli powder in it and gives her. Thapki smiles and drinks it. She drinks it and Suman gets thinking that Thapki did not react to chilli. Thapki says it was very nice, you have put chilli in it, so it became more good, I like spicy things since childhood, as it lessens stammering, thanks for thinking so much for me. She goes.

Suman says she is strange, digested all chilli, have to make some plan to make her run. She sees Vasundara and gets tensed. They try to explain Vasundara. Vasundara does not react and hear everything. She takes them to her room and gives them necklaces. She asks them to do her work. They get glad seeing necklace and ask what work. She asks them to do anything to kick Thapki out of home, while Thapki is working with Dhruv. They agree and leave. Vasundara thinks to prepare Thapki to stay with them and their clever moves, as she is very innocent and have to be here after marrying Dhruv.

Dhruv says refill ended. Thapki gives him an ink pen. He says who writes by this. She says she used it, her dad gifted her in her 10th exams, handwriting comes good by this. She says its old pen and needs a pat like me. The ink falls on his plaster and she sees it. He tries to clean. She asks him to let it be, colorful things look good. She tells about Shubh’s plaster, she filled color in it. He says he does not care if there is any color around him. She says why not, colors make life. She says Lord filled colors in everything. He smiles. She says my dad said two things are imp in life, colors in relations and relation with colors, so I love colors. Suman and Rachna plan to make Thapki run away by making her sit on the nailed chair. They get hammer and think to teach a lesson to Thapki.

Suman and Rachna fix a nail on the chair. Thapki makes Dhruv sit on the bed and goes to sit on the chair.

Update Credit to: Amena

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