Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kiran taking the game ahead with second round. She asks a couple and Dadi gives them points. Kiran asks Dhruv what thing he has that is valuable to Shraddha. Dhruv thinks and Shraddha gives her ring to him silently. Dhruv sees her ring. Shraddha says I knew Dhruv will know this, its our engagement ring which is most valuable to me. Kiran says wow, that’s very sweet. Dadi gives them 10 points. Kiran says your total score is 19 points. Shraddha says we won Dhruv and is happy.

Kiran asks Bihaan about Thapki’s valuable thing. Bihaan thinks. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words and cries. She recalls Bihaan’s love for Bau ji. Bihaan holds Thapki’s hears. Na na na na …………plays…………. He says this is the most precious thing of Thapki, this is the

thing that is from heart, even if its happiness or sorrow in heart. Dhruv gets angry. Bihaan says I learnt a lot from my Bau ji in life, accounts and calculations, but this tear, I don’t know how to value it, its priceless. You all might be having laugh, but for me, this tear is precious, I won’t let this get wasted. They all get emotional. Thapki looks at Bihaan. Everyone clap for Bihaan and Thapki. Kiran asks Dadi to give points. Dadi gives them 10 points saying this is for Bihaan, I wish everyone thinks same like Bihaan in this matter. Bihaan smiles. Kiran announces Bihaan and Thapki as winners with 20 points. She says they win best couple award for the evening. Dhruv and Shraddha fume. Dhruv gives the ring to Shraddha, and leaves.

Shraddha asks Thapki is her drama over. She asks are you happy showing Dhruv and me down, just some time and you will be out from here. She goes. Bihaan comes to Thapki and says we won. Thapki says I don’t understand you, you fight with me and sometimes you do something that… He says I have problem, that whenever there is problem, I enter house to hit, and when there is something right, I enter heart and save it, like I saved you. She says I have to go, I have headache, I will rest in cowshed. He says I will come along. She says no, stay here with family, then come. She leaves thinking of Bihaan’s love for family. She thinks of Krishnakant’s words and goes to storeroom. She wears the teddy costume. She thinks to give chocolates to kids in the party. She goes out and recalls Shraddha’s condition. She prays to Lord that she chose love pat instead slap, I took this big step for Bihaan, so that he does not get away from his family.

Vasundara and Shraddha think Thapki has run away, as Thapki can’t meet her own eyes after doing such cheap thing. Vasundara sees Thapki and asks Shraddha to see her, she is so stubborn. Shraddha says she won’t be there for long, come. Kids come to teddy to take chocolates. Bihaan sees teddy and says it means Gulabo and Rampyaari would have also come in party with me. He leaves. Kids takes chocolates and go. Shraddha says finally, you became teddy bear Thapki, and reminds the condition to kiss the person on the cheek, whoever holds her hand or shakes hand first. She asks Thapki to go. Vasundara smiles. A guy takes chocolates from teddy. Thapki worries and goes. Shraddha says Thapki is smart, she is going to Dadi, Suman, so that she fulfills condition easily.

Thapki goes to shake hands with Dadi. Vasundara stops Dadi, and asks Dadi to have medicines on time. She sends Dadi with Suman. Vasundara asks Thapki not to act clever and goes. Dhruv collides with Thapki/teddy and stops. He says I m so sorry, by the way, hello teddy and forwards hand to shake. Shraddha and Thapki get shocked seeing him. Thapki recalls Shraddha’s words.

Thapki gets hiccups and removes the teddy head. She eats something to stop the hiccups. Bihaan gets shocked seeing her and says Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bechari Thapkii

  2. than vinai thanai sudum dum dum dum

    1. Edhukku indha pazhamozhi. Enakku puriyala. Explain please.

      1. Dhruv Thapki ku Kai kudakan shraddha atha pakurala, athanala than nu nenaiken, na solrathu sariya Philo?

      2. Andha bulbthan shradhavuku kidaikumnu theriyume. Evlo periya aalu (dhurv) poyum poyum oru teddyku thanevandhu kai kodupangala. Chinapullathanama iruku.

      3. Yendha pazhamozhi puriyala

      4. Philo enna solla vandhangannu puriyala. Appuramm innoru news padichen.
        ‘Bihaan helping Thapki on her sewing machine. The two will look extremely cute stitching together. Bihaan, who does not have any skill will try to learn sewing from Thapki. There is buzz that she will slowly realize that how much he loves her and fall for him. There are reports that she will give him a PECK ON THE CHEEK in the coming episodes. It surely looks like ThaHaan is a rocking pair!’ I dont know how much its true.Poruthar boomi aalvar.

  3. OMG IT’S DRUV…. Will Thapki kiss him……. ??
    Bihaan saw Thapki in Teddy costume that’s Good……
    Writers Please reveal maid drama to him

  4. nice episode……….Precap awesum……. I wanted bihaan to know that thapki was the teddy

  5. I don’t know why for some reason I found today’s episode funny and I knew thahaan would be the winning couple hehe, lol Thapki reminds me of happy tree friends 😛 today’s episode maybe an indication that Dhruv may become negative not sure though and according to spoilers Thapki will also fall in love with Bihaan can’t wait for that episodes 🙂

  6. Hey i didn’t watched today’s episode.
    how was it ???
    luv thahaan!!

  7. Awesome episode

  8. Pls update all ffs..

  9. Bihaan………..your the hero the real hero.I really enjoyed because today Bihaans words clearly unfolds his realzation of his chuk chuk gadi.That part was very nice.I have so much of excitement to watch tomorrows episode.spoilers alert was also interesting,any way i think coming episodes wouldbe GAJAB……..lets wait and see.

  10. wow nice episode
    n precape is also Gud n hope that bihaan will come to now about thapki being maid in pandet niwas but I m disappointed that dhruv is going to shake hands with thapki but I think Shraddha will stop dhruv to shake hand with thapki at any cost.
    I want thapki to kiss bihaan only.

    1. Yes
      Your guess 200 % correct ….
      See the you tube location video shoot 22 Feb. …

    2. Yes ruhi I agree with u

  11. precap was nice love u bihaan

  12. Dnt wprry guz..our heroine is going to kiss our hero dat is b for bihaan pandey….loved todays epi….bihaan’s precious thing is thapki’s eyes water when she cries….so sweet yaar….shraddha how desperate u r to win any competition but every time its not about winning sumtimes it is about love n care…n dats why u loose everytime….thahaan rockzzz….i m super xcited to c furthur epi…where he will also dress like thapki to help her as always…..manyasa we love u.

  13. Bhihaan character is awesome
    Manish acting very well..He made for acting in this character……totaly GAZABbbbbbbbbbbbbb…

  14. Thanks ally for the spoiler too good

  15. Hi moni know manyasa is in tpk but in real life it is anyasa (ankit n jigyasa )

  16. Kya hee baat h iss script ki….stamering problem wali lrki ko saas bahu aur devrani ky problems m tabdeel krdia….

    Ye to wahi starplus wali stories m se ek hogae h…..nothing new
    Mjhe laga tha k ek real life k hawalay se hogi story….stamering k lea focus hoga mgr yahan bhi wahi same script agya….

  17. Jb tk thapki office m thi tb tk serial sahi tha…lag rha tha k stamering pr likhi gae h….mgr ghuma phra k wahi adarsh bahu…plus saas devrani……

  18. Guys it was revealed that thapki will realise her love first

  19. Actually rina…i like them both in reel n real life both…n even they both said on a interview dat they both know each other very well…bocoz they hv done their debit serial together…so they r really comfortable together….n in every new ot is declared that ankit n jigyasa both are facing problems in their relationship n they are going through a breakup also….ankit may also leave the show due yo his less appearence n the change character from main lead to side character as manish is d main lead now….so rina i love both thahaan n manyasa……:-)

  20. Writer ko chahea ky…ya to thapki ko iss ghr se blkul alag krday taakay uskay stamering problem k sath wo kaisay as individually problems face krti h ya phr…thapki ab blkul stamer na kray…uski problm khtm hojaye to serial isi route pr chalay……saas bahu serial ki tarah…….

    Wrna stamering wali problems k sath jo log hain unka mazaq bngya h iss serial k sath….

  21. Spoiler alert :-

    friends actually shradha will stop dhruv shaking hand with thapki and then don’t know how bihaan will be the person who shakes hands with her for first but when thapki will try to kiss him he will push her aside and will say that he is not that type of person , then he will suggest her to give him a flying kiss only

  22. Bihaaaaaaaan nd Thapki rocks!!! Precap was nice!! Idha idha idhathaan edhirpaarthan!!! Bihan has come to know that in teddy bear costume was none other,that’s thapki!!!

  23. Thapki is such a silly girl.

  24. Too much hate diz serial. Colors tv ka sabhi serial same jaisa hai. Pahle to kisise pyar hota hai fir jabaddasti kisi aur se shadi karwa dete hai aur un dono k beech love sceene create karte hai. Dear writter agar love sceene hi dikhana hai to pahle pyar k sath hi dikha do. I hate dis cncept yarr. Pahle hi agar dhruv k sath thapki ki shadi ho jati to ye chudail ko bardast nehi karna hota. & only dhruv aur shraddha k shadi se hi basundhara ko har milti. Bt no, yaha to villain ko hi jitani hai. Chahe bhad me jaye sab ki feelings..

  25. Aur basundhara ko ab koi farq hi nhi padhta thapki ki wajah se. Kyuki wo to kamyab ho gyi hai dhruv ko us chudail k sath shaadi karwa k. So kuch bhi ho jye jeet to basu aur shraddha ki hi huyi. Kyuki un dono ka ek hi maksad hai, wo hai dhruv se thapki se dur karna. Jo to ho hi gya h. So ab humhe koi intrest nhi rha ye serial dekhne mai. Office wale sceene hi achha tha. Kamse kam enjoy to karti thi. Better pair was dhruv thapki & bihan aditi. Plss writter ye shradha chudail aur chhota diwakar ko hatao. Humhe bilkul intrest nhi milti unhe dikhne main.

  26. Thapki to fall in love with Bihaan in Thapki Pyaar Ki – did you read this guys

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