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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki blaming herself for the happenings and asks God to show her the way. She sees Kabir going somewhere and thinks to follow him, thinks he made their fake marriage turns completed. Dhruv comes to Vasu and brings stick. He asks her to punish and beat him for doing a big sin. He blames himself and tells that he is getting punished for trying to separate Bihaan and Thapki. Vasu asks him to stop it and tells that he didn’t do it intentionally. She says truth can’t change and that Shraddha and Aditi are both pregnant with his babies. Dhruv looks on sadly. Thapki follows Kabir in her car, and thinks with whom he came to meet here.

She comes inside the room and sees someone sitting on the chair. She turns the chair and sees Kabir sitting. Kabir says I have ruined

your hardwork and says I saw you following me. He asks don’t you get scared to come out in night, and says you can’t know anything about me. You can save your sister Aditi’s life and leave his secret. Thapki says there must be some secret and that’s why you had announced our fake marriage to be real one. Kabir says you will know this when right times comes, and says I can’t leave you here in night as you are my wife. He asks her to come.

Kabir and Thapki comes back home. Bihaan looks at them….Kabir holds her hand and says you said right that romancing under the moon light is good. He sings the song Chand Safarish. Bihaan is shocked. Kabir holds her hand and says now we can do anything, anywhere as we are married now. Thapki is about to go, but her dupatta gets stuck in his bracelet. Kabir frees dupatta from Bihaan’s bracelet, and asks Thapki to be careful with strangers.

Shraddha comes to room. Dhruv says you…Shraddha says Aditi has kicked you out of room and says why she will call you. She hugs Dhruv and says now we can get closer again. She asks him to get intimate with her again, and says that day you was not in your senses, but today you will be in your senses. She says I have decorated the bed for us. Dhruv says you are a cheap woman. Shraddha asks him not to shout at her, else it will have a bad effect on our baby. Dhruv says enough….and goes out of room angrily. Shraddha laughs and calls him Papa of her cute baby.

Thapki is doing puja. Kabir says wife’s puja is incomplete without husband. HE asks for prasad. Bihaan looks on. Thapki turns and sees Bihaan standing. He lifts Thapki in his arms. Thapki asks Kabir to get her down. Kabir says Iifted my own wife and not other’s wife. He looks at Bihaan. He brings her out and makes her sit in haldi water tub, saying it is haldi rasam which nobody did in this family till now like this. Bihaan is shattered. Kabir applies haldi on her cheeks and congratulates her on haldi rasam. Bihaan sees Kabir touching Thapki and applying haldi on her hands and is shattered. Vasu also looks on upset.

Vasu prays to God to save her family. Just then the letter falls on her feet from the newspaper. Vasu opens the letter and reads it. She thinks Bihaan said that he said that he torn the letter, and thinks it seems he didn’t read this letter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thampi is married to Kabir and no that doesn’t equal to him getting a ‘license’**

    And I did mean Bihan, autocorrect seems to keep on changing it

  2. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Why you people are arguing …it’s just a serial..I do know that many of us have been following tpk since the beginning but people in off screen things are going fine..I’m a thahaan fan and always will be..thabir fans I will not comment anything about you peoples new way of accepting this Jodi..I will stick to mine..we can see thapki being mute here but yeah as long as thapki dupatta still sticks to bihaan as wat a commenter said..there is still hope for thahaan to reunite..kabir character might irritate thahaan fans but we will never accuse him for all the misunderstandings is solely because of thahaan itself and they will sort it out..once they clear all misunderstandings..things will get back together..fingers crossed for thahaan

  3. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Anjali chill babe..I know to whom your comment was to ..just wanted to get some peace here…let’s have a healthy discussion..have a nice day

    1. Divya dear everyone has got their own point of view and will speak in favour or against, it’s just a discussion site for shows.. the show is about thahaan and they will only unite at the end everyone knows that….we have positive vibes….thabir is not at all possible that is why paper marriage happened and who is right or wrong will be proved at the end of the track….no need to worry… may kabir find solace in someone else since thapki loves only bihaan and vice versa….

      1. Just because you say it’s not possible doesn’t not mean it’s not possible. If there’s enough demand for ThaBir then The CVs will have to cater to the majority, so who knows, ThaHaan may not happen if there’s enough demand. And paper marriage = marriage. Thapki and Kabir are married, they ARE husband and wife.

    2. I’m chilled out mate, just expressing my opinion like everyone else here. Merry Christmas to you!

      1. Merry Christmas to you too dear

  4. He..he…serius amat….ini cerita nggak pakai dipikir nontonnya semakin dipikir semakin tidak bisa diterima…contoh..seorang pengacara hebat seperti thapki ko bisa percaya kalau nikah sama kabir legal?he..he..kalau nggak ada manish yang manis….nggak ada tuh penonton yang mau nonton….:)

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