Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki blaming herself for the happenings and asks God to show her the way. She sees Kabir going somewhere and thinks to follow him, thinks he made their fake marriage turns completed. Dhruv comes to Vasu and brings stick. He asks her to punish and beat him for doing a big sin. He blames himself and tells that he is getting punished for trying to separate Bihaan and Thapki. Vasu asks him to stop it and tells that he didn’t do it intentionally. She says truth can’t change and that Shraddha and Aditi are both pregnant with his babies. Dhruv looks on sadly. Thapki follows Kabir in her car, and thinks with whom he came to meet here.

She comes inside the room and sees someone sitting on the chair. She turns the chair and sees Kabir sitting. Kabir says I have ruined

your hardwork and says I saw you following me. He asks don’t you get scared to come out in night, and says you can’t know anything about me. You can save your sister Aditi’s life and leave his secret. Thapki says there must be some secret and that’s why you had announced our fake marriage to be real one. Kabir says you will know this when right times comes, and says I can’t leave you here in night as you are my wife. He asks her to come.

Kabir and Thapki comes back home. Bihaan looks at them….Kabir holds her hand and says you said right that romancing under the moon light is good. He sings the song Chand Safarish. Bihaan is shocked. Kabir holds her hand and says now we can do anything, anywhere as we are married now. Thapki is about to go, but her dupatta gets stuck in his bracelet. Kabir frees dupatta from Bihaan’s bracelet, and asks Thapki to be careful with strangers.

Shraddha comes to room. Dhruv says you…Shraddha says Aditi has kicked you out of room and says why she will call you. She hugs Dhruv and says now we can get closer again. She asks him to get intimate with her again, and says that day you was not in your senses, but today you will be in your senses. She says I have decorated the bed for us. Dhruv says you are a cheap woman. Shraddha asks him not to shout at her, else it will have a bad effect on our baby. Dhruv says enough….and goes out of room angrily. Shraddha laughs and calls him Papa of her cute baby.

Thapki is doing puja. Kabir says wife’s puja is incomplete without husband. HE asks for prasad. Bihaan looks on. Thapki turns and sees Bihaan standing. He lifts Thapki in his arms. Thapki asks Kabir to get her down. Kabir says Iifted my own wife and not other’s wife. He looks at Bihaan. He brings her out and makes her sit in haldi water tub, saying it is haldi rasam which nobody did in this family till now like this. Bihaan is shattered. Kabir applies haldi on her cheeks and congratulates her on haldi rasam. Bihaan sees Kabir touching Thapki and applying haldi on her hands and is shattered. Vasu also looks on upset.

Vasu prays to God to save her family. Just then the letter falls on her feet from the newspaper. Vasu opens the letter and reads it. She thinks Bihaan said that he said that he torn the letter, and thinks it seems he didn’t read this letter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. pooja prabha

    Completely a stupid wala episode.Thapki I want to stab you,what a disgusting character you have.I am sure you never deserve Bihanns unconditional love,you just betrayed him.Thapki you are the most hateful person in this circle.
    Dear Bihaan you should go anywhere from this cynicful family….

  2. Meli

    Thapki you are cheap woman…so easily the stranger man touch your body…shame on you thapki. No respect woman. We wacth a disgusting woman in this movie

  3. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    letter??? I believe the letter will never get into the hands bihan in time for months, it will take a very long time …. this is just giving false hope, the audience simply read the synopsis alone, do not watch video.serial very annoying….

  4. Cyrilraj

    Tapki it is too much Why are you allowing kabir to do such a things? But still bihaan is loving you you did this because you listened to druv words and you did not trust your husband bihaan. Did you see the gods are on the side of bihaan if bihaan hates and pray to gods they will listen to his prayers soon. Because God will be on the side of orphans not like you people.

  5. abida

    Congratulations for cvs and thapki because this serial fl had 4th marriage….thapki great….next who come to merry thapki???

  6. fira

    Kabir reverange is so cheap,he seem like a coward,just fight with him or kill him,what he dont worse that bihan(if really bihaan burn the house).a gentle man would fight for his duty not doing cheap trick like least talk to him.but ut is just a drama.the cvs can make the story by their opinion,even it is useless no moral value,or it cant change viewer way of thingking to solve such problem in real will end with nothing just a memory that thapki pyaar ki just bad winning so long…create a better story,please dont teach people to snach other husband or wife.teach us to proteck our marriage in every condition.

    • Pia

      Not everyone is gunda like Bihan ki hathapai pe aajaye. Gentlemen dont fight. This is not cheap, apni behen ke lye insaaf le raha hai, wdnt u do the same in his position? Moral value Bihan ki nah hain ,hamesha cheezein fekta hai, gussa karta hai, pee kar padha reheta hai, ussne Thapki ko thapad marke bahar nikala tha- isse kehte hain gentleman? kuch kaam nahi karta. Ussne hi toh Thapki se dhoke se shadi ki this Dhruv ki jagah baith kar madap mein, woh snacthing nahi hua?

      • Lucy

        No what Kabir is doing is sneaky and underhanded if he wanted to avenge his family he should do it face to face. True justice is bringing the full truth out and holding the person accountable and I don’t know about Indian justice but a man is innocent until proven guilty and as far as I’m concerned Bihaan has not been accused or been found guilty of a crime and a accused man has every reason to defend himself. Unless Kabir saw with his own two eyes Bihaan setting the fire he has no right to punish him

      • Pia

        Wouldnt the same apply for Thapki and Bihan then? Bihan slapped her and kicked her out of the house without even knowing the whole truth. Who was he to pass that judgement? Wasn’t it equally her house as it was his? Who was he to marry Thapki without her consent the first time? Who was he to make that decision for her?

        And how exactly can he do it face to face- destroy Bihan’s non-existent career? Destroy Pandey’s even though they have no involvement in this? Get into a fist fight and became a gunda like Bihan?

        It maybe sneaky and underhanded but Bihan’s is suffering which is the whole point. Justice doesnt always mean putting someone behind the bars.

      • Lucy

        Dadis testimony was the catalyst to that slap and she was also sneaking around behind trying to expose kodi and getting herself trappedd in her own plans. She asked shraddha for help and no one believed shraddha but bauji saw thspki and shraddhas trick on kosi so he even testified against Thapki and she was acting very erratic and even though she was in the right her behaviour was damning she went about it thewrong way and made her self look wrong and again she’s trapped with her own plan. Like Shraddha pointed out yesterday Thapki gets sneaky doesn’t confide in the right people then gets herself into more bothet.

      • Pia

        Are you trying to say erratic behaviour warrants physical abuse? Abuse is abuse and physical abuse especially has no justification here.

  7. Shwetha

    Disgusting Kabir..Poor Thapki..Writers always show Bihaan’s sad face..Plz Bring some happiness in show..Really miss Thahaan’s cute scenes..

    Precap makes some sense..Hope Vasu will clear Thapki’s understanding about the letter..

  8. pooja prabha

    Guys I have a request for you,don’t expect somuch from this precap.because,the writers always tried to playing with our feelings and BE NORMAL.
    Happy wala Merry Christmas advance in my cute buddies garima,reshal,anu,vino,santhosh Bhai and all Thahaanians.A special wishes for Manish…

  9. Ally

    Thapki and Dhruv are same …allowing to touch the people who are torturing them…so strange.
    I think they will drag this stupid track and at the end of boredom Kosi Naman will appear . ….Then will die hero or heroine .
    Next leap comes with Shraddha Aditi
    Thapki child (Second child with Bihaans)
    Again same love triangle with same actress /Actors …

  10. Kiesha

    I love new jodi Kabir Thapki (thabir) CV give us more scene pls.Gud episd, thapki should start loving kabir

  11. dewi

    The writer makes Bihan looks like a fool.. He didn’t do anything.., at least feels curious about who is Kabir actually.. After all that happened Vasundhra should have told Bihan why Thapki doing this.. I hope Vasundra will hand on Thapki’s letter to Bihan..

  12. pooja prabha

    Garima…where are you dear?I think you are not interesting with this so you don’t want to comment or you’re buzy for some works.anyway,how are you dear?what about your Christmas celebrations…I hope you are fine and god will always give you goodness.take care.Merry and funny Christmas my dear D for Dear …D for Dosth.

  13. Cyrilraj

    Anjali and keisha what are saying? Do you know what kabir is doing ? Ok it is story but the way they projected is not correct and it is against morality so please think about it. The author of this story is projecting in wrong way about a woman. Do you know who is woman? Women is a god who gave new life and very faithful to their faithful. As women are faithful to their husbands. We all know their marriage is fake and how dare kabir to touch a woman who is not belong to him can he allow his wife or sister or mother like this. If he wants to hurt bihaan let him do directly not like this he is very cheep and blo*dy.

    • Anjali

      Apni behen ke liye badla le raha hai, kya bura hai usmein? Kaun apni family ke liye nahi karta?
      And correction sirf aurat hi faithful nahi hoti, its both men and women. And yes she should be faithful to her husband who is now Kabir. Legally shadi tooti hai and thapki and Kabir ki shadi hui hai. Tummy accept nah karna to woh tumhare par hai. And using the same logic thapki and bihan ki pehli shadi bhi fake this and uss basis pe Thapki use pyar karna hi nahi chahiye tha. And phir to Bihan hi cheap hai.

  14. Robin

    Enna oru story shraddha Ivlo cheapa nadanthukuranga avanga charactere irritatinga iruku thapki motherly lovekaga revenge Erika vendiyathu the but idhu overa iruku revengekaga Vera oruthana marriage panikuvangala bihaan kita letter pathi pesalame iPadi that’s ilathatha Katya vendam society idhanala kettu the pogum

    Msg from Team: Comments in English/Hindi only please.

  15. sadia

    everyone in this serial is dumb and foolish….dnt say anything dnt do anything…..even a stranger kabir living with them and now thapki is not paday’s bahu so why they are living together….poor bihn…i m confused after all these happenings how can this chractrless thapki strt her relationship with bihan….and how can bihan accept this girl who lives wd stramger and allow him to touch her although they are not married yet….uppos….cvs should make some sense….only love triangles jaelousy and bihaan heart broken every time what they are making is out of the senses…

  16. Shahid

    Lets see if the truth about the letter comes out probably not, I wonder what Kabirs plans are for Bihaan?

    So badly rooting for Kabir but it never happen sadly.

  17. Ish

    Err I dont understand, why are Thapki and Kabir living with the Panday’s? Why not separate and live in your own house, wouldnt that cause more pain to Bihan? The fact that Thapki doesnt live with him and is moving on in her life (even if she isn’t)

  18. Lucy

    Aditi should be more understanding towards Dhruv because she also was drugged and blackmailed into marriage with Diwakar but Diwakar as bad as he was Shraddha is lower because Diwakar could have also molested Aditi and ruined her life completely and that was mainly Aditis fault as her plan against Diwakar backfired on her

  19. Alisha

    Thapki and kabir rocks sweet couple. Bihan should accept that sankar. All u guys what kabir is doing for revenge is better than killing. And what was bihan thinking when he kicked his wife out.

  20. Avanti

    I want to know more about Kabir’s plan, fair enough he wants to make Bihan jealous but how long and how far can you stretch that out for?

    • Shahid

      Same he wants to kill Bihaan obviously hence all the times he kept shooting him and missed

      I think he wants to make Bihaan feel emotional pain of losing Thapki too. He is hurting Thapki emotionally but at least he not physically hurting her like Bihaan and he doesn’t give her verbal abuse like BIhaan too which I like but its only a matter of time till he does cos thats what the writers always do.

      • Avanti

        I dont think I would like that. Kabir isn’t anyone to pass that judgement, besides isn’t a life full of bitterness, pain and jealousy better revenge that killing someone off in one go?

        Though I know its never gonna happen, I would like to see Kabir and Thapki move out of Panday Nivas and on in life. I’d rather see Bihan moving on and doing something useful rather than being a thug. Repenting for his thuggish ways, getting an education along with Sankara. As for Thapki and Kabir, i’d rather see them trying to make their marriage work and give it chance. Thapki getting over her speech impediment and the discrimination she had faced due to it. Though I do like the current track, I just dont get the non-sensical indian kitchen politics.

        I know its inevitable but I really hope CV’s dont butcher Kabir’s character, may as well kill him off before doing that.

      • Keisha

        What Bihan did to Neha was Assault which by definition ‘is an attempt to initiate harmful or offensive contact with a person, or a threat to do so’

        Revenge by definition is “The action of hurting or harming someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands making someone suffer.”

        The whole point of revenge here is to hurt Bihan, which is impossible to carry out without any kind of abuse.

  21. Prachi

    I want to see more THABIR scenes…where we can see Kabir falling for Thapki and also Thapki developing feelings for Kabir

  22. Ashy

    You can see that Kabir cares, even if he is taking revenge, he does care about Thapki, as he wouldnt leave her alone at night in some desolate place. It may have been delivered cheekily but one could see the sentiment behind it.

    For the past few days I have been reading comments about how Kabir is cheap and he is touching someone else’s wife etc etc. Well he’s, not. He is legally married to Thapki, he is touching his own wife. Had he wanted, he could’ve taken advantage of her in the abandoned house they went today and no one would be able to save her. Or even in front of Bihan, he just leaned in, touched her cheek and leaned his face against her head. He could’ve kissed her cheek like Shradha kissed Dhruv’s. This is where his attitude and morals shine through. You can tell that though he is taking revenge for his sister, he knows his limits. And from what we have seen he is only around her whenever Bihan is around and doesnt try to get close to Thapki otherwise, though we dont know much about their sleeping situation, since Thapki and Kabir are sharing the same room I imagine he hasnt made any moves on her. Marital rape is not a crime in India and if he really wanted he could’ve taken advantage of her and gotten away with it and no one would be able to do anything.

    Thank you CV’s for giving us at least one character with an ounce of logic and a moral compass in this otherwise pathetic show. I know his character will be butchered eventually but I am going to make the most of it while it lasts. I know it would just be wishful thinking but I hope Thapki-Kabir do happen, even if they kill him off later on. They deserve at least one fair chance.

  23. Heera

    Oh no thapki had failed to do followed Kabir go to place but he changed his mind. I wish his sister is there. Who look after his sister neha???????? She is lonely with chain. How Kabir cope at night ??? Stupid director/writer. Good news Vaus found letter! I hope vasu will tell Bihaan quickly. I don’t want Sanker saw them. Let leave Bihaan alone. Sanker is out this house.

  24. Anika

    LOL Kabir and his relax, you know things are gonna go bad for Bihan when he says that. As a ThaBir fan, what I want to know is, how are Thapki and Kabir sharing the room? 😉

  25. Simu

    THABIR are the best…i luv dis new track… what comes after mehendi nd haldi??? thapki hasnt been wearing sindoor, hope we get to see kabir filling thapki’s maang with sindoor……pls thapki forget bihan and pandeys nd unite with kabir, be happy wid kabir, lyk he said 2day, u shud be hppy u hav a luving husband…4get bihaan. Pls CV’S unite thapki nd kabir…they r da only reason i watch dis show

  26. lee_na

    I think morals of the story are:
    – don’t take revenge, it won’t bring’s better to forgive
    -don’t be in wrong path, even for right reasons or to get justice, god won’t let wrong path win completely, it will backfire on you
    -clear missunderstanding by talking and listening each other carefully, with respect and trust
    -don’t trust everything that you see, always confirm and use your heart, because heart doesn’t lie

  27. lee_na

    And about thahaan, as long as thapki’s dupatta stuck with bihaan, i’m sure the writer will reunite them, because their jodi made by god. Keep smiling guys…

  28. fira

    How can they(kabir&thapki) legaly marriage????if the woman diesnt know she get signt in the marriage letter or doesnt do the marriage ritual???
    If you a man make a certain girl give a sign on the marriage letter(without her agreement) it is a legaly in your country??and you can touch her or sleep with her???where is a respect for woman there??
    It doesnt matter if thahaan or thabir but please give honor on marriage which it is holy to every religion…
    Well thabir never dont seven round yet,it is a marriage??
    Thapki and bihaan divorce intentionaly they didnt know about divorced is so cheap…how can the goverment allow it is legally in there??
    You can snacth other husband or wife easily just bring the letter and make them sign without tell it directly…

    • Manish ki deewani

      Pooja yar I wish that vasu g do something still u r the hope .through out this sankara from Bihaan’s life .

  29. Manish ki deewani

    Lee-na I like ur comment very much becoz of ur positive though and conclusion. But witers don’t respect to women. how people think that woman change her love easily .dear all thahaan fans want thahaan together.hopefully one day they units .I wish before 2016.ya god made their jodi.thanks 4 giving smile becoz after reading other comment I’m felt so sad .definitely writers unite them becoz they know fan love Manyasa more than thahaan.just hope 4 the best

  30. Manish ki deewani

    Merry Christmas pooja garima santhosh Bhai vino ,all thahaan and tpk fans and to whole tpk team.friends enjoy winter and Christmas .

  31. Vi

    Poor Bihan… 🙁
    Thapki is so stupid…
    I Think Kabir falling in love with Thapki, but i don’t want Bihan lose his love. So, hope that the film has a happy ending with ThapHan couple, Kabir can find his destiny. :((((



    |Registered Member

    Thahaan fans chill please…. These thabir fans who call their new so called jodi as a new one should remember that this is only a track to take revenge on the show’s “jaan” bihaan… I don’t understand that people those who have watched the show from the beginning, they will have definitely fallen in love with the bihaan’s character…. and if you say you watched the show from the beginning but you still you didn’t like the character then we are not silly to believe you because kabir just entered the show, then for whom had you been watching the show from the beginning? for the last one and half years, it was only bihaan, bihaan and bihaan for whom the trp of the show reached its peak and now when they deviated with silly tracks of Kosi and the rest, it declined….we all know bihaan asked her to go away that night but it was his anger and instigated by kosi, he didn’t even know she was pregnant, bihaan saw hatred in thapki’s eyes for someone for the first time, he slapped her just when she accused dadi of telling lies…we should know it wasn’t anybody’s fault… And yes kabir.. he came to kill someone at first without any solid proofs, Ohh wow educated person’s mind says so I didn’t know that, even the law can’t punish anybody without proofs… in that case bihaan who is illiterate and fat headed is far more better than kabir… he asked thapki to go away but he never attempted to kill her in his anger, he says many things in anger but he doesn’t try to snatch anybody’s life.. Was it not necessary to inform a child’s father about the baby? before leaving thapki wrote a letter but why didn’t she say on this his face?and why was she day dreaming and walking in the middle of the road? an expecting mother should have been more careful..I sympathise with her and always be but the innocent thapki is lost from me whom I used to love once…Ok if bihaan is proved to be guilty in neha’s case then I will myself want him to get punishment….. and about dhoka marriage, bihaan married thapki but what would you do if your mother attempts to kill herself to break the marriage tell me….bihaan always yearned for mother’s love, he threw thapki because she tried to kill kosi as even dadi said..he believed dadi as a proof…. but kabir? kabir doesn’t even have proper evidence, just signing fake papers doesn’t make relationships…Kabir is a coward, he is using a girl to take revenge.. what is the use of repenting? every criminal behind the bars do lament too…Kabir loves his sister but is she getting proper treatment and medicine?why has he locked her up in a dark house? she is a mental patient, she needs open space and love…is this behaviour sensible?? I sympathise with her because she too lost her child and husband, she needs to be cared, sometimes I feel kabir has left her alone in the house and tied her to a chair or bed, it feels bad to see this and he said to Bihaan that she had died….Bihaan did the mistake of trusting thapki and he got his punishment, he is separated from her and lost his child too..and about thapki, she is the most stupid character of the show.. she is legally into marriage but that doesn’t mean kabir will get the license to touch her without her consent, even husbands are punished if wives complain of physical harassment.. if you call this is not harassment then what is it? keep yourself in thapki’s position and think? would you allow anyone to touch you after a trick marriage? bihaan never tried to touch her when they were into the dhoka marriage.. but thapki has become a speechless and dumb person and can’t even utter a single word in front of bihaan to kabir…next time when kabir comes close, I wish she gives a tight slap to him..don’t say I am here to justify bihaan but Thahaan has been made by God and we thahaan fans want them to unite…TPK is for Thahaan only otherwise the show would have gone off air many months ago..people do love bihaan and thapki only….Peace

  33. Kudrat

    Love u .Rinku Manish ki deewani di,kya cmt tha kisi ke najer na lege aap jese thahaan fans ke vejh se hi hum log es new thabir fans ko sh rhe h verna enki baate sunker to mera man kar rha tha……… Di aap ff kab post k ro ge

  34. Anjali

    Speak for yourself, just because you like Bihan doesn’t mean everyone else does too. I have watched the show from the beginning and I still don’t like him . I watched it for the story and Jaya Bhattacharya.

    So are you trying to justify physical abuse just because Bihan was angry? What concrete proof did Bihar have? Who was he to kick his wife out of THEIR house, who was he to pass that judgement? Even the law can’t punish anyone without proof so who is Bihan to decide any of that? And why should Thapki go back to him? Again because Bihan decided so? What is he? The grand ruler of this planet? He couldn’t even trust his own wife. He didn’t know the truth but it’s justified because he was angry? Well we can say the same here, Kabir doesn’t know the truth for sure but it’s justified because he’s angry. And his anger is actually justified, his sister has lost anything and she is no longer sane. So the next time your grandma says something bad about your spouse you should try and kill her? So Bihar is a saint because he didn’t try to kill his wife and ‘allowed’ her to leave their house? He didn’t even try to calm down, rationalise and ask his wife for an explanation he just kicked her out, I don’t remember the last time a literate person did so.

    And are your really saying that Kabir’s sisters loss, her husband and kid dying means nothing, Kabir seeking justice is bad? Wouldn’t you do the same for your family?

    Is there any point in seeing a person who slaps you and kicks you out of the house face to face? When he blows his top constantly, man handles you at every occasion, isn’t even ready to listen to you. When he supposedly ‘loves’ you so much he doesn’t even give you a chance? Would you go back to an abusive husband? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    What would I do? I would go and tell the bride the truth, I would say that my mum doesn’t like you, I don’t want Dhruv to choose and neither can I. There will always be friction within the family, if not between you and mum then between mum and Dhruv. She’ll never accept you, as a friend I thought to let you know and now my advice would be, please break this alliance, we’ll all be happier in the long term.

    And let’s think logically here, a gunda mawali threatens your brother in law, few days later you find the house burning and they’re dead, what will the logical conclusion be? You find your sister inconsolable and she’s no longer sane. Pray tell me how will you find the truth? Will you go and ask that thug ki sach kya hai mujhe batao and implicate yourself? Will you ask the dead people? Or will you ask the insane sister?

    What do you know about mentally ill patients and how they should be kept? I’m actually a medic and I’ve spent 3 months on a psychiatric ward and what you’re seeing isn’t even that bad. Some Patients are strapped to the bed, made to go on a liquid diet. Soon as you let them go they can be a danger to themselves or someone else. Do I agree with the execution of how Kabir’s treating his sister, no? But was his intentions wrong? No. Bur do you really expect any medical relevancy from such show? Kabir was shot, that could’ve damaged his jugular, he ought to have even taken to a hospital for that but did they do that? No. Vasu gauging Shradha is pregnant by checking her pulse, does that make sense? No. I love how selective you are in choosing the bits to support your dislike for Kabir. Bihar lost a child he didn’t even know the existence of, what a tragedy! -.- Are you seriously trying to equate Bihan’s ‘pain’ of losin a child he didn’t even know about to Kabir’s sisters pain of losing her family? Really? I get you don’t like Kabir in fact you won’t like anyone who will come between Thapki and Bihan but really stop trivialising death and other people’s pain just to make your favourite sound like a saint.

    Thapki is married to Bihar and no that doesn’t equal to him getting a ‘license’ to touch her but have you seen him trying to get closer to her otherwise? Have you seen him trying to take advantage of her? No, so stop implying so. Bihar whereas wasn’t even married Thapki when she came as Vani Chaturvedi and yet he manhandled her on a regular basis, is that not harassment?

    I won’t defend Thapki, I don’t see the sense in what she’s doing in this track.

    Again stop assuming things, just because you like a couple doesn’t mean they are ‘created by God’, theres no such thing as that. They were created by CV’s because it would pull in TRP’s and that’s it. Going by your logic I can say: Bihan and Thapki were meant to separate and Kabir and Thapki were meant to meet and get married by god, he was the one who walked in when she said I’ll marry the next person walking through the door- this is an act of God. His name lasted on her, this was by god. And we ThaBir fans are here to unite them. People are finding this track interesting or this show would’ve gone off air by now. Just because you have favourites doesn’t mean other people can’t, so stop trying to pose your views on someone else.

  35. Anjali

    Thampi is married to Kabir and no that doesn’t equal to him getting a ‘license’**

    And I did mean Bihan, autocorrect seems to keep on changing it

  36. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Why you people are arguing …it’s just a serial..I do know that many of us have been following tpk since the beginning but people in off screen things are going fine..I’m a thahaan fan and always will be..thabir fans I will not comment anything about you peoples new way of accepting this Jodi..I will stick to mine..we can see thapki being mute here but yeah as long as thapki dupatta still sticks to bihaan as wat a commenter said..there is still hope for thahaan to reunite..kabir character might irritate thahaan fans but we will never accuse him for all the misunderstandings is solely because of thahaan itself and they will sort it out..once they clear all misunderstandings..things will get back together..fingers crossed for thahaan

  37. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Anjali chill babe..I know to whom your comment was to ..just wanted to get some peace here…let’s have a healthy discussion..have a nice day



      |Registered Member

      Divya dear everyone has got their own point of view and will speak in favour or against, it’s just a discussion site for shows.. the show is about thahaan and they will only unite at the end everyone knows that….we have positive vibes….thabir is not at all possible that is why paper marriage happened and who is right or wrong will be proved at the end of the track….no need to worry… may kabir find solace in someone else since thapki loves only bihaan and vice versa….

      • anjali

        Just because you say it’s not possible doesn’t not mean it’s not possible. If there’s enough demand for ThaBir then The CVs will have to cater to the majority, so who knows, ThaHaan may not happen if there’s enough demand. And paper marriage = marriage. Thapki and Kabir are married, they ARE husband and wife.

  38. Triwahyu

    He..he…serius amat….ini cerita nggak pakai dipikir nontonnya semakin dipikir semakin tidak bisa diterima…contoh..seorang pengacara hebat seperti thapki ko bisa percaya kalau nikah sama kabir legal?he..he..kalau nggak ada manish yang manis….nggak ada tuh penonton yang mau nonton….:)

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.