Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman and Preeti arguing over the competition. Shraddha looks on and smiles. Preeti and Ashwin do yoga. Shraddha thinks jokers, they can’t even reach me, Thapki is tough competition, how to win over her. The servant keeps milk glass in Bihaan’s room. Shraddha goes to the room and adds more sleeping pill powder. She says either of Bihaan and Thapki will be sleeping all day and get eliminated in the competition. She says all the best Thapki and hides hearing Bihaan and Thapki. Bihaan asks Thapki how will she compete with hurt feet. Thapki says you have come with me for Maa’s happiness. Thapki lies to rest.

Shraddha runs out. Bihaan drinks the milk and Thapki switches off lights. Shraddha smiles seeing Bihaan drink it and thinks Bihaan will sleep all day and

Thapki will lose, she will be out without Bihaan, so my way to victory will get cleared.

Diwakar keeps his phone on table and goes to washroom. Aditi takes the phone and puts the code. She deletes the pics and says finally…. Diwakar comes and smiles. He says he has saved the other copy in CD and breaks it. I don’t need all this, as I have your true love. Aditi says its all an acting, this ends today, you are such a fool. He says I trusted you and was loving you more than me, I m biggest fool and you are more bigger fool, I knew you are acting. She asks him to get out of her house, now his time is up. He says time started now, I will take revenge from you, I will make your life hell, you broke my marriage, see what I do with you, I will take your happiness and not leave you and your family, even Lord can’t save you. He goes. She worries.

Its morning, Vasundara says everyone is ready, we will go now. Kiran says it will be fun, as 4 couples are from our house. Suman and Preeti argue. They all laugh. Ashwin asks them to save energy for competition. Kiran says the best shall win. Shraddha thinks I m the best, I will win. Dadi asks where is Bihaan. Shraddha smiles. Kiran says Bihaan is sleeping, he did not get up. Dadi asks what, did he had sleeping pill. Bau ji asks how will Thapki participate then. Shraddha says so sad…. How will this happen now.

Bihaan comes and says Bihaan got up early morning Bhabhi ji… She gets shocked seeing him. He says its important to be fresh for competition and good sleep is necessary, so I slept well at night and now I will compete well now. They all leave. Bihaan greets Shraddha and asks her will she not bless her lovely Devar to win, did she get shocked to see him, even his head got shaken up when he went to room and ….. FB shows Bihaan has seen the milk rotating in the glass and understood someone has mixed something in it, he has seen her hiding there and smiles. FB ends.

Bihaan says I understood your game and then I started my game, I switched off lights before having milk. FB shows Bihaan throwing milk and acting to consume it, that glass was empty. He asks her to think he has played band of her plan, this is called Nehle pe Dehla…. She says you….. and points finger at him. He stares at her and says Ghazab….. you participate honestly, but no one will be worse than Bihaan Pandey. He wishes her good luck and good bye.

They all reach the event venue. The lady welcomes them in Superbahu competition and says the first round is about helping each other. She explains the rules of the round, and asks them to plough field and get a hidden pot from it, then husband will make wife sit on his back and reach finishing line. Everyone clap. The lady says after 15 mins, come to the starting point with the ox.

Vasundara praises Dhruv and Thapki. Bau ji tells Bihaan that they all know his marriage truth, but he has to see Thapki now, she has wounded feet and even then she came here, you have to make her win. Bihaan says I will do my best to win. Vasundara asks Shraddha to do the best and win. Thapki looks on. Bau ji sees Thapki going and goes to see. Thapki tells lady that she wants to take her name back, and says she has her personal reasons. Bau ji gets thinking.

Bihaan asks Thapki will she not compete. She tells him about the animal’s wound. Bau ji asks Thapki not to move back and compete. She thanks him and gets the wooden plough on her shoulders.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg ….. Thapki be lil bit practical….OK its Gud to think about the ox but …..its dramatic…
    N bihaan u r d best….

    1. Hi Mira!! Y do u say it is not practical???? Even our elders might have done these works……may be torturing her like this may be dramatic…. Manual ploughing is done in those days….

  2. That was good Bihaan…!!! Shradha’s face was looking sooo Sweet when she defeat…So sad.. Huh??!!!!
    Hey.. Fatarajo.. #desifriend… Today again no updates of IKRS in time… It’s bad..!!!

    1. Actually in Japan it’s 3hrs ahead from bd which is why I slePt early n couldn’t read upDates of any shows yesterday 🙁

      1. u r in japan so I am but I really hates present track

  3. Bihaan u r S for super and S for smart…that’s y I like u…keep rocking……as bauji said u should take care of ur wife more than anything… Yaaar…
    It seems vasu will be cheating to make shraddha win!!!!how cruel and selfish lady…..

  4. The current track is very boring…..?
    Bakwas Shrddha&faltu Divakar???
    What a worse competition .Is this competition is conducting for Pandey family????.The best bahu competition may extend to the whole week&majority of the participants are from py family.
    It’s very happy to see foolish face of Shraddha.?????I have a doubt dt is she got any training from Vasu before marriage.precap is nice Bauji u are gr8??????

  5. Yes this is something worth to watch as ‘EVIL’ will play its game but if ‘GOOD’ doesnt act logical nd fail ‘EVIL’s plan lyk bihaan hav done there is nothng interesting to see ‘GOOD’ helpless,,,miserable n weak

  6. Clever bihaan..

  7. Good job it..???. Shraddha you are interfering Thahaan’s life too much. . it will ruin you??… .Vasu herself so evil and cheater I don’t know why she needs adarsh bahu.???… lol

    1. Yaa point ally!!!!that’s y she doesn’t deserve thapki!!!!!!

  8. Bihaan u so smart and nice nosecut to shradha…bihaan correctly called thapki as mahaan aatma bcz she act too dramatically….she is not at all normal and acts like she born only for others goodness

  9. Bihan aise hi shradha k har plan ko fail karte jao jaise tumne us milk ka kya! Ab intezar hai jeetne ka,love thahaan.

  10. And thapki u r really idiot fool stupid whatever that is….don’t u know yesterday itself that u r going to compete with ur family…….when vasu gave names , what was u doing???
    And is there only 5houses are there in their colony..?????
    What joke yaar???? Then it is not colony, it is street….writer hi…….

  11. I have stopped watching this show because they have changed thecouple.i wanted to watch thapki and Dhruvs jodi.i don’t like Bihaan thapki jodi.

  12. I think this week willbe a competition week……there is no interesting scene of Thahaan,writerji….don’t make this serial a nonsence….Bihaan your the one&only much better factor of this serial otherwise its a ??????????????????????

  13. I said this dat bihaan will nt consume d milk…d scene was awsome… thapki will pull d wooden plough herself…..jigyasa will also wear a sports shoes n than der will be a scene from dum laga k haishaa movie wher aayushmaan carried his wife on his shoulder n she holding d pot…..jigyasa said this in d interview on sbs today….she was really thankfull dat she is getting such challenging role n tasks as a actor…also she is excited to do the movie scene on small scene…as it will be some thing different first time on a telivision show….really excited to watch d epi…..manish u r d man…..thahaan rocks…u will win for sure.

  14. Bihar u did a great job today and ur conversion with shradha scece are simply superb.

  15. Guys what’s mean ‘nehle pe Dehla’?????

    1. @swati…to foil smones plan 😉

  16. @swathi
    ‘nehle pe dehla’ means tit for tat…
    to revert back to someone’s bad action….

  17. Arre yaar thapki is just lil dramaticl…b bold n real:( shraddas plan faild.nice bihaan

  18. Boring

  19. Boring epi……..only dragging this…………….

  20. guyzz.. pls help me out.. i want to upload my fan friction stry.. bt i dono how to do.. can u pls tel me abt procedures..

    1. Shraddha is S for smart but Bihaan is B for Bohot smart , well done Bihaan, and as for the precap c’mon Thapki Zor laga ke Haisha

    2. Sorry for commenting in ur reply accidentally , u can use te submit the article option , which u will find right on the top(for desktop version) and as for mobile version click the menu button right on top(white), and then click submit the article

      1. tq so much yaar😊

  21. Thanks?Divya&freak

  22. Hey i just nw saw dat thapki wud alone pull the plough as her cow will be hurt….it will be difficult for her…but our hero bihaan will come on time n hold the plough n both of them will pull it….n dat dhruv now where is his love gone he is ready to win only with dat stupid shraddha…anyway my bihaan us d hero….after dis he will carry thapki on his shoulder n inspite of getting hurt he will reach the final winning line n win d competition… celebration time for thahaan fans….thapki will even wipe bihaan’s sweat from his face with her dupatta….ohhhh god….will be gr8 to watch.really excited…what u guys think….

    1. Is it true!!!! Then really excited from now……oh!!!can’t wait till 7 pm….

    2. I hope that’s true 🙂

  23. This is too good. I was so blo*dy thrilled to see Bihaan while the smirk off Shradda’s face. Pure bliss. ?? I think Bihaan is definitely a stronger character than Dhruv, I mean the guy doesn’t even voice his opinions. Kudos to Bihaan, may you continue to made Shradda’s life a misery and please us all.

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