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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki leaving. Bihaan asks her not to worry, interview will go well, my wife is smart. she says you are very nice to understand and support me, I m lucky, I wish every girl gets a husband like you, I will go, I m getting late. He asks why are you going 2 hours ago. She says I have work. He asks is it imp. She says yes. He wishes her all the best. Thapki reaches minister’s house and says I came before time to know the truth, I told cameraman to come soon, if he did not come, I will record it myself. She goes inside the house and hears sound. She goes upstairs and gets shocked seeing minister scolding his wife and daughter.

He beats his wife. He sees Thapki at the door. Thapki hides the memory chip in the locket box kept in purse. Minister Radheshyam says you came

till here, lets go downstairs, come. He checks the camcorder and does not get anything. He asks Thapki how did you come so soon, welcome, did you see anything. Thapki sees his wife hurt and asks him how can he do this with his wife, he does women empowerment outside and he is doing this at home. He asks her not to interfere in his family matter, do your work and go silently, this is good for everyone.

Bau ji and Dadi compliment Bihaan and Vasundara. Bihaan touches Vasundara’s feet and says she is my Yashoda maa. Vasundara blesses him and says you are our Kanha, always be happy. He asks her to become his Devki maa too in next birth. She cries. Dadi asks Bihaan to come. Bau ji asks Vasundara to forget Kosi, no one will come here now. Kosi, Naman and Sankara hear them. Kosi says we will come infront of you, even the truth will be out today.

Thapki says Radheshyam ji’s truth is recorded in this chip and this your truth will be out. His wife takes chip and says don’t do this, you don’t know my husband, don’t risk my and my daughter’s life along yours. Thapki says its wrong to bear wrong. His wife says I have raised voice and saw his devil avatar. Thapki asks her to take the decision and gives both chips. She says one chip has his good side and other chip has his true face, you decide which chip to air on tv. She asks her to decide and then call her. She goes.

Thapki prays that Radheshyam’s wife gets courage to take right decision. She gets the locket in her purse. She thinks how did this come in my purse. She tries to open it and sees a keyhole. She thinks of that small key that fell in her purse. She gets the key and opens it. She gets shocked seeing the locket’s inside.

Thapki comes home and sees Vasundara. Bihaan asks her about interview. She says it was good, see Maa is looking like Yashoda maiyya. Thapki goes to Vasundara and asks her to come with her.

Suman gets ready in Devki’s avatar. Kosi uses chloroform and makes Suman faint. Kosi smiles. Vasundara asks Thapki whats the matter. Thapki asks Vasundara to say. She gives her the locket. Vasundara takes the locket and opens it. She sees the pics. Thapki asks is this same right for which Kosi came in this house, you have to say truth, cheating family is not good, you have to say it today. Vasundara asks you want to know secret, fine, they have come to…. Bihaan comes there. Vasundara stops saying. He asks her what are you talking here, come play is going to start. She throws locket. Thapki picks locket and they leave. The play starts.

Bihaan stands as kanha ji. Vasundara comes as Yashoda Maiyya. Bihaan says I will not take butter and not trouble anyone, just don’t leave me, as you mean the world to me. Vasundara says my world and heaven will always be with you, I have hidden a truth from you, you call me Maiyya as I have raised you, I did not give you birth, Lord gave someone else the good luck to give you birth, that’s Devki. She shows Devki coming. Everyone get shocked seeing Kosi coming as Devki. Kosi says I gave birth to you, I m your real Maa.

Bihaan says I did mistake, now I will kick you out of my house. Vasundara stops Bihaan and says Kosi is saying truth, she is your real mum. Bihaan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The hidden truth will revealed in front of Bihaan.I just shocked to see the new promo,Bihaan gets angry towards the pandey family.mean while,Thapki supports the pandey family.which shows there is a clash between Thahaans life.I think the crack Sankara take this situation as an advantage…I am totally confused.because I am a great fan of Thahaan especially Manish.To be very honest,this is my first telly drama I had to see the full episode,I don’t like to miss any single episode.Anyway,let’s see…Hi,Jann how are you?what do you think about the current track…

  2. Aami123

    So sad??????

  3. Thahaan die hard fan

    Again ? Y do they not let Thahaan to be together ?

    1. This drama becoming boring day by day .
      yaar itni si baat hai hum thahaan say pyaar hai.
      but CVS never show us that they only show fight between them never showed love among them .
      CVS only gave torture to thahaan fans only .??

  4. strange to see that bihan against his family and thapki again big drama only writter concentrate how to separate thahaan and how to tortures the thahaan fans

  5. So sad

  6. Sunshine Zareen

    This is not good… Pls don’t separate bihaan & thapki,, They love each other very much.. pls don’t create any misunderstanding between them.. & plsss make sure that dhruv don’t come back again to spoil their happiness… Keep bihaan & Thapki together

  7. Actually current track is making the serial boring. Nw I hv lost interest n thapki . Nt nly me even my mum. Cz it’s becm boring day by day. In fact evn i feel thy shuld finish it whn thahaan marriage hpnd. Cz thy shuld leave a nice place in fans heart. Most f us expect to see sm happiness in thahaan s life bt agn ……,,,,,.

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