Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki thinking why did Shraddha ask for raw mangoes, when she did not had it. Shraddha says I will drink wine today after a long time. Thapki comes there and gets shocked. Vasundara, Bau ji and Bihaan come there too. Vasundara asks whats this, wine? Shraddha says this is for you all to celebrate my pregnancy, take this Bau ji. Bau ji says I can’t refuse, we will drink. Bau ji and Bihaan drink the wine.

Vasundara asks them to drink and goes. Thapki sees Shraddha’s expressions. She goes out and Vasundara collides with her. Vasundara asks where is your focus, what happened. Thapki says Shraddha… Vasundara says we will feel she is wrong if she does right, you said Shraddha realized her mistakes, she will change for her baby, I m feeling Shraddha is changing, do

you see change in her, you showed trust in Shraddha, your trust won’t break, everything will be fine.

Diwakar goes to take revenge form Aditi. He gets itching powder and says I will put this on you. Something falls and she gets up. She wakes up Poonam and says thief. They catch Diwakar and beat him up. Diwakar’s parents also beat him. Diwakar shouts save me, and they all see him. Diwakar says Aditi was shouting thief, thief has run and I got caught, I have to go and bath, else I will get itching. He makes excuse and leaves.

Shraddha drinks some wine and says I was missing you a lot. Thapki comes there and checks the bottle. She sees its empty and asks where did remaining go. Shraddha says I have thrown it, go and sleep. Thapki gets wine smell from her. Shraddha goes. Thapki thinks whats Shraddha hiding.

Its morning, Thapki calls doctor Shakuntala at home. Vasundara asks why did you call her. Thapki says Doctor will do pregnancy test again. Shraddha asks why, I did it. Thapki says I called doctor so that there should be no risk for baby, its fine if you don’t want to do tests again. Shraddha asks doctor to go. Vasundara asks doctor to check Shraddha, Thapki is right, there is no harm to be double cautious. Doctor checks Shraddha. Doctor takes her blood sample for tests. She says I will send reports till 4pm. Thapki thanks her. Doctor leaves. Thapki says Shraddha, we will know everything after we get reports. Shraddha thinks forget Thapki, I will not let you know anything, I won’t let you get reports.

Thapki talks to doctor and tells Suman that doctor said she has sent reports. Shraddha hears them and says Thapki, you will get this fake reports and I will tear that original reports. She keeps the fake reports in the vase. She acts weak and asks Thapki to get orange juice for her. Thapki says fine. She stops and says I have to check reports first. The man gets the reports. Thapki receives the reports. Shraddha gets tensed. Thapki sees the envelope sealed and says I will open this carefully, papers can get torn. She goes to her room.

Thapki checks the electricity bill and says this is not Shraddha’s pregnancy report. Shraddha receives the reports and says it happened as I thought, Thapki took electricity bill with me, now I will change this real report with fake one. Shraddha goes to the vase and says you oversmart Thapki, you will get fake reports. Thapki comes there and sees Shraddha.

She asks is these reports come now. Shraddha says yes. Thapki says give me, don’t worry, it will be fine. Shraddha gives reports to her and gets tensed.

The eunuchs come and congratulate for coming back. They say if husband lifts wife, he will also get a good child. Dadi makes Bihaan do this rasam. Bihaan lifts Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena


      • Colors useless channel only two shows I used to watch regularly. IKRS and TPK. But How is it possible? How can TPK End tey are in top 10 that will be totally unfair? Already colors is unFair with IKRS by promoting the show less. If these two shows end bye bye colors (will only watch Uddan and kasam sometimes)

    • akash

      Thapki will end by august.colors is planning new show.kavach will replace nagin and shakti with ikrs…and also there is nagin 2 .thapki will be replaced by nagin 2 or new planned show by aug

      • Naagin 2 late yaarrr. ..l think end of india goes talent. …naagin replace. ……
        Mainly naagin week end serial not daily drama. …….!!!!!!!

  1. Fatarajo

    Today’s episode was a waste of time for sure, but awesome precap thahaan rocks, I think Thahaan will be the first pair in Pandey family to have a child. But show is going so slow. Last week TPK was great full of thahaan scenes that’s why trp was unaffected despite IPL fever well done TPK

      • IPL starts at 4pm in weekends if I m not wrong so in that terms TPK Trp is affected in sat n sun a lot especially at 7pm when last few overs r going on, but yes among all the shows shows from 6-7.30pm are less affected compared to other timings

  2. Jessica

    I’m soooo…soooo irritated with the India’s got talent advts on Colours TV on every break….the saree seller singing Maula-Maula has buffaloe type voice and the background voice says maa Saraswathy dwells in his voice…what the crap!!!..even maa Saraswathy must have closed her ears ….in another Advt there a boy dancing like gowti chimpanzee….better stop it Colors TV…advertising is good but not over advertising.

  3. Last 2 days comments low in tpk…..

    becoz ….day by day dragging. …dragging. …dragging. ……

    And also thahaan eye lock scene boring in these days. …….

    We want thahaan love track not eye lock………

    I want more scene between bihaan and bauji talks. …….

    • Parvini

      I know although we see bhiaan and’s boring. The again the play stupid couple games..I mean really who plays all these competition games to be best couple or best daughter in law.

      Sharradha pregnancy…and her stupid requests from everyone..never-ending dragging..

      Thapki keeps getting involved in family drama and don’t work on her marriage..

  4. KD is the best serial in colours. …
    I am a big fan of this serial. ……
    No dragging
    Best concept
    Good actors

    Totally superb. ..superb. …superb. ….

  5. Lovely

    Frndz pls help me.How can I watch Golden petal’s not in YouTube. I missed it on colors due to a family function.

  6. Princess

    I think a girl like thapki will not fall in love with bihaan on basis of the eyelocks. ……she would fall for a guy who accepts her with her stammering, who protects her,support her and risks his own life just to save her self respect…..and this all had already happened with her……its high time for her to fall in love with bihaan……now only their separation can bring them closer…..It is much needed now….

  7. Precap is nice and I think thapki is falling for bihaan
    And is it true dat this show is going to end soon and new show kavach is taking thapki’s place

  8. riya

    what rubbish is going on???will this idiot shraddha ever be exposed???????just hope thapki could find the original reports in any way…….

  9. It is not a ritual but a myth that if husband lifts wifen does a round in case some other is pregnant in same place then they conceive a boy. Totally unrealistic n nonsense

  10. Nimisha ?

    I guess the precap shows that shraddha gets away with it again.

    The divaker scenes are truly YAWNSOME fillers.

    Why is it the baddies always have the upper hand. Why are divaker and his family even still in the show.

    If they weren’t there then Thapki could leave pandey nivas and then maybe Bihan will grow up and realise why Thapki did what she did.

    This could be such a good show, but it just drags and drags and drags!


  11. Nages

    As what I read from India forums stated that Tapki will find out Shraddha’s truth about the pregnancy and this make Dhruv to focus on Thapki again…If this happened I guess it wont be as interesting as now even tough quite dragging…Hoping for Thahaan’s love story but dont know whether both of them will b unite because each new OLV’s show Bihann always showing his bad attitude to Thapki?

  12. Tiara tara

    Hi guys, how are u? Tpk is going to end on august, thats not fair. I like bihaan/manish. I watch tpk for bihaan.

  13. Tiara tara

    If they stop dragging storyline of tpk. It should not end that easily. And it should be extended like ssk and balika vadhu.

  14. Tiara tara

    Tpk is the first serial that i want to see every day. Now its going to end, not fair cvs. If they stop dragging storyline of tpk. It should not end that easily. And it should be extended like ssk and balika vadhu.

  15. Kana

    Without a proper story they are dragging ssk for a long term.but having a good story dramas like tpk & ikrs they r going to end within a short time. It’ not fair 🙁
    Tpk is the only drama i watch regularly bcz of manish/thahaan,if they end up tpk then i will not watch any serial in colors 🙁

    • Me too will stop watching colors if they off air IKRS n TPK, these are the only two shows I watch before these shows I used to watch Beintehaa and rangrasiya, and by watching IKRS n TPK I felt that Vidhaani and thahaan recreated te magic created by Parud and Zaya. Currently my fav channel is sony used to be colors n zee

      • Fatarajo

        Oh yes I saw few episode of Krishnadasi initially but slowly I lost touch with the show I used to read updates and now I don’t get to watch it because they also show dehleez at the same time , and I want to watch krishadasi but I lost touch so i m confused with the story is like how is Aardhaya’s parents is actually Aryan’s parents and vice versa is so strange I didn’t understand this at all. But I like Aryan-Aardhaaya pair though 🙂

  16. Kana

    Areh!!! Writer ji plz unite thahaan soon plz
    Eye lock… eye lock…. eye lock… we have seen more and more eye lock,it’s enough we are soo frustrated plz start thahaan love track soon plz

  17. Kana

    Based on the comments analysis most of tpk’s fans are frm south india,it’s a miracle that it’s a hindi drama but most of the fans are frm another languages!! I think this is all bcz of manish/thahaan

    • .vinlora

      Hmm…yes u r rite…..that is thahaan magic. ..even I’m from karnataka. ..I learned hindi from hindi serials only…

  18. I am jahnabi from Assam……I am a big fan of thahaan….i feel so sad that TPK is going to end by August….can’t think about it.???..

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