Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi and Naman recalling how Makhanlal agreed to help them to take revenge from Pandey family. Naman says you acted well to win Bihaan’s trust. She says yes, but Thapki is becoming hurdle, she made John away from us, if he does not agree then… He says he will agree, he can’t stay away from us. She says he got big shock by all this. He holds her hand. Sankara comes. Kosi gets her hand away from Naman and signs Naman to go. Kosi scolds Sankara for coming when she did not call Sankara. Sankara puts cloth in her mouth and was burning her hand.

Kosi asks what are you doing. Sankara says I m punishing myself, I m going to ask you, were you really trying to kill Bihaan to save John, did Thapki say right. Kosi says yes, what will you do. Sankara says he is your

son, my husband, why are you doing this. Kosi says I can give my life for John, and can take anyone’s life, don’t try to become hurdle, else you will lose your life. She puts cloth in Sankara’s mouth and burns her hand. Sankara cries. Kosi tells her that none can save Bihaan now. Sankara says I will not let Kosi harm Bihaan, even if Kosi kills me.

Kosi goes out and talks to Thapki. Thapki tells her that your plan will not succeed, she can’t harm Bihaan. She challenges Thapki that she will take Bihaan’s kidney infront of her eyes. Thapki says I did not had proof today, but when I have proof, I will expose you. Kosi says I will see who wins, a patni’s trust or mother’s Mamta. Thapki goes to Dadi and tells her what Kosi did, she covered up her crime, no one is there to support me, what shall I do to save Bihaan.

Everyone come there to support Thapki, and ask her not to worry, Bihaan is infront of our eyes, he is fine. Suman asks her to stop doubting Kosi’s family and stay with peace. Thapki cries and asks how to make you believe me. Bau ji says we always believed you, but such a big blame on a mother. Suman asks whats the proof against them. Thapki says I m proof myself, I never lie, if you all don’t believe me, I won’t let anything wrong happen with my Bihaan.

Bau ji says if Maa could speak, she would also say Thapki is wrong this time. Bihaan sits to have food. Thapki stops him and eats food first. He looks at her. She signs its fine. She turns and sees Kosi. Kosi smiles. Bihaan continues eating. Later, Thapki sees Bihaan talking on phone and Kosi getting juice for him. She rushes and makes the juice fall. She says it happened by mistake and goes. Kosi smiles and leaves. Bihaan looks on.

Thapki sees Kosi going to Bihaan in the room and goes to them. She sits beside Bihaan. Vasundara and Bau ji discuss about Thapki’s doubt. She says if Thapki is really right… Bau ji says Kosi is Bihaan’s mum, we know she is bad, but she can’t be worst to kill her own son, she called Thapki back home for Bihaan. She wishes he is saying right.

Later at night, Bihaan is about to sleep in balcony and makes his sleeping arrangements. Thapki comes to him and says I will sleep here with you. He says you were like shadow all day, Ghazab, I know you are worried for me, go and sleep in room. She says I won’t listen to anyone. He asks her to come and takes her. She refuses and says I will sleep here. They argue for the bedsheet and pull it. She pulls the sheet harder and he falls over her.

Bihaan and Thapki get close and spend romantic moments. They have an eyelock and hug. Tum hi ho…..plays……….. He lifts her and takes her to the room. They get close……

Thapki and Bihaan tell everyone about the show timings at 6.30pm from 3rd October.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Alister La Frenais

    Thapki the girl with a stammer and all round good Samaritan, not to mention ‘A lawyer, A News and TV Presenter, A know-it-all and officious busybody. Does the show producers really watch this garbage or are they too busy making money by pumping out second rate shows. It would seem that every person in the town has a grudge against Thapki and want to either kill her or do her harm. Then we got her so called husband Bihaan, a more stupider man I have yet to encounter, and what about his so called biological mother that wants his kidney for her other son John. Perhaps, they have found a way of using anyone’s kidney without obtaining a tissue match. To be quite honest the show is heading for the rocks and it will not be too long before it sinks.

  2. Bihaan_love

    Awsum wala.episode still blushing…dont knw y…but aaj koi cvs se naraj nhi hoga pls…ye sach hai ya sapna jo bhi ho after all we got thahaan romance with hot scene…well executed by thahaan(manyasa) it was gud n in a limit …i love d episode…even in end thahaan come to announce the time slot change ..vo bhi bahut cute tha…pehele mujhe laga kahi romance k baad… morning me leap to nhi aaya lol….bt i enjoy



      |Registered Member

      😍even in end thahaan come to announce the time slot change ..vo bhi bahut cute tha…pehele mujhe laga kahi romance k baad… morning me leap to nhi aaya lol….bt i enjoy😍


      cvs ki jai ho 🙏🙏🙏🙏



      |Registered Member

      pooja i am also miss today episode but i will definitely see the tomorrow retelecast….

      TRP of the week….

      #Colors: #KrishnaDasi 0.9, #Kavach 2.3, #24IndiaS2 0.2, #JhalakDikhhlaJaa9 1.4, #ComedyNightsBacho 1.6 (2/2)
      #Colors: #ThapkiPyaarKi 1.3, #SasuralSimarKa 2.1, #Shakti 3.5 #Udaan 2.7, #Ashoka 2.0, #Swaragini 1.6 #KasamTerePyaarKi 2.2 (1/2)
      #Colors: the one hour special of #KasamTerePyarKi rated 1.6. #TanShi

  3. Bihaan_love

    Funny scene of today’s epi when bihaan sitting in the middle of thapki and koshi and in a confuse mode luking to his wife and mom.. its was like ye kya ho raha hai..aaj mere sath ..yeh dono kahi mujhe khane to wali nhi na…hahaha

  4. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    OMG what an episode 😱😱😱 Thahaan wala romance 😍😍😍 was waiting for it so much loved it aaj Toh i just loved the episode thank god they showed it today if not i would have missed tomorrow’s episode 😅 Love u thahaan 😍

    • Sarrah

      Hey fatarajo, can you tell me whre to watch the episode without being muted when thahan are sharing the romantic moment?
      I usualy watch it on colors youtube, but its always being muted. I want to watch it include the song. Thanks

  5. moinul

    This is totally horse crap! I think there is nothing but cowdung in the writer head.they can’t take their shit altogether, they have to continue for indefinite period. No one watched this crap anymore. Change the story or end this CRAP

    • syed

      Moinul why r u complaining abt this show, whatever they r showing we wil enjoy…because thahaan is der…..& again pls dont vomit here moinul…..

  6. anu

    our prayer our wish got fulfil today thahaan romance finally precap is tha shradha hears kosi and naman and now they will kill her according to Toi spoiler love today epi May Trp increases

  7. Bihaan_love

    Jinko nhi dekhna vo apni aankhe band kare…or apna gussa kahi or nikalo yaar becz actors and all tpk ream working 24hrs…evdn our fav fall sick bt still thy r working or kuch log negative comment kar rahe hai…apko nhi dekhna mat dekho koi force nhi karta hai…u have tv remote na so change the channel…but stop making others negative towards show…i m still positive with this crap n in future too…nt jst becz i love thahaan manyasa…becz after all yeh bhi one d indian tv show…or sabhi serial me yahi sab hota hai…one thing comparsion of this show i think sns , ssk me isse bhi bade bade crap still thy have gud trp ..(i dont knw kon dekhta hai ). to fir..sorry if i hurt someone but its feeling k apko nhi pasand to thik hai na ..dusro ko mat bolo pls….or ha me or baki tpk lovers aaj itne dino baaad khush hai…to pls yaar only positive n happy comments to be allow…



      |Registered Member

      hai dosth boora maano….
      we are all big.. big.. big… THAHAAN fans
      very big hatters of TPK cvs team, hun sab cmt ko negative nahi wo sab hun logo ka dukh samjo ……

  8. Rashid Nazir

    But Agr wo naya drama 7:00baje lge ga to thapki KB lgy ga.:-) :-O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) 😂😂😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😃😃😃😃

  9. Vinlora


    |Registered Member

    Kahin ye Sankara ka bura Sapna tho nahi???😉😉😉😉
    But I must say well done Manyasa. ..😊for the first time I’m seeing so romantic Thahaan /MANYASA 😊😊😊

  10. Rinka

    I have not still believed it to be real… someone plz pinch me… I am having goosebumps…But still I am waiting for the first 2-3 minutes of tomorrow’s episode kahi ye log kisi ka dream sequence na dikha de… fingers crossed… & about the episode OMG I am just awestruck… love love <3 u thahaan… we tpk fans had been waiting since long…:-) Plz no bad comments plz today bcoz thahaan fans are the happiest today… filhaal aaj k liye we have no complaints for cvs.. 😉

  11. Sam

    i just loved it. thapki bihaan jigu mano cutoooooooooo love love love you. awesome episode. bohaat bohaat piyra elegant romance. i was just jumping up and down like a monkey. loveeee ittt….

  12. anu

    i had watch 100000 times still I want to watch more and more my manyasa super se bi upar hello pooja and santy miss u fatarajo miss u 2 hey new news leap will come and sankar bihan marriage thapki to die jigyasa will go on a leave as she is unwell

  13. Rinka

    Hi fatarajo 🙂 how r u? I miss ur ff….. After all our wish got granted by the cvs.. I am so happy… but plz all thahaan lovers comment more and more.. Best episode of tpk ka only 40-45 comments?? why friends? plz comment more.. and we have to campaign… tpk should run successfully even at 6.30 p.m…

  14. Tabbi

    Lolz..Y so many haters coming and commenting.If you dont like the show,stay away.Y calling gawar and all…Thapki is indulged now in family.Once it track ends ,another office track starts showing her skills..It’s just a serial guys..So chill..The important thing is Thahaan who have always been as support for each other have become one with a nice decent sequence.Thahaanians are very happy as after 1 and half year they showed them together..:)

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