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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Suman why is she making Thapki cry. Suman says she heard on radio that crying makes stammering go away, let me try this idea once, let Thapki cry and then her stammering will go. Vasundara says fine, we will see. She says this will not make stammering less. She leaves. Bihaan hears Thapki crying and gets disturbed while talking on phone. He asks Thapki why is she crying now. She tells about her bag. He says its useless talking to you, why will I bleach the bag, stop crying, I will get new bag.

She says you ruined my life, could you get a new life for me, my dad gifted this to me, no bag can take its place. She hugs the bag. He puts ear buds and asks her to cry a lot. He leaves. Diwakar calls Aditi. Aditi thinks her trick worked and talks to him.

She asks about his marriage. He says yes, but its not marriage, but a helpless thing and lies to her. He asks her to meet and ends call. She gets angry.

Thapki tells Dadi that she will make aarti plate and asks her to rest. Dadi asks her not to be sad for bag. Thapki says she will make bag fine and fill color in it. Dadi asks her to teach such talents to others too. Suman sees Thapki making garlands for the puja. Suman thinks to go and see about Thapki’s stammering, did it go or not. She thinks to record too. She talks to Thapki and asks her to sing aarti. Thapki says fine. Suman starts recording. Thapki sings well and Suman gets happy. She thinks its miracle, she made stammering go away.

Thapki stammers and Suman gets shocked. Thapki says she will get aarti book for Suman and goes. Suman gets tensed of Vasundara’s reaction. Vasundara asks did Thapki’s stammering go. Suman shows the recording of Thapki singing aarti well and stops before stammering starts. Vasundara gets surprised hearing it fine and gets glad. She says Suman has done which no one could do. She thanks Suman and goes to talk to Thapki. Suman thinks she has made the sound good by editing it.

The ladies come to meet Vasundara and say they came to visit Ganesh. Suman thinks now Vasundara won’t talk to Thapki. Bihaan goes. Vasundara thinks its nice way to show everyone that Thapki does not stammer, and Bihaan can like her too. She asks the ladies to stay for aarti which Thapki will do, she does not stammer now. The lady says its miracle. Vasundara says yes. She asks Suman to get Thapki. Suman gets tensed.

Suman and Preeti talk about the problem. Bihaan hears them. Suman thinks she can’t tell Bihaan that she did this to unite him and Thapki. She tells about Vasundara being mistaken that Thapki’s stammering has gone and she wants to make Thapki sing aarti infront of neighbors. He takes the recording. Aditi gets Diwakar’s selfie and laughs. He asks how is he looking. She calls him handsome and fools him. He says he loves her and wants to see her. She says will he not love her if she is not goodlooking. He says if your voice is so nice, you will be beautiful. She asks what about his fiancée. He says let her go. She says you will marry her right. He says once I marry her and I get her property, then I will leave her. Aditi records the conversation. She says she will meet him and ends call. She says she recorded everything and now he won’t be saved.

Thapki refuses to Bihaan that she will not act to sing aarti on this CD. Bihaan convinces her to come for Vasundara’s sake. Thapki goes to do the aarti and sings aarti. Vasundara smiles happily. Bihaan plays the recording and Thapki asks Bihaan to give the remote. Thapki stops the recording. They all get shocked.

Dadi says if the Guru Maa comes here and sees Bihaan and Thapki staying separate, she will be angry. Shge asks Thapki and Bihaan to stay together in the room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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