Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara telling Bihaan about Thapki talking to Paan. She says Thapki was saying about some truth in wedding album. Bihaan says is it about that matter. Vasundara says is it related to what happened on marriage night. Thapki takes the album. She asks him to call Paan and ask him about the truth. Bihaan calls Paan and asks him what did he tell Thapki. Thapki sees the album. Bihaan asks what is the truth in that album. He asks what, pic of marriage night….. about Vasundara making him helpless to sit in Dhruv’s place… are you mad Paan, why did you say her, tell me where is that place, page no 27? If Thapki sees the pic and she knows the truth, I will not leave you. He ends call and rushes to stop Thapki from seeing the album.

He comes to the room while she is

on page 23. She sees him and continues to see album. He gets some idea to stop her and burns the album by putting spray on it. She asks what did he do, why did he burn album. He asks why to keep this fake memory if our marriage is not true. He says you should be happy that I have burnt this, you should thank me. He leaves.

She blows off the fire and sees the pic. She sees someone with Bihaan, and says Paan wanted to show me this truth, it means when Bihaan was stopping Dhruv from coming in marriage, there was someone in the room, who is this who will wish my marriage to happen with Bihaan.

Krishnakant asks Varun and Aditi to come, and they all leave for temple. Diwakar puts torn under garments infront of their house. The neighbors look on and taunt Krishnakant. Varun throws the undergarments. Diwakar laughs and taunts Krishnakant. Thapki tries seeing the pic by magnifying glass and says it means there was someone in room with Bihaan and Dhruv, now there is one way left.

Thapki goes to Bihaan and asks him to wake up, she has to talk. She moves him. He says I m feeling good. She says he is strange, he is not getting up. She puts water on his head. He sees that and moves her hand away. He asks what is she doing here. She says I want to talk to you. He says I was sleeping here peacefully. He slips and holds her. They both fall down on the bed and it breaks. They have an eyelock.

Thapki and Bihaan get up. She tells him about third person in the room. He recalls Vasundara. She asks who was that person. He gets tensed. She asks him to answer. He asks what is she saying, Dhruv and I were alone that day. She says no, you are lying. He denies again and asks why is he asking. She goes. He says what is going on in her mind now. Its morning, Vasundara comes to see Bihaan in room. She sees the album and says how did this get burnt. She says where did this pic go, and worries.

Vasundara asks Bihaan for the pic. Bihaan says Thapki has gone somewhere. She says she may have gone to police. He says I won’t let anything to happen. Thapki comes and says I have got to know entire truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am happy that vasundra is caught nice precap after some dragging nice precap it will end vasundra chapter now

  2. Thanks for fast update Amena.Atl last thapki knows the truth!!Good old Paan . bihaan rocks .Love you thahaan . Iluv the scene when Bihaan and Thapki have an eyelock .Luv those romantic moments !!!
    Now the next epi is go naa me more interesting accordin to me.

  3. Wowwww.. Try to find it Thapki…. Lovely one…

  4. thapki plz find out the truth and trust bihaan luv u bihaan n thapki

  5. Nice episode ….waiting 4r tmrw ‘s epi , thahann scene was awesome & fabulous expose devil vasu soon bipki rocks

  6. Nice epi….. Now thapki surely knows truth and exposed the truth infront of whole family.

  7. suppurb…. Tapki nd bihaan waz awzm…..finally… True out…
    Bihaan ur luking so swt… Love u ..
    W8 ng tmarw …
    Hai.. Brity.. Hw z u ur injury??? R u ok nw?

    1. Thanks… Better than before… How are you?? ALL GOOD!!!

  8. Romantic scene of bipki

  9. wow….what a sceen…its so funny and also superbbbbb…..i like thahaan forever…i hope the truth infrnt of everyone plz dont dragggg again….
    bt i think nw that truth doesnt come obiously….when the truth is come then everone realized bihaan is an innociant and also druv is no fault…so they decide druv and thapki join together….no they dont happnd….i wish thapki and bihaan they spend together some fight and some romance b/w the truth comeout before….T-thapki&B-bihaan and they are B-best pair….

    1. Exactly. I’m agree with u.

  10. Romantic scene of bipki love u bihaan thapki

  11. Thapk superb

  12. Bihaan and thapki super .nice episode

  13. IF sach saamney aati MEANS Thapki ko pta chal jati ki vasu ney uska aur bihaan karri THEN Thapki ko ye pta chli k Dhruv innocent hai. THEN Thapki Dhruv k liye apni feelings hide nahi kreygi. Thapki Bihaan Ka RESPECT kreygi BUT LOVE ???
    BUT Bihaan loves Thapki ismey NO DOUBT.

    Abhi sach saamney nahi aayi. Or itna jaldi ayega b nahi. TILL THEN ENJOY THAHAAN’ s scenes.

    I’m enjoying my Bihaan’s performance.
    Lub u B 4 Bihaan. :-**

  14. Bihaan and thapki only super pair

  15. Mujhe lagti k Thapki Photographer k pas gayi, so that Thapki burned pic ka copy Le skti.
    BUT Bihaan or Vasu aisi hone nahi de skti. Sach saamney nahi ayegi.

    Dekhti hai aagi kya hoti. Jaanney k liye dekhti rahi oops read krti rahe TPK Telly update.


  16. its nice, but i think truth comes in later infront of everyone, bcz bhn love his ma very much, tapk doesn’t know about bihn is an orphan child, tapk knows about vasu and dont tell anyone. She gives true love to bihn while knowing about the arphan matter, also the vasu’s partiality with her sons dhrv and bhn. Sorry, this is my opinean, thats all, the serial is awesome, this is my one and only fav hindi serial. I dont know hindi, but i watch it from aug 31st in their mrg, from that day to now, it’s awsm, my expectation is also right.

  17. Nice…thahaan romance is just beautiful….i luv them….keep on like this we r really enjoying it…n yess there will be iceing on d cake when vasu thruth will cum out so thapki plz reveal d truth fast….n plz dnt stop thahaan romance…its really loving…bihaan n thapki u r made for each other…tpk my fav yaar….best show becoz of thahaan…:-) 🙂

  18. if thapki comes to know the truth means , again she will love dhruv and thruv is going to rock

  19. hy guyz… Tapki pyar ki… Wikipedia check karo… Name changing
    Tapki druv pandy
    Adit bihaan pandy..
    Omg…. Dnt suprate bihaan tapki…

  20. nice episode.rocking jodi thahaan

  21. Nice episode…. Bihaan thapki eye lock scene awesome today…. Please reveal d truth and plz I request u writer ki pls unite thahaan I love thahaan ….

  22. I think writers won’t separate Bihaan n Thapki,they showed karvachoth rituals getting completed n all that,and wiki page somebody must have edited,some Dhruv Thapki fan bt two days bk it was Thapki Bihaan Pandey,if writers have some sense ,then they will not separate Thapki n Bihaan…they r giving this trp.

  23. Lifna,had seen some comment f urs in mal,pedikkanda,thapki and Bihaan will be together, wikipediayil kurachu divasam munbu thapki surname Bihaan Pandey ennayirunnu.Ithu valla Dhruv fan edit cheythathavum ennu thonnunnu.

  24. ah misha… Thaan paraja pole aya mathiyayiruju….
    L v u bihaan…..

    1. Ya rt wikipedia not a reliable source anybody can edit any time..
      definitely thahaan onnikum orappa.

  25. thapki to finished the karvachut fasting ofcourse unknowing…but she do it….so its one of the conformation of thahaan fans they are togeter for soon….
    i luv thapki and bihaan for always….

  26. Wow thahaan cutepies moments is awesome. luv started btwn thahaan .
    ya this is we needed..
    tks writerji

  27. I think tmrw never be truth will out. Tpki misunderate somethng not abt Vasu..
    I think vicious mind of Vasu anythng do.
    if truth will out tpki know both druv and bihaan is innocent. wt did she do is she going back to druv?
    poor bihaan he started to love thapki..
    we want thahaans tom and Jerry fights and romance so not needed to reveal truth suddenly taking later is best after she fall in bihaan. ies good

  28. I think tmrw never be truth will out. Tpki misunderate somethng not abt Vasu.. I think vicious mind of Vasu anythng do. if truth will out tpki know both druv and bihaan is innocent. wt did she do is she going back to druv? poor bihaan he started to love thapki.. we want thahaans tom and Jerry fights and romance so not needed to reveal truth suddenly taking later is best after she fall in bihaan. ies good

  29. thapki dhruv lkng awesome…plzz cm bck tharuv..

  30. Thaki bihaan pandy only…….

    1. thaki bihan pandy nahi. Thapki bihaan pandy

  31. bihaan thapki only

  32. bihaan thapki cute romance.

  33. Thapki dhruv pandey only

  34. Super episode thahaan moments is super
    wow truth out

  35. all thahaan fans who are connected with facebook please go to thapki peyarki colours tv facebook and vote thahaan jodi fast

  36. If thapki and bihan get together there is no use then vasu can’ t worried about this because she also pray this .Her intension is completed she seperate dhruv and thapki forever. if thapki united with dhruv she get angriy and shows her real face to everyone. The thapki teach a lesson to who hate stammmering pepole like vasundara so thapki and dhruv always together .Dhruv loves thapki so much and always supported her infront of people this is my opinion.

  37. wow…thapki and bihaan that romance….eyelock…..bgm……its so awesome…nw i m sure they are flow in love slowly and soon…unknowingly…its quite interesting….
    love u both thahaan..

  38. Awesome episode. Bihaan thapki eyelock was super. I want thaan be together after revel of truth. Plz writerji dont separete.

  39. iss hafte thapki ki trp bohot kam hai only 1.6

  40. very catching episode.i like it.Thapki and Bihan you did a great job yaaa……..

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