Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Dhruv asking the man to leave Thapki. The man says she ruined my plan, she saved that old man and then proved Bihaan innocent. He tells how he got inside house that night and saw all the dramatic fight happening inside the house. FB shows the man hearing Bihaan and Bau ji’s arguments. He goes upstairs and sees Bihaan and Bau ji. He then stabs Bau ji with the knife by shutting his mouth. Bau ji falls down and the man leaves. FB ends. The man says yes, I used that opportunity and if that old man died, Bihaan would have got hanged. Dhruv gets angry. Bihaan says Thapki, I won’t let anything happen to you.

The man asks him to move back and takes Thapki with him, by keeping a knife at her neck. Bihaan takes the inspector’s gun and says I will shoot you, leave

Thapki. Vasundara asks Bihaan to lower the gun. Bihaan says I will keep the gun down and sits. He shoots at the man’s leg and runs to hold Thapki. He beats the man for stabbing Bau ji and gets angry. Dhruv says police will punish him, leave him Bihaan, enough. He asks inspector to take the man. The man says story did not end Bihaan, your loved ones will end this story. They all get shocked. Dhruv calms Bihaan.

Vasundara takes Bihaan and Thapki home. They all go home. Thapki and Bihaan pray with everyone. Dadi tells Thapki that she is imp member of this house, she has united all of them. Bihaan looks at Bau ji’s room. Vasundara asks him to go and meet his Lord, his Bau ji. Bihaan smiles and runs to meet Bau ji. He sees Bau ji and recalls his words. Dhruv, Thapki and Vasundara come there.

He cries holding Bau ji’s feet and says I was proved innocent in court, and real culprit is caught. He says when I was lost in market in childhood, you hugged me when I came back, same way I was lost and came back now, get up Bau ji, hug me. Vasundara says he will get fine soon, he can’t be away from you for long time. She tells Bau ji that Thapki has done great thing again, she saved this family from breaking again, she got Bihaan back, lucky people get such bahu and such wife. She tells Bihaan to value Thapki. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Vasundara asks Bau ji to get fine soon. Doctor says you have to make his will power strong, so that he gets fine, do things which he likes, which makes him happy. Bihaan says I know how Bau ji gets happiness. He smiles and goes.

Everyone prepare to make tasty Litti Chokha. Shraddha says I m made to work and makes faces. Dadi smiles seeing everyone. She asks Shraddha why is she sitting on ground. She says you are pregnant. Shraddha says yes, and goes to sit on some couch. She tells Vasundara that she does not know Dhruv. Preeti asks Thapki where is her awesome husband. Thapki says he went to make Bau ji ready. Suman says this is called wife to know about husband, and taunts Shraddha. Vasundara and Thapki prepare for the dish.

Bihaan makes Bau ji ready and gets him. Dadi asks him to go and get ready. Bihaan comes and sees Thapki. Bas itni se baat hai…. Plays………. Bihaan thinks to tell his feelings to Thapki today, and walks to her. She asks do you have to say something. He asks how do you know. She says I saw you standing here and thought you have to say something. He says I want to say that… I … you….

He says I will burn the woods, and sits blowing. He thinks he always gets mute infront of Thapki. Thapki looks at him. music plays……….. She recalls their moments and looks at him smiling.

Thapki sings a song and stammers. Bihaan smiles seeing her. He gives her a pat and she completes the song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today thahaan scenes gajabb
    miss some parts bcoz of electricity cut off

    watch the Repeat telecast of tpk

    na na na tune again after a long time hears it

    God what u have done i have missed today epi

    1. Omg! Anu! Kal to garmi bhi boht thi aur sari raat light nahi thi.mein thek se so bhi nahi saki aur aaj office main bhi neend ati rahi!

  2. omg thapki recalls thahaan moments gajabb

    precap just awesome u r in love my dear thapki u have sung jalte diye song very nice

    Bihaan also sings Jeena jeena song for thapki
    everyone laugh as he didnt sing well but thapki impressed with him and Smiles while dancing with everyone

    tomorrow a exciting epi will come
    dont forget to watch my friends

    finally thapki is realising

    1. Thanks anu! U prayed for me:-) aj asal main mera cs ka exam tha jo mein ne aap ke prayers se clear kar lia hai.mujhe boht neend aarahi thi lekin mein is ke baad office chale gaye aur abhi ghar aaye hon.aur ab sone ja rahi hon:-)thanks anu dear:-)tysm:-)

  3. was there a precap?lovely episode

  4. I have no words to explain my happiness for seeing another beautiful episode of Thahaan…the last part is completely Gajab,Thapki is fall in love…waiting for tomorrows stunning episode.

  5. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

    wow 2 consecutive good episodes love thahaan wala scene in the end loving it but i would have been happier if bihaan confessed love anyways thanks makers for a nice episode but so sad this episode had to be shown today as today is ipl match tomorrow i hope it will also be awesome and i hope bihan confess ASAP

  6. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

    thanks for the fast update amena dii now no need to wait for dehleez update for long 😛

  7. Awesome episode..thapki fallen in love with bihaan Thahaan love story will start…precap was soo cute..waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode. ???feeling so happy.

  8. Yesterday’s n today’s episodes seem so nice n interesting, full of thahaan scenes…. I’m so unlucky,unable to see it…. OMG… aisa q hua mere saath…????

    1. Phir se Chanel nahi ha raha aye kya……..!!!???

    2. See in voot, there is no copyright issues.

    3. Watch online… n al

    4. I can’t watch online as the network here is not tht good, the video doesn’t play, they show error loading video n all… channel jo gayab hua h so wapis hi nahi aa raha… God ji se roj pray karti hu ki aj colors aane lage aur mai thpki dekh pau.. pr wo h k sunte hi nhi…

  9. lovely episode

  10. I am very happy to see thapki she also fall in love with bihaan ???thaaan lop u????? tommorow episode is awsome??

  11. Amena u have missed some Bihaan’s coversation 2 bauji in the update
    Dadi enters during that &hears Bihaan talking 2 bauji abt his love 4 thappi?

    1. Oh ya…I also want to noe wat actually he was telling to Babuji….Can anyone plz WU that conversation?..

  12. Again thahaan’s day dreaming in upcoming episode I saw its pics on instagram ROMANTIC…. Don’t know whether its tapki ka ya Bihan kaa….

  13. Sry spell errors thahaan romancing

  14. Luved thahaan scenes 2day bihaan her hero will always b wid her

  15. Surperrr episode but another super thing in the upcoming episode it is said that thahaan will Dance on romantic song but Luis like dream anyways we can see than an romance king in dance if they don’t edit the original I am fainted omggggggg luk here:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. hey sema pic…co cute n awesome…waiting for this episode..i pray it should not dream…make true only…

  16. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) my time to watch you aha
  17. Oh my GOD! What a fabulous episode was that. I enjoyed it very much. I was wating for this scene. Thapki too love bihaan. That amazing. I dont know i think im madly, truly fall in love with thahaan. Love u bihaan and thahaan rockz today as usual. Im so happy. And excited to watch tmrws episode. OMG! Goosebumps.

  18. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! tomoro @ 7 pm heart attack confirm ♡♡♡♡♡
    Thahaaaaan why u r killing us like this ♤♡♤♡
    Manyasa u r the world’s bestest couple,wat a chemistry yaarrr!!! Love u sooooooooo much 🙂

    1. Hey nasreen,ash where r u guys??

  19. Sharadda should get out and thapki &druve should again get marry !!

    1. Yesssss….i also….want to see dhruv & thapki together…..

  20. Don’t like thapki &bihan love

    1. Wow ……… you really sharuv fan ………
      I am also sharuv fan …….
      I like dhruv and shraddha couple. ….

      Hello thahaan fans u dnt jealous…….

    2. Dont see the serial. …that’s it….

    3. I mean stop to watching the serial …There is no hope thatuv unite. ….
      The end game is only thahaan. …..

      Rams añd shobitha…tharuv off screen best couple na y u worried about on screen story. …….

      Don’t take seriously in 1st 2 comments

      sorry to say that……
      And again sorry for I hurt you…..

      I try to my level best……. mere English mai mistakes hai tho adjust karlo……

  21. hey..Anu,really Thapki will realize her love tomorrow,its awesome yaar.I think the dance sequence might be the dream of our Thahaan.anyways,thank you Anu for this interesting news.Thahaan rocks.I think the dance performance will be shows in Wednesday,because..TPK will celebrate their 1year success.Advance wishes TPK for their victory,specially Thahaan.let’s enjoy all Thahaan fans.

  22. I think I need to go to the doctor…bcoz from 2 days I can’t digest anything. ..Too much thahaan happy scenes yaar…I can’t digest this much happiness in thahaans life that too back to back…..kya TPK ke CV’S change hogaye hai??ya director change huva hai?????
    Finally hamare mahaan aatma ko bhi kuch kuch hone laga hai. …aur upcoming episodes mein aur bhi kuch honewala hai. …hehehe.
    Shaayad wo scene thapki ka dream hoga lekin phir bhi wo sequence tho bahuth cute aur romantic lag raha hai. ….
    Chalo aaj vasu ki baath sun kar ek baath tho saaf hai ki thahaan love story mein vasu ka koi adchan nahi…wo tharuv ko unite nahi karnewali. …thank God. ..ek katra tal gaya….lekin muje tho lagta hai back to back itne saare happy moment dhikhane baadh kuch tho bada dhamaka hone wala hai. ..
    Aur ek sawal mere mann mein hai manyasa ke itni achchi bonding itni achchi chemestry dekh kar muje lagta hai ki kyun manyasa real couple kyun nahi bane???agar bane tho kitna achcha hota. ..??
    Love thahaan. ..Manyasa forever. .

    1. Hare nahi dosth…………its true……….tmr ep song sne ful WU


      About the game:
      Karaoke bimoraic clipped compound of Japanese kara”empty” andaoke] ( listen), is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which an amateur singer sings along with recorded music (a music video) using a microphone and …
      So everyone is in the hall
      D:trun on tv?
      P:but dadi why we need tv for event?
      D bcx we are playing karaoke..
      S:what is karaoke game dadi?
      Pretty bang her hand on forehead
      P: its a game, that lyrics comes on tv aand you read and sing the song..
      S: oh wao..
      P: our modern dadi. So from whom the game starts..
      B:bauji will love to sing so game starts from him..
      He bow down on bauji level everyone gets sad..
      T: mmm, I think as idea is given by dadi, so we start the game from dadi..
      Ash: so dadi which song I play for you..

      Dadi : no its like, u give the challenge to me, and the number u give me, I have to sing that song..
      Vasu:ok then play 10 num song for ma ji..
      Ashwin give mike to dadi and trun on the television.
      Pretty: okh, dadi start..
      Dadi:today’s it will, to live, also today is will to die…
      Everyone claps for dadi..
      P:whoes next?
      D: its thapki trun now..
      T: no no I can’t can I..
      D: trun off the tv, and thapki u sing whatever song you want..
      T: but dadi.. how can I..
      Vasu: the same way u sing the arti..
      Pretty ,suman cheer her and motivated her..
      Dadi give mike to bihaan to give it to thapki..
      Bihaan give mike to thapki..
      Thapki stand right in front of bihaan nad sing jalte diya…
      Lyrics translation..
      Sunte hain jab pyaar ho toh
      Diye jal uthte hain
      Tan mein, mann mein, aur nayan mein
      Diye jal uthte hain

      We’ve heard when one is in love
      Candles begin to flame
      In the body, I the heart and in the eyes
      Candles begin to light

      Aaja piya aaja
      Aaja piya aaja ho..
      Naa ja piya aaja
      Teri hi tere hi liye, jalte diye
      Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein
      Zindagani bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein

      Come beloved come
      Come beloved come ho..
      Don’t go beloved don’t go
      Only for you, flaming candles
      I want to spend in your shadow, in your shadow
      I want to spend my life in your shadow, in your shadow
      Thapki stuck at jalty diye( flaming candles)
      Bihaan comes and give her a tap.. they have eye lock thapki end her singing..
      P:whoes next?
      V:now its bauji ,fav son bihaan trun..
      B:no no no , I can’t sing..
      P:what bihaan devar g, its game you have to..
      Dadi said trun on tv..bihaan trun to tv and start singing..very badly…dadi scolded him then he sees towards thapki…
      And closes his eyes and sing..
      Dehleez pe mere dil ki
      Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
      Tere naam pe meri zindagi
      Likh di mere humdum

      as you have stepped
      on the threshold of my heart..
      O my beloved,
      I’ve written my life in your name..

      Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
      Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
      Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
      Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

      I learned how to live life,
      I learned to live my beloved.
      But I didn’t learn how to live
      without you, O my beloved.

      Dehleez pe mere dil ki
      Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
      Tere naam pe meri zindagi
      Likh di mere humdum

      Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
      Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum
      Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
      Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum

      Sachchi si hain ye taareefein
      Dil se jo maine kari hain…

      These praises that I have said from the heart
      they are true..

      Jo tu mila to saji hain
      Duniya meri humdum
      O aasma mila zameen ko meri
      Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum
      Tere naam pe meri zindagi
      Likh di mere humdum

      now that you are there,
      my world is adorned
      my earth has found its sky,
      we, halves put together, are complete.
      O my beloved,
      I’ve written my life in your name..
      Suman pretty cheers bihaan and said how you sing this beautiful now?
      Dadi said its from heart
      Everyone teased him.

      1. Hey santosh n vinlora. hmmm mein ye nahi padungi. Lets enjoy it tmrw ??

      2. Tq Santhosh for all d translations…now I get it the meaning of the songs….superb…?

  23. Heyy im back..completely my kinda episode just loved it ,now thapki please use your naive brain and realize your feelings(love) for bihaan.
    My eyes were glued on bihaan ❤??

    1. Haha….yeh thahaan part ws nice. so for sometym lets ignor the blundrs ryt?.glad to see u again. Hw ws xam.
      U know… wen bihaan said “mujhe patha hai bauji ko kya pasand hai”…. i thot its gona b cacacacake again.?.
      Its nice to see the two of them bak on good terms with eachothr…and bihaan turnin into chuk chuk romeo ( propose karne ke tym to ye har station pe ataktha hai. Koi isko bhi ek pyaar kin”thapki” dedo) plus hes getin his humor bak. Tht scene wen thapki ws fillin water and bihaan ws abt to approach her…. with the usual romance ka breeze n al… i thot thre wil b the dhol again . Hmmm i hope it stays this way coz we al know how it turned out the last tym tht bihaan started seein too much breeze blowin thapkis hair??
      Anywy…eventually thre wil b some drama. Thse ppl wil giv viewers 4 episodes of feel good drama to stop us frm whining and then torture us for the next 4 wks to
      months.i hpe this tym they drag the good tyms a pretty sick of seein thse 2 cry.personally , i thnk they shud hav draggd some fun tyms durin the holi dayz.

      Finally….. lets hv some humor n joy?.rona dhona n gussa dekh ke mein pak gayi hu (writer ji, vo sab dekne keliye hamare pas news channel pls spare us??)

      1. Btw…i like monica …who plays shradda. I thnk she brings in a lil unintended humor into the show. Shradda charactr may b irritating bt il miss monica if she levs the show.she has some funny mannerisms. Like how she does ‘yuck’…ystrdy wen evrybdy folded their hands b4 bauji apologisin n sudenly she realsd shes the odd one out…. n today the way she said “huh….pett se hai.??….. to mein kaha betu” n jumpd onto the bed?.hmmm wondr if im the only person who likes the actress for bringin in a lil more to the tabl tht wat her charctr ws meant to

      2. **than wat her charactr…..***
        Typo error?.

      3. Yaa…. she is very good actress
        Off screen mai yho mai thapki se jyada monica ko pasand kartha hoo….
        Good attitude… samjdaar…
        Kind hearted person
        Maine mg aur mk iv dekha hoo a dono ke beech very good relationship hai…look like brother and sister

      4. Exams went good yar
        Yes same here im also ignoring all the blunders just watching thahaan together i just want them to confess their love and live like normal couples?

        Roshni you are absolutely right i think monica is a good actress even better than jigyasa .
        She potrays a perfect over possessive, insecure wife with a slight touch of humor?
        Hey !Arent u excited about upcomings ???..look beautiful ❤❤

  24. ishu(Tamil Ponnu)

    OMG…..OMG…OMG…….finally thapki realize her love of life bihaan… very despirately waiting for tmrw episode….i love thahaan
    so guys….lets celebrate of our thahaan love track….yahooo…..

  25. Love thahaan scenes
    Guys did u notice that the bad guy tells bihaan that his loved ones will end d story. I think Dhruv is d main villain to separate thahaan as he still loves thapki???

  26. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Nice thabih….shardah stil fake pregancy? I like druv also….

  27. bihaan ki deewani

    wow m so so much happy cnt wait 4 tomorrows episode love u thahaan dey r made for each other i wish dey r couple in real life dat would be da most happiest most for me n al thahhan frends love u so much manish n jigyasa

  28. Cvs achanak bullet train bangaye…..

    Wow. …wow. ….wow….
    Kya hai dream hai ……!!!!!????ya akikath…!!!!!!!????
    Let see this video. …I am excited to wath today episode. ….!!!!!

    The dance …the back hug…the forehead kiss…the hug…aww these guys are looking so good together…kya dream sequence hai…bas wish yeh thapki ka ho

    1. cute. i miss bauji though. i thnk he’l b bak to normal only on seein the real culprit…may b tht guy wil try to kill bihaan and bauji wil get up to save him. movie logics!!!

      1. Finally thos diyas r cumin into use. Thapkis sings really well

  29. bihaan ki deewani

    gajab its too cute moment for thahaan cant wait to watch 2morro lol

  30. gajaab…sema bihaan…i like u bihaan lot..always bihaan rocks..after a long time , today smiling n angry bihaan back…i want thapki n bihaan confession…but i know it should not happen ..happen after 1year only…pls writer make them unite pls some lovable scenes

  31. At last thahaan

  32. the way bihaan shy n nervous ..great actor…manish fantablous…after a long time na na na music…thapki ..wen u will realise ur love n confess..quick fast..writer ji dont irritate…

  33. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

    I also like the na na music a lot wa missing it a lot and the raanjhana sing suits thahaan too 🙂 really TPK is going ghajab for now see I told u all makers Love to impress fans via thahaan scenes in the end of the month only see it’s 23rd may already last week of the month

  34. Totally exciting and gajab episode you thahaan !! Thank god thapki at last fallen in love with bihaan .. Now eagerly waiting for their sweet and sour love story ??❤️?

  35. So, I was not expecting that someone wait for caps of these scenes. Next time plx guys pm me when you need one.
    This time Beatrice ask for..

    Written Updates
    Bihaan get balvindr ready..
    B: so bauji, now you r ready..
    This shawl , thapki give it to me to made wear it..she love u alot bauji, may be more then me. That’s y she take that antidote for you.
    Honestly speaking bauji, she is very delicate, but has so much courage in her
    May I tell you one thing bauji?
    The feelings I got for thapki, whatever is in my heart for her. I never able to told her.Dadi comes and over hears this.
    B:Never get a chance.or when get a chance circumstances was not like that. Or when circumstances are in favour, may I don’t get courage. God knows bauji when I m able to tell thapki.
    D:bihaan , do you get ready balo (bauji Nick)?
    Bihaan stands up on his place..
    B:yes dadi..I. done..
    D: okh then go get ready yourself too..
    Bihaan nodes and goes out..
    Dadi to bauji..
    D: what bihaan was saying , that he is unable to confess his feelings to thapki..see I will let him confess his feelings today..
    Bihaan comes out..and see thapki..
    B:let me check the preparations…
    And he freez at his place seeing thapki..
    Itni si baat hai…

    Tere dar pe aake tham gaye
    Naina namaazi ban gaye
    Ek duje mein yun dhal gaye
    Aashiqana aayat ban gaye
    Main aur tum…
    Stopped at your door-step
    Eyes became namaazi (who reads namaaz maybe)
    We lost in each other in a way
    Became affectionate verses
    You and me
    Namaaz is the sacred book of muslims
    Namaazi who reads namaaz
    Aayat means verses which namaaz contains
    Kaisi dil lagayi kar gaye
    Rooh ki rubaayi ban gaye
    Khaali khaali done the jo
    Thoda sa dono bhar gaye
    Main aur tum…
    How (we) lost in love
    Became quatrain of soul
    We who are empty (lonely),
    Both filled a little
    You and me
    Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
    Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai
    Yunhi nahi main tum pe jaan deta hoon
    Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai
    Okay I tell you clearly today
    I just wanted to tell you “I love you”
    I die on you
    I just wanted to tell you “I love you”
    Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..
    I do love you
    Lag na yeh dhoop zaroori
    Lag na yeh chaanv zaroori
    Milte hai ishq zameen par
    Ab do hi naam zaroori
    Main aur tum..
    This sun doesn’t seem to be important
    This shadow doesn’t seem to be important
    Now only two names are important
    You and me
    Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
    Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai
    Yuhi nahi main tum pe jaan deta hoon
    Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai
    Okay I tell you clearly today
    I just wanted to tell you “I love you”
    I die on you
    I just wanted to tell you “I love you”
    Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..
    I do love you

    Bihaan to him self..
    B:what are you thinking bihaan? U have chance, show some courage, and tell thapki that you love her so so so Much..(oh My heart skip so my beat, and stomach fills with butterflies)
    He slowly goes to thapki and stand close her..
    (Omg our fav bgm, after thousand years, ops I m over exasperating)
    Thapki notice him, see him with confused look, he don’t say a word.
    T:what happened? Do you wanted to say something?
    B: how come you know?
    T:actually, you were standing here, so I thought you wanted to say something…
    B:I , mmm I wanted to say that.. I, mmm you.. I…
    Mm..I wated to say that I.. you…mmm..coal..yes coal..I burn coal the are trun..of.. yes..
    He almost rush to coal plate forum and blows with pipe in irritation..
    B: the sane way your never lose infront of thapki..bihaan pandy..for whole you are loin, and here…
    He again blow through pipe in irritation..
    Thapki after finishing her task of filling water cooler, move to go in to get ready..when she trun to sneak look on bihaan..and get fb..
    And bgm (na na na…)… (oh so that how cvs first step to kill me…)
    First fb..of twinkle twinkle thapki star..
    Second fb… bihaan presenting rose to thapki on Valentine day..
    3rd fb..thahaan selfie moments
    Last fb..outside court where bihaan wipes her tears…
    (Oh yes this is too much to handle..I wish bhabie caught her gazing her husband and little tease her)..

    1. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

      I LOVE THAT ITNI SI BAAT song a lot

      1. I don’t watch too much tv thse days….so I herd this song fr the first tym ystrdy in tpk…. n tht lyrics “chalo mein aaj tumse kehta hu…….itni si baat hai..mujhe tumse pyaar hai” ws jus way too perfect for the scene.latr ofcours I went 2 utube n herd the whole song.awesome.

  36. can’t wait for next episode. when i saw the new updates when both of them share eye lock. i go awwwweeeee….. can’t wait for that episode. finally thahaan track started.

  37. I love tharuv but the story demands thahaan…I dont want dhruv to become antagonist…it does not suit him and also don’t like his and shraddas pair…writers if you don’t unite tharuv then atleast please don’t unite sharuv…it’s better dhruv remains a bramhachari instead living with that wicked lady….what you say guys…????

    1. I agree..they should introduce a new girl for him

      1. Though thahaan seems like the best jodi…. I like druv.i hope they gv her a great girl.

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