Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Thapki having a talk. He praises Vasundara, as she gave him blood and a new life. He tells how much Vasundara loves him. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words and goes. Vasundara looks on. Thapki cries and recalls the family’s love. She prays to Lord. She takes that envelop and recalls Vasundara’s ugly condition. She goes out in garden and sees Bihaan with Bau ji. She wipes her tears. Vasundara stops him and says I told you that you have to give these papers to Bihaan on holi day, its most happy day for Bihaan, you have to give him biggest wound. Thapki asks why. Vasundara says I gave him blood and fulfilled my promise, you can go back from your words, I can’t take back the blood, but it will prove you don’t have promise fulfilling values in your house. Thapki


Thapki says I will fulfill my promise, and not let my parents values proved wrong, I swear on this fire, I will pay the price for the blood you gave to Bihaan, I will give divorce papers to Bihaan tomorrow on holi day. Vasundara smiles. Thapki looks at the fire.

Its morning, everyone is happy and celebrating holi by throwing colors. The sweets and holi colors are shown. A man makes thandai. Bihaan looks at the colors. Suman applies him colors and says this time you are not able to play well, as you are hurt, you would be feeling bad. Preeti and Sanjay also wish him. Bihaan stops them and says I will not play holi like patients, it will be same like every year. He runs after them with colors. Dadi and Bau ji see Bihaan. Bihaan takes their blessings. Preeti and Suman challenge Bihaan to apply holi color to Bau ji and Dadi. Bihaan applies holi to elders and celebrates. They all smile.

Bihaan says Bhabhi its your turn now. Preeti says no…. Bihaan says I will play holi well. Bihaan runs after Preeti and Suman. He applies them colors. Shraddha asks a lady not to apply color to her. Bihaan tells Shraddha that she should get holi colors. She says no, just be away. He says you always make me away from family, and applies color to her, taunting her that she changes colors every moment and is scared of colors. He says I have to meet Thapki, I will meet you after break and goes. She says I will kill him and fumes…..

Suman and Preeti wish Vasundara and apply holi to her. Vasundara asks them to take care of guests as well. Suman and Preeti wish Dhruv and apply color to him. Thapki looks at the divorce agreement, and recalls Vasundara’s words.

Bihaan goes there to apply colors to Thapki. She stops him by her net dupatta. She asks whats this childishness. He says its holi. She says I don’t want to play, I don’t want to spoil my hair. He says ghazab, you were fighting with world for me yesterday and fighting with me now, I wanted to play holi with you, its our first holi, but you are Mahaan Aatma. He leaves. She feels sorry to hurt him today by asking for divorce, I have to pay price to Vasundara for saving your life.

Suman asks Thapki to play. Bihaan says no, some people love hair more than other’s sentiments. Suman says its fine, we will not spoil Thapki’s hair. Preeti says yes, come, we will play holi. They leave. Shraddha hears this and says oh really, I did not know Thapki loves her hair, else I would have done something, anyways I will do this good work today. Vasundara goes to Thapki and hugs her. Bihaan looks on and smiles.

Vasundara says I m very happy, as my and this house’s all problems will end today. She applies tika to Thapki and says when this colors game end, you will go to Bihaan and ask divorce from him. She goes. Thapki gets sad.

Shraddha gets some chemical to spoil Thapki’s hair. She says Thapki, you are proud of your beautiful hair, this bottle has hair remover powder, if you get this powder in your hair, you won’t be left with hair. She smiles.

Bihaan applies holi color to Thapki wishing her happy holi. She shows the divorce papers and asks for divorce. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chee vasu…. Its disgusting…

  2. Nice episode.

    1. Vasundra is sooo cheap? n shraddha is a chudail but can’t she think anything else the hair remover chemical was already used.? Feeling soo sad for bihaan, now he realizing his luv for thapki, but now Thapki want divorce,but somewhere Thapki is also falling in luv wid Bihaan.soon she will also realize her love 4 Bihaan.?

  3. Same shit precap ughhh

  4. I hope thahaan live this always….?

  5. Same precap 🙁

  6. Yichhhh
    again same precap…
    ok eagerly will wait tmrw..

  7. make thapki luv bihaan

  8. Now, ?Bihaan lvus Thapki ?…. i feel very sad for bihaan?? bcoz when he has some felling for thapki nd she is become far from him.. ????I hope bihaan do nt make thapki far from him??

  9. Same precap again -_- but it would be quite fun to see the hair powder on vasu or Shraddha hairI can’t imagine what will happen when one of them will be bald 😛

  10. same precap……shraddha your a crack,iam still waiting to see Bihaans reaction to knowing about the divorce agreement.oh….Bihaan,how can you handle that heartbreaking situation?anyway,hope for the best.

  11. Bihaan will definitely not sign as he knows thapki can’t do this
    Thahaan will meet soon

  12. Pls make thapki realize her feeling..❤ for bihan ..pls..writerji?……

  13. Oh life

  14. Thanks again for the written update.

    So, just watched the episode.

    Poor thapki.
    Vasu is an evil witch
    Shraddha is a waste of space
    Bihan is lovely
    Preeti and Suman are lovely and so are the rest of the Pandeys.

    I knew we would have to wait for ‘kal’. Do the show makers not remember what kal is?? They showed Thapki giving Bihan the papers in he ‘kal’ precap yesterday and again today it’s still ‘kal’

    No Arjun or Kareena today which is fine.

    Vasu hugging thapki. Seriously that woman is the most conniving unhinged backstabbing witch. Gaah!

    How come no one ever notice just how sad thapki looks esp when she is talking to Vasu? Bihan notices the hug!

    He also says mothers always love without asking for anything in return. Errrr hello?.. I think Bihan must have some sort of memory loss. He’s forgotten what Vasu did to him when she insisted he marry Dhruv as thapki wasn’t good enough for him… I think someone in Pandey nivas should be taking him for a psych evaluation. ?

    Enjoyed the epi but boy the creators sure do like to drag things out.


  15. Very upsetting episode. Feel bad for thahaan

  16. Oh, I knew there was something else.

    Come on shraddha – the hair remover tactic has been used already. Can’t you think of anything else???

  17. All problem is because of mahan atma thapki.

    She should throw divorce paper in fire infront of vasudhanra

  18. I wish that chemical which shardha was going put in thapki hair would just fall on the papers instead bihaan will never leave thapki he is 2 smart he will figure out that someone trying to break them apart plus vasu should ashame she take away thapki from dhrav an nw she is doing it on bihaan

  19. Still waiting for twist episode. …

  20. Yaar first i cried When vasu separated dhruv n thapki… u felt bad from heart… now she is trying to separate bihan n thapki.. what does she want..
    remember initially she didnt want divorce bcz she wanted thapki to stay in bihans life forever so that she bears the marriage tag on her forehead n is not available for dhruv.. now she is making her single again..
    jaise abhi tak ye sach samne nai aaya ki thruv shadi kyu nai ho payi.. n shradha kitni kamini hai.. ek aur sach isme add on ho jayega ki vasu ne thapki se bihan ki jaan bachane ki keemat mangi thi…

  21. I soooo hope bihaan realises this is his moms doing and shraddha to go bald or vasu. Why drag a track. Same precap.

  22. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    No no no catch the witch…how can mother be this mean n cold….I like Tap/Bihaan..

  23. Feeling bad for Thahaan….

  24. It’s been a emotional roller-coaster watch the last 2 episodes. Especially seeing how much bhiaan character has evolved, as well as Thapki. They seem mature from the recap of past episodes.

    All in all I have been crying my eyes out the last two.days. just because the couple have true bond and trust.

    But as always like most monster mother in law. .who has a selfish motive never see good or true love. Just because she is insecure..I really hate Vasu and shradda

    To live in that much hate..please writers have them have a incurable disease. .lol

    I still want thapki to slap.shradda just once..Please. .
    I just started watching the show..but I really want bhiaan and thapki together


  25. Same precap
    i think this scene will be telecast nxt week…….

  26. Sorry, I just don’t understand why Bhiaan don’t say anything about who made him marry thapki..if he has any sense.

    Especially now since thapki will ask for divorce.. EVIL VASU

    1. Because he had promised vasundhara….and also he loves her maa than anything , he will not let her maa ‘dignity faal in the eyes of the family at any cost

  27. I want dhruv and thapki together as they will make perfect couple bihaan is not suitable for thapki it will be good if either vasu or shraddha go bald

    1. You’re dreaming. ……’s not possible friend………

  28. did anyone saw the new promo it shows that bihaan is in love with thapki n I m happy with that n hope thapki also realises her love soon n about the divorce thing I know thahaan will unit so I m not tensed about that I m just enjoying that bihaan realises his love now.

  29. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Thapki cannot truly love Bihan until he tells the truth about why he married her.

    The way they got together was very negative and through a big betrayal. When she knows the reason, she will know that Bihan is a good kind soul, until then, she knows he is good but doesn’t quite understand why he did what he did.

    In the scene where she leaves pandey nivas after they fight scene, she even prays to hold to say somewhere deep down she knows he is good.

    The fact is he is good and she thinks he is but she won’t know it until she knows the truth and thapki’s character won’t fall for him totally until she does.

    At the moment, she cares for and feels protective of him and pities him that he believes his mother loves him unconditionally whereas thapki and the rest of us know the harsh sad truth.

    1. i agree with u dear.but only god knows when the writers are going to expose this truth.

  30. truely hate this serial. disgusting serial. abhi tak vasu ki sach samne nhi ayi. aur shradhha to jaise apne past ko vul hi gayi. uska x bf, alchohol, sirf money & fame k lie shadi karna. use to sab no 1 lover banane mai ready hai. aur vasu ka sach kab samne ayega?? use tovdadima aur bauji se solid slap milna chahiye. aur mai to wait kar rahi hu kab dhruv us shradhha churail ko dhakke mar k ghar se nikal de. mai to pray kar rahi hu ki wo hair removal chemicl shradhha & vasu dono k hair mai gire. plss writer aur drag mat karo. ab to sab truth reveal karo.

    1. Ya i agree with u appy… vasu ka sach thapki k samne ana chaiye ki bihan ne shadi kyu ki… n bihan k samne ana chaiye ki thapki divorce kyu mang rai…
      n shradha ka to sach dikhane ka writers kuch plan hi kar rae nai lagte..

  31. bakwas same precap
    this story is moving like turtle so board bring some interesting modes yaar

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