Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv saying if everyone can get forgiveness in this house, then even Shraddha will get forgiveness, if Shraddha has to leave this house, then I will also leave the house. Dadi says fine, Shraddha will stay here, we will give her one chance, like you could not forgive your Maa, this family can’t forgive Shraddha, if she does any mistake again, she won’t stay in this house, even you can’t stop us then Dhruv. Bau ji says I want to end Vasundara’s mistake and people pointing fingers at Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage, so I decide that Bihaan and Thapki will get married again, and with all rituals. They all look on.

Its morning, Poonam meets Thapki and hugs her. She says Vasundara informed me about your marriage. Bihaan greets Poonam. Vasundara tells about the first

rasam tomorrow. Poonam says Krishnakant will come later, its just me from Thapki’s side.. Suman and Preeti decide to go from Thapki’s side. Even Vasundara and Dadi. Sanjay and Ashwin say we will be from groom’s side. Bihaan signs Thapki. Suman and Preeti ask Bihaan not to meet Thapki till they get married. Shraddha asks if I can do arrangement for rasam. Preeti taunts her. Suman asks Shraddha to take rest. Dadi asks who will do all arrangements. Dhruv comes and says I will do. He greets Poonam. Dadi asks will you do, you would have office work. Dhruv says will there be any work imp than my brother’s marriage, we will do everything happily, just take care of Bihaan and Thapki, I promise you all will remember their marriage forever. Vasundara looks on. Shraddha thinks Dhruv moves on, so he is getting Thapki married.

Its night, Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and takes her to corner. She says let me go, anyone will see. He leaves her and asks her to go if she wants. She goes away and comes back to him. Ranjhana………..plays……….. He says I know you can’t get away from me. She says no. he holds her hand and says you can hide it, but your eyes. Dadi comes and asks them to be away from some time. Thapki says I was telling Bihaan, he held my hand forcibly. Bihaan says no. Dadi says I understand everything. She takes Thapki with her. Thapki sees Bihaan and smiles.

Its morning, Dhruv makes Bihaan dressed up as a hero. Bihaan asks is this tie necessary. Dhruv says you are going to become groom, its special day, I will make your marriage memorable. Bihaan says you are so good, I did so much for you, forgive me. Dhruv asks him to thank him, as I have made your tie. He says past can’t be returned, but life can be restarted, we both have to make a fresh start.

The guests start coming. Bihaan removes the tie. He likes the decorations done by Dhruv and says its so good. Dhruv says its your rasam. Bihaan asks him to play hindi songs, I don’t understand English songs. Dhruv says its as per the theme, see Thapki has come. Bihaan gets mesmerized seeing Thapki, looking gorgeous. Vasundara and Dadi smile, seeing Bihaan staring at Thapki. Suman asks Bihaan to shut his mouth, as Thapki will be coming to him now. Bau ji introduces Bihaan and Thapki to MLA and commissioner. Thapki manages by speaking in English and answering on Bihaan’s behalf.

Bihaan’s friends come and greet Thapki. Bihaan says we all failed in 3rd class. His friends say Bihaan looks good in suit, we came to attend your Roka. Bihaan asks them not to get wine in the party, its tension giving party, hear this English song, so don’t do anything. Thapki meets her friends and introduces her colleagues, saying we worked together in Dhruv’s office. The girl gifts them Bihaan and Thapki’s drawing. Thapki talks to them in English, and Bihaan and his friends look on. Thapki says I won’t be able to join office again, as I have to look after my family. Dhruv comes and says you really care for your love and family. Bihaan’s friends tell him that Thapki speaks good English, he has no match with her.

Shraddha thanks Dhruv for forgiving her big mistake. Dhruv says its fine, you did that to get your love, people cross any limit to get love, whatever I did is to get my love, lovers should geta chance. She nods and cries. They are called for Roka rasam. Suman asks Thapki to express her love in hindi, as she is wearing a traditional dress, and Bihaan to express his love in English, as he is wearing western suit.

Bihaan asks why all this. Bau ji and everyone ask them to start their relation with love. Thapki tells that her Papa says everyone get their share of happiness, and today I got my share of happiness, as she got Bihaan and this family. She tells Bihaan that she wishes to hold his hand and never gets away from him. Everyone clap. Preeti says awesome Thapki, now its Bihaan’s turn. Bihaan gets tensed to speak in English. He says I love Thapki, I m so happy, Thapki is a good girl and my life, my twinkle twinkle star. The guests laugh. Bihaan looks at Thapki.

Dhruv speaks on Bihaan’s behalf and says Thapki is the most beautiful girl in the world, I want her as she is like a star in the sky, I love you…… Bihaan, Thapki and Shraddha get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Looks like dhruv is turning out as a villian and this marriage arrangements is just his plan. ..I hope bihaan Nd thapki will not give up on each other and will remain as thahaan forever!

  2. Interesting episode. Hope all goes well.

  3. Thapki aur bihan ki jodi bilkul bakwas!! Druve aur thapki ko ak hona chahiy! Ye druv ka right ha!!


      Agree with u….. the gow ruined after thapki and bihan marrige…

  4. aiza siddiqui

    oh god..!!what the hell you are doing dhruv….its better that you leave the show or stop humiliating thahaan and let them live peacefully……
    everyone thinks that but what about the things that are faced by dhruv…
    no one except vasu loves him in whole pandey nivaas…but dhruv has seen her true face…and started hating her…
    moreover he loves thapki truly…he has never mishandled buhaan used to do …he used to twist her hands and many more….but thapki was dhruv first love….
    on the top of it everyone always thinks that dhruv should forgive everyone and forget his past…..
    why should he always bend infront of each othr…. ???
    i think this revenge is justible……dhruv should take his revenge…..
    love you dhruv…..!!!

    these are jzz my opinion….sirry if i have hurt anyone….

  5. If again cvs are going to show us groom swap drama.Iswear i will not even read updates here.
    I wished for cute thahaan wedding..but felt like the episode was about how to toture bihaan mentally ?????

    1. Juggu

      Dnt wry thapki its d rule of indian soaps leads will join def even aftr death too…. nn also thapki is nt a doll to keep anyone fr a year n give it ..???

      1. Don’t worry guys,this time cvs will not show us groom swap drama,tpk’s camera man clearly said that not going to separate thahaan,so cute thahaan wedding is confirmed 🙂

      2. Lightsabre

        Juggu…. “leads wil join even aftr death too”.. whos death dear… viewers’ death???jus kiddin

      3. I hope .but they are gonna drag this track

      4. @roshni-hiiii sis h r u??? Why u changed ur name???
        Haha 🙂 yah sis definetly after viewers’ death

    2. Torture*

  6. I think that Dhruv really needs to move on… Like seriously, yes Bihaan lacks some things, but he more than makes up for it and besides, Thapki loves Bihaan, she was by his side and he stayed by her side, even when they had their meltdown and he got really upset with her, they fixed everything~! Their love is passion and compassion, Dhruv is just sad, seriously, why would you try to break apart a couple who is happy, Thahaan are in a perfect place right now, who are you to break them apart… Bihaan only did what he did back then because he loves and honors his mother’s wishes~! You had the chance to get Thapki back, but you married Shraddha, now live with your choice, you agreed to marry another woman, you didn’t fight for Thapki… I watched the episodes since Thapki and Bihaan got married, you were just standing there like a statue, and not doing anything actively to try and win her back,now that Thapki has finally moved on and is happy you’re going to ruin her happiness… how does that make you a better person? You’re no better than Bihaan was when he agreed to marry Thapki, but at least he was there for her when no one else was… You didn’t even do half the things he did for her, so shut up and sit your buttox down and leave Tahaan alone!!! Seriously dude, you lost your chance… Also Thapki & Bihaan, you two are seriously the cutest couple ever~!

    1. Wooww!! Super amy,well said 🙂
      Definetly amy,thahaan is the cutest couple ever ♡

    2. Well said ?? exactly how I feel as well

    3. Bihan desnt lack anything. Not being able to speak English is not weakness loool Bihan is better than Dhruv in my opinion cos only Bihan knows everything and anything to do with the family even tho his adopted and Dhruv is the real son of the family but still Dhruv is nothing but someone who just shows off his few lines of English to put down Bihan

  7. Hai everybody. Good morning. Suddenly my tab becomes very slow. I did all solu.But can t. Sorry.

    1. Haiyaa ash pochcha pochcha 🙂 🙂

      1. Juggu

        Mokka scenes vandha crctah aajar ayira nalla scenes vandha edhadhu prachnai vandhrudhu……..thoppi..thopi??

      2. Happy, konjam sariyayidichi, new olv paartheengala? Kodumaya irrukku. Anga ragini drug to swara…..swara dance. Enga dhuruv al.drink to bhihaan….bihaan dance.
        Swara aadinadhu onum perisa therialai. Dance super. But bhihaan dance….romba paavam.

      3. Kana, dhrogi.Ivlo sandhoshama. Aana ehellm adikiradhike enakku 3 minutes aachu. Letters type aagudhu.

  8. dhruv pagal ho gaya hai thahaan ko alag karega to show kharab ho jayega love you thaaan

  9. thahaan ko alag karega to show kharab ho jayega love you thaaan

  10. Dhruv is playing psychological game trying to make bihaan feel he does not deserve thapki. Felt very bad for bihaan. He is so innocent and plain hearted.

  11. Hope thapki stands for him and give a fitting reply to dhruv

  12. thahaan ko alag mat karna plz thahaan ko thik se jine nahi deta ye dhruv love you thaaan

  13. thahaan ko alag mat karna plz thahaan ko thik se jine nahi deta ye dhruv

  14. Honestly, Khudanah Kassta agar writer yeh directors nay thahaan ko alag kiya nah. then that will be my last day watching TPK.

    Tapki and Bihaan already married . tis just a remarriage.

    I hate druve. Yeakkk selfish, hipocrate.

    Bihaan love is pure, innocent, and magical.
    Tapki sirf bihaan ki hain.

    THAHAAAN hamesha say rahay gay, amein.

    1. Hey sam…..plzzzz….post ur part 3 of ur fanfiction game of fate…..waiting eagerly to read it…and plz keep it a bit lengthy☺

  15. When bihan was holding thapki hand i thought their romance again ???started but it soon vanished as now dhruv has become villan and trying to give bihan inferiorty their relation will not remain as earlier they had as bihan will always feel very small as compared to thapki.??its so shameful dhruv still expressing his love for thapki infront of bihan,his family n crowd still knowing d fact they r again getting married but use d cheap tacticts.

  16. Hey guyz we are not bashing ankit here …we dont like Dhruv character so we bash him ..that’s it….it’s our personal choice. ..some people like tharuv and some thahaan.’s up to their personal interest.
    All have the right to express their opinion. ..only we should take care that we shouldn’t comment on their personal life…that’s it…?
    @JUGGU u said that thapki is Dhruv s first love true love…only thapki moved on but Dhruv didn’t moved on….? if it is like that then my question is….
    If Dhruv was in true love with thapki then why didn’t he wait for thapki till her divorce get done??? Can’t he wait for her only for 3months? ??
    Why did he marry shraddha only to make jealous thapki??? Is it true love????or it is EGO?
    Ur saying he is not moved on ? if its like that then how he believed so easily that shraddha pregnant? ?and how he decided to take care of his child and shraddha? ??? Maybe he doesn’t had trust on himself only ???
    Dhruv had a time almost 1 year to win back thapki….that time he was silent but how come now he is violent after knowing the truth that thahaan love each other…? ab kaha se jaag uta uska true love..?? is it Love or Jealousy ?? ???
    Now coming to Thahaan their relationship is so doesn’t build suddenly. …after facing so many hurdles so many problems their understanding their bond got strong…and now they love each other strongly. ..iss me unki galthi kya hai yaar…?Jo rishta bahuth mushkilon ke baad judta hai na wo Rishta Atoot hota hai…like our Thahaan ???
    Afterall this is a fictional show. ..we need not to take too much serious…Whatever maybe the twist just watch and enjoy ? and like SANTHOSH says say JAI Ho CV’S ???
    No hard feelings guyz???

    1. Do u knw onething vinlora,juggu is a pure thahaan fan and she mentioned it,in last line of her comment,i’m aslo always fighting with her like this.she was a fan of tharuv at the beginning,that’s y now she doesn’t want dhruv to turn into negative character,that’s y she feel sad for dhruv 🙁

      1. Hey kana I know JUGGU is thahaan fan. ..I just said my opinion about so called Dhruv true love??? and she told Dhruv didn’t moved on ?so I expressd my opinion. .that’s it…?nothing personal to hurt anyone ?I respect everyone’s opinion /feelings guyz?takecare ???


    Oh no Dhruv why are you joining Shradda in creating evil plans! I think something in him really snapped after his mothers betrayal n his wives lie about the baby. He was finally going to be happy but it got ruined! ?

  18. Somebody said that some people like thahaan & some like tharuv (i cant even spell them properly). If we take voting for it 99% people will surely like thahaan & 1%, may be less than that would like tharuv, who are same hypocride people like dhurv.

    1. @Syed58: Dude its just a fiction story. Its not real life. So some love Thahaan and some love Tharuv. Its everyone’s personal choice. you cannot decide what others should like and support. So calling the fans as hypocrite actually shows the kind of person your are.

      1. I think u r watching tpk blindly, thats why u cant sense the real feeling & love of thahaan & sticking to thaurv only & dont say some & some, It is not 50% loves thahaan & 50% loves thaurv. but it is 99.5% & .50%.

  19. I think In upcoming episode shrAddha gets bihaan and his freinds and drunk and embaress themselves in front of everyone

  20. I know that since Thapki is the main lead of the show, so its already decided that she will win.
    But whatever the outcome be but i want Dhruv to teach Bihaan and Vasu a good lesson which they should never forget in their life.
    After knowing that Vasu was the main culprit, he is shattered. No one can bear the fact that the person you trusted the most is the one to backstab you over and over again and break your trust. He was the most kind hearted person till date and everyone took advantage of that and tried to neglect him and make him suffer for no reason.
    It now too much, he has been the victim of each and every conspiracy.
    Now its turn for TIT FOR TAT.
    Even though he may not win Thapki back, but he should teach a very good lesson to Vasu and Bihaan for their wrong deeds and show them their place.
    Go for it Dhruv sir, we are with you.

    1. Well Vasu emotionally black mailed Bihan and if anything he should have go at his mother and not Bihan cos Im sure he would know how she most have convinced him to marry Thapki after making Dhruv unconcious . Dhruv doesnt need to teach anyone a lesson other then just moving on with his life cos now Thapki got someone who loves her more then he ever did

  21. The show lost its charm at the wen they separated dhruv n tapki .
    That was the time wen all the viewers were so happy with dhruv n tapki pair .
    The cvs has spoiled Everthing in the show.
    This indian daily soaps are all same .
    They always make the male lead actor a grey shade character after some time .

    And I know many of u agree wit this here .

    1. @Anu: you are correct. Same is happening with Tashan e ishq. First they turned Yuvi into a villain(he was the initial male lead), and made Kunj the male lead.
      Now again they are turning Yuvi a the male lead and making Kunj the villain in Twinkle’s life.


    guys pls vote for manish goplani aka bihaan for most popular actor…. currently hes in 2nd position…. pls pls vote

  23. Ermmm is about time Dhruv minded his own business and moved on in life cos Thapki has moved on with Bihan and they both happy and I think that Thapki looks good with Bihan cos they just look the perfect couple. I just hope that Dhruv doesnt try to belittle Bihan in front of everyone cos he doesnt know how to express himself in English. Why does he need to confess in English and why not Hindi? ????

  24. innocent princess

    now druve become villian and new track is about bihaan education…………….ok lets c ………….when we see thayaan loveable scenes…….waiting for that……..

    1. I love villain Dhruv. If its about Bihaan’s education then it might take years to see Thahaan love scenes coz its about leaning English which takes time and dedcation. Its not cooking maggie which will take 2 minutes. But seeing at the Indian serial writers he can learn in 2 minutes also as anything can be possible in Indian serial. In 1 month you can become a Scientist too from a class 3 failed guy.

  25. Superb episode but i don’t like Ds…felling bad for Bihaan…so what if Bihaan don’t speak English, he loves Thapki a lot and only Bihaan matches for Thapki Love Thahaan no one can separate them they’re meant to be together ?

  26. hi lightsabre urf roshini..

  27. Now i think that dhruv wants to revenge bihaan and to marry thapki as bihaan how bihaan did with her.But i guess this will not happen at last minute bcoz we have the opposite member ,the Great Shardha na?? Bihaan be careful but i hve to say that thapki has to be more careful….

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