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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki recalling Bau ji talking to the goat. She whistles in same way and calls the goat to her. She smiles and takes the goat. She leaves from there. Dhruv gets relieved. Bau ji comes to Thapki and takes the goat. She says sorry, I brought her here without asking you. She says everyone sees Dhruv’s show, else his name would have spoiled. Even you would have not wish this to happen, as he is your son. Bau ji laughs and says I explain the world, and you are explaining me today. She says sorry. He says my earning is my respect, how can I get it go, I m fine with this, just because of you. She smiles and thanks him.

Poonam and Krishnakant sit to watch Dhruv’s show. Poonam says will everything be fine. He says don’t take tension, it raises my BP. They see the show.

Dhruv takes the film singer Anshuman’s interview. He asks about his controversies. Thapki thanks Lord as everything went well. Krishnakant asks for sweets as Thapki did a big work today. Nimmi comes and says her daughter’s proposal is fixed. She shows Diwakar’s pic and they get shocked. They recall Diwakar’s words and Poonam drops the sweet box. Nimmi asks whats the matter. Aditi says nothing. Nimmi says he is a great guy. Thapki says she will leave now. Dhruv gives her water as she is tired, by working all day. She smiles and drinks water.

She thanks him. He says I should thank you, I could do my show because of you, else this would have not been possible, tell me if I can do anything for you. She takes his autograph. She says for my brother Shubh, he is your big fan, even I m your fan, but he is bigger fan. Dhruv gives his autograph. She thanks him and asks him to take care. She leaves. He says she is very unique and smiles. Vasundara sees him and says she was waiting for his son’s smile and will never let his smile go away, Thapki is perfect for him, now she will become my bahu. Thapki comes out and recalls Dhruv’s words.

Thapki comes home. Krishnakant asks everyone not to tell anyone about Diwakar. They compliment her for the show. Thapki finds Aditi worried and says she will get job soon. Aditi hides about Diwakar. Thapki sees sweets and asks about it. Poonam says Nimmi gave it. They hide Diwakar’s pic. Thapki talks to Aditi about the work. Dhruv tells Vasundara that Thapki made everything possible and smiles. She asks him to sleep. She thinks she likes Thapki too and will test her now. Its morning, Vasundara asks Dhruv to work from home. Dhruv informs Sakshi to send files home.

The staff asks Sakshi for half day leave, as its their colleague Amit’s marriage. Sakshi refuses for the leave. Thapki comes and greets her. Sakshi scolds her for all the work she did. She taunts Thapki. Thapki says I got this idea from you. Sakshi gives leave to everyone and puts all the work on Thapki.

Vasundara asks Sakshi to send files with Thapki. Suman mixed chilli in juice to trouble Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Areee yaar please focus on dhruv and thapki I miss they’re little scenes plesee make them have love scienced and finally make them fall In love thanks xxx

  2. Love you thapki and dhruv both are sweet couples

  3. Good work thapki

  4. Tha……..tha……..tha……….thapki you rock

  5. Hi,thapki fans

  6. OMG! This is the starting episode for thapki nd dhruv’s Luv.. Think it will b interesting day by day… wow am waiting

  7. wow I need dhurv and thapki they are lovely I think dhurv fallen loved with thapki he doesn’t express it…… I think there will be a new guy who will be near to thapki this’ll willing makes dhurv jealous .. …….

  8. I am just waiting that Idiot Divakar to realize What kind of big mistake he has done. Jo bhi hota hai achche ke liye hota hai

  9. eagerly waitin t watch their scenes

  10. Me too waiting for dhrupki scenes.. But it will be awesom to watch wat shrisusmita said in her comments. if another guy enters the show n try to impress thapki.. N then dhruv getting jealous.. It will be awesom to watch….

    1. Ya shabbu it will be good to watch if some male lead comes in the show… Jealousy moments will be good to watch

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