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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poonam being worried to arrange money. Suman and Preeti make a long list to take from Thapki’s family. Dhruv attends the meeting and tells the staff that channel is running well, so he will increase their salaries. They will get salaries one week before, so go to work. Poonam goes to jeweler and shows the necklace. The man asks her to think again, its good jewelry and unique designs. Sakshi asks Dhurv about the work, and he sends her. He gives Thapki a cheque for her work, and she cries. She thanks him. He says its an incentive for your sting operation against Ghandhyam Das. Poonam gets the money and gives the necklace. She thinks Thapki did a lot for us, its our turn now. Thapki gets 2 cheques and cries happily.

Dhruv thinks this was the way to help Thapki, I don’t

wish to hurt her self esteem. Thapki says my family will be very happy seeing this salary cheque. He asks her to go and share the news. She says I have just come. He says go and come, I insist, this is boss’ order, just go. She thanks him. Thapki comes home and talks to Poona,. The jeweler comes and returns the jewelry. He says Thapki came to our shop and said she won’t sell your jewelry. Poonam says but… Thapki says we have to return the money. Aditi brings the money and gives him.

Thapki thanks him and he goes. Poonam asks what did you do. Thapki says I know everything. Aditi told me on call and FB shows Aditi telling Thapki about Poonam selling her jewelry. Aditi apologizes. Thapki asks Poonam about her valuable thing. Poonam says I don’t have anything. Thapki says her eyes which expresses everything and shows love for children, its very valuable. Aditi hugs Poonam. Thapki makes Poonam smile and says your love and blessings are much for us. She asks her to save precious tears for her marriage, and shows the cheque to Poonam. She says this is my first salary cheque and also the incentive cheque. Aditi and Poonam are surprised and happy. Aditi says congrats, is this good news which you wanted to give us on phone. Thapki asks Poonam is she happy now. Poonam smiles. Thapki asks her to spend money but not waste tears. Poonam hugs Thapki and Aditi and says she is richest mum, to have such great kids.

Bihaan comes to Dhruv and talks to him. He apologizes to Thapki, as whenever they meet, they always argue, she gets scared always, call her. Dhruv says she went home. Bihaan says I can’t believe mum chose her with her stammering. Dhruv says the one who see the goodness, neglects her weakness. Bihaan says even mum told this, you would have not fallen in love with anyone. He says he will go and meet her later. Dhruv says he said right, even I did not think that I can love anyone.

He says I love her and she loves her. He says does she love or not, I don’t even know, if she loves me, why did she not tell me. Dhruv calls Thapki and says I want to know… what you feel, I mean your feelings… She asks about what. He says about me, I mean I gave file about sting operation. She says I gave you the files. She goes. He says he is unable to ask Thapki. He calls at her desk and fails to ask her again.

He sends a work file and gives a note, asking her to say if she loves him, what does she feel. She turns to see him, and he turns. He hides and looks on. She reads she said yes for marriage, but she has to say does she love him or not. She smiles.

Sakshi tells Dhruv that she likes him. Thapki comes and Sakshi angrily insults Thapki. Dhruv holds Thapki’s hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice precap 1st

  2. Superb precap….nw Dhruv s gng to announce thr marriage news i think…lovely…i eagerly wanna see sakshi’s expression……

  3. Wow.. Very very cute expresions by Duruv. Especilly when he tries to ash her about her love for him.. 😉 Precap seems nice 🙂

  4. I missed this my bt i read in tu …and exited 4 nxt epi.nd i guessed that last epi.dhruv knew thpkis financial problm nd will help her indirectly..

    1. Ritu you have to see this episode in tomorrow its [email protected] or3 mei

  5. Superb episode . dhruv’s romance was amazing .love u dhruvki . precap that dhruv going to announce their marriage.
    Keep going .

  6. Nice epi.I also want to see the egoistic sakhshi’s expression.after that she will definitely do something to create problem.but dhruvki marriage will sure happen.

  7. Ya i m wating for dhruvki wht expression dhruv nice looking dhruvki rock………..gud precap

  8. Sakshi doesn’t like thapki anyway

  9. Nice epi.. Lovely expressions by Dhruv !! Next epi me liyae main bahuth inthajaar…..hoon

  10. Great episode

  11. well its a twist .dhruv and thapki might be together but there will be lots of twists in the tale.

  12. dhupki will be together and together … love u dhupki …… … love the precap when dhruv holds her hand

  13. Thanku asha i have seen epi.waw dhruv will declare marriage with thpki bt shakshi will tell vashu anti about thpki nd a big drama will creat bcz of shakshi

  14. please thapki you say i love you to dhuru

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