Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji and Vasundara getting out of the game. Dadi still gives them full points to take part. Kiran asks the couples to fold the paper. Suman falls and shouts on Sanjay. They all laugh. Shraddha says Dhruv, you dance well, why did you refuse then. He says I don’t like all this. She says but you like me right, how am I looking. He says nice. She asks him to look around and then say. Dhruv sees Thapki. Thapki also sees Dhruv and gets teary eyed. Dhruv says Shraddha you look the best. Shraddha thanks him.

Bihaan says I know your mood is bad, but what happened. Thapki slips and he holds her. Dhruv gets jealous seeing them and turns his face away. Kiran says competition will get tough now, please fold the paper again, the paper will get small. Bihaan asks Thapki to

stand close. Suman asks Thapki to agree to Bihaan. Bihaan asks Thapki will she come or should he get her on his feet. Thapki stands on his feet. Shraddha asks Dhruv shall I step on your feet. Dhruv says Shraddha, and gets hurt. She says sorry. Everyone laugh. Dhruv says its okay. Bihaan smiles.

The music starts again. Dadi and everyone smile. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words and is sad. She slips again and Bihaan holds her, giving her a thapki/pat on her shoulder. She recalls Krishnakant.

FB shows Thapki’s teen years, when she was in school. She stands crying and tells Krishnakant that she won’t go to school now, all the kids joke of her stammering. He asks what are you saying. She says they joke on me. He hugs and consoles her. He says even if I m not in this world, always remember you will get two people, one who will push you by their hand and make you fall, you don’t have to lose and wait for other type of people, other will pat with love and encourage you, don’t cry. He says I made a poem for you, and says the lines. She smiles and hugs him. FB ends. Bihaan says Thapki you will win.

Kiran says winning will be tough for you all now, as paper will be more smaller now. Music plays…… Preeti jumps in Ashwin’s arms and they dance. Dhruv lifts Shraddha. Vasundara smiles seeing them. Bihaan holds Thapki and lifts her in arms. They have an eyelock. Vasundara makes faces. Ashwin loses balances by Preeti’s weight and they fall down. Preeti gets angry and says I m not that heavy Ashwin that you made me fall, you join gym from tomorrow. He gives her a rose and convinces her. Preeti takes the rose and smiles.

Kiran says I think two best couples are there in the game, my two brothers, lets see who wins. Everyone cheer for both the couples. Vasundara looks around and sees some decorative glass ball. She takes the ball from the bowl and throws on the floor to make Bihaan and Thapki fall. Shraddha sees her and smiles. Bihaan steps on the ball and the ball then goes towards Dhruv. Bihaan loses balance and then manages to stand well. Dhruv slips and puts Shraddha down. Dhruv and Shraddha lose. Vasundara gets upset. Bihaan says I told you Thapki you won’t lose. Kiran says Dhruv and Shraddha were close to win, but the winners are Thapki and Bihaan. Kiran asks Dadi about points. Bihaan and Thapki get 10 points, whereas Dhruv and Shraddha get 9 points. Kiran says now second round is husband has to get wife’s fav things, and Dadi will decide the winner. Shraddha thinks Thapki lost this round already, what valuable thing will Bihaan get from the cowshed. Bihaan hugs Dadi and laughs. Thapki says I m playing this game and doing this for Bihaan’s happiness, else I would have gone from here forever. Vasundara says you have to go, you have to go away with Bihaan and not come back. Thapki worries.

Shraddha and Vasundara look for Thapki. Thapki wears that teddy costume and prays. Vasundara gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. O cummon in real life in this 21st century there are no people alive like thapki the mahaaan

  2. Thank for the fast update..
    Thahaan scenes awesome.
    but something disappointed..
    nowdays thahaan have zero chemistry..
    hope they back on bang

  3. Thahaan rockssss
    love the episode

  4. I agree with u kavya.Too much of anything is good for nothing.Thapki is really a mahan atma.I mean really how can any1 tolerate all these nonsense.oh my god.

  5. love u thahaan…….

  6. Always vasundhra’s and shraddha’s plan backfires on them

  7. wow finally thahaan’s romantic dance n here thapki also feels serving for bihaan
    as he reminds her his father n ever girl wants a husband like his father who caress for her who protects her who encourages her n bihaan did the same I hope now thapki will fall in love with bihaan
    its not only my guess but I read in spoiler that thapki will fall in love with bihaan
    I just hope for the best
    thahaan rocks….

  8. When will that vasu and that sharda get exposed. Can’t stand them both anymore. That vasu looks like a evil witch and that sharda looks like a scare crow. And why thaapki is always crying, she should stand up for herself.

  9. Again thapki will act like MA really irritated with thapkis acting nowdays.
    thahaan always good.
    oh god wen the maid drama out is bihaan till now really doesn’t knw the truth. Wts the need of valentine week.
    thinking next Sunday will out maid truth..
    after two episodes we get some clues separation drama starting while ending maid truth wt evr know all is in cvs hand. Still the sbs drama hold they never show separation drama…
    iam becoming mad…

  10. Thahaan rockssss

  11. Are wah today’s episode was goooooood. Thahaan scenes were very cute. Lol shraddha slipped even before thahaan could slipped haha, and also today’s episode was funny.Precap nothing new what else u can expect from thapki the mahaan atma -_-

  12. I think they’re going to show seperation track soon after; that’s why showing all events together,gifts, shivling valentines day etc
    So that Thapki will miss Bihaan too much…..

  13. Thahaan scenes were so cute.

  14. Thapki team acting very well. expecially MONICA KHANNA (shraddha) she is a good negtive actresses ….. I like it
    .again and again THAPKI ROYE GI…..
    BIHAAN rocks every time. ………..

  15. still how many days they were dragging this serial.serial was getting worse day by day.a serial has to show love,emotions,relationships etc.But this serial always showing tom and jerry game.Please director sir change this track .I like tapki’s acting very much but now a days she was doing more worse than others.

  16. Gud episode…Bihaan n thapki ?
    Shraddha is a gud actress… ?

  17. Hi guys!!!!! Come on…..thaps doing everything only for bihy….she admitted it three times that she is doing this for bihy on top of rock…she said I am playing this for him else she would have gone forever be4 itself……what else we need more than this…..tho they make it drag to realise…this is better than be4

    1. I agree with u,
      today episode was good, I like it

  18. Really i expect more but i get only less satisfaction.Iam 100% sure that Bihaan will soon realize his feelings towards Thapki.But,our Mahanatma……….idont know when she will understand Bihaans innocent character.Anyway iam happy because, really Bihaan enjoyed the dance performance with his chuk chuk gadi,and also,Thapki bear this all for his happiness.THAHAAN,YOU ARE A EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL PAIR,very nice of you to see together.Bihaan …G FOR GREAT AND G FOR GOLDENSTAR…..

  19. thahaaan rock…zzzzz…

  20. I also love the pairing of Bihaan and Thapki. They look so so good together. Bihaan as usual looked Fabulous! I think it’s just a matter of time until they realize their feelings for each other 🙂

  21. how can Dhani from Benares (IKRS) meet thapki and Bihaan from Maharashtra??
    (Mahamaithri episode)
    why this Pandey parivaar (Maharashtra) buy sweets from Delhi “Sasural Simar ka” (Thrishakthi episode)

    1. everything will happen In this colors Maya episode.

    2. By using helicopter XD

  22. this pandey parivaar is said to be veg (some episodes was related to that) but they ate cake!!
    (preethi-suman’s anniversary. episode) (newyear episode)
    Is ‘nt cake non- veg?? (egg is being. used to bake it)!!!

    1. Don t you know about egg-cake. Same as…

      1. Sorry, egg-less-cake

  23. I think Bihaan will bring Lord Ganesh Murtl.

    1. Mera guess bi yahi hain… lord ganesh moorthi

    2. I think that family photo of pandeys

  24. Hi surya thapki stays in noida which is closeto delhi 30min run by car but ikrs in Benares i have raised this question on the first day when promo was shown

  25. U are right april 17 nothing canbe more valuable than god

  26. Why dont u guys update ur ffs?? Pls upadte all ffs here… pls its a request

  27. Dear joyee shraddha aka monika khanna isreal good actor n her facial expression are too good but today her makeupwas too much infact more than jhiljhil dhruv is total blank without expressions?

    1. Ya she looked so creepy due to the makeup and I liked Monica khanna’s acting since the day I saw her in housewife in zee tv

  28. Nice episode….

  29. Bihaan Pandey u r too good..Kya lag rahe ho thapki toh dhyan hi nahi de rahi thi par meri Nazar tumse hat hi nahi rahi thi…I wish instead of thapki I was playing that paper game with u….??? and thapki u r just disgusting..your acting and crying is so irritating and boring…tumse accha toh shraddha hai negative hi kar bhi kya acting karti hai…gajab!!! u can’t c Bihaan goodness.when will u realise his love stupid women…plz writer expose Vasu and Shraddha truth and also give some dialogues to dhruv…u looks very wasted and useless standing dumb…

  30. Shradha n Bihaan act very well .. i luv shradha negatv role ..keep it up gal .. and plz thapki ki monotonous life khatm kro yar ..

  31. I don’t know why but the chemistry btwn tapki and behaan is slow and you can sence tapki wish bihaan was druv as they love each othr off screen so it’s kind of weird,

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