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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir coming to Thapki and says he wants to give something to his cute wife. Sankara asks Bihaan to come with her. Bihaan asks her to leave him. Sankara asks don’t you want to see Thapki. She takes him to her room. Kabir sees them coming and makes Thapki sit. He says I thought to do mehendi ritual and write my name Kabir Katyal on your hand, as we married in a hurry without any rasams. Thapki asks him to leave her hand. Bihaan tries to go inside. Sankara stops him and says what you will do between husband and wife, they are looking happy. Kabir writes his name on Thapki’s hand. Bihaan gets angry and goes. Sankara smirks. Thapki wipes her hand with tissue paper. Kabir says I am your husband now and you can’t keep me far away from you, never. Thapki thinks to expose

Kabir and kick him out of house.

Aditi breaks the things in the room. Dhruv tries to calm her down and reminds her of her pregnancy. Aditi shows faith on him and says their relations is for births. They hear the song playing Maang Bharo and go out of room. They see Shraddha romancing Dhruv and getting intimate with him. Everyone is shocked. Shraddha says welcome…..Sankara smirks. Shraddha says this is a trailer and says if you don’t believe me then I have full recording. Dhruv tells that this is a lie. He tells Thapki that it is a lie.

Shraddha asks Thapki to stay there itself and not to stammer infront of her. She asks why everyone is so shocked and speechless. Shraddha asks Aditi to stab her. She asks Dhruv if he remembers the night which they have spent and asks Vasu if she liked the trailor, and says this is truth. She says I am not forcing other’s baby on your family, this baby is of your son. She asks if you will kick your grand son’s mum out of house. She tells that she will stay with Dhruv. She says I love you Dhruv and kisses on his cheeks. Everyone is embarrassed. Aditi cries and goes to her room.

Aditi is in shocked and recalls what Shraddha had said. Dhruv comes to Aditi and swears that he didn’t do anything. He asks did you remember we had drank some drink, and says may be something was added in that Champagne. He asks her to believe him and says I am not wrong. Aditi packs her bags. Thapki asks Aditi not to take any wrong step. Aditi tells her that she has no relation with Dhruv. She asks Dhruv, if he don’t felt any difference between her and Shraddha. Dhruv says he couldn’t know because of drugs. Aditi is shattered. She tells that Shraddha will never separate from him now and she (Aditi) can never unite with him again. She packs her bags and is about to leave. Dhruv folds his hands and says I haven’t betrayed you. Bihaan says Aditi’s heart is broken by you. You have given her pain of life. He asks Dhruv to leave from there, as he has snatched her everything. Thapki says what you are saying? You should unite them rather than breaking. Bihaan says I know you will say this. He tells Dhruv that only he can understand what Aditi is feeling now. He says it is better to leave until she forgives you. Dhruv looks at Aditi and leaves from this room. Aditi cries and says Shraddha have snatched my everything. Thapki and Bihaan looks at each other. Shraddha thinks to take revenge from everyone one by one. She sees Sankara doing puja of Shraddha’s photo and is surprised. She asks what is this nautanki? Shraddha says Guru Maa ki jai. She asks her to teach her how to get Bihaan? Shraddha says I know how to snatch? Sankara says it is same and asks her to teach her.

Thapki tells Shraddha how she can face anyone after doing a big sin. She says you can’t be happy as you have snatched my sister’s happiness. Shraddha says I am very happy. Thapki tries to slap her. Shraddha stops her and asks her not to dare slap her, and says you have no relation with Pandey family, but I have relation with Dhruv and his family. Thapki says you have trapped Dhruv by cheat and says you have stoop so low and played a dirty trick. Shraddha says even you have done same by cheating Bihaan and marrying Kabir. She says whatever I do, I accept it, but you don’t have the guts to accept your doings. She says bye…Mrs. Kabir Katyal. Thapki thinks about Shraddha’s words that she has betrayed Bihaan.

Thapki follows Kabir and sees him coming somewhere. She thinks to check and sees someone sitting on chair. She turns the chair towards her and looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Boring serial, Better to end this show than showing all negative things

  2. Mansak

    what rubbish
    shradhha can stoop so low o my gosh
    cvs you are driving us insane.
    you all are mad really mad
    guys lets watch tpk on rishtey at 9:30 p.m recently thahaan got married(when bihaan on vasu saying married thapki) so we will able to see their nok jhoks
    now ireally pray god that pls asap you can stop this show makes an end of this serial i am realyyy……..what to say if i started then i cant stop

  3. Asusal a dramatic episode…today’s performed by our shraddha bhabhiji.anyway I really like it the last part shraddhas powerful way of dialogue towards Thapki…superb.but at the same time the idiotic Sankara tried to irking me…Bihaans responce is also good.

  4. Sharada I appreciate your guts to question tapki. You had relation with druv your husband not with others and you don’t betray him as tapki betrayed her husband and married kabir at last I feel happy because for so many days she was hurting our star bihaan without mercy. At the same way I don’t like what you did because you played in the life of a poor gir aditi it is not good sharada.

  5. No, no, no…. worse and worse ! İ dont watch the serial since a few days, as its Really rabbish! İ am disappointed, really. Script writers make wrong, in fact İ have no more pleasure to follow the serial… However İ loved so much to see bihaan+thapki, İ miss this time ! ??

  6. LOL I loved Kabir’s bored ‘kahaan aakay phans gaya’ type expression while Shradha was doing her usual drama. The mehendi scene was just…weird, Kabir’s already implied in front of Bihaan how him and Thapki ‘Ek ho gaye hain’- i.e. they’ve consummated their marriage so whats the point in a mehendi now? Surely that cant be any worse. I get that Kabir wants to hurt Bihan, the whole execution of that scene was terrible though and made little sense.

    And Bihan, if I were Bihan I would be thinking; How did Sanakara even know what Thapki and Kabir were going to do? Why was she even spying on them in the first place? And to actually listen to her and peep in their room when he knew it was something he wouldn’t like seeing then why I even stay and watch the entire thing? But then again, its futile to expect anything logical from Bihan, just as it is from Thapki.

    I actually like Shradha, her actions actually make sense. At least she’s honest and accepting of what she wants. She does what she wants to irrespective of the other inhabitants of the Panday Nivas think about her and she feels no shame in owning upto her crimes. Theres nothing wrong in looking out for one self (at the cost of others though-wouldnt agree with that) but atleast she knows and does what she does because she wants to be happy and she’ll do anything to be happy and get what she wants.

    The story’s just deviated from Thapki-Kabir-Bihan to Aditi-Sharadha and Dhruv. Hoping to see more of the former in the next episode. Looking at the recap, the silhouette on the chair, seemed like Kabir’s, so its probably gonna be another dead end for Thapki. Hey, ho as long as the story moves forward.

    1. If a man did what shraddha did it would be considered rape because they were drugged and were not able to make decisions and gave been taken advantage off. But because it’s a woman nothing is being said. I like shraddha as crazy as she is because the character is so well acted but this storyline is so disgusting. I don’t liked dhruv or aditi but he was basically molested

      1. I dont deny what you have said above. I have only commended Shradha’s character. Unlike most characters on the show who cry over their fate or blame other people or do stupid things. She is proactive, does what what she wants and fights tooth and nail to get it and usually does get it.

      2. Being pro active is a good quality but she is a criminal, she’s happy to mutder, lie cheat manipulate etc she has no limits. she only wants Dhruv cos he rejected her and she married him for money and fame. When he was away she was after John, she is the one who divorced Dhruv and the only reason she wants him is cos he chose Aditi over her. She is a narcissist

      3. Call her whatever you please, I’m not gonna bother defending her, whatever her motives may be, Im not commenting on that. Im just appreciating her go getter attitude.

    2. Shraddha is crazy but at least she fights for her love even though it twisted Thapki on the other hand is a little stupid confused girl and Bihaan is an overgrown kid so maybe they suited to eachother, also Dhruv let Shraddha kiss him?? WTH is he that stupid why didn’t he push her away, 1st Thapki gets hurt by that family now its Aditi’s turn.

      Kabir definetly must think this the worst family ever im shocked he doesn’t want to run away from them and never look back,.

      At least Kabir helped Thapki when she needed him obviously Thapki would never help Kabir cos she a loyal idiot to Bihaan.

      1. Kabir only helped Thapki when he realised she wanted revenge so he was using her as well and still is

      2. So your saying is ok to ruin lives just because you love someone , doesn’t matter if they are married to someone they love, why would you want to be someone that has no feelings for you. Have some dignity

      3. What I got from that was at-least she fights and goes after what she wants, however wrong it may be, you cannot deny that she has the guts to go after what she wants, irrespective and unashamed of the consequqences.

      4. Kabir is using her but at least he has some remorse he feels bad, at least he isn’t hurting Vasu or Aditi he has no quarrels with them just Bihaan.

        Thapki wanted revenge on Bihaan and he helped her but if he told her the truth about his sisters house burnig she would probably run to Bihaan and start blabbing and egetting to the bottom of it which is ironic cos when it comes to her its the last thing she does.

  7. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    They could have shut thapki instead of swaragin for the new show

  8. Boring c vs always spoil the character of dhruv

  9. I liked the Thapki-Kabir scene. I want to see more of them. I really like Kabir’s character. I am disgusted by some of the comments i have read and the justifications people have given to support their favourites though. Going by the same logic, Thapki is supposed to be all Pati vrata, dedicated and devoted indian nari types. Now that Bihan and her have divorced -irrespective of under whatever circumstances that may have been. Kabir is her husband, by everyones logic she should be devoted and carry out her ‘wifely duties’ towards Kabir than thinking about a paraya mard.

    1. Thapki is not the type to love more than one person, she loves Bihaan even though shes angry with him. She never loved Dhruv I’m sure if she had married him she would have but Bihaan she got to know very deeply so that bond won’t just end.

      1. Im not commenting on Thapki or her character. My comment was aimed at the people who have a screwed up thinking. The kind of comments I have seen here are shocking. People berate her because she’s supposed to be an indian woman and she’s supposed to be all doing her duty, be devoted, Bihan doesnt deserve her and what not, my comment is going by the same logic.

      2. But Thapki didn’t carry out wifely duties for Bihaan when she was tricked into marrying him, they only became friends after Shraddha entered their lives until then they tolerated each other counting down the days for their divorce.

      3. You’re missing the point again m, this isn’t about questioning the character. Its about questioning the mindset

  10. I hope the symbolism of the mehendi of Kabir’s name on Thapki’s hand meant something. I love the new jodi, they look so good together. His dedication towards his sister to seek justice is brotherly goals. Hope Thapki starts to develop a soft corner for him. She deserves better than Bihan and Padey Nivas. Thapki Kabir jodi <3

  11. Om telolet om
    Om telolet om
    Om telolet om
    Om telolet om

  12. Om telolet om
    Om telolet om
    Om telolet om
    Om telolet om

  13. I request to the chairman of committee the drama association!! Please ban and stop this bakwas drama! This is the just waste of time which doesn’t provide any entertainment!! The writer and producer just making the money and wasting the people time! Please please stop it ,at least in U.K. !

    1. If you have such a big problem then just don’t watch it ?

  14. Hi pooja and manayasa manish ki divani hello every one this show become boring but i hope it cover up.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Hello garima dear don’t worry hope 4 the best ..definetly writer don’t ruin it more by end up with kabir and thpki becoz thahaan is the best.its just one more seperation track .tpk makers have only one creativity that is separation separation and separation nothing else …lack of new ideas.

  15. love shadz today amazing MK love u lots what a dialogue still echoing in my ears right way of answering that madam g taking his guru ji side lovely manan and MK aukat dikha di madam ko anyone will come and holds her hands and she will be dumb only watching for manan and MK lovely epi sapola just a guy can’t recognise who is aditi who shadz our BihaAn the real hero gd mar ja kankar hate u

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Hahaha kankar sounds too od .in Urdu kankar is word which means stone.u r right one and only Bihaan is our and ypk hero …And if Manish is king of expression so Monica is Queen of expression .Manish is also king of hearts .a super star ..and jigs look so preety in her new look /clothes.

    2. Manish ki deewani

      And any hw r u now .take care

  16. Kabir role is negative and stupid

  17. Manish ki deewani

    Oh wow I loved shradha ur each and every dialogue .u said right.l like it . thpki plz do something don’t become stupid again think about it…shradha plz mow don’t interfere in Bihaan’s life .don’t help that sankra u just do one thing through out sankra from here.sankra why u can’t understand that Bihaan don’t love.go from here with Kabir

  18. Manish ki deewani

    Hello pooja hw r u .Santhosh Bhai ,vino where r u guys .hope 4 the best

  19. uff this bakwas make me irritatad even after redaing it….thank God m not watching it….wel i always like shradha..she plays so well and always try hard for wht she wants in her life….and i like sharuv as compare to adiruv…hope thapki wil get some brain and get good ideas to solve this kabir problem….or thapki should also do arti of sdrdha may b she get her husband too…

  20. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    This story is very long and convoluted .the writer is difficult to solve problems in ways that generally .only manish and Jigu I still watch this series.

  21. one thing i don’t understand why every indian serial evil women got pregnant and men don’t know when they made her pregnant how someone don’t know when they go to women in bed wondering anyway again shradha is pregnant and dhruv have two women same times pregnancy what shit story going nowhere plz try to end this serial before was nice but now coming so borring so if u don’t have some interesting story better to male ends otherwise it will going flop and no one will watch anymore

    1. Suman and Preeti been married for yrs no kids, Dhruv and Bihaan one night and 2 days later their wives know they are pregnant and in Dhruv case he must have super swimmers

  22. I hope thapki fell in love with mannish soon. Ditch Kabir story. I don’t like shraddara story about baby. Why she is back after Vaus told shraddara out of house again? Poor adit ?

  23. Come on Thapki 🙁 I love you, but try to understand Kabir’s perspective….he told her to trust him, but she keeps misunderstanding his intentions. I wish she would either ask why he’s doing this or just trust him like he trusted her…

    1. She did ask he told her not to question her

  24. I prefer read ff than tpk scenes…
    Tpk scenes boore anymore

  25. There have been so many shows where the main lead had started loving the other guy. Kaisa yeh pyar hai, KavyaAnjali, Kesar, Kasauti Zindagi ki etc. I wish the same happens here and Thapki begins to develop feelings for Kabir.

  26. The story after kosi come are nonsense,they create a problem with no logical thingking,a pandit ji lied in front of them that kabir and thapki was marriage.and in the letter kabir marriage with vani oberoi right?they must create a logical story,it just not like a love story but x-file movie a case and another case.just create a story that easy to is to complicated.hearth breaking,sadness,to much problem.and dont make a marriage as a game, use it to take reverange to ur enemy?it is same with your sell a woman life to ur is time to make good honor to woman and marriage due to social problem right now.please create a better story,maybe it can change a lot of people thingking…

  27. I hate shradda’s character from the beginning, she’s so evil and opportunistic. But monnica played the role so well so i don’t want her to go from the show. Same thing with bihaan’s character, logically he’s no good for thapki, but manish played the role so well so we fell in love with bihaan, and don’t want anyone but him to be with thapki

    1. yes..! no matter what will happen only Bihan to be with Thapki.. 🙂
      keep waiting for better improvement of storyline..

  28. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    agree with you…monica and manish very good acting.i only watch TPK becauce them

  29. wht is the meaning of om telolet om….mila….can u tell me….

  30. I hope Thapki will understand Bihaan and cm back to him for sure ..and she will protect him from Kabir’s evil plan …but plz don’t make Bihaan unite with is disgusting..

  31. Bihaan and Thapki’s acting is fabulous..I hope Thapki will find the truth about letter and will understand Bihaan..

    Shraddha acting is also nice and her words against Thapki is also good..

  32. The storyline seems boring maybe because it took 3-4 epi for one day scenes. In indonesia we watch about 3 epi a day so it doesn’t seem too much dragging and boring. Perhaps in india they should add the show time

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