Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha not liking the mangoes. Suman and Preeti argue. Vasundara says you both won’t understand the taste, Shraddha is pregnant, she will like to have different taste. Bihaan asks them not to go anywhere, and gets many raw mangoes from market. He says I had dream that I get mangoes for Ram Pyaari, I mean Shraddha. Suman asks did he really dream. He says no, I heard Shraddha saying she wants to have raw mangoes, so I got this. Preeti praises him. Bihaan says Maa, you and others don’t have to worry now, Shraddha will eat raw mangoes, and we will eat sweet ripen mangoes, right Shraddha Bhabhi ji? Shraddha thinks to make Bihaan dance on fingers too.

Shraddha says I want to play a game today. She says they can eat mangoes and romance too, they have to place mangoes

in plate without touching. Suman asks how will we pick mangoes. Shraddha says its fun, you will get many chances to romance, the winner will get big mango. Preeti says how romantic. Bihaan and Thapki refuse to play the game. Shraddha says fine, my baby and I will be upset. Vasundara says no, Shraddha should not get sad, it will affect baby, we all will play, Bau ji and I will also play, happy now? Shraddha smiles. Dadi says sure. Shraddha says great, lets start the game. Shraddha explains the rules to them. Shraddha gets the mangoes. Everyone get their hands tied at the backside. Bihaan and Thapki play while having annoyance for each other. Dhruv and Shraddha sit back and see. Dhruv gets jealous seeing Thapki and Bihaan picking the mango with their mouths and holding mango to take it to the plate.

Thapki and Bihaan have an eyelock. Shraddha says it looks so good right. Dhruv thinks I know Thapki, its tough for you to do this, you don’t love Bihaan. He goes. Shraddha thinks to see Dhruv later and enjoy game now. She cheers for them. Bihaan and Thapki win the game, followers by Bau ji and Vasundara. Dadi says Shraddha give prize to Thapki and Bihaan. Shraddha says you both won. Dadi asks her to open their hands first. Shraddha opens their hands. Bhaan and Thapki extend hand together to get the prize. Shraddha gives them a mango as prize. Everyone clap. Shraddha says sorry Suman, you lost, this is your mango slice, you have to eat it without touching. Preeti asks Suman to romance. Suman gets shy and runs. Sanjay says I will go to room. Dadi gives Shraddha a mango as prize for giving happiness to everyone. Dadi asks where did Dhruv go. Shraddha says don’t know.

Dhruv recalls Bihaan and Thapki. He thinks of Shraddha’s pregnancy and Vasundara’s words. Dhruv gets in dilemma and sees his inner conscience telling him about Thapki and Bihaan being together for namesake, on the other hand, Shraddha is pregnant, accept her child, or tell Shraddha that you love Thapki. Dhruv closes eyes and says Thapki…. Shraddha….. Shraddha comes and says I m here.Dhruv thinks to tell Shraddha that he will accept her. He holds her hand. She gets shocked. He says Shraddha, I always asked time from you to accept our relation, but today, I ask for your support. She gets surprised and looks at him. He nods and says yes, I m with you now and with this baby too, no one is in my life before you two. He goes. Shraddha says great, its my super lottery today. She smiles happily.

Thapki asks Bihaan what to do of this mango. He asks her to throw it. She says food should not be insulted like this. He shows a knife and cuts the mango. He gives her share and asks her to do anything, respect or insult, anything. He throws his share of mango on the ground and says I m helpless to be with you, but I will not share any happiness or sorrow with you, I will die, but not share anything with you. She cries and picks the mango. He looks away.

Thapki sees the mangoes and wonders why did Shraddha ask for raw mangoes when she did not had to eat it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. And tpk completed 300 episodes today…!! It’s good that there was a thahaan scene today..! I am sure shraddha would be a grt help to bring thahaan back together..bcoz the antagonists do that mostly! ! Haha??

    1. Why is bihaan behaving like this still..? I guess he is seriously overreacting now?
      Just hope that while finding shraddha’s pregnancy truth thapki includes bihaan with he did before shraddha and dhruv marriage..hopefully then there can be some love and TRUST between them.???

  2. Thahaan mango wala romAnce was so cute today, loved it, after seeing today’s episode I think makers will start thahaan love track soon and then Thahaan confess love and maybe they show Shraddha positive and Dhruv and Shraddha love track from what I can say after seeing today’s episode. That would be great if thahaan romance track start soon.

  3. Gajab…
    First time shraddha done something is G 4 great or G 4 good
    Keep it up…
    That game was A 4 awesome and A 4 antique…
    It would be more joyful if thahaan lose the game.
    In regard to dhruv,I feel sorry for him.

  4. Oh!our TPK will successfully completed 300 episodes….Thahaana game part is nice.Bihaan,how can you bear Thapkis pain,that means,he doesn’t want to see her teary eyes but now!!!writerji…pls do something more for to reunite Thahaan…eagerly waiting for that lovely moment.once again congrats for all TPK members,Thahaan.especially MANISH.

  5. Thanx for the update

  6. hai everbody. its boring. writer ku sense ah ilaiya?
    bihaan thapkiya fool panni mrge pannipan. apparam thapkiya love pannuvaran! but thapki mrge secret pathi kandupudicha, ava mela kova paduvaran! eppdi iruku? why ? ava mrge secret therinchika avaluku rights ilaiya enna? Bihaan kovapadrathu logic ke illa.
    Writer change the story line. we accept thahaan.. but thahaan scenes is going worst. I think bihaan should help thapki for finding shraddha fake pregnancy. Do it fast writer.. serial paakra nama ellarum fool nu writer think panra ennn? change the story line , otherwise you will loose your audience.

    1. yes nasreen.. bihaan pantrathu over acting.. avan evlo periya thappu pantran adhu perusu ila bt thapki antha thappa kandupidichathu ivanuku periya thapp theriyuthh
      . seriously dhuruv better evalavo..

      1. No no guys,bihaan basic ah nallavan avan ivlo rude ah nadanthu kolrathukku etho oru reason marainjiruku,thapki ku naan poruthamanavan illa so rude ah nadanthukida ava thanna viddu vilaki poganum enkirathukaka kooda avan appidi nadanthukalam,bcz bihaan thapki kooda rude ah nadanthukidda piraku avan feel panrathu avan kanla theriyuthu.
        Aana thapki shrada,vasu unmaiya ariya evlo effort podda,aana bihaan basic ah nallavan endu therinjum kooda avan thider endu ippidi change aanathuku enna reason endu therinjuka entha effortum podala.
        So don’t misunderstand bihaan’s character.

      2. Unmaiya kandu pidichathu avanoda kovathuku karanam illa, second chance kuduthatha solli fool pannitanu than kovam.

      3. thank u shalini neenga ennoda side ahhahhhha

  7. Pls bihhan now stop ur rudeness..I felt very sorry 4 thapki after sn d lst part..

  8. Congratulations?? to all TPK members and team for successfully completing 300 episode!!!!?…Congratulate Manish & Jigyasa….TPK rocks…..?

    1. i know nisi and kana… but the way of talking is not correct.. sari .. naan kekuran… mrg secret therinchinkanum sonna bihaan help pannuvana? illaila? adhuku than ava apdi sonna.. idhula thappu onnum illa… ippidiye panna thapki yaara samalipaa? bihaan ? or shraddha?

  9. I’m sorry but the mango competition scenes are sooo hilarious! ?
    I couldn’t see the romance of it just laughing my head off! But anyways, congratulations to the Thapki team on their success and their 300th episode. ?????

    1. I totally agree with u. i Don’t know……but somehow felt it funny. i think manish and jigayasa also enjoyed while taking this shot. sometimes I feel like TPK as comedy based drama. I doesn’t look like romantic Love story at all. Anyway bolo thahaan ki jai!!!.

  10. First of all congratulations TPK finish the 300th episode. ……
    Good …… angry love episode but ending tome I feel very bad about thahaan. …..

    Bihaan itni jiddi kyo ho bahi…..?????

    And also feel dhruv ,when comes out shraddha truth. …… what will he do….?

    1. I think dhruv should suicide. LOL.

  11. episode chennagitthu.

    1. Hai. ..
      Rakshitha nevu kannadigara……!!!?
      Nanu nimm comment modalane sala nodthairodu……
      nevu iga yellidira…..?

  12. why are the writers so mean to Ankit’s character aka Dhruv?
    Why is he always the victim of all the bad people and situations in his life.
    Comon give the guy some happiness.
    He is trying to move on in life after loosing the love of his life to his brother.
    But now it seems he is again going to be cheated.
    How is he going to live after he finds out the truth about shraddha’s conspiracy

  13. amena thank you for updating very earlier but plz also update the video so it will be good

  14. Today really hurts when bihaan say….

    I will be die but not share anything with you…..
    (Hum marr jaaynge lekin thumaare saath kuch nahi baatenge)

    Some news ….

    Manish(bihaan) no 9 in s*xiest actors in Indian tellivison

    Muje tho kisi bi angle se a s*xiest nahi lagthe ….
    but too CUTE hai………

    Top 10 list link see here….*xiest-male-actors-april-2016-poll-results/

    1. Oh really Santosh can tell me who is in top 10 from 1 to 10, becaise I can’t log in to this link, pleaseeeee

  15. TPK and udaan share no 12th and TEI 11th position in trp rating respectively 1.8 &1.9

    see the top 10 serial of the week in India …

    link here….

  16. Bihaan pl pl stop this rudeness to thapki

  17. Congratulations to the whole team of tpk. Everyone ding a great job
    Bihaaan common. Whats wrong with you. Writer plz plz reunite tahaan. Plzzzzzzzz. I m a big fan from Pakistan. Thats a only show that i watch after coming from work.

    1. R u a pakastani i am a pakistani aswell

  18. Thapki just go back to your papa’s place for a few days. Let him realize how it feels to live without you.

  19. Dhruv should not unite with shraddha plz writer. Dhruv and thapki should unite

  20. Lmaooo how idiot can one get? I mean it was Bihan who ruined Thapki’s marriage and followed to what he was told to do by his so called mum and now he wants to act up and show attitude lile wtf

    1. Hahajahah do convey your message to bihaan maybe he will get back to his senses and forgive and also apologize thapki hahaha

  21. It was nice at the beginning of the episode when Bihaan was being his old mischievous self. Love his cheeky side

  22. It was nice at the beginning of the episode when Bihaan was being his old mischievous self. Love his cheeky side!!!

  23. Dhruv get a good girl and thapki and bihan live together.A4 ADIPOLI

    1. My nickname is Aami

  24. Unite dhruvki

  25. ? Pls don’t drag more…Unite our Thahaan….bihan’s rudeness increasing day by day???….pls make thapki realize her luv for bihan ……? …luv u thahaan…?

  26. CONGRATS 300 episodes tpk lov u all from tpk

  27. Nikita lakhani

    Thaki and bihaan look so cute in this episode when he play game together . I hope that he and she come together very soon .

  28. Bihaan and thapki look nice in game . when bihaan and thapki have an eyelock they look so cute . I think that bihaan say I love u to the thapki , both looking so cute when they come together.

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