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Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor checking Thapki. He says she is fine, as coal was inside modak, else her tongue would have burnt. Bau ji apologizes to Thapki for all this. Thapki says don’t say this, I m fine. They hear Bihaan shouting and go out to see. Bihaan asks that Baba to eat the hot coal and the man refuses. Suman gets tensed. Bihaan asks why did you ask Thapki to eat it. Baba says I have done this, forgive me. Dhruv looks on. Bau ji stops Bihaan and says Thapki will decide his punishment.

Thapki says we got Ganpati at home today, leave him, I have forgiven him, you also forgive him. Dadi smiles. Bihaan asks what is she saying, this man has scared you. Bau ji says do as she said, let this man go. Preeti sees Suman leaving. Suman goes to meet Baba outside the house and says its

good you took the blame on me. She gives him money. He leaves. She turns and sees Preeti and Vasundara. Preeti asks Vasundara to see all this. Suman justifies herself. Vasundara scolds her. Suman apologizes. Vasundara leaves. Suman and Preeti argue.

Bihaan asks Thapki why did she let that man go. She says no need to punish anyone because of me, I can manage myself. He says he will never help her, even if anything happens to her. Dadi and Vasundara look on and get sad. Dadi says its useless to have such relation, they made marriage a joke. Vasundara stops Dhruv, and asks why did he come so late. Dhruv says I have much work at office and goes. She says he is forgetting himself in work, but he can’t find Thapki now, he has to make Thapki away from heart, this will happen when Thapki and Bihaan come close, I will bring them close, it will need some time.

Its morning, Suman hears radio and gets an idea. She thinks Thapki’s stammering can go if she cries for 30 days. She goes to Thapki’s room and burns some coal there. The smoke fills in the room and Suman leaves. Thapki coughs and says how is this smoke coming. She finds the door locked. Suman says now Thapki will cry and it will be fun. Thaoki sees the coals and says who has kept this. She opens the window and starts a fan near it to make smoke get out of the room. Suman thinks to see whats happening, and goes to open the door. She sees Thapki with the fan and says Thapki is more smart than me, but where is smoke going.

The smoke goes in Bihaan’s room. He sees Thapki at her window and says I should know she is the problem, I will see her. Bihaan comes to Thapki and they argue over the smoke. Bihaan scolds her for putting coal in room. Suman thinks now Bihaan will make Thapki cry, this is best way. She thinks how can she make Thapki cry and findfs some special thing. Thapki is on the way to her room. Suman looks in the cupboard. She gets Thapki’s bag and says Thapki loves this bag a lot. Thapki comes to her room and Suman hides behind the sofa. Suman leaves and comes out. She says now it will be fun and goes to washroom. She sends the servant out and puts the bag in bleach with Bihaan’s clothes. `She says its good I have seen Bihaan giving his clotehs to the servant. Thapki looks for her bag and asks Suman about it.

Suman asks is this your bag. Thaoki says yes and sees the color fade. She asks how did the color vanish. Suman asks why did she give it for bleach. Thapki says I did not give. Suman says she got it in Bihaan’s clothes. Thapki cries and says Bihaan has done this to take revenge from me. Suman says don’t cry, I will get new bag. Thapki says its special to me, my dad gifted me, I kept it for years. Suman says you will feel bad, fine, cry well, lighten your heart.

Vasundara says Thapki will do aarti, she does not stammer now. Thapki asks Bihaan will she act now to show she is singing. Bihaan says yes, its for mum’s respect. She says she can’t lie.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god…
    Someone please reveal the truth….

  2. ITS WAS SO SWEET OF BIHANN he care so much for thapki even though he knew thapki hate him he still protected her LØvê û BIPKI{bihanthapki}

  3. Pls tell us who is the real lead at least.. So much dragging makes it bore. Poor dhruv.can’t see him in such pain. Oh thapki u r making a big mistake by punishing dhruv lyk dis..

  4. tapki nd bihaan..was funny pair i lke it … Thapki k bihaanodu pranayam varo… E aduthakalath eganam valla thirumanam undo etho…..:)

  5. Dhrv pe kuch to daya dikhao writaro

  6. its become boring…too many things going at the same time. Suman and Preeti with their trails. Vasu in her own way…just too much going on and its boring!! am done with this serial

  7. OMG! how much longer are the going to make Dhruv suffer!

  8. thapki has become more strong with bihann’s help indirect maybe but effective love u BIPKI

  9. By seeing bihaan and thapki’s Jodi I rmbr my most favorite Jodi LD and RADHA of MERE RANG MEIN RANGNE WALI . They too fought the same way ?????

  10. love their scene together bipki ssoooo…CUTE such a adorable CUTE HUSBAND & WIFE

  11. Ths concept of hero swaping i feel it came from NAUC with Kabir replacng Viraj…den we saw it in Marmarziyan with Arjun n rads and Sam n Neil,,,then dat Amaya n rama wedng twist,,,swara n sanskar,,,nw bihaan n thapki…
    Howevr all these swaping was good enuf…new pairs r gettng good approval frm viewers except rama n amaya..

  12. Thapki k sath bohat bura hoa h us se us ka pyar daruv chen lia or us bihan se mila dia so bakwas or daruv ki ma ka real face b ni pata us ko b expose karo plz do fast

  13. Nauc was the bessst…♥♥♡

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