Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu telling Preeti and Suman about Karvachauth fast, and thinks even Thapki will keep this fast. Thapki tells Dhruv that she will keep the fast and even one must be thinking this. Dhruv says this is the good chance to prove that you are not Thapki, but Vani, and asks her to eat infront of Bihaan. He says this is really the good chance. Aditi in her sleep recalls Kapoor trying to molest her, and gets up scared. Dhruv comes there and asks how is she? Aditi acts crazy and asks him not to touch her. Dhruv hugs her. He says I know you have suffered because of Diwakar and yesterday’s incident have shaken up you. He asks her to concentrate on her life, and be strong just like Thapki. He asks her not to worry and smile. Aditi smiles. Dhruv asks her to keep on smiling, and asks

her to drink coffee brought by him. Aditi smiles.

Shraddha tries to open the locker and types the pin, but it was wrong. Kosi is seen coming towards her room. Shraddha recalls the right pin and types to open the locker. Kosi enters the room and sees Shraddha holding her saree. She asks did you started stealing saree as I have stopped giving you money. She asks what you will do with this saree? She says you can’t keep karvachauth fast as you are neither married nor unmarried but a divorcee. Preeti taunts her. Shraddha thinks she will teach them a lesson and thinks to first give papers to Dhruv. She goes. Aditi stares Dhruv while the song Kaun tujhe pyaar karega jaise main karti hun plays……..Dhruv asks her to come and have food. Aditi smiles.

Thapki comes there and asks Aditi, how is she? Aditi says I am fine and asks her to come, says you might not be fasting. Vasu and others come there. Thapki says she is not fasting and sits down to have food. She recalls Dhruv asking her to prove that she is Vani Oberoi. She is about food, but Bihaan asks her to stop, and asks her to see the surprise first which he brought for her. Bihaan says what did you think that we will accept that you are Vani Oberoi. He lifts the cloth from the photo frame and says she is the real Vani Oberoi who died two years back. He asks why Thapki? Why? You lied to us being honest.

Vasu says you was an adarsh bahu, but today you was about to break your fast. Bihaan asks her to confess that she is Thapki and not Vani. Thapki tries rehearsing that she is not Vani Oberoi. Bihaan asks her to confess. Thapki says she is not Vani Oberoi, but that doesn’t mean that I am Thapki. She says you knows half truth and tells that this woman is my grand mum, and named everything on my name. Lawyer comes and tells Bihaan have taken your photo. Thapki thanks lawyer for supporting her. She says you have insulted and humiliated me infront of everyone, what do you think that I will bear silently. She says I will give you a fitting answer that you will forget to think me as Thapki. She raise her hand to slap him, but Sankara comes and holds her hand.

Everyone is happy seeing the moon. Shraddha holds chilli powder plate against the fan. It gets in everyone’s eyes. Vasu asks Shraddha what is in her hand and slaps her on seeing chilli powder in her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please clear the missunderstanding between Thapki n BIhaan soon… Make Kosi,Shradha,Sankara take their punishment. Dadi, please tell the truth to Bihaan…

  2. In the next precap, i saw vasu slapped Vaani, not Shraddha.. did i see wrong?

  3. Precap i think that is not shrada but thapki who is slaped by vasu

  4. Shocking episode.Thapki!!!!how can you raise your hands against Bihaan.This is not at all acceptable.For the very first time I feel immense angry to you…I think Shankar has to do some cunning works for to get Bihaans attention and she will fast for him…Thapki…first of all you should know about the letter which was Bihaan read or not then you will punish him…
    Miss you Thahaan.
    Hi…Fatima,Reshal,any,Jo,santy and all.

    1. I’mean sorry, but why shouldn’t Thapki slap Bihaan…after all he slapped her AND threw her out of the house!! Personally, if I had been Thapki I would have left him a long time ago. He’s caused her nothing but heartache. Also thinking that Thapki was no more should have made him a better person in her memory..not a worse one.

    2. I’m sorry, but why shouldn’t Thapki slap Bihaan…after all he slapped her AND threw her out of the house!! Personally, if I had been Thapki I would have left him a long time ago. He’s caused her nothing but heartache. Also thinking that Thapki was no more should have made him a better person in her memory..not a worse one.

      1. I agree with you. I wanted thapki to slap bihaan. Then he could you feel how one feels if anyone accuses or raise hand for no mistake of him…..and why is dadi quite? Now no one can harm bihaan so she could tell truth to everyone…..pandey parivar did wrong with thapki and deserves to be punished.

  5. dhruv and aditi pair is amazing.but Sankara won’t suit for bihaan.nice episode today

  6. Nice epi…I love adhruv scenes…but precap is not good…I think she is.thapki not shraddha….

  7. Thahaan is over,there is no relationship just like that,better if the writter find another couple,thapki is fool,she is not believe in her husband and gave her husband to another girl.why the story is so complicated made the fans unhappy?20days just about doing puja.people like TPK just because thapki and bihaan,if they aren’t together so that made them e sad…I will stop to watch it…..until any good news…

  8. I’ve never been a fan of aditi and frankly don’t want to see her and dhruv scenes, rather watch the bhabhis and even Kosi is funny, even though Shraddha is such an unpleasant character i can’t help but like her and have the writers lost the plot getting Thapki to raise her hand on Bihaan esp when she is the one doing the deceiving, I didn’t agree with Bihaan slapping Thapki but the situation which led up to it at least made sense and even though I don’t like Shankar I’m glad she stopped her and now I want Bihaan to start ignoring Thapki then maybe she’ll come to her senses and Dhruv if he truly wanted to help Thapki instead of this revenge plan he should find out the truth. I quite liked the vani avatar at the beginning but I think they are taking it too far now and it’s getting annoying

    1. agree total…

  9. watching this serial few months back , but now i don’t like this track ! I like Aditi & Dhuruv pair theyr r ssso cutee *o* ! in the precap , vasu slaps Thapki/vani not Shraddha

  10. Thapki n bihan’ s character all change . Bihan not support Thapki , Thapki not kind again. Miss them togather be a problem solves to help each other, not to be trouble maker and seperate. Hope the writer do you agree all fans?

  11. Darn..I wanted thapki to slap Bhiaan he deserves it. He is so blind..from before to now. Not once does he feel bad about kicking thapki out of the house..or hitting her. If he really loved her he would have some compassion for her. Even now he is still against her like before.
    He head is so far up KosI lies…typical he deserves to be with sankar. Thapki deserve better

  12. whts going on….its too bad….as i remeber lst year thapki and bihan did not enjoy these events like diwali and holi etc bcoz they were nt like each other but atlst nw cvs atlst give us hapy moments of thahaan as husbnd and wife by enjoying these events but now they are again seprate wht rubbish…..

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