Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan about the big change in him, when she still stammers. He asks constable to send Thapki, this is jail, not any temple to ask for answers. Thapki leaves and thinks about Bihaan on the way. She comes home and asks Paan to get up, she has to talk. She puts water on him. He gets up and asks what happened, you here. Thapki says Bihaan shares everything with you, tell me why did he do wrong with me, Bau ji said he is good hearted and can’t do wrong with people. Paan asks her to ask Bihaan, he can’t say. She says I m sure you know it, you wanted to tell me truth, please tell me, else I will die.

She requests him to say, why did Bihaan cheat her. Paan goes from there. . She cries. He gets the wedding album. He says I m sorry, I can’t tell you anything,

but you can find all your answers here in your wedding album. He asks her to take it. She takes the album. He leaves. Bihaan wakes up by dhol sound. Bau ji brings lawyer and people playing dhol. He tells inspector that he has come to take his son. The lawyer gives bail papers. The inspector asks why this dhol. Bau ji says I will show the world that no one can spoil our respect.

Bau ji hugs Bihaan and asks him to come home. Bihaan says no, I m fine here. The inspector asks him to go. Bihaan thinks his plan flopped. Thapki takes the album. She recalls Dhruv’s words and Bihaan’s words. Thapki opens album and stops hearing Bau ji. Vasundara and Dadi say Bau ji loves Bihaan a lot, so he has ot him home. Dhruv says this happened always, Bihaan always do mistakes and plays with other’s lives, and Bau ji still saves him by using his power. Bau ji says Bihaan, I will also not forgive you for the mistake Dhruv is saying, but I can’t let my family member go to jail. Vasundara asks Bihaan to go to his room and rest. Thapki and Bihaan see each other.

He comes to the room and sees her. Thapki sprays in perfume as he is stinking. He argues with her and says he was in jail, not on holiday. She says she has to go and bath. He breaks the shower tap in anger and leaves. She looks at the album. Diwakar wakes up and gets shocked seeing the rats. He says how did the rats come here and sees window open. He sees the box and says its Aditi’s doings, see what I do now. Thapki talks on phone and says I did not see album, I don’t have courage to see it. Vasundara hears her. Thapki says I want to know whats hidden in it, fine, I will see it and know the truth.

Bihaan asks Paan what truth he wants to show Thapki. Thapki checks album. Bihaan asks about page 27. He rushes to Thapki and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • mk

      why what about dhruv then? You can love a gunda with golden heart but not an educated good hearted person right? This is the reason why all the soaps are coming up with plots such as these?

      • aloke

        but bihaan ka acting is more better then dhruv’s acting snd bihaan is so cute.Dhruv looks nice when he is in a serious mood but he looks stupid in a romantic mood.Dhruv is also good but can’tcompare Dhruv to Bihaan !!!!

      • really all you people routing for Bihaan and thapiki needs to go figure out what love really is because what they have is pearly manipulation on his part. he is treating her like a china doll easily broken and unable to handle the truth.

  1. LoveIsBihaam

    I don’t like today’s epi.
    I’m agree with u @Arun.

    I love my Bihaan……
    Lub u B 4 Bihaan 😉

  2. aloke

    Nice epi. Want Bihaan and Thapki together.Seriously the writer is dragging the story too much ! He should just show the main story

  3. neetu

    Oh again.Dragging..
    Pls thapki shud see it asap
    I dint like dhruv today…overacting….plss thapki n Bihaan understand each othdr

  4. fun

    Everyone should know by now that bihaan and thapki are going to be united by the signs n hint given blood as sindur n karwachok fast

  5. Nayana

    Like bihan-thapki pair…bt can’t see them together infront of Dhruv…plz giv him any partner..den only I will be able to njoy Bipki scenes

  6. how can you people want these two together i mean really.when thapiki was with dhruv she was strong and confident now the writers are turning her into somthing totally different she should take control of her situation and not allow everyone to dictate he life for her

  7. Niyati

    Guys i m new here but if you ll see wikipedia of thapki then you will thapki,s sister name as Aditi dhruv pandey.

  8. Ankita Chhetry

    Thanks for written updates 🙂 Bihaan always rocks…..
    I will watch this episode on youtube..

  9. Brity

    Oh god…. How much Dragging???? And why Dhruv is soo bad guys??? He is a talented actor…. And I think writers are making Dhruv bad to make Thabi pair… But What did Bihaan did was unforgivable .. Because of his stupid brain he got cheated and also made Thapki and Dhruv cheated…. He should understand about the circumstances made by Vasu…. Anyways I think like me Dhruvki fans are goona sad as it’s Thabi…..

  10. ishu

    i like the pair thapki and bihaan…they are really nice&cute together…i really exciting the romantic lovable fight sceen b/w them….
    when they are fighting they are so cute…plz thapki find the truth soon and flow in love with bihaan…..

  11. Anu

    plz very soon reveal the truth behind the devil Vasu.
    thahaan ruling the show now its more interesting there nok jhok is best than druv and thapkis bore romance..
    thahaan rocks??

  12. Ammu

    Dragginghe lekin achehe. PLZ THAPKI es twist ke badh BIHAAN KO DHUR MATH KARNA. Vasu ko kya sajadhenahe dhedho LEKIN BIHAAN KO MATH CHODO.
    Plz writerji dont separete them.

  13. moni

    Plsss dnt draagggggg… is going really good dat all truth will be reveal…thapki u show dat u r so intelligent but when it cums to face d reality u r bhigi billi….i undersyand dat u r emotionally thinking but think practically n bring d truth infront of everyone…n love bihaan as he is right 4 u…writers its high time plz bring vasu true face n unite thahaan…tpk u rock…

  14. i dont like bihan & tapki jody madlab druv to tapki ko chahta hu vo bi uski saari kammi or achaiyoki saath. Bihaan un dono ki beech aaya tha. Doke se sadi kiya tha or deko, jisne doka kiya osko hero bena rehi hu ye galathe madlab jaanthi vo apni maa keliye kiya tha, to kya kisiki bi feelings ki saath kelne vaale ko hero bena sakti he, me to kehati hoo tapki bihaan ko divose karna chahiye or druv se shadi karke kush rehna chahiye

  15. fahmida

    honestly i think bihan is better hero and actor than dhruv and lookig amazing with thapki they should be the lead

  16. Hi everyone,
    I’m new here. I think that T for tapki and B for Bihan will make a great couple. Dhruv his ok but he is boring. Tapki and dhruv they don’t match, sorry guys it’s just my opinion. But yes tapki’a sister and dhruv will make a good couple. So I hope in the future dhruv and tapki’s sister gets to gether.

  17. fahmida

    i also love this show b coz of b 4 bihaan.can’t think about thahaans seperation they meant to be togather

  18. Exactly you are right. Without B for Bihan the show would have been boring, he makes the show alive. I also think that tapki and Bihan shouldn’t separate because they will make a good couple.

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